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Another company-backed mobile Touhou game is coming out. This time it's a collaboration between Good Smile Company and mobile game developer NextNinja. It's an RPG with gacha elements. The content is not canon to the main series. Do you like the direction Touhou """doujin""" games (and yes this is being labeled by the creators as a doujin game) are heading? What does this mean for the series as a whole, with Touhou Cannonball on the horizon and whatnot?

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>What does this mean for the series as a whole?
Mobile games have a better chance of reaching the huge yukkuri fan base than any other medium.
Yukkuri fans are essentially tertiaries right now and have to be converted to secondaries first before there's a chance that they will become primaries.

>and yes this is being labeled by the creators as a doujin game
Where does it say that?

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It's not ZUN's work, so I find it difficult to care. If it exposes mobage retards to Touhou, then I guess it's marginally a good thing? Not like it's going to affect other creators or ZUN himself.

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>If it exposes mobage retards to Touhou, then I guess it's marginally a good thing?
I definitely don't agree, but it's not as if most Touhou fans actually genuinely care about Touhou.

I don't like it because I don't like gacha or the association to it, but I guess at least it's not official. The day ZUN makes an official gacha game, that's the day a part of my soul dies.

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I like how they're already running a promotion to obtain currencies/gacha tickets before showing a second of actual gameplay.

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Right, I didn't mean "attract retards to the fanbase", but more like, "expose some people who seriously need it to a touch of good taste". But I doubt it'll matter either way.

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Yeah, most who are exposed to Touhou through secondary works never get into it beyond that.

which is a real shame but sure, a few whales will probably actually really enjoy the series

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Mobile games are shit. Even more if gacha.
I don’t like this direction at all.
I hope this flops as well.

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It's the characteristics of doujin games keep being stretched by giant companies in the last few years that kinda bothers me.
Maybe one day Capcom would be allowed to make a Touhou game?

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No. They killed Shanghai. They aren’t getting anything

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Is mobile gaming forever doomed to be mainly gachashit? ZUN said that he wants to support creativity on mobile devices but I don't think this is working.

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ZUN is a fucking sellout.

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Touhou Cannonball is board game with Touhou characters in trains. Isn't that creative enough?
Gacha is just the commonly accepted way of monetization for mobile games in Japan.

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Games aside there's been big companies making touhou merch for years, hasn't there? But yeah, mobage is depressing.

If nothing else I hope it makes ZUN richer if it's just gonna be gacha.

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Nah, it looks like they finally have the Yakuza personally involved to threat ZUN into sharing Touhou with their endorsed companies after he rejected tons of their offer.

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ZUN has been licensing Touhou out to Good Smiles Company for years. Reimu even appeared in that Nendoroid game for the PSP before.

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Which type of game is it anyway? About 70% of games can be called RPG.
I can’t find the gameplay or game systems in PV, twitter and official website.
Usually it means:
A. The game just startup, which is too early for pre-registration.
B. The gameplay is so boring that they don’t bother to introduce it.
I hope it’s not another candy-crushing garbage.

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Shangai.EXE is a fangame based on Mega Man Battle Network. Capcom is usually fine with fangames (and there's a million other Touhou-themed Mega Man fangames out there), but they decided to toss a C&D to Shanghai for whatever reason.

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Does ZUN's wife own half of Touhou or are laws different in Japan?

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Touhou Cannonball isn't gachashit (I think) at least, but this...

You know what I fear the most? If they managed to convince ZUN to make a game exclusive girl, theme song and all. Might as well label this TH17.2 or something then.

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Eh, not being in a ZUN game didn't really change stuff for Kourin and Akyuu and Kosuzu and stuff. We'll see how much of a shitshow this turns out to be.

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I'll probably play it, I'm mainly curious if the music is going to be good.

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>tfw it'll be one of the best selling games of all time

I hate gacha so fucking much and waifufags who keep throwing money at it.

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This means absolutely nothing for the series as a whole. As I find it harder to find time to play Touhou shmups I for one welcome this as it means I no longer have to go more than a day without Touhou content to enjoy.

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>waifufags who keep throwing money at it.
That's how ZUN makes money since always.
the only change is from physical to digital.

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>but they decided to toss a C&D to Shanghai for whatever reason.
Pretty sure it's because the creator set up a Patreon-like account

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Eh, I'm doubtful since in the prereg rewards there's a 4* Marisa, and in my mind that's an indication of a gacha.

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I hope it's at least a forgiving gacha

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