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ikisugi iku iku iku
ahhhhhhh (≧Д≦)

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Too cute

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Now this is the kind of quality content I want to see when I come to /jp/

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Me too.

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How long has it been?

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Too long already.
One year, four months and eleven days

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Tfw /jp/ was the only board to have sticky for Aniki immediately after the news.

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It's his birthday in 3 days..

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It's weird to say that both of them are not even gay.

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It's not weird to say they're bisexual

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/v/ and /a/ had stickies

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Didn't Billy say that he was bisexual in one of the Nico interviews? I'm confused because he replied to someone saying that he was straight on Twitter.

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I said immediately. iirc mods deleted them on other boards at first, that's why they were all flocked to /jp/ sticky for an entire day.

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The crossie invasion ruined the sticky for me.

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At least I want to believe that most /fit/ posters are old Gachi fans because that's the vibe I got from them. I mean not the one who know Gachi from Twitch streamer or whatever it is that brought it to mainstream attention for a while.

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