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last thread -> >>21986857

guide -> https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/

this is a thread for people who are interested in learning japanese who hate shounen.

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shes like the afternoon sun

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Not necessarily, different writers use different vocabulary and style, it may just get take some time till you get used to it when you start a new work.

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if you're not reading two books per day you're not even trying to learn japanese

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i mean its alright but nothing special so far after 3 episodes

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name 3 animetion you believe to be truly special.

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spice and wolf, shinsekai yori and shirobako are the first 3 that popped into my head

i'm totally not expecting u to tell me my taste is shit now btw lol

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2 good shows, 1 amazing show

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2 ok shows 1 really trash show

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>spice and wolf
genuine question. did you like the second season? I have a theory that everyone who likes the second season has literally no taste and just likes it because people say the show is good, despite the first season being the only good season, and the second season ruining everything good about the first season.

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shirobako is the trash one? it's unironically the last good anime to come out lol

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Can't you just fuck off, you literal retard?

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just drink water lol

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this is your brain on uppercase posting

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i dont really remember the specifics of it since i watched it like 8 years ago but i remember getting through the entire thing in 1 sitting which is usually an indicator that i liked something quite a bit. i watched it right after season 1 and dont remember thinking it went to shit or anything like that.

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how have you not yet rewatched one of your top 3 anime for study purposes

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unzips きゅうり

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>show is special because i like it, even though i don't remember it at all.
brain-dead sheep

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its too hard for my current level, id have 0 fun watching it but would still ruin a solid rewatch
fair enough, its just what first came to mind when i read the question. i remember enjoying the first season a lot.

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>implying you're a sheep for liking things and forming your own tastes and not just shaping your opinions based on what 4chins says is good or bad about a show

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you are delusional if you think he did not make that list based on what he thought were safe choices for being judged. if he truly thinks for himself he would say animes that are shit on here.

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the best anime is uhhh
kakegurui or something

am i cool now?

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i really didn't lol. also your last sentence makes no sense to me at all. wtf are you trying to say, if you aren't a contrarian you're lying about your taste?

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just ran 4 kilometers

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Haha I agree

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pretty good for your little legs

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what was ur time

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区句苦 娘野多度理終田者根 褒目手上下留和

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its the return of the mac
im still alive just like tupac

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ive reached 300 文字 per minute but nihonjins read 1000 on average

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Attaining a new language is nothing less than creating all of the same impressions and associations in your mind as your experience from growing up in your own language.

A classroom cannot provide this.

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not sure maybe like 20 to 25 mins? wasn’t really going for any time just trying to move a bit

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youre like djt gary ben just an even bigger fag

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ok dude

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damn think I can tell dector guy posts just by the fart huffing feel to them now

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i'm always 困っている whether to read 魂 as たましい or こん

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more of a jog innit

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uh yeah isn’t that what Americans mean when they say they ‘ran’

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i mean standard for a run is like less than 10 minute miles. no shame, gotta burn of the nippongo learning pounds one way or another. how tall are you per chance?

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play a sport instead cunt, it will be better for you

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dont listen to this guy. everyone who does sports ends with shit joints when their older. do something easy on you like swimming or walks.

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4km in 20 min is less than 10 minutes / mile

also running is a sport, you compete against yourself

so it's like having a wank but good for you

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i do 5 km in 35 minutes lol my o2 capacity is fucking trash. meanwhile i can bike 50 km @ 25-28 km/h without getting winded at all

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/djt/ - daily jogging thread

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this is some unathletic cope, if you play basketball all you have to do is avoid jumping, which i know of people who do that

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If somebody knows how do paint in a certain style, but doesn't know how to paint in another somewhat common style, would you say that person is good at painting?

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hai genki de oru

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Why is masturbating to h-manga or eroge more "on topic" than hashiru-ing while playing Nihon no ongaku on your iPod?

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should be listening to audio from shows you watched or audiobooks while running not music

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will quiz's website be an improvement over the first MIA guide?

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google says it means

District sentence bitterness, wilderness, more than the end of the field, the roots of the eye

but i actually got the quote wrong so 仕方がないわね

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yes, there are countless styles so you can run that shit ad infinitum so whats the point

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nice google translate gibberish dude

>> No.21994537

what it was saying was

ククク このたどり着いたものね 褒めてあげるわ

the actual quote is

よくぞここまでたどり着いたものね 褒めてあげるわ

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dont know wont ever read either of them lol

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My site is very different
it’s mostly a retard proof anime cards guide + reasons why you should do them + plus some extra tips, tricks and opinions

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haha you're so based because you dont give a fuck lol sugeeyo

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i love opinions

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is there a good place to find raw manga that's not on itazura

>> No.21994557

why do you need an entire site for that? took me 10 minutes to set it up with the current info there is and im not far off being a retard myself

>> No.21994558

yah it’s sectioned so you can just skip the uninteresting parts and not worry about it

>> No.21994566

think you are underestimating yourself
like I said I’d just like a page I can link people to knowing there is no way they won’t figure it out

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fucking hell my roommate is playing music while im trying to read how do i tell him to turn it off without actually telling him like a jap would easily be able to do

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Why should we listen to a known cheater?

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if you're too pussy to just ask him to lower his shit ive got bad news about ur future as a human being on this earth

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stand in his doorway press your fingers together while looking down and say あのぉぉぉ…

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>lower his shit
its already on really low i just want it off completely

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burst into his room and yell ウッセー

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What I mean by retard proof is that it's written so you can do it without knowing 1 thing about Anki, in fact you can follow it knowing fucking nothing
that's kind of how I'm trying to write this retard proof guide

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hes in my room

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stop being poor?

>> No.21994606

well then nothing to do but endure it

>> No.21994611

always boggles the mind how american uni dorms make you sleep in the same fucking room with another person, often a stranger. so weird lol.

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I don't mean anything offensive using "retard" so don't even try to screencap these posts to expose me once I get this mainstream

>> No.21994620

yikes y'all

that's gonna be an 大きい oof from me

>> No.21994622

whisper into his ear 初め頃から君は可愛いと思います then gently kiss him on the forhead, and see what happens next.

>> No.21994626

come on I mention DJT at the start of it and link 4chan like 100 times who are you going to expose me to lol

>> No.21994629

im pretty rich my parents own a successful company and my grandparents have multiple houses with value in the millions lol

>> No.21994631

you realize 4chan does not save shit forever. those will be dead links.

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holy shit I wish I was you

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schizomaster strikes again lol

>> No.21994635

yes i would you dunce

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シ うるせぇ!

>> No.21994643

you don't
put on headphones and play white noise

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do you even know who you are talking to
fuck off to Reddit retard holy shit

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Yet you share a room with someone?

>> No.21994648

wtf is going on here
Quizmaster are you samefagging to shit up the thread? It's fast enough as it is go do something else.

>> No.21994658

cant get enough of this shit

>> No.21994659

please put a warning next time cuz I just got crippled.

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not really

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There's a guy pretending to be 俺. Be cautious of him.

>> No.21994663

yeah? have you ever heard of a fraternity lol i live in a mansion basically haha

>> No.21994667

cracks me the fuck up this autist actually put meditation in a language learning guide

>> No.21994672

im not even trying to be you i just like the name? you dont have it registered or anything it doesnt belong to you

>> No.21994673

did you enjoy the gerbil in your ass?

>> No.21994678

why would u care about either of those things explain to me

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This is fucking stupid.

>> No.21994683

i pretnd to be an 俺 but im really a わたし

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>> No.21994687

just be a 僕 then

>> No.21994689

Actually the real Quizmaster (me) uses 俺 or 私 depending on the situation

>> No.21994690

i dont either, its your need to draw attention to the fact that you dont that is pathetic retard

>> No.21994691

僕 boys deserve to be boned

>> No.21994692

theres ants everywhere

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another enjoyable day of anime cards

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what does haruhi desu mean?

>> No.21994699

What about 我?

>> No.21994701

I mean REAL Quizmaster here, I do use 僕 too but only with people I have a special relationship with... hehe.

>> No.21994703

what about 余

>> No.21994707

It means "Fuck good anime like Getter Robo and G G Gundam".

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>> No.21994710

for me, it's おいら

>> No.21994712

I use "I" (native English speaker here).

>> No.21994713

in other words just another instance of u getting on my nuts which is ur fave place in the entire world

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why don't you use this pronoun

>> No.21994723

i dont know how to use even one japanese pronoun, not truly

>> No.21994724

Please read the op. shounenposting is not allowed.

>> No.21994726

i didn't post a shounen

>> No.21994729

also the one that makes me laugh the most is 拙者 + obnoxious keigo like でして but im not fully sure how to use that either

>> No.21994732

sorry you're late to kindergarten but hxh is shounen

>> No.21994736


>> No.21994738

didn't know bob odenkirk was a weeb desu

>> No.21994742

It's a simulation of Lobsterman's voice

>> No.21994743

is that my man jordan b

>> No.21994746

sorry but only stunted manchildren watch shounen and like (((jordan peterson)))

>> No.21994749

i never said i like peterson but he's right about hxh.

>> No.21994755

this post reeks of alt reich incel

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kill yourself subhuman.

>> No.21994764

i have never in my life read a westerners description of anime that didnt look like the westerner was trying to misunderstand it on purpose

>> No.21994765

doesn't matter what they consider it but what it actually is

>> No.21994767

do people who use the jbp voice emulator actually like his kermit voice?

>> No.21994768

no they do not. the average is 400 to 600 for adults and 100 to 200 for elementary students.

>> No.21994772

whats torareru? like u get taken by police?

>> No.21994773

idk why people keep shilling hunter x hunter in this thread i tried watching it and had to stop after 5 episodes cause it was so fucking boring

>> No.21994778

i watch things based on the art and this looks pretty gay

>> No.21994781

it is entertaining for small children who like flashy colors and mentally stunted adults

>> No.21994786

Your judgment is surprisingly accurate

>> No.21994787

honestly it was the same for me, I tried watching it like 5 times
it honestly gets better later and shaped up to be a decent experience
I would never put it anywhere near masterpieces like logh but ultimately it was a good experience and I am glad to have watched it
although I think the fans are obnoxious and overrate it

>> No.21994788

nice spongebob meme

>> No.21994790

mentally evolved adult here

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no it's a meme you dip.
it only ranges from mediocre to good for the first 42 episodes.

>> No.21994793

what kind of animays do you watch?

>> No.21994796

lol the logh is a masterpiece shit is just a phase ur going through bro lol trust me

>> No.21994797

>it only ranges from mediocre to good for the first 42 episodes.
you must have an unevolved brain if you can sit through that much trash and then claim the end product is good as a whole

>> No.21994799

>mentally evolved adult
Pick one

>> No.21994801

t. can't understand the original japanese version

>> No.21994802

is the generator still accessible somewhere, please share your secrets

>> No.21994803

>masterpieces like logh
im shaking. it makes sense now why you are the way you are. you are genuinely retarded which makes your general illiteracy and cheating perfectly logical for you.

>> No.21994804

real adults only consume josei to be h

>> No.21994807

mediocre to good isn't trash and i don't call hxh as a whole a masterpiece but i think it's good. also i think it has the highest highs in anime.

>> No.21994810

i can see why you wouldn't think LoGH is a masterpiece if you watched it with eng subs since the dialogue is the most important part and it's extremely good in japanese

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File: 1013 KB, 500x280, 1553717653834.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it has great art.

>> No.21994814

i do think it's a "masterpiece" by the definition of the word actually but wouldnt put it on my top 10 favorites

>> No.21994815

>women are adults
*drops this Schopenhauer quote before u*

"Women are directly fitted for acting as the nurses and teachers of our early childhood by the fact that they are themselves childish, frivolous and short-sighted; in a word, they are big children all their life long--a kind of intermediate stage between the child and the full-grown man, who is man in the strict sense of the word. See how a girl will fondle a child for days together, dance with it and sing to it; and then think what a man, with the best will in the world, could do if he were put in her place."

>> No.21994817

i think logh is a masterpiece and i watched it with eng subs. but i prefer hxh.

>> No.21994820

let's hear your top 10 favs then

>> No.21994821

wow the cartoon characters they are so witty and deep and well written and not gay at all haha

>> No.21994822

there is no "masterpiece" anime, it is an inferior art form making it impossible for it to be something beyond mild entertainment

>> No.21994824

manga time kirara ones

>> No.21994825

why do you guy say that? did you watch it with the English subs? there was a meme floating around which showed how the English subtitles literally showed the opposite of what was actually being said so they must have been made by people not understanding the show
I watched it in Japanese and it was phenomenal, I don't think I will ever get the same pleasure watching anything as I did watching that show

>> No.21994826

where are you from?

>> No.21994828

no lol, only if you post your MAL then maybe i'll send u a friend request and only then u can see my top10

>> No.21994830

>I don't think I will ever get the same pleasure watching anything as I did watching that show
thats as gay as it can get

>> No.21994833

>it is an inferior art form making it impossible for it to be something beyond mild entertainment
t. pretentious fuck who thinks that odd vases and incomprehensible literature like Finnegan's Wake are closer to "true art" than anime could be

>> No.21994835

i misspoke, it is a masterpiece, but the all time favorite thing is hopefully a phase and i hope you find something even better someday

>> No.21994840


>> No.21994841

involuntary celibate detected

>> No.21994842

friendly reminder that the york new arc is the greatest shounen arc of all time

>inb4 chimera ant shill
>inb4 jamal shilling dbz

>> No.21994845

berserk 1997 is better than logh.

>> No.21994847

well i still suck orz

>> No.21994848

that is a good one

>> No.21994850


>> No.21994857

shut the fuck up retard

>> No.21994862

i tend to agree but they are pretty close in my opinion

>> No.21994863

yorknew is much more consistent but ca's climaxes are better.

>> No.21994865

what the F is your problem there have been worse blogposts than mine

>> No.21994868

i inb4'd u but i'll take pity on ur soul and remind u of this shit. but netero vs discount cell was pretty good too

>> No.21994876

not an argument

>> No.21994877

What's your opinion on A-Channel?

>> No.21994884

before i started learning kanji i thought it would be painful as shit

but now the only thing i struggle with remembering is words that are normally spelled with hiragana

kanji really makes thing easier like you can intuitively figure out what words mean based on the kanji that make them up, like how a bathtub 風呂 is comprised of the kanji for wind and spine


>> No.21994887

well i wasn't saying ca was objectively better i was just saying i prefer it because of its climaxes. i understand where you're coming from. i love ca but the fact they adapted fewer chapters per episode is glaringly obvious and the pacing suffers for it.

and that's a great scene, probably top 5 or 6, but there's like 4 episodes in CA alone that are better imo which are gon's initial confrontation with pitou in the palace, netero vs discount cell, gon vs pitou, and komugi and meruem's death.

>> No.21994898

i was just shitposting, i also loved the chimera ant arc. actually i liked every arc unlike some posters itt. cant wait to rewatch it in japanese in a few months

>> No.21994911

why is there a general thread for japanese flesh lights on this board? what the fuck

>> No.21994923

I have bought a total of 4 they are pretty amazing

>> No.21994926

fuckin loser

>> No.21994928

don't interact with those outside these walls, バケモノ、アンタラ

>> No.21994929

Literally nothing is an argument for anything else.
I could attempt to come up with an extremely precise defintion of art, and then use that to argue that anime is art the same way that paintings or music are art, and you could disagree even if all of my premises were logically linked to one another if you were to hold a different definition of art.
If I claimed that art is a skillful emotional expression, then you could nitpick my definition by claiming that anime fits neither because of animation errors, intentionally simplistic character designs, and a lack of emotional honesty, given that every single work shares many of the same tropes, and unfolds substantially little personal truth.

>> No.21994932

>HXH the most epic scene of the spiders
lol zoomers like you will never understand what a truly epic scene looks like


>> No.21994939

when ppl talk about hxh do they mean the remake or

>> No.21994940


>> No.21994943

remake ye

>> No.21994959


or this holy shit

>> No.21994965

too pussy to post an actually good scene cause of spoilers

>> No.21994969

have any of you done autistic ajatter shit like reading japanese translations of novels written in european languages?

>> No.21994972

yeah no way
it really is one of those retarded cult things I will never be able to agree with

>> No.21994973

no but i don't think there's anything wrong with doing that

>> No.21994975

i started watching the original of hxh i guess that was a mistake then

>> No.21994976

nothing wrong with doing that

>> No.21994982

i play the japanese version of oblivion

>> No.21994986

i learn japanese by reading the ingredients list on pocky i buy off j-list

>> No.21994990

@quiz is there a way to stop anki from playing the audio when i copy paste it into my cards from clipboard?

>> No.21994997

Video games are acceptable, since most of them aren't really meant to attract readers who'd be paying attention to the language they're using, but reading something like Ulysses in Japanese just seems like going out of your way to understand a great work of literature as little as possible.

>> No.21994999

if you already know the story the japanese will be easier to understand
as long as the translation is written by a japanese person i don't see the problem, the japanese is still going to be proper and who gives a fuck about how accurate or true to the original it is when your main objective is to practice reading

>> No.21995022

not sure but I don't really mind it
it probably contains a new element and you just get to hear it 1 extra time which probably helps with remembering

>> No.21995023
File: 83 KB, 300x450, aaaaaaaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>reading japanese translations of novels written in european languages?
yup, I read 不思議の国のアリス etc because of how significant it is in japanese culture.

i never read it in english so this does not apply to me.

>> No.21995024

the first episode of the original is important and got cut for absolutely no reason in the 2011 version so at least you saw that.

>> No.21995028

i just disable anki in the volume mixer unless im actually repping

>> No.21995029

ShareX is really cool I'm using ShareX to record myself setting up ShareX which I post on the site to show you how to set up ShareX

>> No.21995031

just delete it as it is useless.

>> No.21995042

oh ye i should have thought of that tnx
so are you yet ur mother didnt abort u like she prolly should have

>> No.21995052

word of the day

>> No.21995058

i remember liking this scene but i didn't prefer it over hxh but i watched it with eng subs so when my comprehension is higher i'll have to watch it in japanese and see if i change my mind.

>> No.21995060

shoutout to xavier for those retimed subs, my nigga

>> No.21995062

I remember that book was full of onomatopoeiae and childish speech. It felt like something intentionally made to sound like it was being narrated by an infantile-minded adult instead of for children.

>> No.21995077
File: 60 KB, 772x587, anime.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is anime godfather right?

>> No.21995094

That's some fucked up sentence structure

>> No.21995096

He didn't come up with his own opinion. He just agreed.

>> No.21995098
File: 218 KB, 714x475, 1_s6HZ4goXS_fg9G9wbmmYAg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I have only read shitty genre fiction up to this point and don't understand what lyrical prose is
jealous of the based mathematician pedo much

>> No.21995126

man the worst thing is probably that this guy is a native English speaker
it's like he wrote that post corrected it in his mind but didn't bother rewriting it and shit out that abomination of a tweet
not to mention has two double spaces in there two times, capitalizes Netflix the second time but not the first time
this shit will cripple someone's English I'm sure

>> No.21995128


>> No.21995170

I don't think that guy is native. Natives don't sink so low.

>> No.21995184

you're comparing your 3 or so years of learning to a native who's been reading daily for at least 12 years. that's more retarded than even a 50 character per min reading speed

>> No.21995187

The fuck is "Europe"? Spain, Finland, Austria, Poland?

>> No.21995196
File: 582 KB, 1920x1100, YeBAU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21995212

fuck off back to r*ddit or wherever with your forced positivity happy horseshit. I will compare myself to the Japanese for as long as it helps me.

>> No.21995221

i went to uni in the netherlands but im not dutch just want to make that last part very clear

>> No.21995225


we are very positive here, also positivity is good for health

>> No.21995227

>im not dutch
Sorry to hear that.

>> No.21995231

its ok 24000 of their tax euros still went toward my bachelors and masters degree since im an eu citizen lmao.

>> No.21995240

"europe" was a mistake

>> No.21995260

how is that positivity? that's just being realistic and not a retarded autist

>> No.21995266

>tfw no sexy black JET teacher to learn nihongo, meditate and shitpost in djt with

>> No.21995306

whats underneath anime godfather's hat

>> No.21995329

for me, i like an anime that can communicate its messages thru pictures rather than words.

>> No.21995332


>> No.21995337

Send a link to Matt and Yoga when it's done and challenge them to refute your points re: your cards vs sentence cards.

>> No.21995339

my enjoyment of an anime corresponds almost completely to how easy it is for me to understand it in japanese lol

>> No.21995350

i like anime

>> No.21995364

friendly reminder to listen to the goat

>> No.21995365

knowing that im shit not because im intrinsically shit motivates me, idk about y'all

>> No.21995370

i still haven't got over ビューティフルライフ ending

>> No.21995373

I don't really care to
they'll make another video talking a bunch of dumb emotional shit without arguments like the yoga one and tell me to refute that
if they want to actually have a discussion they should do it in a written format and not run away from that with 'damn I am just way too busy to come up with arguments let me make a video where I cry like a bitch for 20 minutes'

>> No.21995378

kakegurui is pretty bad but both ops are bangin

>> No.21995399

i remember when quiz was first posting about his anime cards and posting webms of him mining that one show with the fucked up art style on fluentcards before he started trip and namefagging and everyone called it stupid then and they call it stupid now.

>> No.21995411

my 発音 probably much better than the likes of quizmaster

>> No.21995419

doubtful since he's german
unless you're spanish, then you might have a chance

>> No.21995427

germans are definitely the most culturally autistic nation outside asia desu

>> No.21995440

I've never worked on my Japanese pronunciation
I am aware of all the problem spots because I looked into the phonology and have a bit of a feeling for pitch accent because I have it on my cards and try to hear it but just due to never actually practicing decently I probably won't end up sounding decently right away
and I don't really care either, hell I even sound like shit in English and I doubt anyone will say I don't know English
who gives a fuck as long as you don't sound like the ゆゆゆ guy

>> No.21995450

imagining hayai guy going to say his first japanese words and its decktah all over again

>> No.21995459

it won't be that level of shit though that I am sure of lol

>> No.21995473
File: 187 KB, 1471x1080, 1563640509596.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we have no culture anymore.

>> No.21995478

desu quizmaster's e-voice is very characteristic, you can bet his accent is fucked

>> No.21995486

is tha why asuka speaks really good japanese

>> No.21995490

asuka also cant read kanji so shes like a reverse quizmaster except for personality

>> No.21995492
File: 51 KB, 779x891, 1544576701676.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is wanikani legit

>> No.21995494

is quizmaster tsundere

>> No.21995495

no fuck off and read more

>> No.21995500
File: 118 KB, 480x596, 1547086841756.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

read more of what?

>> No.21995503

If I want a text editor that would emulate a Japanese keyboard without actually switching OS's language, what would you recommend?

>> No.21995506

install yomichan and read anything okie okie

>> No.21995514

i use them and have found the additional context useful. its like a mix of a vocab and sentence card with even more context. dont see whats stupid about them. most of the criticism ive seen is either based on falsities or rooted in a hatred for qm.

>> No.21995521

not really, i'm using it (alongside core6k) and it's slow as fuck

it has most joyo kanji spread out over 60 levels, it takes like 8 days minimum to get through most of the levels (the later levels take 4 days minimum), so over a year to go through all the content

the plus side is unlike other shit like rtk it gives you readings for the kanji as well as vocab, but because the kanji are (in theory) ordered by complexity and number of radicals, it means a lot of pretty basic words are left to really late levels

a lot of wanikani's "radicals" are just completely made up and have nothing to do with the actual hanzi radicals that make up the characters, not that that matters but it bothers some people's autism

tl;dr probably better off just using core6k and spending the rest of your time reading

>> No.21995522

Use the Google IME. Add it to your list of keyboards.

>> No.21995527

it's not fun to read anything when you have to look up 90% of a sentence.

>> No.21995528
File: 29 KB, 569x578, 4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

moms spaghetti

>> No.21995529

no shit, just read

>> No.21995531

tough shit my dude just remember that there aint nothin to it but to do it. only way to get better is to suffer now.

>> No.21995532

its not fun for me to deal with ur shit but here we are

>> No.21995534
File: 92 KB, 418x876, 1560414222225.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I don't really care to
But you care to spend an entire week making a site to criticise their method?

>> No.21995536


>> No.21995539

I'm not doing it for them but their victims lol

>> No.21995552

explain why monolingual transition is bad

>> No.21995553

thanks, that works

>> No.21995566

does anyone know that feeling when u rip a fart that lasts so long by the time ure nearing the end u cant even tell if ure still farting or not

>> No.21995573

nah it's been refuted many times. you're probably a cultist so you don't realize it

>> No.21995577

is it fine to use texthookers and yomichan? i feel like its a crutch but it makes it more bearable

>> No.21995578

it's not bad they just don't think of it as they should

>> No.21995579

if its such common knowledge feel free to explain what has been refuted exactly and how

>> No.21995587

ok thanks qm

>> No.21995590

np I'll go in depth on my site just wait for it

>> No.21995591

yeah everyone itt uses both of those. especially when u have to look up almost every word u basically have to use them if u wanna keep your santy

>> No.21995595

What's the font on the bottom-left, again?

>> No.21995603

that's like going over the rtk shit again i can only destroy you dumb fuck cultists so many times before it gets boring

>> No.21995611


>> No.21995614

expected 0 substance reply. if the flaws were as glaring as u make them out to be you could have summarized them in a sentence or two. but u cant so you resort to empty insults.

>> No.21995619

That's how EVERYBODY starts at some point. After getting through a few eroge & mining several hundreds of words, everything will seem quite easy to read.
It's not a matter of preparation. It's a matter of starting by doing something. Unlike lifting weights, you're not gonna break your back or get a sprain or anything like that from learning words through reading. Your memory is gonna be just as bad 10 months ago as it is right now.
Going through KanjiDamage, KKLC, or even core10k could probably boost your confidence for a while, but after that, you'll still end up spotting tons of words with odd spellings, ateji, odd readings, rare kanji variants, words that are so rare that they only pop up once in a VN. Delay reading, and you'll only be delaying both your enjoyment and your ability to read.
If you start right now, you might end up reading 5x faster in 12 months. If you start 10 months from now, you'll probably only slightly improve in 12 months.
Besides, mining words you often see while reading helps your retention rate, so pick up Nanatuiro Drops, Leyline, or some yasasii VN like that and GET started on it.

>> No.21995620
File: 61 KB, 654x443, screenshot_20190903-002840_4480x1440.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone here done the 10k deck?

>> No.21995622

no i did 1500 words in core then set it on fire, threw it out the window and went downstairs to stomp on it for good measure

>> No.21995623

>making a reference to Eminem instead of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rx6Zgz0TZuA

>> No.21995625

yea of course i'm not gonna address it because i did a billion times you cultists got boring

>> No.21995628

Core10k? I did Core6k and I think I'd have been a lot better off and a lot farther ahead in my progress if I did anime cards after Core2k
10k is dumb

>> No.21995634

sure you did

>> No.21995641
File: 2.59 MB, 2507x3000, 1567268924686.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

awwww yea! that's my kinda music right there!

>> No.21995643

for me, it's behind blue eyes

>> No.21995646
File: 53 KB, 576x512, 1547357934342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21995653

im probably the biggest boomer itt. probably 90% of my main spotify playlist is dadcore and other 80s shit lol

>> No.21995657

i don't even use spotify

>> No.21995659

whats difference between「ハルヒです」and「私はハルヒ」?

>> No.21995668

I'm a Zoomer, and I love listening to 1970s prog rock & hard rock. Atom Heart Mother and Echoes are two of my favorite songs.

>> No.21995674

It's like telling people you're gay vs telling them you don't like pussy.

>> No.21995686

as for me, haruhi

>> No.21995689


>> No.21995702

1 is normal the other will make som1 hate u immediately

also shoutouts to the who link and all the boomer music chat but u guys will never get on my level


>> No.21995709

thats how tim kae described it, but i was watching an anime and someone said 「私はパンダ」whilst dressed as a panda, which was obviously translated as "i am a panda", but why didnt they just say panda desu?

>> No.21995710

hahaha what a funny word

>> No.21995711

fuck off tae kim

>> No.21995714

gonna challenge u there my dude

>> No.21995715

shut up

>> No.21995716

read more

>> No.21995718

i was just ejecting shit from my mouth when i posted that

>> No.21995721

read more what?

>> No.21995725

u wanna shobu suru huh


>> No.21995727

tae kim of course

>> No.21995728


>> No.21995730

we are all haruhi

>> No.21995732

i think i win with this one, though its a tight race with born to be wild by steppenwolf id say its the most boomer song ever made or at least very close to it

>> No.21995733

i feel like thats a little above my skill level

>> No.21995737

If you remembered anything Tae Kim said and the bizarre shit he writes chances you are kind of crippled lol ultimately you can say whatever the fuck you like nobody gives a shit

>> No.21995740

tight race ? oh *casually lands the ko punch*


>> No.21995749

Last post wasn't made by me by the way, but I don't really care.

>> No.21995752

this is the actual most boomer song that exists though


>> No.21995755

Hahaha I see what you are going for not bad at all dude

>> No.21995757

>cover song is the boomer goat
i think im gonna stick to my guns (hehe) and say rockin all over the world is the number 1

>> No.21995761

cock suckin boston

i aint done yet *starts peeing on ur knocked out ass*


>> No.21995770

boston is one of the goat boomer bands for sure, they've got a catalog of great dadrock songs
>cock suckin boston
wow and to think we had some common ground, for shame

>> No.21995771

i like the glam boys 1 cuz it bangs u should look into some bangers (clickin my links is a good start)

>> No.21995775

haruhi do too much sometimes

>> No.21995776

no no i said cock suckin boston in a boston accent u had to read the kooky to understand what i was doing there

>> No.21995779

I can't understand the lyrics to this for shit, but it sounds like something Genesis or Yes would've put out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RU9hnzd-QWY

>> No.21995787

boston, journey and kansas are the holy boomer trinity in my humble estimation

this song is straight fuckin fire though no joke

>> No.21995789

i guess if u want mellow dad shit i could start linkin fleetwood mac stevie nicks shit


>> No.21995804

coked out 70s stevie nicks is in my top 5 fantasy fucks but mcvie was also good. tbqh all 3 of them could have carried a great band on their own, crazy that they were all in 1 group.

ok thats it from me ive boomer up the thread enough for one night. oh btw rumours is the greatest album ever made dont @ me

>> No.21995809

Have djters listened to Japanese progressive rock too?

>> No.21995821

This post aided me on my 日本語覚える探検

>> No.21995844
File: 138 KB, 1280x720, 1541878713167.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this book any good? I'm starting from absolutely no knowledge.

>> No.21995848

the author doesnt even know japanese so prolly not idk

>> No.21995850


post more dad bangers

>> No.21995861

George is good at explaining the basics of Japanese grammar, but his vocabulary choices and kanji study methods are disastrous.

>> No.21995862

I'm just looking for a way to learn grammar and hiragana right now. After that I should use the guide in the OP right?

>> No.21995883

u dont learn grammar through a text book. u learn it by being exposed to it thousands of times in varying contexts until u intuitively feel what the grammar does. this is only possible by consuming native input.

>> No.21995885

write do a rewrite of the current anime cards guide already on the op and submit it to the maintainer
do you want people to see it or are you really just erecting a shrine dedicated to your ego?

>> No.21995892


>> No.21995900

I doubt I can actually submit it to the maintainer because of technical limitations
but if he can he can just copy paste it when I am done
btw I wonder if anyone actually reads the guide lol I don't think anyone ever saw the section for it on the guide

>> No.21995902

So I can't learn the language alone?

>> No.21995906

what does that mean? are you trolling?

>> No.21995907

native input means native media, not direct input from a native speaker in front of you

>> No.21995908

I have finished writing the first two big sections 1. and 2.
going to write 'card creation' now

>> No.21995915

oh ok i get it now lol sry

>> No.21995916

If I read the book I posted earlier and consume media in Japanese, will that be enough to get a fair grasp of the basics?
Not trolling. Not sure what you're asking for.

>> No.21995936

BTW the Yomichan and Anki parts of the guide are kind of universal and not restricted to anime cards
I could see those sections replacing the current guide
I feel like they are better than what is currently on the guide
but I leave it up to you guys when the site is done

>> No.21995963

install YOMICHAN and use a grammar guide that can be used on CHROME/FIREFOX such as TAE KIM if you so must study GRAMMAR in such way

>> No.21995968

consuming media in japanese will lead u to mastery not just to a grasp of the basics lol the issue is that u have to do it for thousands of hours. what book u use during your initial foray is inconsequential, just pick whatever grammar guide/resource u want and read through it without trying to memorize shit and start consuming content as soon as possible. this is ur bread and butter of language learning.

>> No.21995983

wtf is ankindle?

>> No.21995988

>tfw you will never be a reclusive billionaire secretly funding your favorite cancelled anime from the shadows

>> No.21995993

these OP images are getting worser and worser

>> No.21996000

that would be cool. i would actually try to become a billionaire if law of attraction and shit wasnt a thing and i couldnt make cool shit happen by force with my consciousness alone

>> No.21996005
File: 197 KB, 404x396, 91293.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I put this at the end of my site

>> No.21996007

i bought a kindle paperwhite earlier this year and filled it with japanese ebooks from the itazura library only to find that i much prefer physical books for japanese
maybe i'll go back to it one day

>> No.21996010

my kindle oasis is kino i use it every day

>> No.21996019

i didnt see any point in getting the oasis over the paperwhite... seemed like a big waste of money but hey if you're an okanemochi why not
do you have the kindle to anki addon thing

>> No.21996031

i pay more because i know its something i will use every day and it feels nicer in my hand than the paperwhite

no, i import highlights to my.clippings.io and use yomichan to make anki cards. still trying to figure out wtf ankindle is

>> No.21996085

Tae Kim is quite inaccurate and has unnatural-sounding sentences. VJG and imabi are both better than it.

>> No.21996093

imabi is too long and seems like it would make a beginner obsess too much over grammar idk anything about VJG

>> No.21996130

matt said the sentences in tae kim were unnatural but that it's fine and doesn't really matter.

>> No.21996132

Basketball is fucking terrible for your joints because of the constant abrupt stopping and direction changing.

>> No.21996134

boiro and ixrec were what pulled me over to actually reading VNs, and not just sticking to easy manga, so I guess others could be inspired by them too.

>> No.21996140

jfz is actually designed by a native Japanese speaker with teaching experience George just puts it together into a book and writes the English

>> No.21996143

ya thats what u say after i stuff the shit out of you i bet

>> No.21996154

imabi's explanations are so sense that they paradoxically make less sense to beginners than they would if they were like 10% as long

>> No.21996161

googled it and it looks like this redditor tore it apart dude

>> No.21996171

Which group's subtitles are the bad ones? Coz there are multiple.

>> No.21996180

i looked at that guys comment history and it just made me report and block him

>> No.21996181

so dense dunno how i messed that up
yeah ixrec's guide is pretty objectively terrible nobody should ever use it it's better as a warning about what not to do as a beginner lol

>> No.21996192

incidentally, penn doesn't know japanese, he just coasts by on linguistics knowledge
held illiterate and C1 at best

>> No.21996211

Every single grammar guide is somewhat inaccurate and incomplete to some degree, so wouldn't you rather have something that encourages you to go off and explore stuff on your own instead of spending infinite amounts of time trying to look for the perfect resource?

>> No.21996245

thankfully we have boiro

>> No.21996250

damn maybe someone can link my site on Reddit when I am done and we can see how they go about tearing me apart haha
though it's not that much of a Japanese learning guide so who knows maybe they'll like it and I'll be world famous : )

>> No.21996255

There's probably gonna be one dude who'll say that it's very nice and useful, and then there's gonna be several people who will claim that you can't learn Japanese except by the means of doing genki exercises in a college classroom with a certified teacher.

>> No.21996265

u really wanna be a somebody in the japanese learning community dont u

ur thinking this is it this is where im going to bloom into my best self and become a success arent u

>> No.21996291

Everybody wants to be a teacher or a leader or somebody with the last say on everything

>> No.21996307

nah honestly I don't really care how this ends
maybe nobody will give a shit about the site and it just serves as thread ammunition for me when I shitpost with you guys
I'm writing it with that expectation, but if some more people see it that'd be pretty cool too that's all

>> No.21996318

oh shut the fuck up you're obviously doing it for recognition

>> No.21996321
File: 10 KB, 545x47, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Think I am about 40% done but I'm not sure
kind of hard to judge how much I actually want to type out

>> No.21996324

it would be cool if it was socially acceptable for DJTers to post their twitter so we can all follow each other....

>> No.21996327

watched a lot of anime today, feels good

>> No.21996331

i don't give a FUCK what's socially acceptable there's just no reason to post my twitter.

>> No.21996335

i don't have a twitter

>> No.21996337

Actually I think that site is just my blog + some guides lol no need to play it up to anything big just a big shitpost

>> No.21996345
File: 66 KB, 1024x576, キャプチャ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dont get the wrong idea its not like im trying to get efamous or anything

>> No.21996361

twitter just sounds like another distraction that i don't need

>> No.21996372

go meditate

>> No.21996445 [DELETED] 

check steve kaufmann's son eric kaufmann's twitter feed right now for based redpilled statistics

>> No.21996469
File: 103 KB, 985x583, 1421598459355.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21996475

your anki cards will outlive you

>> No.21996495
File: 1.02 MB, 1318x879, 1539589041349.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Short section on the fluentcards script

>> No.21996518

cringe and i don't say that lightly like some people do
you're a pretender and a crank

>> No.21996540

The subs seem to be somewhat unevenly spread towards the left side of the screen.

>> No.21996548

>>21996540 (I'm this guy)
Not that I believe it would matter, in my opinion, but there might or might not be people who would want to have that fixed

>> No.21996579

Oh I see I didn't really notice. You can fix it by adding one line to the script but I'm not the script author and I changed some settings in my script as well so it may be just something I fucked up.
I may ask him to add subtitle movement to the original script but for now I don't think it's a big issue.

>> No.21996665

It's probably not so easy to fix after all.
I honestly didn't notice until pointed out and I think I've watched like ~60 episodes of anime since installing the script. It probably doesn't matter.

>> No.21996733

Almost got those quads, darn it!

>> No.21996752

faggot idiot

>> No.21996805

quiz is in a manic state right now, wonder if there's anything we can do to help him

>> No.21996839

whens the big day you reveal it?

>> No.21996873

I don't care about that

I'm not sure honestly. I'm getting through it a lot slower than I thought. But I also expect some sections to be shorter than I initially assumed. So maybe in 2-3 days. Someone might proofread it as well which'll make it take longer the amount of time whoever wants to proofread takes to get through it.

>> No.21996960

>greatest shounen arc
What incredibly high praise

>> No.21996976

is pretending to hate the best shounen a /jp/ thing?

>> No.21997009

No matter what I play voracious says the file has no audio or an unsupported codec, what do I do JP?

>> No.21997037
File: 71 KB, 369x923, 1556010658869.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay this is how it is for now. The table will still be changing I can tell right now but I'm making some progress. Not as productive as I'd like to have been today but oh well it'll get done.

>> No.21997040

I dowloaded a lot of stuff today on itazunareko and I would like to congratulate the guy behind this website, because of all the 300gb I dowloaded, I only had problem with one file: negima vol10 (Its broken). This site is a gem. Thank you

>> No.21997046

There's a high demand.
Have you noticed how many sex weirdos in this thread alone masturbate to home made porn games?
Jason Schreier uses it so no.
I'm fairly new to these threads and i've immediately noticed that guys sure do suck youtuber's cocks way too much. Jesus Christ.

>> No.21997051

>I'm fairly new to these threads
then no one cares what you have to say

>> No.21997117

not me i just wanna learn and have fun

>> No.21997140

>I'm fairly new to these threads
DJT is the most toxic here in /jp/ and everybody knows it, even those who participate. I sometimes accidentally open it and then regret intensely. The least toxic threads are still touhou related, denpa (friendly guys) and those classic image-board-style. I prefer more DJT than reddit though

>> No.21997142

>DJT is the most toxic here in /jp/
it's by far one of the nicest because crossboarders plague these threads. step out of line elsewhere in /jp/ and you'll regret it. but it's hard to step out of line here.

>> No.21997147

djt when’s the last time you cried

>> No.21997152

No, it's what BASED niggas do to block out people like you

>> No.21997153

like a year ago i was listening to playboi carti

>> No.21997162

i took my first nap in almost a year a few days ago and as i drifted in and out of consciousness i had this sudden and deep understanding of how pathetic my life is as a neet. i've been a neet for so long that there's a degree of normalcy to it, but in that moment it's like i had a 3rd party's perspective who was seeing or thinking of me for the first time and felt disgust and pity, and during that time i knew suicide was the answer. i woke up crying.

>> No.21997166

when i watched little busters a few weeks ago

>> No.21997169

suicide is not the answer. get to know yourself. work on your 自己慈悲.

>> No.21997172

>being tolerant is the same as being nice

>> No.21997181


Since when did AJATTers hate whites?

>> No.21997188

dogen isnt funny

>> No.21997193

why is reddit always breaking

>> No.21997196

who the fuck is that and why should i care what he thinks

>> No.21997197

He's a Matt student who passed N1 recently.

>> No.21997199


>> No.21997200

the only thnig more pathetic than a suicider is a spoiled brat whos never known true toil true blood sweat and tears true strife a spoiled brat who hasnt even started to live his own life yet that suicides

honestly if u suicide just fuckign kill urself

>> No.21997204

nothin i love more than self loathing white ppl who call out whites as a white lol the greatest display of not checking their privilege known to man

>> No.21997205

last week when I finished watching this, before that not in 3-5 years

>> No.21997209
File: 593 KB, 1072x1600, ページ_0017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is badass

>> No.21997210

shut up you fucking demon from hell

>> No.21997213

yeSSSsss thsi is my dude right here

how did it feel watching like a solid 5 mins looking at her dead ass that shit was the realest shit i ever watched on the telly up to that point in time

>> No.21997218

*puts u in a chokehold and starts noogieing u till u stop being a bitch*

>> No.21997225
File: 19 KB, 741x250, instead of reading this title you should be immersing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21997226

be gone spawn of lucifer

>> No.21997229

Why has Jamal been missing? He makes these threads spicy.

>> No.21997230

yoga is one of the best ive seen after only 2 years of study

>> No.21997244

have to talk to girls in my group for class tomorrow

>> No.21997246
File: 1.91 MB, 267x260, 1551731436790.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>how did it feel
i knew that my own struggles had only just started. i really liked her acting she was so lively in the other scenes that her death really hit me bro.
in the end, it made me love the show while also hate it.

>> No.21997248

ill talk to girls for u if ur too scared

>> No.21997251

i agree fellow language learners we should all move on over to mattvsjapan's Mass Immersion Approach® (https://massimmersionapproach.com/updates/) and stop using that debunked outdated method

>> No.21997254

How long has anon being studying for?

>> No.21997256


>> No.21997259


>> No.21997266

in addition how does it feel that she never actually got up out of her wheelchair and danced around like in the outro credits lol that was just never meant to be

also i just realized from looking at that ep u linked that it doesnt have the ed in it did u watch the entire series without the ed holy sHIt u fucked up if so here let me help u


get hella sad bro

>> No.21997297

since u guys love twitter so much here rate this white guys japanese who has nothing to do with language learning communities or aids "learning method" bull shit


huh its funny hes literally better than every retard ever posted in this thread go figure

>> No.21997309

Isn't it though? I dream big but I know realistically my life isn't on track to go any further than working at a retail store, and even on antidepressants that sort of meaningless work makes me want to vent my skull. I always have a hope that in learning Japanese I might be able to use it as a skill for a job, but I know realistically this language isn't ever going to provide anything like that.

>> No.21997331

the worlds full of more possibilities than that ur just lazy and dont wanna do anything and its only when a fire gets lit under ur ass that ull do anything

start figuring it out now cuz if u dont the time really will come when ur forced to work retail or other shit jobs cuz thats the quickest way to get employed so u dont fuckign starve in the gutter

good luck faget at least have a honest go at things and try as hard as u can before u give up and kill urself u pathetic pussy baby whos never done sHIt his entire life

>> No.21997337


>> No.21997347

はっ はい

>> No.21997350

I literally am already in that situation, I'm just between jobs
Nice try though

>> No.21997352


>> No.21997358

well dang dude thats it for u then ur practically a npc now right

or are u ready to try relaly fuckin hard and not be forced into lower living by a fuckign delusion they want u to believe in


>> No.21997362

that takes me back

>> No.21997363 [DELETED] 

u werent even fuckign alive stfu and go jack off to cartoon children moetart

>> No.21997373

>or are u ready to try relaly fuckin hard and not be forced into lower living by a fuckign delusion they want u to believe in

>> No.21997378


>> No.21997380

What delusions am I believing?

>> No.21997383

its all right here man cant u see >>21997309

u are under control and even on meds dude u are literally playing ur role perfectly great job my npc friend

>> No.21997389

I literally have to work to live, what the fuck alternatives do I have

>> No.21997396

thats it thats the delusion right there u asking that question thats it ur fuckin brainwashed dude

theres so much shit out there and ur brainwashed into thinking u can only do 1 thing its beautiful isnt it how it just totally shapes ur life forever and u let them do it to u

>> No.21997405

Haha what a sheep he thinks he needs money to pay for food and rent God what an npc amirite guys

>> No.21997411

just live in a van fuckface

>> No.21997414

so u get some little money and stop doing anything (not like u ever were right) to change ur life to get u beyond that in the meanwhile right

ur basically kaiji my dude except this is real life and heres u https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJIwliDM_BA#t=363

>> No.21997417

u would fuckin know about that wouldnt u

>> No.21997419


>> No.21997421

Ah yes let me give up the remaining quality of life I have so I can live in a van that definitely doesn't require gasoline, parts, or upkeep that all don't cost any money and then I still have no money for food
Great thinking, what a sheep I am

>> No.21997426

study minimalism

>> No.21997428

behold the control

they really got the 胴輪 on u dont they

>> No.21997434

Man you were always a low tier poster but now you're confirmed retarded
Please keep your name field filled so I can keep you filtered out

>> No.21997438

leave it to the suicidal dumb motherfucker get angry at good advice lol

>> No.21997443

lol if u havent had moetard filtered this entire time (i just click the posts to see them anyway sometimes if i feel like it)

>> No.21997446

"Study minimalism" isn't advice, nothing about minimalism would bring me happiness and even if it did, becoming content with my current life situation is even more of a defeat than suicide

>> No.21997448 [DELETED] 


>> No.21997484

gambare npc guy

>> No.21997486

stickin with sentence cards desu

>> No.21997517
File: 241 KB, 1386x1911, ksuwc3khs7k31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One week into my JP course at University. Hiragana charts with vocab study on the extra space :) This is so fun! I can't wait to get into kanji.

>> No.21997519

ay what up shawty

>> No.21997534
File: 127 KB, 879x647, Untitled-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would そうかな here read as "I don't think so" or "really"?

>> No.21997535


>> No.21997539

"yea whatever dude is we fuckin or what"

>> No.21997548

don't worry bro, i did watch the whole series. i just posted the 1st utube link i found

>> No.21997559

ok im glad for u great job

so next on the agenda for u is 1 litre of tears

ill be here for u whenever u need

>> No.21997572


>> No.21997574


>> No.21997591

hmm maybe its time for a new installment in my chart series


>> No.21997657

the more i read, the more fun it is to read!!!
(ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

>> No.21997678

you’re the bees knees, anon-kun!

>> No.21997703

it's kinda cool to think about how every time u learn a new kanji or word ur surpassin some other person who quit at that point

>> No.21997720


>> No.21997736

Reading manga as your main japanese input source's a fucking grind. I'll just read VNs until i git gud, fuck this

>> No.21997745

tfw you can be the best of djt however you'll never be better than that native otaku who studies all the 異体字

still the best girl

>> No.21997756

that pic is so good its actually unreal

especially cuz its from the same twitter account where u can find tweets about real raunchy shit

youngsters these days man

>> No.21997768

are you saying that manga is harder than VNs?

>> No.21997812

all you niggers that skip H scenes are actually kinda dumb considering you'll be missing out on plot sensitive dialogues

>> No.21997849

no, i'm saying manga's harder to read because shitty raws and no texthooking

>> No.21997872

i don't give a fuck if it's a plotpoint that akane-chan has a deep pussy i ain't reading that garbage

>> No.21997895

neither does tae kim but everyone recommends his guide here and throws a fit if you dare suggest anything else is better

>> No.21997924

ahh, i see you're a hookfag

>> No.21997935

Imabi's author can't even write grammatically correct English sentences.

Agree on VJG though.

Yeah, ixrec is yet another guy who wrote a Japanese grammar guide despite not knowing Japanese.

Your only safe bet is to use resources made by native speakers.

>> No.21997938

if every manga had hq scans with clear kanji i wouldn't be one

>> No.21997966

>shitty raws
This is the reason I can't get into manga. Most of the raws you find are so shit that they break OCR and you have to draw every word you don't know into Google Translate.

>> No.21997993

Im learning japanese, hbu guys

>> No.21997994

damn sucks to be so poor that you cant pay for manga

>> No.21998015

>ever paying for anything

>> No.21998019

>being poor and entitled

>> No.21998033

Buying stupid garbage makes you poor. I'm not poor because I never do it.

>> No.21998045

Agree. Nothing beats the convenience of reading VNs with a texthooker.

>> No.21998046

even if you buy manga it's still 'hard to read' because the tankobon format is small

>> No.21998047
File: 38 KB, 578x712, 1558802589772.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21998050

reading manga is the best way to learn precisely because you can't look everything up efficiently. it teaches you how to understand from context and not get bogged down spending ages trying to figure out a single sentence

>> No.21998052

>japanese media is stupid garbage
>spends hours every day trying to understand japanese media

lmao confused individual

>> No.21998053

these people are already reading poor scans of manga though so how can the manga itself be analogous to shit

>> No.21998054

the hookfags will never understand, they want everything spoonfed to them like the babies they are

>> No.21998061

How about anime with transcription or ranobe? You already have the text and don't need any hooks.

>> No.21998067

>get bogged down spending ages trying to figure out a single sentence
You mean like when you're reading manga and getting bogged down spending ages trying to simply look up the words?

When reading VNs, I give a single line no more than 2 read-overs before moving on if I don't get it.

>> No.21998084

you don't need to look up every word in a manga though. you can generally figure out what's going on from context (ie the pictures showing you what's happening). you should only be looking up words after you see them like 3-4 times as a beginner or else you won't be reading very much

>> No.21998087

>You mean like when you're reading manga and getting bogged down spending ages trying to simply look up the words?
anyone who makes it through that process is more likely to make it than the guy who insists on being spoonfed the whole way. it's a sign of true determination.

>> No.21998091

yea it's also a fact that having to manually look something up makes it stick in your brain better

>> No.21998108

like two months ago, i was reading one piece and the nico robin flashback made me cry like a little bitch

>> No.21998117


>> No.21998138




>> No.21998161

at the end of トップをねらえ! a couple of months ago

>> No.21998264

last week when somebody told me I suck in /djt/

>> No.21998272

Even stuff that you only look up once ends up getting forgotten

>> No.21998288

wow that's crazy bro

>> No.21998308

lmao you people are hilarious

>> No.21998313


>> No.21998374

lol this is the same guy
why does MIA/AJATT attract so many low IQ black men

>> No.21998405

Yet still none of them are low IQ enough to do anime cards

>> No.21998423

I finished writing the set-up section and I'm making progress with the card creation section and realized there is quite a few things you actually need to figure out that I never mentioned in the initial anime cards guide
most of these things may be obvious to those experienced with Anki and all the other tools but just imagine a 80 IQ idiot being told by a scam artist he should use a program to turn Anime into Anki cards and just watch everything in Anki and never having done anything but that lol
no way they'd figure out anime cards and all the tricks that lead to you actually succeeding with them

>> No.21998425


>> No.21998476

anime cards are going to put this general to rest.

>> No.21998567

Does anyone have a voiced instance of the word 米国 really quick?

>> No.21998570


>> No.21998579

why are you making cards for words you already know

>> No.21998593

I mean a context it is voiced in

It's one of the cards in my kanken deck and I don't want any TTS

>> No.21998698

I usually supply you with these but I'm busy and won't be able to for about 6 hours

>> No.21998796

but wtf what about アメリカ

>> No.21998838

It's used in stuff like official reports and newspapers

>> No.21998895

>33 cards a day
enjoy the burnout retard

>> No.21998906
File: 62 KB, 513x230, 1552477457640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21998909
File: 164 KB, 673x702, 1541061710191.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

watch this idiots

>> No.21998911

How frequently is the keyword in RTK far away from the dictionary English meaning of a kanji? If it's just every once in a while I don't mind but I want to make sure that it's not like 10% or so are misleading. I just ask because RTK has 安 as "relax" when everywhere else has it as "safe", so now I'm suddenly unsure of the scale of this issue.

Maybe I'm just overthinking it, but reading the discussions about RTK vs KKLC vs others makes it sound like RTK has at least a few poor keywords.

>> No.21998919
File: 3.64 MB, 4032x3024, 20190902_014257.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anybody here learn vocab without using anki? pic related I use the old paper method and learn to writte the words down. I write down the words from memory when reviewing them by reading their English translation, no need for me to use rote memorization anymore because I've already learned all the radicals.

>> No.21998922
File: 210 KB, 706x699, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's not my stats, here is my real yearly

>> No.21998925

that's not me wtf

>> No.21998927

you're definitely overthinking it you stupid cunt the keywords won't matter in the end.

>> No.21998931
File: 932 KB, 941x4702, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is my entire yearly. I did delete my like 2000-3000 non-anime cards so that's why I'm still at 17000 despite having been at 17000 a few months ago.

>> No.21998952

wait, why is he retarded?

>> No.21998954

that wasn't me

>> No.21998956

>tfw you got ADHD, are unmedicated and can't focus on Anki for the life of you

>> No.21998967

someone used your name?

>> No.21998972


>> No.21998973

are you retarded?

>> No.21998975


>> No.21998988


I for now put this video onto the site to illustrate one card creation from anime and viewing that card in the preview window.

>> No.21998994


>> No.21998996


>> No.21999001

I mean, hi guys check out anime cards

>> No.21999006

quizmaster you should really use a tripcode. you're already a namefag you might as well go all in and become a tripfag too

>> No.21999007

i always said i dont think anime cards are bad but i kinda think its dumb to make another writeup for how memory palaces work and all the other dumb shit this dude is tryin to write like he has some unique perspective to anything when the fact is he still doesnt know japanese

>> No.21999014


>> No.21999021
File: 105 KB, 460x431, huj.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what does
usually mean? I know it can mean both "get used to something" and "can become", but I wonder if it's the latter that I see most of the time in manga?

>> No.21999022

I don't really care to if people enjoy pretending to be me they can go right ahead it doesn't really matter, some of those posts aim to make me look dumb or

Yeah it's just a blog dude you can follow the guide you like it or not it's up to you
I think anime cards are good and so I want to make a nice guide I can share with people
also writing my opinion on some other shit, less than to change the world but really for thread ammunition because shit just gets discussed over and over again and imagine how much time you could save if you can just link to the answer every time

>> No.21999024

Wow I didn't finish that post

I don't really care to if people enjoy pretending to be me they can go right ahead it doesn't really matter, some of those posts aim to make me look dumb or insult people and I'd prefer if you didn't think less of me for it

>> No.21999027


>> No.21999029

i want to be as good at japanese as you are, so i need to put as much effort as you did - is my conclusion
how does it feel to understand roughly most of nihongo? must be pretty meh now right

>> No.21999036

just feel it out on this one, you don't need to know translation for that

>> No.21999040

requesting vocaroo of hayai guy saying konnichiwa

>> No.21999042

I don't like these questions I'm not really feeling anything dude
just having fun consuming shit I like and do fun shit like kanken and the site on the side

>> No.21999054

just look at it as gonna get genki i mean fun things make u genki

>> No.21999069



>> No.21999082


>> No.21999088

ugh why is everyone who makes it such an asshole

i wanna make it and answer all the stupid pointless questions newbies ask.

>> No.21999096

Is the truth that acquisition of Japanese is so gradual that by the time you can consider yourself fluent the novelty will have worn off?

>> No.21999097

i think qm is generally a cunt but he wasn't being an asshole there at all lol

>> No.21999186

I was just told Youtube you can open the transcript of Youtube videos and simply ctrl+f search it. Think this will make finding words infinitely easier.
There is also a good few channels that cover news shit and have all subs on displayed so you can correct the auto generated Youtube ones very quickly. Think this may be a big. I'll put it on the site as well.

>> No.21999204

surprised you didn't know that already

>> No.21999220

Does anyone know if the digital copies of the One Piece manga are available anywhere raw or do I have to buy them?

>> No.21999225


>> No.21999231

Did you actually think I didn't check that?

>> No.21999236

a ton of people don't though

>> No.21999239

Including you before you made your post.

>> No.21999240

i didn't post that though and it's unreasonable to expect someone who is helping you to go out of their way to check if you've checked a resource

>> No.21999242
File: 188 KB, 776x1240, ワンピース_26_040.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i got them from there so if you did check you probably didn't do it very thoroughly
also that's >>21999236 not me

>> No.21999245

took me 10 seconds to find it lol

>> No.21999250
File: 203 KB, 850x1386, 030.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are scans there, but there is not complete digital edition. For example can you post a sample page from the volume 72 that you have?

You just think you did.

>> No.21999261
File: 270 KB, 760x1200, 049_035.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they have the colored digital edition which goes up to 78

>> No.21999266

I should have been more specific, I was looking for the digital monochrome version. I'm surprised it's not available considering it's the most popular manga of all time. You can readily buy it even for the Kindle.

>> No.21999270

one piece sucks so don't worry about it.

>> No.21999297

dont know anything about one pis

>> No.21999307

>popular bad!

>> No.21999315

there's lots of good popular stuff but one piece isn't one of them.

>> No.21999321

one piece is pretty good for like 400 episodes then it's shit

>> No.21999328

damn i thought the beginning of it was supposed to be the worst because i read up through skypiea thinking "it must get better. it must get better." and then dropped that boring piece of shit series. if it actually gets worse later then it's crazy people like it.

>> No.21999358

Any database alternatives to anidb or myanimelist that allow me to search with the Japanese titles?

>> No.21999366

you can search in japanese and you can set titles to display as japanese by default

>> No.21999375

it gets better after skypeia for like 150 episodes then declines

>> No.21999379

Your penis is also erected?

>> No.21999386

Exactly what I wanted, thanks

>> No.21999399

lets gOooooOooo

>> No.21999448

seems quiz gets less than 6 hours of sleep a night that’s not very good

>> No.21999457

how long have u been elarning japanese and how much of this do u understand


>> No.21999459

It's fine

>> No.21999460

a year, none of it.

>> No.21999472

Are Japanese Ammo with Misa's videos good?

>> No.21999476
File: 555 KB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20190903-182723_Samsung Health.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope you guys do your bi-daily miles for those sweet retention gains

>> No.21999481

the answer you don't want to hear: most grammar guides are fine and you'll probably consult several of them at some points

>> No.21999485

The moment you can enjoy studying is the moment you've won

>> No.21999491

however the moment u study is the moment uve lost

>> No.21999528

Read that health benefits decline if you run every day or over a certain amount of miles so I only ran like 3-4 miles every 2 days which seems to be about optimal

>> No.21999530

is there any good childrens manga you could recommend for someone with like 100 words currently, I dont need something I can actually understand yet just something with simple words that I can eventually understand through effort and dictionaries

>> No.21999534

dunno but i want to bang her

>> No.21999537

imagine trying to mount her and slipping off her greasy ass lmfao

>> No.21999541

stop it man today is nofap day

>> No.21999548

Sounds like voodoo to me, 10km is the standard everyone uses to measure running performance where I'm from.

>> No.21999553

I'm not trying to compete with anyone, just wanting to lower risk of heart disease and cancer

>> No.21999559

you should go vegan for the health benefits too

>> No.21999560

it was hard as fuck, but i just made it through 2 episodes of demon slayer. i don't get how everyone has no issues with listening to japanese. man i'm jealous. next i'll watch an episode of some boring SoL shit. 1 hour a day isn't gonna cut it but i can't tolerate more than that for now.

>> No.21999568

That's bullshit tho lol

>> No.21999572

why would u mount her what u want is to have her give u her japanese ammo no misa dess intro and then immediately start blowing u rubbing her crooked goblin teeth all over ur dick

>> No.21999574

nah it's well documented

>> No.21999579

its well documented that わたしはゲイ

>> No.21999589

nice, keep at it and it'll get easier
it just takes a while which is why in the short term it feels like you don't make much progress

>> No.21999593

Imagine actually learning japanese

>> No.21999606

If you turn the video speed up to 1.25x yeah

>> No.21999608

What next?

>> No.21999609

>i don't get how everyone has no issues with listening to japanese.
when i started watching anime i couldn't even understand some of the simplest phrases even though i was already reading novels
took about three months to catch up and now i can watch pretty comfortably, though sometimes there's still shit that i can't make out for the life of me

>> No.21999616


>> No.21999633

did you use japanese subtitles?

>> No.21999638

talking with natives is good because you’ll be attempting to say something and they’ll finish the sentence for you and you’ll know how to say it from now on

>> No.21999652

noone in this thread could even understand every single utterance of an episode of one piece without japanese subtitles

>> No.21999655

i watched without but checked the subs when i couldn't hear what's being said and then made sure i could hear the syllables
it's a pain in the ass when you have to check every second line but i think it was worth it

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