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Most loved member of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

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I wouldn't want to work at a mansion full of vampires. I fucking hate vampires. Filthy monsters.

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But...but everyone hates China...

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So you're saying Remilia and Flandre suck?

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That was obvious. The important part is that they're not on fire and burning to a final death, like all proper beastly demons should be.

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Are you saying you support vampires? What kind of mindless sheep supports the wolf that threatens it? More importantly, what kind of human wouldn't want to burn every vampire to the ashes they deserve to be?

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You didn't get the joke. Read it again.

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You didn't get the joke. Read it again.

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because, moe~

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I feel pity for vampires.

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This anon is right. This is what happens when those dirty Vampires are unregulated.

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Meh, as far as vampires go, Remi isn't that bad.

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There's a reason the vampire counts didn't make it into 40k, heretic. *BLAM*

I am not suggesting regulation. I suggest genocide. Though I am forced to use that word loosely, as killing something that should already be rightfully dead is hardly murder.

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>There's a reason the vampire counts didn't make it into 40k, heretic. *BLAM*

I smell a fellow fa/tg/uy.

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Vampires in SDM are harmless.

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Everyone on /jp/ goes to /tg/, and vice versa. They love touhou on /tg/.

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A Belmont on /jp/? That will soon change.

But enough talk... have at you!

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You leave me with no choice, demon.




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Blood Angels. Ask them about their primarch.

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I feel no pity towards vampires and feel they should all be exterminated. They are monsters that feed off the lifeblood of humans.

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Who is the chauffeur?

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Sakuya, duh.

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Remi doesn't even want blood...how can you hate her?

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Because she's a horrific monster. Maybe she has some excuse for being a vampire -after all, she had no choice and was born that way. All the same, all sane people would burn themselves if they had no choice but to be a vampire. I know I would rather have my body incinerated than have some undead abomination walk around with my face on.

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She doesn't want her dog maid's blood.

The shrine maiden, however...

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You... you MONSTER, how could you go and make poor little Flandre cry like that?! You should be ashamed.

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Sakuya is the real monster in the SDM. She's the one that has to go out and slaughter humans to collect blood for Remilia and Flandre's meals.

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I feel no pity towards humans and feel they should all be exterminated. They are monsters that feed off the lifeblood of birds.

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Just a dog of the devil. She may have to die for her masters to be properly punished, but such is the way of Justice.

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I hate vampires because I think turning golden and sparkling when exposed to the sun is really, really gay.
Also when they use their vampire powers to play baseball, that sucked.

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Don't paladins occasionally have the wings of a white bird?

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Oh wow, that was a surprisingly subtle troll.

Fucking Twilight, giving people material for this.

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This is the true evil of SDM. A man that has been stealing Touhou's hearts and turning them straight.

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A warlock/fighter and a misguided monk. I see no evil here. And believe me -I know evil.

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I got somebody to pay me 30$ to watch twilight(and they paid for the tickets). It wasn't worth it to watch the youth of America be indoctrinated.

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"No! I must kill the vampires" he shouted
The DM said "No, Paladin. You are the vampires"
And then Paladin was a fighter without bonus feats.

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It's funny, because /tg/ has a picture of Reisen explaining how the "make paladin fall" button works. Vampirism is one of the most horrible ways to make a paladin fall, and I would commit suicide immediately were I a vampire paladin.

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I think this chat piece from World of Warcraft sums up Twilight pretty well.

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Twilight is everything wrong.

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I found vampires quite hateable before twilight. Just I had more important things to cleanse with flame before that goddamn movie came out.

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You know what, I think I prefer the Alicia method of Paladining.

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Slow down there, partner. Is that an Uboa fairy?

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Indeed, you probably do, mister Grey Knight.

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>turning them straight

If he makes them go back to natural order of things he is a druid and thus True Neutral.

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>natural order of things


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Universal balance of nature does not work that way.

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In Gensokyo, it does.

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Everyone is gay in Gensokyo.

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> My waifu probably sucked thousands of dicks during her long lifetime but I will still denay it.

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Very well, name me a couple male characters they may have had relationships with and I might see things your way.

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#1 Zun
#2 Zun
#3 Genji
#4 Zun

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If we are talking Aya or Sanae there may be some truth to that.

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The thousands of male humans in the human village, including Marisa's dad.
The numerous male youkai who just aren't as prevalent to the story, like Youki.
And Genji was male, if Reimu is into that.

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>Universal balance of nature

Just for the uninitiated - some 90% of Touhous are magical beings that came to life by magical means. There's neither a need nor a point for them to have a sexuality at all, much less prefer one kind of it over the other.

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Males in Gensokyo are not that transparent in the story because they are to busy banging the cast from the pervious game.

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>>2188419 asexual Touhous

Zdob ed :(

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>The thousands of male humans in the human village, including Marisa's dad.

I seriously doubt there are "thousands" of humans in the village, male or female.

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Tofu Shop Owner
Boy #1
Boy #2
The old woodcutter

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Hell Yes!

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It's not really asexual as much as they spontaneously began to exist, and do not need to procreate to continue their existence. Most touhous are elementals, representing a specific part of nature.

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I was under the impression it was much like a small city, with tons of shops and communities.

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Before a clever anon asks, that DOES mean there can be an elemental that is focused on sex and procreation, as sex and procreation are a single part of nature.

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It's in your genes.

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Only game in town.

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Think about it, anon.

You wish to be the little girl, right? Well, what if you were? Would you ruin that purity and awesomeness with penis and big, sweaty guys? No, you would find other little girls.

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>You wish to be the little girl, right?

Your peer pressure won't work on me.

>Would you ruin that purity and awesomeness with penis and big, sweaty guys? No, you would find other little girls.

Wishful thinking.
14 year old girls go to bed with 31 year old beardmen that threat them like adult women only to sex them up.
Little girl are easy to manipulate.

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I don't want to be the little girl, but I wouldn't mind Ranma's "curse".
...If it was less random and more under my cotnrol.

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Touhous are insanely powerful magic users. They don't need to raise their self-esteem in any way, much less by being sexed by a weaker male of different (for most of them) species.

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I never understood why you guys all wana be the little girl.

I don't wana be the little girl, I wana FUCK the little girl.

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What about insanely powerful male magic users?

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What about insanely powerful anti-magic tools that most of them use?

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Until one of them shows up in Gensokyo, your point is moot.

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I've come to the conclusion that male youkai are ridiculously powerful but also ridiculously lazy.

Even more than Reimu.

As an example, we look to Rinnosuke.

What does HE do all day? Sits around in his store, using his power for meager activitys such as identifying things.

It's like a level 20 wizard who replaced all the spells in his book with Identify.

And he's only HALF Youkai.

A full blooded one must be incredibly lazy and incredibly powerful, as Rinnosuke is able to identify ANYTHING, he too has a great power.

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Wait. Wait. I forgot Rinnosuke.

If he's half-youkai, how did he get conceived?

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I like flanflan

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I think that all those anons butthurt about males in Touhou and people seeing other versions of this world then ''fan canon'' would be the first to die if LHC really would work.
"Moe" is a natural weapon for little youkai girls to catch fat and nutrienus humans.

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Course of this thread
China > PURGE THE UNCLEAN! > My Waifu is pure and so am I > Balance in everything

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Because, even if youkai don't *need* sex, some of them are certainly *equipped* for it. Because if I remember my Japanese lore right, a lot of the youkai's creations are influenced by humans, and we're damn horndogs, so everything has to have naughty bits. EVERYTHING (this train of thought leads to Rule 34, so it's colloquially thought of in modern times as "Rule 34's first axiom")

So humans can certainly have kids with some youkai.


Not really. That's just Rinnosuke's "Ability", much like Sakuya's is "Manipulation of Time". If I remember correctly, his raw power is rather pathetic.

However, I will certainly agree that he's useful as all get out.

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Your conclusion has no basis

Thanks for sharing

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Perhaps the same could be said of all the fandom.

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Where is this from? I need more.

Filler of my request can have my blood if he/she wants it.

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Don't want any.

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Go donate your blood elsewhere.
But I'll accept if it's O+

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>14 year old girls go to bed with 31 year old beardmen that threat them like adult women only to sex them up.
Little girl are easy to manipulate.

Wishful thinking.

Little girls don't want to sleep with you, you 31-year old neckbeard and you won't be able to manipulate them.

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It actually is O.

But I just remembered that I need to gain some weigh to be allowed to donate blood. Oh well.

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Bro. Rinnosuke crafted the mini-hakkero with just parts from the outside world and magic. That's the things that powers Marisa's Master Spark. This guy's got some crafting skills.

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