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>50 yen to sniff
>100 yen to lick
>500 yen to dick
>200 yen to finish on them

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That's some nice Sanae colored text, but I don't see who you got those quotes from.

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I was quoting Reimu's price list

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reimu only lets her most precious friends abuse her armpits

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There is nothing sexual about armpits

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I want to leave Reimu's armpits stinking to dick!

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my mom says i'm precious

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is your mom called reimu hakurei ?

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The girl who indoctrinates innocents into loving the art of the armpit, showing off the curves of the sideboob, should they have curves to begin with, meaning that they aren’t a plank

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post hairy pits

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My brother.
Most of them are too lewd so I'll have to crop and censor them, apologies.

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Hairy hag

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Stinky Hecc

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Kagerou is undoubtedly the queen of hairiness.

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Six months old unwashed hime pits!

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Hairy pit heaven, good shit.

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armpithairfags should leave

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I said overruled you illiterate fucks

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just no

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You fuckers actually gave me a gag reflex

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post more
get fucked

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Ignore the homosexuals and post more hairy girls pls.

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Those are very cheap prices

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Reimu is very affordable. She goes for quantity over quality and just rakes in the money. There's always a line at the Hakurei shrine.

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She also has that niche clientele who are looking for that authentic dead fish experience that she has perfected. If you want elegant and sensual, go for Sakuya. If you want enthusiastic and affectionate, go for Sanae. But if you want disinterested and detached, there is nobody in Gensokyo who can provide that kind of service better than Reimu.

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Same, you can tell Reimu's armpits fucking REEK.

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Many in that niche clientele also like it when she still has cum from previous customers inside her. She charges a sloppy seconds surcharge based on the amount of creampies she's saved up, which is both convenient and profitable for her. In the best case she can just lay on her back all day without cleaning herself a single time and at dusk the guys will be happily paying 5-6 times the usual price.

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You'd think that she'd rather charge extra from the people who don't want sloppy seconds, since getting clean up between clients takes time and effort. Just goes to show you how refined tastes her loyal fans have.

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That's what she'd do if she had good customer service. Instead she knows she can milk her devoted customers for extra money when she presents the sloppy seconds as a premium service instead of a part of the base purchace. It's like microtransactions!

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I could say "How can the other playable characters compete!", but the truth is that they don't. Not in her niche at least.

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Poor Youmu, her all-inclusive wife experience package deals are just too soft... She can never approach the yen per hour rates Reimu does if she keeps having dinner, bathing, and having hours of cuddling sex with just one customer in the time Reimu can drain dozens of dicks!

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Reimu has truly made a profitable business out of an art. The only person to beat her earnings is Kaguya when she decides to sell her bathwater, but whether that counts as prostitution or not is questionable.

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There's just something about Reimu that speaks to her customer base. Normally I'd be grossed out at the idea of other men's cum all over my dick, but she makes it the best thing ever. I just wish she'd give a discount on a cleanup bj service for that post-bang cum foam... That shit gets expensive!

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You bastards are sick. Reimu is pure.

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Rémyu the frenchie

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I want to observe Reimu as she dresses up. Just sit back there and enjoy this interesting procedure.

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That's gonna cost you

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Hairless armpit > hairy armpit >>>>>> armpit with stubble

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I thought she was very poor?

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How much do I need to pay her for loving me?

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I love armpits and hairy vags, but hairy pits disgust me.
Armpits should be smooth, sweaty and smelly.

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The mere thought of bush is a motivator for me. I do wish more artists accepted the glory of pubes into their hearts

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Sanae can drain 10 times the amount in 5 minutes flat.

>> No.22020837

Has Reimu ever prostituted herself?

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No, baby, you're the first one she's doing it for.

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that's a lie

>> No.22029275

How does she spend her money?

>> No.22031624

killing mercilessly

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i love this pic. great artist

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her love is priceless

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not like you

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I like it too

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More like bribing the authorities to overlook her bloody games.

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I'm marrying this hairy unkempt miko!
So that we could have a grand shaving ceremony on our first bridal night!

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Why sell herself to buy off the authorities, when she could just buy them off with her body? I bet she loves whoring, even if she always keeps her deadpan during sex.

>> No.22046397

yep, she got plenty if you're interested in hair.

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Stop posting, Sanae.
Reimu might be the murderer of many Youkai, but she’s no slut like you Sanae.
She won’t lower herself to your sorrowful level.

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Reimu is a prostitute just like Sanny. Neither of them will ever be pure like Sakuya or Youmu.

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Lunarians are “pure” as well.
Yuyu too.
Armless Kasen tries as a way to defy her innate nature. I say she earns a title of purity.
However, I disagree. Reims is not a prostie and Sanny does it for free as a correction

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Reimu is a cheap prostitute. This is a fact.

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your mom is a prostitute
reimu is an honest and avid worker

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That is hater, not Reimu.
His hus are all harlots.

>> No.22060737

Reimu puts zero effort to sex with her clients. She's the very opposite of a hard worker.

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Because she doesn’t have sex with her donators, let alone anyone else.

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I think I can smell the girl pheromones in this thread after seeing all pictures.

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I think this is the perfect picture that describes my emotions as I continue to smell the girl pheromones.

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Reimu is canonically a scammer and charlatan.

>> No.22076305

and a prostitute

>> No.22076973

Go away obnoxious bitch.

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Isn't there a picture of some guy fucking it?

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Bad remilia!

>> No.22093195

What about them.

>> No.22095017

I want to bathe in ice and then hug Reimu.
She’ll be so surprised she won’t be able to let go until our body heat warms us back up, then we’ll set up an ice bath inside and cool down together.

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This is a very important thread.

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I'm not a subhuman savage like you it seems.

>> No.22106666

Worse than that, you're a tasteless subhuman savage.

>> No.22106679

There's nothing more important than paid sex with Reimu!

>> No.22107878

My dick is married to her tummy, dudes!

>> No.22108632

Have you ever tickled her tummy from the inside?

>> No.22114615

That's gross

>> No.22114824

The space and contours between the healthy meaty pit itself and the tits and back shoulder muscles of a young fit woman is a work of art.

>> No.22115167

Oh my, that is a very nice armpit.

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I was posting Sanny armpits but my network is shitting itself and I’m getting the other captcha on 4chanX. It’s fucked dude.

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File: 1.03 MB, 850x764, sakenomi_kanna_yamin_hakurei_reimu_ibuki_suika_and_etc_cookie_touhou_and_etc_drawn_by_otemoto_baaaal.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Armpit Onigiri!

>> No.22120213

Armpit riceballs?
Thats a solid hustle

>> No.22120341

Imagine the smell haha

>> No.22120482

I understand the armpit thing but why are they wearing no pants.

>> No.22120592

What are we looking at?
There no hair

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>> No.22128165

Noen. Nein. NO!
I don’t trust HER!

>> No.22133375

I think it’s better we don’t know the answer to that just by looking at BNKRG.
Nobody’s going to willingly eat them if they knew what went into making them.

>> No.22133712

>while trusting SNNN doing that.

>> No.22133744

Who are you quoting.
I do not converse with uncultured swines.

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>> No.22137553

Thats where they store the nori.

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