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Is Seija a M or S?

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Whatever you don't want her to be.

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A dom who turns ultra submissive once the dick is in, just like in my Japanese porn comics.

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She's S for Shit

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t. m*rasafag

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She turns ultra submissive and cums really hard when it's anal.

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The worst, so that's a good answer

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Why would she enjoy getting stepped on and humiliated? isn't her whole character supposed to rebel against the powerful?

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She strikes me as someone who'd protest no matter what, berating you while telling you to pull out, but really loves being dominated deep inside, and her body is honest about it.

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I don't care, I want her to tie me up, strangle me, drip candle wax on me and step on my face all while making fun of me

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Truly the most enigmatic 2hu nature.

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Shit taste.

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My love
My passion
My hate

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That's what would make topping her fun.

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Reversal is cancer.

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The opposite of whatever you are.

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Wouldn't it make more sense for her to be the same?

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no, she's an amanojaku, shes supposed to do the things you hate. your anger/misery makes her happy

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Would she hate getting raped?

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Why do you come to a particular 2hu thread if you don't like her?
Seething much?

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M for Made for bully

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I fuck Seija!
Every time she's sad I fuck her!
Every time she tries to banter me I kiss her mouth to shut her and then fuck her!
Every time she cries I whisper gentle words in her ears and then fuck her!
Every time she worries about me abandoning her I fuck her even stronger!
Every time she thinks of abandoning or bertraying me I fuck her till she gets preggo!
Every time she thinks she's not a good amanojaku anymore I fuck her!
After her pussy has taken the shape of my cock, my sole presence is enough to make it throb and make her horny!

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Where's the fun in a mindbroken seija that just gave up and became just another whore?

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Nothing is forever, anon. At some point, things are just reduced to a blithering sex-addicted cum dumpster, and so you move on, satisfied, to the next great thing!

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An alternate timeline Seija?

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That's deep.

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C for Cute

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Stop sexualizing me

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I wanna start a dysfunctional family with her

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fine I just want to bully her

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>and her body is honest about it.
Spoken like a true faceless man.

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If the Ninniku doujins are anything to go by, S.

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Seija is M for Married!

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Who's the husband?

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Her best friend of course! She may or may not have been forced however.

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She doesn't like she consented to it.
Is Byakuren okay with it at least?

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Byakuren held the ceremony herself. She thinks Nue has been a bachelor living at mom's home for too long.

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Forbidden love

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She’s an Amanojaku so does she stink?
She’s not a stinky Youkai is she?

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I want smellfags to die

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S for Seductive

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She's a fugitive so she doesn't have a lot of time for bathing, nor any money really to visit onsen. She also may or may not be extremely hairy for that reason. Also a bit malnourished, but still stronger than an average human because lmao Youkai. So if you feel some kind of strange musky smell of sweat coming out of somewhere while you're taking a walk, you better run.

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Waterfalls exist anon.
Youkai aren't hairy unless they want to and they don't really need normal food.

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These dorks don't know how to kiss

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That only makes it cuter

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Seija decides to wash under the waterfall. A random passerby sees her and thinks "oh shit that's the dangerous fugitive, I better report on that one", before stealing her clothes so she won't be able to get too far away. Seija-chan is now wet, cold and naked. What do?

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Bring her some clothes and a warm cup of tea

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Heh, gotcha!

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Ah, my wife looks great in wedding dress!

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Just like you then! wwwwww

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Seija is neither zombie pale nor fat.

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Seija is my wife and she's flat as an ironing board

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f-fair enough

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M for Me

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That's before she divorced you, but after lots of cuddling and fondling, she has become well-endowed by our marriage!

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is there a doujin for that

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It's called "Seija makes anon cum really hard from his ass" C96

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Exactly, after feeding her with lots and lots of white protein-rich milk, her body has adapted to bearing me lots of healthy children!

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>from his ass
So anon's the one getting fucked?

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What's with /jp/ and its contant need to turn any confident and independent girl into a submissive cockloving slut?

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The average /jp/sie is a brain damaged ape

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it's hot

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We are males.

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She can pretend being confident and independent all she wants, but when she's in my house she's gonna stay at the kitchen and bear me babies.

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Seija is B (busty)

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A board full of closeted homosexuals can't discuss anything without bringing in cocks, no surprise here.

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>confident and independent

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Huh what?

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B for based

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G for Get out of /jp/

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I love her
I hate her

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Whelp i dom, so i want her too be a dom too for the struggle sex that breaks the whole room.

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Hey, weak human.
Why do you let the strong push you around so much? Don't you have some self-respect?

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My self-respect is that I enjoy getting pushed around by the strong

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*tickles your armpits*
Not so tough now, huh.

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Sure cutie
*kisses Seija on her lips*
So sweet...

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*pops out of disguese*
Ara ara anon-kun, I didn't know you had a thing for mature ladies~

*Seija laughs at you in the distance*

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It's okay, I don't mind having my first time with a well-versed sexy lady such as you. After that, we're catching that little shit and spit roast her together. Deal?

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Well anon? were you really planning on raping a mentally and physically superior girl like me?

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The purest 2hu

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F for fucking faggot.

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L for Lewd

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What makes this 2hu so perfect?

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Underrated hu from an underrated game

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She's not underrated, Redditors love her.

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Truly a shame. But most secondaries don't play the games enough to care about her.

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Go back there

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The opposite of what you want her to be.

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Why does the thought of her getting raped and humiliated turn me on so much?

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Because you are primary.

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Amanojaku are wicked little creatures that deserve that treatment so you're just feeling what any normal person would.

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A normal person would try and redeem them into being good people
Being petty and spiteful against those whom you have no history with is for cucks and soi mongrels

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Are you a shitskin?

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You can't redeem a fucking amanojaku, it's their nature

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Redeeming an amanojaku, assuming it's even possible, would kill them.
Congrats, yer a shrine maiden, anon.

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How do I solve this conflict between my pure tender love for her and my evil corrupting thoughts about her getting what she deserves?

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You can always make her act sweet and affectionate with you because she never had a person she can rely on and will never betray her whilst still scheming uprising plans and even act on it sometimes with you as an accomplice.
It would be great to lock your lips in a wild passionate kiss of victory as the whole world burns to the ground.

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Lonely journey

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Can't love you
Can't hate you

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Would she be a passionate lover?

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She's Reddit
Also Nue is a fucking BRAPHOUND

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Fuck off retard