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What a beautiful Touhou thread

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fuck yuyuko and fuck youmu

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I want to belly-fuck patchie's fat librarian belly

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We off to a good start

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Why the hell is the last 1 minute of MoF harder than the rest of the game?

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Damn that was fast

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/v/eddit import once again huh

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Please stop moving /v/ threads here.

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What the fuck, it was going to archive anyway, why move it here?

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To piss you off /v/ermin
Go post 2hu on /bant/ or something

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The mods decided it's better to preserve the thread here for a week instead of letting it last 20 minutes over on /v/.

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Yeah, they basically told us to always go to /jp/ instead.

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so what or who’s the thread gonna be about now that we’re here?

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Because 2hu deserves better than /v/

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Touhou bullying thread.

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Every time, the imagedumpers leave the thread as soon as it's moved here, and continue in another /v/ thread. I don't see how archiving their shit on /jp/ fixes the problem.

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Janny-sama please stop moving /v/ threads here, neither party wants this.

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I saw them dumping on moved thread once.

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I wonder what's even the reasoning behind this. Over the past three(?) weeks, I've seen them move threads that already hit bump limit and threads with barely any posts, seems like they're just moving stuff at random. I've also seen them delete posts in the moved threads so they've no doubt seen the complaints. If they want the threads out of /v/ it would be easier just to delete them.

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It's just to shit on us.
Nu-mods hate 4chan and whenever they have the opportunity to do something to spite the userbase, they do it.

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Why don't they just ban the imagedumpers at this point? It's clearly the same couple of guys every time that cause this.

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They don't do that no matter how many times you report them, too. The guy above you is most likely correct.

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This in now a 野獣先輩 thread

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Why is Yajuu now getting used to hijack shitty threads?

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God job bumping this /v/ thread you retardo

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Why do the mods import trash from /v/ to here?

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*slides down rope*

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You keep saying this. I think it's time to move on.

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I think I'll happily move on once /v/'s mods step their game up and stop moving their shitty threads here.

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Let's talk about the significance of taoism in Touhou and how it affects the story

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Hey /jp/, don't forget to sage!

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But it's not unless you're playing on Easy

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My power resets with each post for some reason.

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lol get good scrub

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Stop fucking moving /v/ threads here to rot for a week

Just delete them

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leave the /v/ threads on /v/