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"Small is good too you know."
"A girl doesn't need to have massive knockers to be cute. I mean, just look at me!"

The cutest Celestial and most perfect girl in Heaven and Gensokyo respectively. You can't go anywhere without proclaiming "Hinanawi Tenshi is the cutest girl!" at least once. There is no other answer and you would have to be delusional to state otherwise! No girl cuter than Tenshi will ever exist /jp/.

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Peaches look like asses. By walking around with peaches on her hat, she is advertising the existence of asses, including her own, to everyone, etc, etc.

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Asses are fine, preferences are fine too.
You cannot deny that Tenshi is a beauty.

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she’s an asshat

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>Small is good too you know
I'm sure hearing that will make many men happy Tenshi!

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the worst 2hu that isn't moonbitch and it's not even close

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>"Small is good too you know."
wow, thank you for giving me a confidence boost as well rising my self-esteem much more than I previously thought!

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Uh oh

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Tenko is such a controversial character. Why did ZUN even add a brat thats disliked by everyone?

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tenshi's bratty personality is an attempt to make others beat her, hit her and rape her as she so desires

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tenko a smarte!

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Love and hate are two sides of the same coin.
Everyone loves her!

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But I like her.

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Jerked off to her, thanks

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There she is!

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Wowie, she has grown up nicely!

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Tenshi was built for throatswabbing.

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Weird question to ask, but can she get fat?
Asking for a friend of a friend.

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