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so...so moe....

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What does each square say?

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My Pic. Anyone else?

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each of them recites an appropriate sura

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Remilia is more more than you...how does that make you feel?

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I hate to ask... but source?

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Sad Remi still looks so amazingly moe. And crying even more so. Yet pissed still looks scary.

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Remilia is more moe than you...how does that make you feel?

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Expressionless, smiling, angry, sad, crying, shy, frustrated, surprised, submissive, dominant, with ___ they like, with ___ they dislike.

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And oops I'm slow.

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fuuuuck never mind, never mind.

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Post moar.

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Oh good, a DeviantART topic!

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It's pixiv. Not that there's any real diffrence between the two.

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Remilia angry is kinda weird. I can see her getting excited for a battle but only if something really bad happened she would get angry.

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I always imagined that she'd get angry easily due to her childish-ness.

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PIXIV doesn't have a section for fiction. Thank God.

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Eh. Pixiv has less of that "social site" shit going on.

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What the fuck? Does she have a cleft palate or something?

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Looks like an everlasting nosebleed.

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Dominant Rinnosuke scares me ;_;

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Fuck you.

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Cool, now I can be an avatar namefag.

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Is there a set for Flandre?

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Don't worry Flan. I'll play with you.

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Read the fucking thread.

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There is a difference between being annoyed because she is childish and being truly angry.

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Ran is not Flandre

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jesus christ this is hilarious

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Well, yeah. But (brace for fanon) I just like seeing her as being easily angered and quick to cry in rage. Canonically, sure, she shows her egotistical side quite a bit and all, but other than that, she doesn't really show much childish traits that are often emphasized in her profile. I like to think that while she often does keep her composure, even when fighting, simply losing or being at a bad disadvantage is enough to get her furious.

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You should kill yourself if you draw that.
I'm serious.

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Draw what? I can't even art.

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suddenly, Remibeetus

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I think that's a furry.

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Needs more sexy Remi.

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It's not a furry, she just has black spikes shooting out her nose to help her expressions.

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Does anyone have the original template?

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Thank you!

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Am I doing it right?

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Looks good to me. Upload to Pixiv soon!