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Let's put the Chuchu train on auto-pilot, tumble around and rustle on favorite reasting spot, bed, kotatsu, floor, Ran-shama's tails.... Covering up or keeping next to us a light, cotton blanket during these excessively hot summer nights or days,whichever sleeping pattern you happen to be in right now..
(Please stuff A LOT of WOOL from SHEEPS in your duveys/covers during freezing winter orjust whenever you feel cold, for good health, very VERY important)

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Picturing my ideal scenario for sleepy chuchu time would consist of distant howling of a wolf. As heavy rain to which wind howls firmly from time to time but not constantly.
This kind of scenario would make most of subconscious chuchu healing for me me.
If I had to put cherry on top, a moderately high pitched
music-box arrangements from Touhou songs playing in the background
Eith finely slowed down tempo to bring out the most calmness
Almost like Three little Frus beside a doorstep saying this is a message to chuuu fuuu fuuu.

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I fall asleep easier knowing that one day after another when I go to sleep and then wake up coming here again, I will see comfy and steadily going thread that other anons enjoy as much as I do.

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i meant to type "chuchu LUCIDLY" in OP's subject field, gomen /jp/.

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Fru Fru?

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fruitybity pupupu

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all my chuchus gone?

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a poo poo.

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And we are in frown town already.

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Get on board looser!

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a fuu fuu

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I haven't had a good night's sleep in 15 years.

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fru froo bippity boop chuu woop woop fluff

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chu chu is enhanced by it's origins.

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The REEEED Chu sinks at last,
Into fields of gold.
Page 10+ to self-bump warrior,
Archived, Chu's gone - so long ;_;

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Never. Reimu a chuchu forever.

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pls help I am being held hostage in frown town

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send my regards