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Don't worry /jp/.
It's just a friendly Yukkuri Thread, rolling through the catalog and taking it easy.

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yukkuri shite ne

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Can't take it easy.

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What happened to OYP?

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lol shit get it

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Get out of /jp/

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I see three manjus

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Idk dude.

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When did OYP go down?

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This little yukkuri Komachi traveled to my home all the way from Russia, told me to take it easy, then went to sleep on my fumo Kasen! I think I'll keep her.

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Treat her nicely

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>OYP still dead
can't take it easy

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does someone have the one with a marisa befriending someone and they grow old together?

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Has OYP taken it easy forever?

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How long has it been down?

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Since last Yukkuri Thread

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Using a large enough Yukkuri as an onahole lol

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It's just taking it easy.

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OYP is still gone...

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There are folks who are very knowledgeable about yukkuri, but know little to nothing about Touhou.

Dafuq that even possible?!

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I don’t speak retard. Restate your question.

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Touhou and yukkuri have different appeal. Bullet hell is a niche genre, so it's to be expected that some of the ppl who stumble upon yukkuri pictures or stories on the internet and want to see more will not also be interested in the games from which these characters' names and likenesses were taken.
I miss oyp.

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does anyone know of an alternative site? maybe an archive of some kind? it saddens me to think all that work is gone.

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I love taking it easy

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9 years is the oldest I saw
I remember one but not anymore since it was through oyp

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Warosu and now OYP
this has been a terrible year for tech...

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ED as well.

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Bump so Poweryoga can see
God I hope so

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Something broke

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Every time.

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There was some talk in the last thread of uploading the PC version of Yukkuri Diary since the links are all dead now, but it 404'd before anything happened. Surely there must be at least one anon who downloaded one of the versions before it went down.

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wew lads

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take it hard

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I don’t think i remember that.

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rolling around

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at the speed of sound

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down there

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I worry!

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OYP is up! For real this time.

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thanks easy

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I want a wasa to play with!

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I aint falling for it this time around

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thank god
now i can take it easy

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You celebrate OYP being back but you share no panels. Come on /jp/. If you have something at your accessibility, use it.

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Easy days, relaxing dayyys...

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I wish there were more ff works. Can't take it easy with so much abuse.

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shouldnt someone make a backup to oyp?
What happens if they take the big easy soon?
I don't know what Id do if they were gone gone.

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smug yukkuri

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what is this image even from
it gets posted in every single yukkuri thread and I don't know what this meme is

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Okay, I've wondered this for a while.
Are Yukkuri warm? It's a small but important question.
Are Yukkuri warm? Most have no issue with having them sit in their laps and spectate if they're large enough, which begs the question on whether Yukkuri are warm or not. I don't think you want a cold yuu sitting on your legs in the middle of winter.

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yeah a little bit, tons of references to "mommies warm" and the like
i always took rub rub as warming up through friction though
except cirnos, they're definitely cold

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what's even the point of abuse
why and how does anyone get satisfaction out of seeing sentient bean paste be brutally tortured and killed for amusement
and how does one so heavily delude oneself into believing that the sentient bean paste somehow deserves to be slowly and excruciatingly ripped apart simply for having the intelligence and cleanliness of a house cat

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sometimes you just have to appreciate that something came into being organically
it all started with attempts to troll people who thought yukkuri were cute, it grew and grew from there into a mass of art and stories as large as cute yukkuri content if not larger
but the root of it is that the artists who draw yukkuri find themselves exploring the topics about yukkuri that they're attracted to, and for some reason the highest quality artists tend to be fans of abuse
i enjoy both genres

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You stupid? Wanna die?

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Any good yukkuri artist that isn't Takumi, 9th, big.g (or the old great ones...)?

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I should upload that diary zip.

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I read that one. It amounts to nothing... I don’t remember it well..

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Stupid creatures

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Patche yukkuri is even fatter then real Patche whoa

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This all looks very easy. I like it.

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Is Mister retarded?

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You know the drill, /jp/. The sweet-sweets. Right now is fine!

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do it

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Silence creature

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Get your own, I’m not sharing

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No, fuck off

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*Prepares blowtorch*
That’s a Yukari type on the right.
Every last one of those Yukkuri is dead.
What you see there is the moment before their demise.

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Uu~! Uu~! Uuu~!

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Greatest pet yukkuri. Uu~!

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I hope you're prepared to give her the pudding, /jp/.

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Don't you mean buddin

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I know that her mere presence is fatal to common types but Fran and Remi should be ok.

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Now I’m confused.
Are those just untrained Youmus or are they Myons?
Can one become the other?

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RAlice ruins the reputation of good Alices.
Goodhead Alice types are total sweethearts and are generally nicer than most Yus depending on their genetics.

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they're creepy in real life standars

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nice videogame

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Me under the duvet.

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C-can't take it easy anymore...

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Looks like many things will die at the turn of the decade.

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Why would dis habben......

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Yukkuris will always find a place to take it easy. The influx of new content has been lower in recent years, so I suppose it was to be expected that something like this would happen.

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i wonder if it'd be too much to ask for them to make a grand torrent of all OYP pictures, but even then so much would be lost off of the translations in comments and tagging and the like
i hate seeing strange little corners of the internet i love get wiped away like that, but bless poweryoga for a years notice

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fuck yukkuris

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/jp/ admires your attempt to get replies through bait, but I assure you /jp/ is unable to fall for bait

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I'll just reply to myself then. >>22157916

FUCK yukkuris

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Should the phrase be completed?

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Shiette ne

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Wherz Neetori

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Cute princess.

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Are yukari types hilariously territorial or what's up with them?

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Terrifying evolution

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I don’t get it

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They’re kept in capsules for a reason anon.

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Pool: Unfortunate Encounters

>> No.22177192

A mister tunnel!

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Imagine what they’ll be like when they get older

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/jp/ slowed down

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What a hassle that would be

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Really glad to see the classic yukkuri face. The correct balance of retarded, cute, and easy. Too many artists don't use it.

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Sorry for being so cute!

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>OYP in danger
plz no

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I really like it as well its just the right amount of goofy. I just want to give it a good hard kick down a hill and watch them roll for hours yelling.

>> No.22213182

Is it bad if I find their poopholes sexy?

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Fap away Anon

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>eight views translation will die with oyp
time to stop being eop

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Taking it easy forever ze

>> No.22223470

Don’t be like 2chan and disappear for good OYP.

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it seems like bunch of people want to keep it going

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take it hard!

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for life

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Someone already started archiving the site (though he also said Poweryoga was currently dumping the database somewhere else too)
As for adopting the site, from the thread on OYP, there are several people who are willing to host and pay for the site but can't be bothered enough to learn the Booru engine so the site desperately needs someone capable of doing so.

>> No.22240580

i wonder if poweyoga could set up a patreon or something, save up to hire for an engineer to update

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mitte nee~

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