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>Latest Release (0.502e13):
>Latest Map Editor (v1.0)
>Latest Source (0.502e13, MapEditor v1):

>What this is:
Shanghai.EXE was a Touhou-themed Megaman Battle Network clone.
Then the original developer got a C&D from Capcom and shut everything down, just before it was completed.
Luckily, someone leaked a donor-wall demo build, and the whole thing was made in C#, which meant it could be decompiled.
This is a modified/translated version of that demo build, along with a handful of bugfixes.
The end goal is to finish the rest of the game, which off the top of my head involves the final battle, the postgame areas/bosses, some sidequests, and netplay.

>New stuff since last thread:
I have no fucking clue, I want to know what is going on but it's been two weeks since the last thread died, and I want to know how it is doing, hence me making this thread. If no progress has been made then this thread will fall into the Undernet until the next actual update happens

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So what was modified?

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Blessed thread. I'm sorry I wasn't around to keep the other one up. I hope anon posts their progress soon!

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Work continues, have a WIP.
I've finally fixed the blurriness, by adding OpenGL as an option (currently default since it's a dev build) in the KeyConfig application.
Work in progress, there's still a couple of bugs/polishing I'm working on, but overall it was less painful than I expected, just these last few things I haven't had time to look at yet:
>Needs to have the "Graphics" folder in the directory
>Fading is choppy/jumpy
>Loading screen doesn't track graphics loading
>Framerate is capped at 60hz

Made a couple of minor improvements to the Map Editor, but they really are minor and I've got a few in-progress changes so I'm not going to bother cleaning+building+uploading it.
>Added toggleable text labels to objects on the map
>Added a "Go" button for events, moves, etc. that target other objects to select the target

I hadn't done this earlier since I just realized this was a feature of mega.nz, but here's a link to a folder that I'll try to drop changelogs and wip builds in.
I make no promises as to regular updates or intelligibility of changelogs, but I guess you could use it to make sure development's not dead.

Once I wrap up work on rendering (or change the default back to DirectX9 and leave OpenGL as a buggy fallback for people with blurriness), I'll work on fixing controller support and call it a release.
That should be all the longstanding bugs, so once that's done I'll move on to helping with the actual content.

Ending caveat/development rant: Text in OpenGL will have slightly different length and spacing than the original DirectX9, since apparently everybody and their dog implements text different ways, that can't even be copied since they're tied directly into how directx/gdi/gdi+ does things.
Also, as soon as you try drawing the japanese comma "," or certain random characters, the spacing between letters shifts slightly, which normally wouldn't be a problem except that dialogue shows up character-by-character so the letters jiggle around the screen.
I ended up having to do a complete hack to get it working, where the line:
>Alice,the sun’s already up.
would be split into
>the sun
>s already up.
and stitched together.
Even then, Japanese still has that issue since I don't even know where to start with that.
(Mostly) having fun though, and learning a lot.

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It's funny that a Japanese game is being finished by gaijin instead of other japs.

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Thank you for everything you've done.

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It's also a few case where jap dev is facing what commonly happen in western scene: big corporation try to suit a little man for using small portion of patented game for his little game.

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did we ever get confirmation that it was actually capcom and not ZUN?

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Specifically, the program that got suited is MBN engine "patented" by Capcom. Why would ZUN give a shit?

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Fangame using touhou stuff that was behind a patreon styled thing, something that he himself has said was a no-go.

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It was surprising that a nip suddenly knew about Patreon.
Could it be some gaijin convinced him to get "donation" judging by how popular Shanghai had become among BN fans?

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it wasn't patreon, it was some other jap equivalent to it, Cien i think the name was, and I doubt there was any sort of convincing from an outside force..

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Wait you have to make everything for the text in .png format?

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arigatou, anon-sama

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Sort of, the actual .png files are just from debugging but every drawn line of text is its own bitmap, used as a texture sent to the gpu for a rectangle placed where the text goes.
Ideally, there would just be one texture per character to cut down on the number of textures and to have full control over character spacing, but that would involve parsing TTFs for that info and arranging all the characters manually.
The first library I tried had some major problems involving crashing with japanese characters and having no control over antialiasing, so I decided to just do what I'm doing now, which seems to be a common enough practice.
Given my current problems, though, I might end up looking at another library and hoping my first attempt was a fluke that happened to show up first on google.

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I hope you get that sorted out. you seem like a smart sort so I don't have doubts you will.
Have you only shared this here or do you ever share your updates and stuff with the Team BN group? I had hoped they would jump on this.

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I've only posted here, but I have no objections if anybody wants to share it, pick it up, or do whatever they want with it, I've posted the source pretty regularly.
I'd love if someone else were to start their own development, add content, or even try organizing things, but everybody's got their own thing going on and I'll keep working on this as a pet project anyways, it just means that it'll be done "eventually" rather than "soon".
Reaching out to groups, promoting, etc. would definitely draw people who might have time to help, but I'm just not the type of person to do that sort of thing and the shadow of the whole copyright thing doesn't help at all.
If anybody wants to get into this, even if you're just learning to code, I'd be happy to help, but it'd be mostly reactive, answering questions and such.

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>do you ever share your updates and stuff with the Team BN group?
Just saying, the bigger the group is, the harder it is to keep things silent. I doubt they're gonna come for a bunch of anonymous, but you never know.

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Not that anon but I don't think Team BN allows the discussion of mod tools for Shanghai on there specifically for >>21880143 reason.

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Are we being saged? What's going on here.

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I'd assume it's just /jp/sies properly using sage as usual. Let's see.

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Yup, it's fine.

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Godspeed, anons. Playing the demo was like having my childhood reborn, and hearing about it being cancelled was very depressing.

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I wonder how the anons working on some of the fights are going? Yuyuko looked pretty alright but looked a little rough.

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I wish some sort of coder anon would magically appear and fix the multiplayer.

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Are you going to try to include the DruidMan fight as well? I know that one doesn't have the sprites or anything yet, but I think there was a video.

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All we know is that Yuyuko had sprites. Druidman and Missleman are the only ones without sprites. Hecatia too I guess.

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well druidman and hecatia have sprites, just not an actual sprite sheet we have access to.

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OST rip when? I really want the new intermission menu theme

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