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Capturing young boys

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Creeping on Reimu

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Marisa's a lucky girl.

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waking up reimu everyday by fingering her, then when reimu wakes up, she closes the portal to make reimu put the blame on marisa

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Don't misuse the subject field, ``please''.

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fucking with people, both figuritively ("let's drop this outsider in a kappa lake and see what happens") and literally ("oh shit that one's too hot to simply consume")

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Yellow Eyes Yukari or Purple Eyes Yukari

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Suck little boy dick

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I want her to gap me to Gensokyo, use her powers to manipulate the border of my age or some shit and experience these!

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Why is this allowed?

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Yukari does whatever she wants

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I like her smol version it makes her look cute and innocent
adult version is yuck

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God I wish that were me.

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and swallowing them whole!

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Yukarin prefers shota semen in her pussy, she finds the taste disgusting.

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Can I volunteer to take Reimu's place here and spare her the trouble?

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yukari is horny for reimu and reimu only, you can take marisa's place

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Close enough. I'll take it.

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Please go back

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Being a small shota and getting tickled all over by Yukarin's soft gloves!

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Shame it's futashit.

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who are you quoting

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He's literally quoting that post you dumb newfag bitch ass nigger jew

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shit attempt at fitting in. your posting licence has been revoked for two years.

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Would Yukarin like me if my penis was like a shota's?

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As long as you’re cute and small like a shota.

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I'm 5'6 and fat ;-;

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Would someone as loose as Yukari even feel anything?

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Yeah would've been better if she just had a full on set of huge sweaty cock and balls

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