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Do you like this underage?

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Kosuzu-chan is so young... I think this is immoral but I want to violate her.

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16 is ok.

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I want to marry Kosuzu and have a lot of children with her. We will read books for them all day long, and occasionally help the few customers entering our shop.

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don't worry anon, she's on that age. suzy fantasizes about being violated by a big man everyday.

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Suzu would be a good wife.

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I like her enough to make her the mother of my child

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She'll probably end up becoming the village slut at some point.

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Moo-toori Cowsuzu

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Her name is pronounced Motori with a slightly longer "oh" sound between the M and T. "Mootori: is a retarded romanization because westashitters like you will pronounce it as "Mutori". Should have just been Mо̄tori.

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Don't be mean with Suzu

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And Kosuzu isn't pronounced as Cowsuzu either.
I'm just playing with words.

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There are no consent laws in Gensokyo.

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Only anglos fuck up other languages this much. The rest of the world can read and pronounce japanese without a hassle.

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There are no human laws whatsvoer in Gensokyo. Meaning there isn't anything stopping people from burning you alive for having sex with a child.

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How do you know they're not into it too?

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I want to ask Kosuzu about the ero books she keeps in her store!

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Kosuzu wouldn't have any books like that! Delete this!

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That doujin says otherwise

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Oh no, the little bell has fallen asleep and is totally defenseless! It would be a shame if somebody decides to take advantage of that and molest the crap out of her!

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Feeling up Kosuzu's thighs!!!

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I have a feeling that he's a middle schooler

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I know what to do

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I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna put a blanket over her!!!!!!

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>Pledge to protect.

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No one in their right mind would consider a post-pubescent human as a child or having sex with them to be wrong

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Ok Akyuu

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I still prefer a good fairy over her or Akyuu

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Scum Garbage Trash!

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Would fuck the cutesuzu

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Man, I'd feel the HECK out of that Suzer!

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I would report you to the authorities and feel that Suzer afterwards.

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What a cute and fluffy piece of snugglefuck bait.

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16 is not ok.

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Is she cute and funny?

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This. She's way too old.

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But anon, I'm the authority.

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Just 2 numbers.

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Kissing the suzu!

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Must be heavenly!

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It would be better if it as just one.

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she gets way too excited by a mere kiss

imagine her expression after being roughly mating pressed and having her womb filled to the brim with baby matter, preferable the NEET variety

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me on the left

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Inviting Suzu to a date!

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Waiting for Suzu! Seeing Suzu running adorably at you! Being dumped by Suzu! Watching as a rather foxy lady taking Suzu out on a date! Suzu!

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Telling Akyuu some pervert lady is taking advantage of poor little Suzu!

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Sleeping next to Suzu!

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Careful with my daughter

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don't worry, your daughter is already married with me.

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I like most of them.

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I want to be underage with Kosuzu!

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She’s literally 17 anon.

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Me too. I would give anything to be underage again.