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Wanna give it a taste Anon? It has a nice firey feel to it! This isn't some regular "from the Convenience Store" level Sake you'll be able to taste every day you know! // Here! ... C'mon! Drink it already!

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what is the likability that they're trying to poison me?

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Yukari might be disguising herself as Merry.

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thought it was a gun on the left sigh

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Going out drinking with Renko and Merry!
Being offered multiple drinks by them after you come back from the bathroom!
Getting tired all of a sudden!
Waking up strapped to a bed with Renko and Merry hovering over you!

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Worth it.
Wait. Wait. Hold on a minute.

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someone remind me of that artist who draws chubby merry

all i remember is that it looked cute on her

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>chubby merry
I don't think I like where this is going.

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Don't worry. I'm sure those two are well-adjusted individuals. They're probably just playing a prank on you.

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Yes give it to me

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w-what are they going to do?

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God those facial expressions are so hot

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Why didn't they just order me to lay down on the bed and get strapped to it, I heard roofies are expensive.

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Human sacrifice experiment. Hopefully you don't mind?

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They had to make Gensokyo somehow.
I wonder if they ever got caught.

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why does this artist keep drawing Renko as a living Doctor Who reference?

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Merry probably makes it to Gensokyo and become Yukari. Renko's fate is more unknown. Maybe she died in the past or got left behind in the future.

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Allow me to tell you a tale.

It took place 16,000... no, 1,300 years ago.

But what is time anyway?

To me it seems like yesterday.

For you, it might be tomorrow.

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That one tale where some poor guy wanders into ******** and you **** him with ****** and drop him off on the outskirts of the ***** *******?

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Ahh, I really want Renko and Merry to send me to Gensokyo with this exact look on their faces.

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Big Merryberries

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God I wish that was me.

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Wait. Wait. Hold on a minute.

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This is what happens when you eat too much artificial food.

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But...but I've never had alcohol before! I don't think this is a good idea...

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Yeah. Think about the stupid things you shouldn't say!

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No, it's just her european genes shining

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She’s picking up extra weight dudes. And no, I don’t mean her tits.

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