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So /jp/, I'm writing a pretty short story about Reisen getting tortured during her capture on the moon. Now I'm asking you guys to think for me a bit -should there be rape, torture, or(attempted) murder/execution(these are not mutually exclusive) and in what order? Optionally, should it end with consensual sex in the missionary position on a pink rose-scented bed, or more torture?

For the record, the torture will involve knives. Rabbit-ear mutilation will occur.

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You are a horrible person.

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>Rabbit-ear mutilation will occur

This seems quite familiar. Also, not fanfiction.

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Rabbit ears are easy and fun to cut, though. And I'm writing mostly because I feel like it.

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>Report submitted! This window will close in 5 seconds...

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This is bad and you should feel bad for posting this.

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You are a horrible person.

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Fuck you, OP.

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Reisen should be tenderly loved.

You are a sick person. You should consider therapy. Honestly.

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This sounds hot.

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You are disgusting. I'd spit at you if I ever see you.

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No sir, I don't like it.

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First torture, then rape, if she gets rescued, then end with consensual sex, or better yet, make it an ending where she dies.

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No, Reisen, you are the zombies.

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samefag and you're making this topic penis even harder!

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It should end with enslavement

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Why yes, proceed.

There's fanfiction.net for ya.

oh wait.

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futa eirin rape

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There's only one person with a split personality posting in this thread.

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I was thinking she would get stabbed in the stomach and quickly saved by Eirin. Reisen has flashbacks about the torture and constant nightmares about it, and eventually Eirin invents the Butterfly Dream Pill and gives it to her. The one thing Reisen has never had(loving sex) can finally happen in her dreams~

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Hey, I'm not you! ...or am I? Fuck, I don't even know anymore!

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Familiar? Requesting original.

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tsundere much?

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Hey. Guys?

How come when I'm trying to make a thread about my serious Touhou-related short story/doujinshi, I get no replies at all, or get shot down for fanfiction? And why is this one acceptable? Is it because he's replying to himself for the whole topic? Because I do that too.

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Don't mind anon, just remembered it was Eirin eating Reisen's leg while alive.

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Do a homage to Watership Down, with insane rabbit factions, suffocating due to their trenches getting filled in, a foul-mouthed crow helping out...you know, usual stuff.

'red eyes, burning like fire'

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I'm not replying to myself here, honestly. If I want to bump my thread I at least find somebody to quote(and I don't sage myself). Some people just don't find brutal torture appealing.

That's probably why mine is getting so much response -brutally torturing Reisen is a great way to attract hate, though that wasn't my intention.

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Was that ever translated?

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Story's too short to do any real comment about Reisen's desertion/rebellion. This is just her being tortured. That's a good idea, though, for some GAR moon rabbit wars.

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This is so hot I fapped like twice. My penis can get pretty big, and usually, I like to swallow my own cum. One of my own fantasies is to give myself a blowjob.

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Well. This whole thread is absolutely terrible, and I would suggest that the OP deletes it.

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OP is an /a/fag
true /jp/ers would be all tender love

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>true /jp/ers would be all JACKHAMMER

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/r/ Reisen copypasta, the one in which Reisen dies but manage to hypnotize Anon.

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Seconding that.

After some pain wetting or something.

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Almost forgot -

Should there be vaginal torture or fear/pain wetting? I did another Reisen short with diapers, for now we'll go with more brutal things.

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Electric torment.
I'm sure rabbit ears would make good conductors.

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But that would zap her brain. Can't have a brain-damaged udonge, now can we?

Electric torture kind of bores me though. Maybe zapping people back to life so you can torture them again, but it's not that interesting.

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But then that way she wouldn't die. Even if you killed her.

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Fatal wounds can always be stopped by the "Eirin comes in and rescues her to rescue Kaguya" story hook. Eirin's a doctor, she can do something about, say, a knife jammed through her ovary -but not a fried brain.

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At least torture Koishi! She wont mind

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Eirin has never rescued Kaguya you ignorant fag. When Kaguya was exiled she followed.
Reisen happened 1000 years later

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This torture game sounds like fun

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Nuclear mutations.

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This better be entirely yuri with no futa. Yuri rape and torture, do it faggot.

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Is it written yet?

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This thread is silly.

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Oh wait, you guys actually wanted me to post it?

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Koishi sounds like the kind of person that would smile too much during torture. Kind of ruins the experience. Screaming and fearful eyes are fun.

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You...you... monster!

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Sans the torture bs.

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It is just more challenging.
Try to get that 3rd eye open again, then the fun starts.

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I never thought that helping the blind to see would be torture.

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You cant really torture her without this.

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Tentacles, belly-inflation, and ass fisting.

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Once her 3rd eye opens she will be able to read my mind.
This and the fact that there is no way to escape will make her go nuts.

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what is wrong with you lad, are you really going to spend your Sunday writing rabbit-girl-torture-snuff-porn?

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Incorrect. I spent my Saturday writing it. There are other things I have planned for Sunday.

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Look at this sweetheart /jp/. Look deep into your heart. Do you really want to do terrible, horrible things to her?

Precious imouto is precious.

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Yes. I. Do.

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I would stick it in her butt for hours. God yes.

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disposable loli.

Add tits and I will not harm her.

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She's possessed by a parasitic Cthulhu creature. I don't want her on the same planet as me.

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needs more healty Koishi

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I'm not a kind of "violate purity and make impure the adorable" kind of guy. I just want screams and pain and blood.

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Why yes, I will.

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That is at worst a mutual relationship with that horrific creature. If anything, Koishi is drawing power from it.

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punch > rape > hug > punch > rape > hug > punch > rape > hug >
punch > rape > hug > punch > rape > hug > punch > rape > hug >
punch > rape > hug > punch > rape > hug > punch > rape > hug >
punch > rape > hug > punch > rape > hug > punch > rape > hug >
punch > rape > hug > punch > rape > kill > hug > rape

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Welcome to the internet.

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I want to skullfuck her

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Punch the rabbit.

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wheres my reisen story?

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Tonight is rabbit stew!

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Not enough horror in eyes.

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When i think about it, i like both.

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> Punch the rabbit
Win 5$

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Hey, don't be picky.

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PETA called, they said YOU'RE ALREADY DEAD

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Hm. That look is more of a "I'm going to die." kind of peaceful look. It's... mystifying. Death, in such a painful way, bringing peace.

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Well yes, of course.

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Is this still going on?

sage for offtopic

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I want my FFs to fap about...

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Leave Reisen alone!


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sounds familiar

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The room buzzed with noise as poorly installed floodlights clattered to life. Reisen, still out cold from a blow to the head, barely stirred through the din.

"Wake up." Reisen could not muster a response.

"I said, wake up, traitor." A sharp pain shot through her side, bringing her to some level of wakefulness.

Squinting roughly through the light, she could make out a figure -obviously male- standing above her. She tried to stand up fruitlessly, finding herself bound to the floor by the wrists and ankles. Fear rushed back into her as her memory returned, she had just been captured as a deserter from the army!

"Bitch, wake UP!" Painful colors shot through her eyes as a boot came crashing down on her chest. Did a rib just break? What little discipline she had kicked in and she forced her eyes open.

Her torturer was male. He looked almost seven feet tall, but her perspective could have been playing tricks. Looking out-of-place sprouting from his scruffy black hair were a pair of rabbit ears, straight and rumpled. His left ear was badly scarred from some ancient war injury, leaning awkwardly to the side.

He dug his heel in and twirled an overused-looking combat knife in his right hand, "Do you know what the punishment for desertion is? I hope you do."

She knew this one. "Death," she managed to whimper with what air she could fit under his boot.

"Of course," He leaned in and grabbed her ear, pulling it up as painfully as possible, "But we get to have some fun first."

Reisen audibly whimpered. He had held the knife up to her ear. It barely hurt at first, so sharp was the knife. It started to sting as blood splattered down on her face. She bit her lip as blood kept flowing out on her hair. He never cut the ear off entirely, but he wrung every bit of blood he could from that cut. Tears started welling up in her eyes.

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