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Marisa wants you to use her moist and lukewarm glove pussy. Also Marisa thread.

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Cutest lolihu

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Oh no Marisa has a weapon!

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I'd rather use her moist and hot pussy, whether she wants it or not.

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Want to take her home.

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Classic Marisa is good too

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lolimate deserves more of his works to be translated.

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I want to cum in UDK's right eye

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Tell me about Marisoup, why does she wears gloves anyway?

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so we can fuck her moist and lukewarm glove pussy

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Sleeping that way seems like a best way how to fuck up your back.

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I want to bury my face in Marisa's hair and sniff it like there's no tomorrow!

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I want to introduce Marisa to the complete line of Smartwool moisture-wicking products, including gloves.

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im aorry but cookie is NG

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Hands will smell almost exactly like stuffy feet if you wear gloves or play with the N64 controller long enough.

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Isn't that just perfect? It all needs a good thorough lick.

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Who's that fairy?

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Her name isn't important, just tape her mouth and rape her. Be as rough as you can and don't forget to call your friends.

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ah I bet marisas cute little feet smell just heavenly

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Magical witch girl marisa

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I like more adult marisa
I wish ZUN showed her age more unlike most of the other characters, since she's the one most of the audience can best relate to

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I want to torment Marisa like this daily

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I have something better

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I like Marisa the way she is.
Maybe she's already an adult, but didn't grow at all during puberty.

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You have one set of balls, anon.

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cute belly

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You'll be the one robbed tonight.

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Would you like to have your's trained?

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Marisa better not get caught by me, or the only thing that will get robbed is her virginity.