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Because they're the best family in Touhou.

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I like them because they are prime bullying material.

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getting fit with Meiling

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SDM familiy trip

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family outing

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sakuya has fucked every single person that lives on the SDM

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How would you spend your time, if you lived in SDM, /jp/? I would help Sakuya around, play with the fairies, when they have available time (not sexually), serve Remimi tea and keep her company, while enjoying Gensokyo's breeze. I would hang around in the garden and play hide and seek with Meiling. Also, I would take it easy with Patche, reade books in the library, headpat Koa-chan and visit Flan to tell her some interesting stories. After a long and intense day, I would warmly cuddle with Sakuya every night and wake up, carrying her sweet aroma for the rest of the day!

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Good for her. Just considering the amount of fairies the SDM employs, that would make Sakuya quite the cunnyseur.

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shouldn't the vampires be burning up lol

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Don't forget the chupacabra and all the hobgoblins living there as well.

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I just wish I could take Sakuyas place and have a mother-daughter relationship to Remi.

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Tiny Sakuya

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Tiny Sakuya!

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If SDM in question is not corrupted and lewd yet, then it will be working under Sakuya's guidance most likely, sometimes you might do chores for Patche or Meiling, Remilia might ask you to do something as well, maybe visit Flan in her basement once you're brave enough.
If it's lewd though, Sakuya might reward you with her body to let off that steam and Remi might perform personal goods check of her newest servant, not to mention feeding Flan with human energy, donating your bodily liquids to Patche for her experiments, Koa's sex ed lessons and the list goes on. There's a game that lets you experience most of what I've mentioned, including a suspicious visitor who'll turn all SDM residents into lewd depraved wenches once you get bored

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I'm intrigued...

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Who is the mother?

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Well me.

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Sakuya is the founder of the Koakuma Kunny Klub.

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shhh girls are sleeping

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is that a KV-2? How did it end up in SDM?

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Gap hag

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I love Flan's wing crystal things!

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Abandoned in Romania during WWII, isekai'd like the SDM itself.

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is meiling immortal ?

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I love Sakuya's armpit

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Remilia believes in Santa. How cute is that?!

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I don't know why some artists draw Remi with cyan hair but I quite dig it.

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Sakuya molesting remi in her sleep and it seems to excite remi a bit

flan want milkies it seems

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oh no! flan's gonna burn in the sun!

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It's ok. They will replace her with Rumia.

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What will happen with the SDM when Sakuya dies? She's the pillar that keeps the whole mansion going.

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im sure the fairy maids can run it just fine by themselves

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she will either live for a very long time because of her time stopping ability, or remilia is going to turn her into a vampire

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Fat pachie

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Slutty Satori

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What did Meiling do?

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She didnt washed her feet in years.

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Families make sure to take care of each other, even if they are inept at it!