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Here is a collection of Junior Idols performing in Japan this weekend. If you want more information then ask me, probably on Twitter via my website. LINK: https://www.littleidols.net/

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Reminder that J-Idol threads are banned from /jp/ since I think 2011

The fact that OP had the audacity to make this thread means that he might be met with a permanent ban.

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>Reminder that J-Idol threads are banned from /jp/ since I think 2011
The catalog is full of them, what are you talking about?

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The only kind of idols I like Are Banned in /jp/. ;_;

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no you idiot.
J Idol threads specifically were banned because you idiots wouldn't stop breaking United States laws and moot had to deal with that shit himself.
You faggots have no self control and it is better off that J Idol threads stay banned.

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So if the 'idols' are singing and dancing it's ok, but it's not if they're just going to the beach?
And I'm the idiot.

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Also, you should be more deeebly goncerned about op shilling his website instead of some dumb fetish you feel like you have to defend.

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You brought this on yourselves. You only have yourselves to blame.
Again. Banned thread. Stop complaining.

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I'm not complaining about anything lol, just pointing out the hypocrisy of your post.

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Some US laws can be hopelessly idiotic, but lolis in swimsuits are not illegal.

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OP looks like the stereotypical kimoi gaijin.

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These are not gravure idols. Junior gravure idols no longer exist in Japan. They are musical performers and models.

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If you wanna see how junior idols (MUSIC IDOLS) in Japan photograph then there's a bunch of photos I took on my website gallery https://www.littleidols.net/gallery and also https://www.littleidols.net/profiles

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They've been banned since 2008 and only gravure style. Singing ones are okay, even if they do gravure, and no one had a problem with the Cooking Idol threads.

>because you idiots wouldn't stop breaking United States laws
No, they were banned simply because moot didn't want to risk it. Them being banned or not didn't stop that guy spamming CP daily for years.

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this is what popular junior idol performance is like ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWMvlLdAaLw

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