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Why she is so cute?

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My predictions for this thread:
Flan > Remi
500 years without a wash!
Remi wets her bed
Something something NEET semen something

Bonus round:
Koakuma kunny
Kuso template thread

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Remi, you were such a crybaby as a toddler! Why couldn't you learn to be more calm and composed like your little sister Flan?!

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Does Remi wear the same brand that she advertises?

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About time to finally take a bath with all that damp grime on you, Remi? Why couldn't you learn to shower regularly like your sister?

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Seriously Remi? You're a completely grown adult and you still wet your bedsheets like a kid? If Flan were here seeing this, she'd be completely embarrassed having you as an older sister!

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remi feet

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Remi, all your colleagues and friends already have jobs and are making a name for themselves and here you are worthlessly lounging around a kotatsu! Flan has already networked and gotten interviews from highly successful corporate firms here you are being a total shut-in!

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She's a GMILF.

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"Haaah? Ya think some sob story about becoming homeless and being a total failure in life is s'pposed to make me pity you enough to buy some stupid flowers? ..Y'know what? I'll cut ya a deal! In exchange for this here yen I'm holdin', you'll become my personal cum dumpster for today! I'll teach ya how to work like a good girl!"

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Please do not bully the Remi

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Remilia should give Meiling a raise and more days off since she’s so cool and feminine unlike Sakuyuck

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No remi bully? Tsk. What do I have to do to get that to be popular around here?

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Koakuma kunny

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Flan feet > Remi feet

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Oh no! What happened to her wings?

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Bad girls get their wings removed

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Remi is cute too,she wash too

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"..hm? Good morning, Milady. Pardon my selfish concern but, are you.. troubled by something? You look exhausted.. Is it perhaps regarding those dreams you've been having lately? The dreams about living a life of inadequacy under the shadow of the Young Master? ..If you wish to hear my opinion, please just remember that everyone loves you very much. If these dreams are being caused by your own stress and self-doubt, please just remember that you are beautiful the way you are and I'm humbled to have the opportunity to be your maid. And with stunning elegance and charisma, this small hurdle of uneasiness will be easily conquered by you, Master Remilia. So please, there's no need to worry. Now then, the Young Mistress has been asking for your company for the Tanabata Festival tonight. Won't you go and join her?"

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>Flan > Remi

>500 years without a wash!

>Remi wets her bed

>Something something NEET



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i miss him

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One day there will no longer be any original ironic whoposters left and people here will genuinely not know who you're referring to.

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literally unironically who?

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Fuck off Remishits

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I should probably add these to the prediction table >>22029831 for the next thread.

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Remi a qt

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hh~, Milady is so cute!
Ojou-sama!, Ojou-sama!, Remilia Ojou-sama!

Milady!, I've been an insolent cur and I must be punished!
Please drag me across the floor like the worthless dog I am!
Please drink my blood!, insult me more!, kick me!, please look down on me with disgust!.
I do not deserve to be more than a blood bag for you!, a living footstool!
Use my body as you please, Milady!, abuse me to your heart's content!

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Please stop reading passages from my diary

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My daily life you mean.

That feel when no cute whimsical vampire loli ojou-sama to spit in your mouth and slap you across the face when she notices your engorged penis while you were ogling at her slender, petite frame, nor to have her playfully bite your throbbing manhood with just enough pressure to puncture the skin, nor to grab your balls with her delicate, cold, bare loli hands and slap your painfully erect cock around.

Why are still here?
Just to suffer?

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t. Sakuya

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To lure helpless men for feeding.

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Oh, they sure will be feeding her well.

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Why can’t we have a single Remilia thread without smellniggers?

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I want to worship the Mistress's milky-white tummy!

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How the fuck does Sakuya control herself?

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By having self control.
Something that next to none of you have.

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Hold on.
Is it really..! Is it?!

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I hate it so much. It's not just Remi's threads. They constantly shit up Flan threads, Satori threads and sometimes even Koishi and Eiki threads at the same time as those diapercunts.

It's so annoying.

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Holy round belly!!!

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Do you know?
She is saying "I don't want to hit suppository".

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Lies. You'd have to have the self control of a saint to not immediately molest a defenseless Remi like that! >>22038362

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Man, that is a body even a Buddha would rape!

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wowie... you have the power of foresight...

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Now that I think about it you have probably made it worse

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budda get away from her you crazy bastard!

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That looks more like what she used to do before becoming a rich vampire.

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Reminder that the real reason Remilia transferred the SDM to Gensokyo was to avoid property tax.

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Would you invest in a hedge fund run by this tiny bourgeoisie?

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/jp/ only has two or three real posters. The rest are just part of the algorithm.

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I know i'm real. Where are the other two?

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Because you posted a fan art drawn by an artist with enough skill to make any girl look cute. Her design is not that good.

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Remi's design isn't bad by any means.

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Everyone say hello to Remi's new boyfriend!

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That's not Remi, too big. Rance is a cool guy though

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She's perfect to me because I love her.

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AahI want to serve her and worship her slender loli body

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Oh wow. Such a remark.
No self control-anon.

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I have self-control. It just comes in the form of being too masochistic and into the idea of being raped by her to be interested in the reverse.

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Onee-sama wets her bed while Flan doesn't. How humiliating for her.

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Poor Remirya. She should just accept the facts and hand over her position as head of the family and older sister to Flan-chan.

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It just works.

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Uh oh
This makes two

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The two sisters love each other!

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Remi is no doubt panel 1.

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File: 245 KB, 1282x1455, Danbooru.donmai.us 3581913 2girls ) d asymmetrical_docking bandeau bangs bare_arms bare_shoulders bat_wings full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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How come Flan has bigger breasts when Remi is older?

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blonde genetics or the bra making the sizing look different

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Remi has the roundest belly

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I want to licky lick it like before!

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Took a while for me to find this thread but

>500 years without a wash

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why hasn't she washed them in 500 years

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Imagine her forcing your pathetic mortal lungs to breathe it

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It’s good for melting the insides of pathetic mortals when they inhale.

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I want the government to track down and euthanize all footfags

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Imagine crushing the dreams of all the smell/footfags here by going to Gensokyo and washing the feet of Flan and Remi. No more vamp foot stink for them!

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Roger that

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Such a trivial question.

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File: 1.72 MB, 1654x2339, __remilia_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_beni_kurage__a4b3a8626fa502cdef4c6e2e9573a0b6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sometimes seemingly trivial questions can lead to some interesting insights. What is it about Remi that causes people to get so attached? Every single day for the better part of a decade I've spent time thinking about her in some way or another. Whether that be looking at new fan art, browsing /jp/ for threads about her, listening to arranges of her theme, or, yes, having a lewd thoughts about her. I never got attached to a character like this before.

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Your waifu chooses you, not the other way around
I'd love to wash their feets!

>> No.22067786

>like before
Go back to sleep, Vlad. It's midday.

>> No.22067817

>Your waifu chooses you, not the other way around
I don’t quite get it

>> No.22068951

You can't just pick a waifu and stick to one, you'd grow disinterested eventually. The one you'll remain with will infatuate you shortly after coming upon them. It's like true love or something.

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Remimi has a hard life because of her small bladder

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fuck off

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File: 343 KB, 800x1174, __remilia_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_rioshi__5487f4b0728cd5da998320c4f8b19757.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Must be mortifying when even your little sister makes fun of you for that.

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Totally I look like the Godzilla actor, only my father is starting to understand

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