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What is it about this game? It has the best soundtrack of any touhou game, the best combat, the best character animations and sprites, and a decent story. Yet this is perhaps the least talked about touhou game. Why? Do all of you guard this game as a sacred and secret treasure?

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Also Mystic oriental love cosultation and voile the magic library in iamps are some of the best remixes in human history. There have to be ore who feel this way. I want to hear their thoughts and ways of expressing the heart and soul the ost for this game has.

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I don't play the fighting games.

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nobody plays the spinoffs

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Nobody play the games, period

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I like the mechanic better than SWR/Soku but the roster is rather small. I see why people would prefer its successors.
Also, Demystify Feast is great.

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Then why are you here?

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Posting and looking at lewd 2hus

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