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Previous thread: >>21676623

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.

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So what are you getting? Besides the obvious GOTY Ryuusei World Actor.


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I'm still playing stuff from last month's releases so probably nothing.

>> No.21746267

Like what? June was the nothing month.

>> No.21746270

Like not-Gantz.

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What do you mean?

>> No.21746925

ryuusei and ren'ai.

>> No.21746929

Nukitashi2, because I liked the first part and the trial, and Koihime Musou because it's Koihime Musou. Maybe Ren'ai if I'll need to turn my brain off for a bit.
Whether World Actor will be GOTY or not is a question for now, but at very least it's an urban fantasy, which is rare, so it's definitely worth a read.

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Kokorone and ryuusei.

>but at very least it's an urban fantasy, which is rare
You mean aside from literally almost every single chuuni game in existence, right?
Or bullet butlers for the same setting if you want to get specific.

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Chuuni and urban fantasy are different though, even if they have some similarities. And World Actor doesn't look very chuuni to me.

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You can't slap "chuuni" on every fictional setting.

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>are different though
Not really? Get normal teeangers, give them superpowers and have them fight monsters or whatever and that's a perfectly valid urban fantasy setting.

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RWA's MC is a 29 years old police guy.

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I'm not talking about RWA, I'm just saying urban fantasy settings are extremely common.

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Okay then.

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Who is the target audience for such MCs? Most writers write for salarymen and NEETs who want to be high schoolers again, does Kinugasa write for 50 y/o retired men who want to be salarymen again?

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salarymrn and NEETs that want to be rugged
lone wolf detectives

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About time. Too bad it's all ages and also their last project. Their CG and background work are my favorite in the entire industry.

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Me, if he got to fuck the fairy.

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>they want to be high schoolers again
To this day I still don't understand why they want to be back in hs, it seems like such a hassle.
Dicking around with friends in a club never really appealed to me.

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HS doesn't have to be about HS, it just needs to be there as a background. See >>21746992, this guy is about 50% right.

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I'm pretty glad it's all ages and that actually makes me more excited for it. Means it'll actually focus on the scenario and not hamfist bad scenes into the game that have no place there breaking the flow.
Also is the protag... a girl in a wheelchair? Now that is new.

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Now, if only there was one (1) ADV game with good scenario in the last 30 years, your words would be valid. But Japs can't write for shit, so every game needs ero to actually be good.

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WhY IS EverythinG LikE ThiS?

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I'm reading Cross Channel and there's so much text that is repeated. I get that it's part of the system (is it?), but will I eventually get to skip stuff that I've already read? Right now the text is "unread" meaning I could only skip it if I changed the skip settings.

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Oh, sweetie.

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Mostly just the very beginning of the game is like that. And it's really not a lot there either. Are you using a walkthrough? If not you might be stuck in a loop.

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I am. 15% of lines read so far, guess I'll deal with it.

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I think a veteran eroge player needs to hone their ctrl key to hack their way through the bullshit that is VN pacing at times.

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Nukitashi2, wasnt a big fan of the Ren'ai trial so I'll wait for reviews.

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Yeah, I agree with you. A year (or two) ago I thought that the ero skipping guy was crazy, but now I've had ero scenes that I almost skipped.

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I haven't read an ero scene in 8 years.

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Did you have your dick chopped off or what?

>> No.21749013

Do you drop your pants and jerk off when there's a sex scene in the middle of a movie?

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Eroge are not movies.

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Ero scene writing is pretty shit. I just skip through and fap to the CG later. Or if I'm really inclined I'll close the textbox and make up my own scene in my head. They are really that bad where I'd rather use my own imagination than read the verbal vomit on the screen.

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I only read them if I intend to fap to them, otherwise I'll skip them and come back later if I'm more interested in the story.

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What if they have story infodumps in them?

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You must be doing something wrong if you've been playing porn games for 8 years while completely ignoring the porn.

>> No.21749297

That's a risk I'm willing to take, I can always go back and reread them if I notice that something doesn't make sense.

>> No.21749322

Sex scenes in movies are short and never show anything explicit, h-scenes in eroge are porn, long scenes written with the expectation that you will masturbate to them, and for a lot of games they're one of the main selling points.

>> No.21749348

>Sex scenes in movies are short and never show anything explicit
Funny you say that considering eroge are literally censored
>h-scenes in eroge are porn, long scenes written with the expectation that you will masturbate to them
Sounds like you have erectile dysfunction. What's the matter, can't finish in the amount of time the movie expects you to?

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Even if that would require you to go back 100+ hours, not to mention boot up a previous game in the series?

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Kusoge like Rance doesn't count.

>> No.21749386

Name a kamige that does count then.

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Knowing myself, I would have already forgotten that line by the time I've reached the point where it becomes relevant again.
I can live with that.

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Anybody else also faps to every h-scene? And it doesn't count if you go to the gallery later. I love fapping for 10 hours straight on the weekend while reading eroge. It's an energy that no other medium can provide.

Won't negate using ctrl when the writer is clearly padding or it gets boring.

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If you mean edging then yeah, but I can't imagine myself cumming to every single h-scene, it would probably take me weeks to finish a game if I did that.

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Why do you fags keep coming back to that shitblog when blue and green are faggots with no taste and no brains respectively?

>> No.21749771

You still read their comments? I just use it as a convenient list for what's coming out each month.

>> No.21749809

>no brains
Ultra pessimistic "everything is shit" attitude is unironically the smartest thing you can do to enjoy this medium.

>> No.21749818

Why not just look at getchu's monthly release page?

>> No.21749821

>Forgotten his braindead description of Dead Days
Ahyuk, Bleach clone amirite XDD?

>> No.21749828

Or this https://erogamescape.dyndns.org/~ap2/ero/toukei_kaiseki/before_hatubai_yotei.php

>> No.21749836

I couldn't care less about some clock up kusoge being insulted.

>> No.21749845

It wasn't an insult, he was just plain wrong, same with calling Nukitashi a nukige.
He's a retard and having an "everything is shit" attitude doesn't make his opinions worth listening to.

>> No.21749857

Not as concise with irrelevant stuff like rereleases and no quick CG preview.
If I wanted to check things several months down the line then obviously those are good choices, but omochikaeri's more convenient when it's available.

>> No.21749956

Is EGS IP blocked? I keep accessing this site several times I thought they simply shut down?

>> No.21749968

Try http://egs.omaera.org/~ap2/ero/toukei_kaiseki/

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Nobody else will, but I see what you did there

>> No.21751187

Opinion discarded.

>> No.21752033

Calling Nukitashi a nukige is the best way to criticize it though. Sure, you need to read a little between the lines to understand that, but it works.

>> No.21752599

Reading between the lines is too much to ask from underage retards who make posts like >>21749821

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I just read Re:LieF ~親愛なるあなたへ~. I fucking loved it. The plot is pretty good don't get me wrong but the art and soundtrack quality are insane. Easily the best art I've seen in any visual novel. I can't wait for the sequel.

Also does anyone know about this bridal carry CG? VNDB has Hinako tagged as bridal carry meaning this CG happens somewhere in the game. But I triple checked all the routes and options and I couldn't find it anywhere in the VN. Also when I did a google search of it, the only results that came up were some random korean websites. I'm just wondering if I missed a route or something.

P.S. Mhlia best girl

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Also I forgot to mention but I found that CG on the exhentai gallery for Re:LieF, where they normally post all the CGs that the game has. Went to check there if I missed any CGs.

>> No.21754587

IIRC there's some CGs you can find in the game files that just don't show up in game, like the 浴場 one. I remember autistically searching through all the script files to see if it was ever called and just couldn't find it. Maybe I missed some files or something but I highly doubt it.

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Damn, thats really sad. I was hoping I missed a hidden route where they go to an onsen or I carry Hinako like a bride, that would have helped me with my post series depression.

>> No.21754739

Damn, thats really sad. I was hoping I missed a hidden route where they go to an onsen or I carry Hinako like a bride, that would have helped me with my post series depression.

Have any other VN recommendations that are similar to Re:LieF? Where it has a cozy feel to it, the soundtrack is amazing and the art is even better. Also easy vocab, Re:LieF wasn't too hard in most the parts but the all the science and AI parts really got to me.

Is it last project in the Re:LieF world or just last project from RasK, if its the latter then thats pretty sad. Is there a reason why? I thought Re:LieF did fine.

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>one more day until more Koihime Musou
Been waiting for this all year lads

>> No.21755749

You've been waiting for a (albeit lazy) remake of a route released over a decade ago?

>> No.21755764

Yes, that series is my guilty pleasure. I'm also hoping they announce a fully new game after the remakes are done.

You're right though, the remakes are extremely lazy and I can see why a lot of people are disappointed by them

>> No.21755785

What makes you so guilty about it?

>> No.21755795

It's dumb isekai chuuni self insert haremshit by a producer so lazy that in the remake they just inserted the entire original script word for word, and I shit on series just like it on /a/ all the time.

>> No.21755810

>dumb isekai chuuni self insert haremshit
There is no shame in playing games like that. In fact, those are the only games truly worth playing. Well, maybe except the isekai part.

>> No.21756035

So in Muramasa jews are greedy dwarves that cause wars by controlling the arms trade? Did /pol/ make this game?

>> No.21756245

No, leftcel.

>> No.21756354

>they just inserted the entire original script word for word
This is what stopped me from reading the remakes. I enjoy the series but I don't want to re-read the exact same thing again.

>> No.21756368

Are the remakes better than originals if I haven't read anything from the series and starting from scratch?

>> No.21756375


>> No.21757618

For me, I hadn't read SKM for a very long time so it didn't bother me that much. I was annoyed they didn't make some of the events less shit though.
Yes. There's no reason whatsoever to read the original over the remake.

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Anyone here play 黄昏のフォルクローレ? Seems like most people on EGS complain about the length, but the few people talking about the content seem to like it.

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I'm kinda fascinated with stories revolving around immortal characters (be they vampires or whatever) who live for centuries as society keeps changing around them, like Interview Withe the Vampire, Daughters of Mnemosyne, and so on.

Is there a good VN that deals with this concept in a serious way?

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>> No.21758207

He said good.

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>> No.21758225

He said good.

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It's not the main focus of the novel or anything, but Konakana has an extremely memorable scene with this. She's a vampire, too.

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You should play 昴の騎士. The main heroine is immortal and it goes into some depth about this. (Might want to play OtoZ first since there's some callbacks to its plot and cameos and stuff).

>> No.21758406

Look at all these passionate graphics.

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he asked for a VN not a pile of trash

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Thanks for the suggestions

The premise does seem interesting, but I'm not much into JRPG's, unless it's like Shining Wind where you literally spend just 10% of the time fighting and walking around and 90% listening to cutscenes.

>> No.21758799

It depends on your reading speed.

>> No.21759307

るび様 and 和泉万夜 are back for round 2.

>> No.21759326

I usually like guro dark games but this art does nothing for me. Banya needs to go back to Metawo art.

>> No.21759331

Is this what the world needs now?

>> No.21759705

It's shit. Ruby-sama is cool though.

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File: 2.86 MB, 1920x1080, 2019-07-25 (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So it's a vn for people with a menstruation fetish?

Well I was looking for something that is voiced anyhow, but thanks for the suggestion nonetheless.

>> No.21760724

>all ages
what a waste

>> No.21760879

Ero is holding back eroge.

>> No.21760908

Ero is the only thing keeping eroge alive.

>> No.21761001

Eroge should just die

>> No.21761033

This. Then I'll get the chance to finish my backlog.

>> No.21761082

I agree. Soshage is the future anyway.

>> No.21761106

I'd rather die than touch that shit.

>> No.21762855

Eg going down is going to make checking Nukige for unwanted content to be a tad more difficult.

>> No.21762876

>a tad
Are there even other options?
Please spoonfeed me.

>> No.21762881

Downloading the files directly from the chinks who upload them in the first place and manually checking them?

>> No.21762882


>> No.21762897

Train your own neural network to tag games for you.
Yeah, even something super mainstream and read by tons of EOP like Majikoi S is missing the pee tag on vndb.

>> No.21762902

I didn't even think of that, I've dodged stuff like scat multiple times thanks to Sadpanda.

>> No.21762904

You can guess some tags by checking the company and the writer.

>> No.21762908

Too much of a spoiler risk.

>> No.21762941

What do you mean? What's going down?

>> No.21762947


>> No.21762954

What le fuck?!!!!

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File: 153 KB, 432x432, 1564113851894.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21762985


Jesus fuck, I don't even care about stupid HCG sets, but think about all the Comic LO full scans, ancient doujins, artbooks etc.

>> No.21763531

Ryuusei World Actor where?

>> No.21763544
File: 5 KB, 174x252, chrome_peR9BeSnwR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In the kusoge list

>> No.21763557

That's just haters sticking tags based on previous Kinugasa games.

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File: 161 KB, 1920x1080, kokomade.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21763968

Probably pathetic moefags who are like "omfg why no fairy sex???!?!" and can't handle Kinugasa antics.

>> No.21764048

but kinugasa games are just moege with some plot thrown in.

>> No.21764051

No fairy sex is very serious complaint though.

>> No.21764254

Now that ex is gone, I guess eroge become more interesting again? Is it finally nukige time?

>> No.21764551


>> No.21765002

>nukitashi 2 fell for the trap meme

>> No.21765014

Not seeing it in the heroines list, is it a side char? Would be pretty great if it was a main heroine.

>> No.21765034 [SPOILER] 
File: 748 KB, 1120x2240, 1564149857630.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well they wouldn't be a "trap" if they told you in advance.

>> No.21765086

Wait, vndb has it as female. Is it actually a spoiler? Heh.
I don't really like the looks, I guess they didn't want it too sexy looking in fear of people questioning their sexuality. A trap with a design like Hinami would have been great.
Will it have ero scenes?

>> No.21765101

>Will it have ero scenes?
There's been one so far. Could be more, but based on how few scenes the side characters got in the first game, I doubt it.

>> No.21765135

Consider graduating from being a DJT EOP. One step is stopping using VNDB.

>> No.21765179

You'd be an utter moron if you'd stop using that db. There's nothing comparable out there. EGS is good for what it's good, but the same goes for vndb.

Then again, people writing things like you do are usually utter morons.

>> No.21765280

What's VNDB good for? Checking out votes from EOPs? Seeing them cry for translations?

>> No.21765347

I'll believe it when I see it e.g. when the torrent is out.

>> No.21765435

Not him but I use it to check the monthly releases a day or two before they are due to come out, also as a checklist of what I've read

>> No.21765462

Character trait search, character search, tags in general, voice actors and so on. EGS is ONLY good for ratings and reviews. (not just score stuff, also time spent, the opinions for specific tags and so on)
Literally everything else is handled better at vndb, provided it has data, though if it doesn't EGS probably doesn't have much more either. Vndb is generally just a much more powerful site to actually FIND things. Once you found it, EGS is good.

>> No.21765492

Unless EGS has changed recently, VNDB’s seiyuu database is far better since they combine seiyuu with multiple pseudonyms under one page, and is especially helpful as pages like Beautyplanets have become defunct.

>> No.21765493

EGS is miles better for tags than VNDB. Most games will have very little of the content tagged from the perspective of a player, and just tag the stuff that's obvious from promotional material or a glance at the CGs. You'll find legitimately on average twice as many tags on an EGS page than on a VNDB one and it's usually more. VNDB can also be very questionable on characters and staff, with lots of games not having them even listed, and as a result I've often found that searching a VA or member of staff on EGS gives a more complete list of the games they've worked on than VNDB does.

>> No.21765510

VNDB is also filled with morons who barely understand what they read, so more than half of the info is just plain wrong. It badly needs kanji captcha on editing entries.

>> No.21765613

It starts at people using google translate for the names and ends with descriptions that are just made up.

>> No.21765652

And there lies the issue. DJT EOPs like you see above don't realize this for some reason.

>> No.21765692

The machine translation summaries really annoy the heck out of me, wrong tags are also kind of annoying.
Same with the discussion page and the threads "which text hooker for this game?"

>> No.21765712

VNDB has better info on seyuus and characters.
It lacks the review system and the 'fapmeter' from EGS.

>> No.21765716

There are a ton of tags that EGS doesn't have, and this doesn't solve how WRONG the tags on EGS are as well. When a game is somewhat popular, it quickly gets all tags that EGS has on it, just because. If it isn't popular at all, vndb is actually more likely to have some mattering tags on there. EGS is best in the middle class.

Like I said, when you KNOW what you want to look up, EGS is nice, because it allows a lot of things like tag comments and whatnot. But until then, it's pretty bad. Wanna have something with a specific character design? A specific setting? Look up another game by this writer/voice actor/whatever? First go to vndb. Then go to EGS. EGS giving you a better result there is going to be extremely unlikely, although obviously not impossible. Still, given how the industry loves aliases, vndb always has the advantage.

Wrong information is everywhere. For how huge vndb is, the information is surprisingly good. Yes, some tags and traits are used very wrongly, some information is wrong and whatnot, but overall? Pretty good. EGS isn't better there either. Though I'd really love people to understand what twintails are. Seems like that's a mystery to most.

>> No.21765717

I never come across pages on EGS that don't have characters listed, whereas it happens frequently on VNDB. Also, on EGS people actually write descriptions for the tags, and will list specifics on what sort of scenes are in the game, which characters it pertains to, and more. VNDB has none of that.

>> No.21766815

Love cubed wont run on my shitty computer, thinking about ending it

>> No.21766840

Is your computer a cursed 刀 you can never replace, lest it immediately kill you?

>> No.21766976

Just finished the first ley line game, liked the reveal with Tsubaki's doll at the end.
Soundtrack was also pretty interesting.
Wonder what I'm in for with the sequels.

>> No.21766980

An actual decent storyline and twists.

>> No.21767002

>Love cubed
This is the untranslated VN thread

>> No.21767019

Velka uploaded 恋愛、借りちゃいました

>> No.21767029

Like always, they uploaded a bunch of shit with a missing part, the full upload won't be there for another day unless the chinks upload it first.

>> No.21767037

I also played it quite recently and enjoyed it a lot. Still haven't started the second one though.

>> No.21767178

RWA where?

>> No.21767236

Probably not until Monday if Velka is the only one uploading it, he apparently had some delays in his orders.

>> No.21767262

Hope Tailon delivers too.

>> No.21767265

Enough time to see if Kinugasa fucked up the ending yet again.

>> No.21767372

It's on 2dkf. Baidu only though.

>> No.21767815 [SPOILER] 
File: 232 KB, 1600x900, 1564191645531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21767925

How relateable.

>> No.21767995

I can see you, Misaki.

>> No.21768256

Post that hasn't aged well.

>> No.21768420

Das right so far Sorceress Alive has been the only kamige

>> No.21768444

I think you're forgetting the 90-rated kamige, Sakura Moyu

>> No.21768540

Where i can find a list of good untranslated vn for psp? What are your favorites?

>> No.21768596

Should have been made by a Jap.

>> No.21768801

Is it? I checked Galgame 网络硬盘区 and didn't see it. Or is it in some secret forum only for people with points?

Anyway, if it's really there, try sending the link to Girlcelly, he would reupload it.

>> No.21769595

Second Novel

>> No.21769617
File: 291 KB, 1282x767, tits.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally it's time for tits.

>> No.21769630

Whats the excuse plot this time? I think it was a video game + magic last time?

>> No.21769635

Cool, but RWA where?

>> No.21769640

Similar to suzunone seven/kamikaze explores I think, people can use a certain magic, so magic academy!

I don't think it'll take long, but it seems it may have gotten Kinugasa'd.

>> No.21769641

That purple looks familiar, isn't that a exact copy of the tsun girl in the previous game?

>> No.21769648

No, she's the exact copy of a side character from a previous game, down to the sword.

>> No.21769656

The side character guard for Wanko 2.0 in Kamikaze?

>> No.21769659


>> No.21769769

>it's real
What the fuck, Qruppo.

>> No.21769816

But actually seeing the dick makes it gay, doesn't it?

>> No.21769819

Transphobes BTFO

>> No.21769855

Nah, it's the fact that you fuck a dude in the ass makes it gay. But put it in another perspective: you've already fucked, let's say, 9 girls like a manwhore. That's 100% heterosexual. Now you fuck a trap. Your heterosexual count goes down to 90%. It's not that big of a deal. I can live with that.

>> No.21769868

The problem is that real trannies (you?) are deformed monstrosities.

You don't and never will look like a trap from any sort of Japanese media.

>> No.21769963

Please, remove yourself

>> No.21770067


>> No.21770068

What do traps have to do with trannies? They have nothing in common.

>> No.21770271

Ren'ai and Kokorone because the last Clochette game I played almost destroys my penis

>> No.21770488

Clochette went too far with the big tits this time, they just look disgusting now.

>> No.21770508

To this day I have no clue how that got so highly rated when most of Favorite's games are in the 80-82 range.

>> No.21770647

This year has generally way too many overrated games. Can't tell you why either, but it may have something to do with EGS becoming easier to access for foreigners.

>> No.21770706

>EGS becoming easier to access for foreigners
If anything isn't the problem the fact that less people seem to be using the site? Like there's hasn't been any game to break 300 votes this year, if the only people voting are a small group of fans it makes sense most games would be overrated.

>> No.21770818

>but it seems it may have gotten Kinugasa'd
come on man...

>> No.21770910

Do you get to fuck the sister in this one?

>> No.21770924


>> No.21770929

Yup. She has her own mini-scenario.

>> No.21771562

Is there anything worse than being interrupted during an H-scene? You finally get an erection from the buildup scene, you get to that borderline between intelligible dialogue and copy-pasted moans, and then someone knocks on the door, arrives, calls you up, etc. and just ruins everything. Now you're left with a crude drawing and random moans. You could read the buildup once more, but it's just not the same...

>> No.21771566 [DELETED] 

>moege loser
>lives with his parents
What a surprise.

>> No.21771584

Not him, but who are you quoting and how did you determine that he reads moege?

>> No.21771592

Not him, but who are you quoting and how did you determine that his parents are the only people who might knock on his door, arrive, or call him up?

>> No.21771838

I remind my family often that I hate them by being apathetic towards them so this doesn't happen.

>> No.21771955 [DELETED] 

ur mom

>> No.21772378

You need to go back.

>> No.21772920

Maybe you would understand if you'd actually read the game? It's not remotely comparable to any of Favorite's other games.

>> No.21773211

Could a friendly anon upload the Script.pac from an unpatched copy of Majikoi for me somewhere? I'm trying to de-translate my copy and while getting rid of the Update*.pacs restores the Japanese UI, the actual ingame text all seems to be in that file.

>> No.21773413

Maybe his girlfriend is knocking on his dorm's door, if you really want to believe that.

>> No.21773426

They should be in the folder "Back Up" after installing the patch. Unless you were a retard and didn't download the installer.

>> No.21773473

The copy I downloaded, being a third world poorfag, was prepatched and didn't include the "back up" folder.

>> No.21773478

Lol nigger, you need to avoid these prepatched uploads for EOPs.

>> No.21773487

> how did you determine that he reads moege?
Not him, but easy. First, he get immersion only from sex, not from story etc. Meaning he is consumer of porn. Second, he is whiny bitch making huge deal out of this, out of simple porn. No sane people treat porn this seriously, only moebuta hypocrites do this because of their denial.

>> No.21773498

The only live torrent I found was on some Chinese website, and only time (a lot of it, given that it's going at 10kb/s) will tell if it turns out to just be a prepatched Chinese TL instead.

>> No.21773502

Why? My full copy was only a 4.88GB download (7z compressed). Surely you didn't save anything over that by downloading a preinstalled version.

>> No.21773510
File: 420 KB, 1769x1026, cute cheapskate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Way too late of a reply but the link was in the discussion thread. Had a 1 day expiry date on it though so it's gone now. Next time I'll just post the link.
Gonna head you off at the pass and mention that I have fourth world upload speeds so don't count on me uploading it. A proper leak shouldn't be far off anyway.

>> No.21773538

All the torrents I could find were dead, and I was left with the choice between 200MB slices from some bitcoin-mining upload trash site and a preinstalled version on someone's google drive.

(Is there some place everyone goes for torrents these days I'm unaware of? Nyaa seems to have purged most non-anime content, and old torrents on tokyotosho never work.)

>> No.21773557

>t immersion only from sex, not from story etc. Meaning he is consumer of porn.

how does consuming porn have anything to do with this?

Where do you get that he isnt immersed in the story? He literally mentions needing the buildup leading to the H scene in order to enjoy it.

>No sane people treat porn this seriously

He is obviously not being serious, you are the only one taking it seriously.

Learn English and try again ESL-.kun

>> No.21773559

Oh c'mon dude, in this cases you should PC the link to girlcelly etc.

Or reupload yourself. You can do part by part on Zippyshare for example.

>> No.21773645

>Downloading a massive VN in parts with Zippy throttled speeds
Not something I want to experience but still beats downloading stuff from baidu, I guess

>> No.21773662

It's not like it's a race. I just want to get the game. I hope Tailon or someone shares it, but this could be an option too.

>> No.21773668

Zippy doesn't throttle, free manga raws sites use it and it's pretty good but stuff gets deleted pretty quickly.

>> No.21773944

RWA is up.

>> No.21773985


>> No.21774022

>4.6 GiB
It is really compressed or was Heliodor exaggerating about the required HDD?

>> No.21774074

And now let's see if Gracesta guidebook append turns up.

>> No.21774210
File: 143 KB, 1558x864, Annotation 2019-07-28 161218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do you guys deal with routes that branch off at different points in the story? Do the "main" heroine 1st or do the side heroines as they branch off option appears?

I realize i'm being autistic.

>> No.21774216

Always do the branch off one as soon as it appears.

>> No.21774224

Needs a serial key, it seems.

Can you at least share a key or crack?

>> No.21774236

How's that game so far? I checked the gallery for it and I'm disappointing on the low amount of threesomes on the twins route.
Also no h-scenes with the imouto but I guess that was to be expected.

>> No.21774273
File: 190 KB, 1392x957, Annotation 2019-07-28 161442.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only just got to the OP so can't say much but its been pretty enjoyable, run of the mill asapro. A lot of gags and asapros weird facial expressions from the get go.

>low amount of threesomes on the twins route

Kinda surpising seeing as how thirsty the younger twin is.

>> No.21774348

>I checked the gallery for it
May I ask where? now that our beloved panda is dead I haven't looked for alternatives yet.

>> No.21774359

Believe it or not, the not-panda version is still up and will be for another 6 months.

>> No.21774360

No lolis so it's on normal e-hentai, so is Clochette's new as long as nobody tags it for incest.

>> No.21774410

Danke, I completely forgot about e-hentai after neglecting it for years.

>> No.21774499

Sure thing, EOP.

>> No.21774535

RWA serial posted on AS.

>> No.21774942


>> No.21775168
File: 5 KB, 335x50, serial.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the devs made a file for banned keys and the example one left in the game actually works

>> No.21775184

Lel, is that how the key was found? I thought it might be the one shared among chinkalinks for 1000 chinkalink points.

I guess they might try to make it not work if they release an update. What specific file is that and how to open it?

>> No.21775249

Extract root.pfs with GARbro. It's in system/table/ngid.csv. dmmck_logincheck in system/dmmck.lua is the verification function if anyone feels like writing a keygen.

>> No.21775278

Is the check online-based? E.g. could they unilaterally make the CD key fail just by changing something on their server?

Or is
simply being used as the name for local check function?

>> No.21775292

Nope, not online. I have no idea why it includes dmm in the name. They can only ban keys with updates.

>> No.21775300

Is 流星ワールドアクター really good? I haven't played エロゲ in a long time so I'll trust you guys on your ability to properly detect whether a game is good or not.

>> No.21775305

Cool. If they do it the way you've shown, simply editing the relevant file should unban it.

>> No.21775308

Come back in a month then.

>> No.21775309

Why a month and not anything lower/higher?

>> No.21775319

Reviews on EGS and posts on Twitter mention it's Kinugasa again, i.e. relatively weak ending.

What I fear is a sequel being a soshage. They said they're making one on stream, no?

>> No.21775339
File: 70 KB, 510x666, steam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe it's because the game is on DMM Game Player as well. Interesting they also have an empty Steam check.

>> No.21775365

Probably a generic file where they can plug-in various DRMs for various games.

Though I wouldn't be surprised if they were considering an EOP Steam release for RWA.

>> No.21775721

>relatively weak ending
Weak by what standards?

>> No.21775743

Never played a Kinugasa game or something?
Sudden, rushed as all hell, the resolutions and climaxes lack any kind of oomph and with bad luck they are sequel baits.

>> No.21775782
File: 162 KB, 500x715, oIbkHtE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How is it?

>> No.21775900

it's been out for less than a day and is supposedly massive
i refuse to believe this
i have to

>> No.21776003

>less than a day
You mean two, which is the time it takes someone to at least clear a route or two, maybe even finish.

>> No.21776017


>> No.21776110


>> No.21776176

Ruri is legit 8 years old. It even says so on the site


>> No.21776245

C'mon EOP.

>> No.21776343


>> No.21776383

I think you can still delete this. Nobody would want their account to be associated with this post.

>> No.21776407

Not him, but I can excuse all of that if the game provides any kind of philosophical depth. How is Kinugasa and Ryuusei World Actor with that sort of stuff?

>> No.21776416

>Nobody would want their account to be associated with this post
this guy

>> No.21776418

>any kind of philosophical depth.
Zero? He makes entertaining plots and characters, but that's it.

>> No.21776427

It must be hard for you to enjoy this medium, isn't it?

>> No.21776852

Let's say that (hypothetically) someone's dad might have noticed them playing a ロリ eroge. What could someone do to discreetly find out if he gave it much thought? Our interactions seem as normal as always, so I'm not sure what to do here.

>> No.21776857

Ask on >>>/adv/.

>> No.21776875

Not him, but I don't think /adv/ is well-versed in エロゲ.

>> No.21776885

His question isn't really eroge-related, DJT EOP.

His dad saw him doing *something bad*. That's a general issue he can solve on >>>/adv/.

>> No.21776897

>ロリ eroge
>something bad
Are you sure you should be calling even a single soul on these threads a "DJT EOP", DJT EOP?

>> No.21776899

Didn't you notice those **s, pre-DJT EOP?

>> No.21776932

Didn't you notice that you were speaking a language where people use """" to convey what you meant by the "**"s, post-DJT meta-EOP?

>> No.21776942

I don't give a fuuuuuck though.

Also, do you think I should play Primal x Hearts? It seems well liked from what I was able to find in the archive.

>> No.21776954
File: 823 KB, 677x1816, mei01dz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a marmalade game so don't go in expecting anything more than a glorified nukige. Also you can't fuck the sensei or bitch-chan.

>> No.21776960

Would you say it's comparable to Daitoshokan?

>> No.21776974

I don't really see how it would be besides the student council stuff in the true endings for each girl.

>> No.21777140

Daitoshokan has shit porn but still enjoyable while the only good thing about Marmalade games is the porn.

>> No.21777799

marmalade Games are pretty neat moege/charage in the common route though
It's the heroines routes that turns full nukige, since the ero is actually good I am not complaining though

>> No.21777928

>Daitoshokan has shit porn
Shit porn as in literally or as in... bad?

>> No.21778003

Just bad, the art is nice but the mosaic are too big and the scenes boring and vanilla with too much text yet never using any dirty words, I've heard the fandisk has better scenes but I haven't tried it.

>> No.21778830
File: 447 KB, 1920x1080, atwife.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

teaching my wife play guitar by guiding her fingers with mine is the ultimate fantasy don't @me

>> No.21779235

So is this the average poster here?

>> No.21779352

Any more games that do this? Doesn't have to be guitar and doesn't have to be the girl learning.

>> No.21779402
File: 702 KB, 1280x720, ココロネ=ペンデュラム!_2019-07-28_21-13-28.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finished the new Clochette game's common route and been reading some heroine routes, let me tell you now, don't waste your time. This is boring kusoge. Basically the epitome of uninspired eroge: tacked on magic setting, tons of boring SOL, dry humor, a lot of boob jokes that are only good in that they remind you why you're playing this in the first place, etc.

Play this only if you intend to hold CTRL and skip to h-scenes after the beginning. There's two chuuni fights in the common route, but outside of flattie's route, there's no fights in the heroine routes. There's no substance here and nothing really fun. Just CTRL or be bored.

>> No.21779428

>there's no fights in the heroine routes. There's no substance here
>tons of boring SOL

Low IQ post.

>> No.21779432

SOL isn't bad, but boring SOL is. One-dimensional characters doing mindless shit like investigating the 7 mysteries of the school~~~ etc is just mind numbingly bad. You'd have to be low IQ to enjoy it.

>> No.21779449

Judging route quality based on how many chuuni it has is even lower IQ, mr. veteran eroge player with honed ctrl key. You sound like you lack any attention span.

>> No.21779457

I never played any Clochette game but aren't they just glorified nukige? I mean, on the official websites all of the preview pictures are always 90% H-CGs.

>> No.21779468

That was just a side to reinforce the "tacked on setting". Please don't think I'm so low IQ that I would say "a route needs X many chuuni fights to be good". I think one could argue, though, that starting off with a chuuni fight right in the beginning + spending all that time on the girl's powers only for none of it to matter in the routes (beyond facilitating SOL) is somewhat poor plotting, though.
Could the same not be said of all eroge, anon?

>> No.21779479

Yeah, if that is the case, you are right. Introducing an interesting setting and then doing nothing with it is a crime
>Could the same not be said of all eroge
You are also right here. Saying some smart stuff lately, did someone hit you with a faggot bat?

>> No.21779486

>Could the same not be said of all eroge, anon?
But more so on this one, if the main thing they're advertising is the porn why would you be looking forward to chuuni fights?

>> No.21779520

I have no expectations, I merely read the work as presented to me

>> No.21779540

If you have no expectations, how do you choose what eroge to read in the first place? Is it completely random? Or does someone tell you what you should read?

>> No.21779586

I like playing new releases because I can discuss them real-time with other people playing them at the cutting edge. I also like big boobs and the Clochette heroines had hot designs.

>> No.21779616

The only thing that's boring kuso here is your posts.

>> No.21779637

So you were interested in the game because of the character designs? Then you should be satisfied that the game provides you with copious amounts of good looking porn of those characters, calling the game kusoge for not having enough fights or lacking substance seems stupid when the devs didn't make the game with a focus on that stuff to begin with.

>> No.21779655

As I said, I read the work as presented to me. My expectations don't impact my thoughts on a work. Character designs and H-scenes aren't enough to carry the game unless you CTRL skip 20+ hours of content to get to the porn, which is what I recommended doing. The fact is that the bulk of the game is bad, boring content and that's why I called it kusoge. I mentioned it lacked fights to emphasize that the setting is tacked on, and by "substance" I am also referring to entertainment in general.

I don't know why you're being so defensive about a bad game.

>> No.21779664

Clearly, the devs weren't passionate enough about their work.

>> No.21779681

Just ask me next time and I'll tell you if it's shit or not.

>> No.21779702

Not necessarily, it's possible they were passionate about making it bad.

>> No.21779706

Wouldn't that fact make it good? I was told that intentionally bad = good.

>> No.21779744

In the case of a B-movie or ksg that could work, but they failed at making it bad enough to be good. It's just kind of in a lukewarm middle ground of badness.

>> No.21779762

Can you recommend me some works I should read to learn to distinguish between intentionally bad that achieved being bad (as per author's intent) and one that failed at doing so?

>> No.21779793

Shinsei Mokushiroku Death March + your favorite VN

>> No.21779806

Apeiria and Ritterorden

>> No.21779823

Just to clarify, Ritterorden is the one that is bad at being intentionally bad, which makes it shit, right?

>> No.21779828


>> No.21779874

I don't know, man. It's not even listed on EGS, so I can't check comments. And on vndb it's only voted by two literal whos with a bit garbage taste. I'm getting the impression that you're bullshitting me. How I'm supposed to learn about intentionally bad from such unpopular (and thus shit) work? Or maybe that was the author's intention all along? To release a game that nobody would play? Hmm...

>> No.21779883

Well if a game is popular it must have some semblance of quality, to get a really, truly excruciatingly bad game you have to go to the random shit only 2 people have played.

>> No.21779886

As a brief majires, Ritterorden is an interesting case in just how immensely unknown it is across the whole world (Hadler found it just by keeping up with every new ADV posted to DLsite, as far as I remember.) The number of people who have actually finished it is probably in the double digits and that's not an exaggeration. I think of all the 隠れた名作 in the world, Ritterorden is the most hidden one of all. It's for this reason that I am pleased by it becoming a meme, because at least then it's not entirely forgotten in the wretched trenches of dlsite.

>> No.21779887

Nobody gives a shit.

>> No.21779890

Your (you) implies otherwise, sweetie.

>> No.21779892

Not him but Clochette games are boring as fuck and too long for what it's worth, and I'm saying this as a huge moefag. Play the AsaPro game instead

>> No.21779899

So many tards in this thread. Real talk, just play games and see how they are for yourself.

Stop following Twitter celebs like Kastel, Moogy or Hadler or you'll tranny out like they did.

>> No.21779907

>So many tards in this thread.
Were are just collectively shitting on an idiot who still thinks he is in a good company here.

>> No.21779914

>Play the AsaPro game instead
I won't since they didn't give the imouto any h-scenes.

>> No.21779968

I would normally agree with that but just look at her, they made her really plain looking and unappealing personality wise as to divert us from wanting to lewd her.

>> No.21780037

Imagine hating on based Hadler. You must be an insecure moefag who unironically self inserts into eroge.

>> No.21780053

Basted in what?

>> No.21780236

Admittedly he's better than Moogy or Kastel, simply by the virtue of not being a tranny that hates the idea of caring about your descendants.

>> No.21780247
File: 158 KB, 1538x881, Annotation 2019-07-28 222734.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Literally never heard of these e-celebs except moogy who I believe is also a professional dota 2 player for the "Newbie" esports organisation. I don't follow him either since I heard he became a huge yuri fag.

>> No.21780261

I'm gonna save these two for last, they look too fun.

>> No.21780336

Yuri is objectively better because the protagonist actually always gets to be a character, and not just a wall to bounce back dialogue or a really weak self-insert character where any sad background disappears as soon as a girl appears. Yes, of course there are exceptions and some male protagonists are actually completely fine. The fact that those are exceptions is the sad thing. The protagonist is actually rather important for literally anything, even simple slice of life or romance.

The only problem is that yuri basically doesn't exist, and those few things that do exist are usually shit for all kinds of other reasons. If you want to make eroge, you also can't just stay open about the whole thing either, like it's so popular with anime and whatnot. Unless you make the eroge version of Sakura Trick. Not like that would be a bad idea once, but not as a standard.

>> No.21780365

Look at this fool who plays such garbage games that the concept of a strong male protagonist doesn't even occur to him.

>> No.21780429
File: 151 KB, 2439x2232, 1562152735489.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How would you rate 2ch's taste based on their annual 2chベストエロゲ polls?


>> No.21780496

Anyone who doesn't self insert is a braindead idiot who doesn't have any sort of emotional attachment to characters he encounters and just consumes eroge like fast food.

>> No.21780529

I'm not reading your wall of text yurifag.

>> No.21780592

yeah, whatever. go dilate, tranny.
you just want to self-insert as a girl instead of a boy.

>> No.21780633

Not him, but how dos self inserting as the girl correlates with being a tranny? If anything, trannies don't self insert at all because they are normalfags who have strong attachment to their physical body and mangle it instead of using the power of imagination to be whoever they want in a fictional world.

>> No.21780644

>not him but how does wanting to be a girl correlate with being a tranny

>> No.21780649
File: 407 KB, 800x600, certified heterosexual.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>When he masturbated, he would imagine that he was a nude woman lying alone in her bed. His mental imagery would focus on his breasts, his vagina, the softness of his skin, and so on—all the characteristic features of the female physique.
What a hot blooded male.

>> No.21780728

You don't need to selfinsert, brainlet. You can be the spectator and get the feeling of being NTR'd every time the protagonist fucks a heroine.

>> No.21780732

Anyone tried out the download version of さよならを教えて, to compare to the original release?

>> No.21780734

It's less orange.

>> No.21780754

Why would I want that? I'm not a cuck. Nor do I indulge in trannycore mental gymnastics like "being a spectator". Unlike them, I have healthy imagination and can be whoever I want out of given characters in a game.

>> No.21780935

Yeah, fishing out slightly edible garbage in a pile of trash seems like very useful skill. That "hadler" guy sounds like a professional hobo.

>> No.21781144

The font's uglier.

>> No.21781484
File: 130 KB, 782x1200, EAn2QYSUYAAN5rh.jpg orig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21781957

Can you crossies fuck off back whatever cesspool you crawled out of and stop shitting up /jp/, thanks.

>> No.21781964

What a cute 18-year-old.

>> No.21781980

I would also enjoy the 18+ 19cm fairy.

>> No.21782058

Much better than a bunch of trash that a bunch of idiots pretending to be smart praise here in the west, that's for sure.

>> No.21782250 [DELETED] 

Is えろげ ready for the nest kamige?



>> No.21782274 [DELETED] 

Wrong thread

>> No.21782313 [DELETED] 

How it it in the wrng thread? It is a vn.

>> No.21782317 [DELETED] 

Stop acting retarded, retard.

>> No.21783454
File: 101 KB, 943x213, NUKITASHI2_20190729_235828.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where do I follow?

>> No.21783824

that's not how translation works

>> No.21784273

Do I need any experience with the Fate series to play Extra and CCC?

>> No.21784933

No, but the majority of the characters look and act the same as ones from F/SN so you will miss a lot of references. All of said references are shit and the games would be better off without them but they are there.

There's a KnK and Tsukihime reference too.

>> No.21785632



>> No.21785642

Why would you want to start there?

>> No.21785872

Sorry I'm not good at Japanese. I guess I'm confused because of the first line. She's the sister in law of the protagonist's sister. Third line, she lost her parents when she was 8 so came to live alone with the protagonist.

Is the first line referring to herself? She's the protagonist's sister of the same age? Then why is the next statement about a sister in law. That just confuses me. Is she his sister or his step sister?

For example. My brother got married. His wife's family are his in laws. Not my in laws. So if my brother died and I ended up taking care of his in laws I could call them my step family but not my own in laws.

Fuck it. I'm just not good enough at Japanese to understand. At least I gave you all a laugh.

>> No.21785992

How could the first line refer to anyone else than her?

>She's the sister in law of the protagonist's sister.
Nothing like this is said. 義妹 in this first line is a simple clarification.

>sister of the same age
歳の離れた means the very opposite of "same age".

Sorry dude, you're pretty hopeless at this point.

I know people here are agressive towards EOPs, but with examples like you, it seems fully warranted.

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