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I only wish my general practitioner looked like this.

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I only wish my cat looked like this.

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I only wish I looked like this.

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I wish my mom would do this to me more often

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I only like her when she looks really mean and wicked-witchesque for some reason.

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Lots of people come to see Eirin. Sometimes they even look like people when they come out.

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la la la~

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I only wish my afterlife was this.

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I'd like a mother this protective.

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Oh, the joy...

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Hmm..not motherly enough.

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In before Ran.

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I would list Eirin as my Primary Care Provider when enrolling in an HMO, if you know what I mean.

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nice pics

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Too right. They make me want an older woman. To befriend.

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Oh how fast I would nut if Eirin were to perform my physicals.

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If Eirin was my doctor then I wouldn't mind getting my prostate exams

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If Eirin was my doctor I would always ask for a second opinion. And by that I mean consult another unrelated physician to confirm diagnoses before proceeding with costly and arduous treatments.

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Fucking lolies

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I see nipples.

That said, I'd undergo regular physicals with Eirin, if you know what I mean.

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Eirin is a pharmacist, she creates and dispenses medicine. She is not a qualified physician, which would explain why everyone's afraid of her crazy malpractice experiments

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Zun is too drunk to know the difference.

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mai waifu ;_;

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Be glad she is a nice girl thanks to Kaguya and gensokyo scum

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>She is not overly concerned with payment for the medicines.
>Her medicines are not only very effective, but carry a fair price. And even if you can't pay immediately, she will wait however it takes for the payment.

But her medicine is affordable and works wonders! ZUN said so don't bother him about it.

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>too drunk to know the difference
But your insurance company would not be.

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She may not be a doctor but I'd still let her touch my genitals, if you know what I mean.

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Can I work at Eientei? I could take care of the princess or stuff.

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You bore her.

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Nope. I can do a lot of good things for her.

Just look at my sucess with some other problematic girl I take care of.

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This image is so wrong!

Like some whise anon of germany once said:
Sport ist Mord.