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I see Patchouli Knowledge as a challenge, more than anything. Here is a woman who, in every single aspect, is absolutely revolting - her exterior AND her personality - yet I can't help but wonder what would be like, to plunge balls-deep into her repeatedly.

That's right. Balls-deep. With no protection.

I won't lie, I'm extraordinarily-hard while typing this. I want to grab this... thing... and that's what Patchouli Knowledge is, let's not delude ourselves, a "thing"... by the love-handles and ram mercilessly in and out of her dusty, grotesque cunt with the force of a gladiatorial chariot, while her normally stoic face contorts orgasmically, unable to control her bodily reactions even if she wanted to.

I would erupt violently inside that corrupt and corrupting womb as though the entire fate of humanity depended on my seed penetrating the foul walls of one of her ovum, the electrical fusion from this coupling creating the Antichrist, as our combined, guttural, Chewbacca-like roars shattered glass and walls alike around us, the house toppling down while we lay there in a filthy, disgusting mess.

Yeah. I reckon patchouli knowledge does it for me

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Patche is a fat pig.

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Odoriferous thread.

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imagine the smell

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guys would reimom be a bitchy mom with good parenting skills or a nice mom that overpampers her children?

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This is a good post.

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kuso thread

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>She barely eats and is locked up in the library all day
>She has poor eyesight and is anemic as hell.