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Previous thread: >>21478336

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.

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Which writers are squarely in the onee-san camp?

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what the fuck is this guy's problem?

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NSFW: https://twitter.com/uitachibana/status/1140101997816717312

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Being literally an unfinished and cut content. Once you get to what a shitshow A+ is, you'll understand.

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So much for Sony's "no lewd pls" policy.

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>Once you get to what a shitshow A+ is
I thought A+ was just three 2 hour nukige short routes?

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how did sprite die milking aokana yet minato managed to milk majikoi to almost [email protected] levels?

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I'm still not sure how majikoi is even profitable
It's not cheap to hire all those seiyuus

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It also has yet another attempt at copying agave route success (and failing miserably at doing so). The thing with Yuusai is that there's shitton of foreshadowing to his shit in earlier fandisks. Terrorists in Azumi route, rogue AI in Aiess route, terrorists and assassins again in Lee route, both that chink patriarch and PMC mercenaries mentioning "M" doing clone research in Lin route. Yuusai had a potential to be a great villain. You'd think that Yoshi route where he shows up would live up to the hype, but it was ultra boring with the only saving grace is that you can date both her and Benkei and end up in a nice ffm relationship. Aki is overrated trash, btw. What happened to all the cool shit about Yuusai that I mentioned? It went nowhere. Or, rather, in the garbage bin. The """"true"""" route of A+ is completely unrelated kindergartner tier chuuni with fictional countries and Transformers.

Honestly, I blame Jackson. If not for him snatching away Takahiro to work on that onee-san idol kusoge and then putting sticks in his wheels, Majikoi could've ended on a much better note.

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>It also has yet another attempt at copying agave route success
To be fair, the true route of the original will NEVER be surpassed especially with the way these sequels work.
The sequels pretty much just ignored what made the original so great, which was mostly a really close group of friends who had great chemistry just chilling in a comfy setting and getting into pretty funny hi-jinks.
Whilst I did like quite of the new heroines and side characters, it just felt like we lost the core essence of it
the only thing that could make me excited about a new majikoi now is if Takahiro scrapped everything and took inspiration from Tsuyokiss with a Majikoi NEXT. Not quite sure on the general stance of Tsuyokiss NEXT but I really liked it

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Nah, I enjoyed what they tried to do with worldbuilding in sequels. The thing is, they half-assed it.

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Did anyone try the Ryuusei World Actor trial? What did you think?

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Maybe later. But I'm considering just waiting for the full thing.

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Do you have to read the first game before Kawarazaki-ke no Ichizoku 2?

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Is there a recommended route order for こなたよりかなたまで or should I just do the girls I care about and then go into the true route?

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The recommended order is not playing it at all. Takehaya is a terrible writer and I have no idea how anyone in this thread is able to stand sitting through anything he's put out.

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You have to do Chris's route first, if I recall correctly. It's the worst one though so I wouldn't recommend only playing that. I think I did Chris > Yuu/nurse > Sakura > Shinigami and that worked fine. It's a short game anyway and all of the other routes are pretty good.

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weird how the games "true" route is one of the first that you have to do

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Finished reading Nukitashi last night had a really great time it was a lot of fun. I think every route except Himami's was pretty enjoyable. Hinami's wasn't outright bad but it really did bore me to the point I almost decided to not bother with the rest of the vn after I finally pushed through to the end of it. I'm glad I did keep going tho because the last two routes were great fun.

I'm really hype for the sequel, Ikuko and Touka were top 2 getting the chance to see more of them will be great. I don't even know what to do between now and then, I want to read something to keep improving my jap skills but I really just want to jump straight from first game to the second.

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I'm still reading it. Has been more than 20 days since I've started. Fuck ADHD, I hate myself.

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It took me 86 days. I usually read around 2 hours a day, maybe more or less depending on how interesting the part I'm reading is. Hinami's in particular took a really long time because there were days I missed reading entirely and the times I did read were not for very long. On top of that I took like a 3-5 day break between routes and I'm just in general slow reading, been slowly improving tho.

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Well that was dissapointing. I was hoping for a real game but i guess there is a reason why they stopped working on real games after GOLD.

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To be honest, their style fits perfectly into the shitty gacha thing. They had extremely bland and simple gameplay and a super shallow story with tons of shit characters only there for lewds (and then not even getting any). It was always just about the art. In this case, it just makes sense that they'll try this. Will probably fail though, at this point in time. Should've come a bit earlier. Well, I won't miss them.

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Jannu won the Ero Mahou poll for favorite girl, iirc. And Mashu is probably the heroine with the biggest tits from Ero Mahou's main cast.

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I had similar experience with the Nanase route. There was too much of nothing happening, though I guess it was almost the same in Hinami's one. But then again, heroines themselves, unlike the SS big three, weren't that good, which is a major reason for me to expect good things from the sequel. I'm really looking forward to the Touka's route.

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Am I the only one who didn't like Touka? She creeps the fuck out of me. Rei and Ikuko are great though.

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I didn't like any of the side-characters. Mostly because of the horrible story accompanying them, and the crappy low tier chuuni "fights". I never found those funny.

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They all got more focus in actual routes then the heroines of said routes.

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I liked Nanase's route, maybe the reason I liked her's and didn't like Hinami is because I actually liked her a lot more. She is just a lot less annoying and a lot more likeable, Hinami's whole I'm not a child/loli/etc thing really wore thin really quickly.

And yea I definitely agree on the main 3 not being as good as the SS 3. The SS 3 are just so much more out there and so much more fun/interesting. Although I'd probably swap Rei for Misaki, Rei really plays that authoritarian character while Misaki is the secretly nutty.

I'm looking forward to Ikuko, I'd rate her higher than Touka. Both are great tho.

She is fairly creepy but that is what makes her more interesting and appealing to me. The only thing that really concerns me about her is the two times she said she might have a netorare fetish.

Different strokes for different folks I guess. I personally really have no interest in stories set hard in reality, they really just don't offer anything of value to me. I like to have fun reading about absurd things happening, that is what stuff like the "low tier chuuni fights" gave me.

I thought that was really only true about Hinami, for the most part of that route it is all about you ditching nlns and getting in with the SS. Even when you get out most of the time is spend feeling bad about the betrayal.

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> I personally really have no interest in stories set hard in reality
It has nothing to do with that. It just wasn't fun. Or funny. Low tier chuuni means it's extremely formulaic, boring and most of all: pointless. Given that it's not even funny, that's a problem. Not well presented either. And worst of all: Those battles are part of the crappy story and major double standards of the game.

The game would've been better if it just focused on comedy, honestly. Or maybe not, given that that got dry at the latest when the routes started anyway. I mean, there's definitely way worse out there, they had some fun ideas and it's definitely different. But I still felt that most of the charm was gone 5-10 hours in.

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>The only thing that really concerns me about her is the two times she said she might have a netorare fetish
That's just incorrect writing, she meant netorase. As in, she like watching you fuck other girls.

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>. As in, she like watching you fuck other girls.
if this is true this better be a hscene

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Ah I see what you mean. I guess it helps I haven't read a whole lot of fight scene stuff before.
Do you mean I miss read/miss understood and wrote the wrong thing or that it was written wrong in the vn? Either way still sketchy to me.

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No matter how you spin it, れ should be せ here.

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Good to know I didn't misread.

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>She creeps the fuck out of me.
But that's the best part.
Seriously though, I can fairly easy imagine people not liking her, so I'm pretty sure you're not the only one. Also, she's much less creepy in the demo, though we'll see how it would be in her actual route in the full version.
I kinda get what you mean. By the end of the Hinami's route I was already really bored by the fighting scenes. Some parts were still cool, but mostly they just made me want to skip them. I hope fights will be shorter in the sequel.

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so if i'm wanting to play nukitashi, will i have a bad time if i think the MC is in the right and that everyone on the island is way too obsessed with sex?

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Doesn't someone have crack for えろげー!(hd version)

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>1. Extract ALL files to install directory and overwrite eroge_hd.exe
>2. Run game, when asked for serial, input 00000

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It won't let me download it without account, pan.baidu has the exactly same problem.

>> No.21543275

Yes, except in the case of 2DFan you can register easily.

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I hope I don't come across as an ungrateful person, it's just that I seem to have trouble doing that.

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Fill in what it asks for?

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File: 191 KB, 816x659, あした出逢った少女.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Filling it in doesn't serve any purpose if you can't submit.

>> No.21543460

So try again later? But I don't know what kind of quotas they set.

Or here.

>> No.21543483

Thank you very much.

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You wouldn't happen to have a mega link to that, would you? It's been on my to-do list and I'm not on AB. Stuck at 90% on a random torrent I found online.

>> No.21543584

But only because I like you.

>> No.21543600

Consider getting the DVD version. It's pretty bizzare. It contains the CD version as a separate possible install and based on the filesizes seems to have a better image/sound quality than it.

>> No.21543674

Ah!! Thank you! I dont like asking strangers to go out of their way often so I really appreciate it. >>21543600
I'll take a look.

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>Siding with the straight man in a parody.

>> No.21543779

>not siding with yourself

>> No.21543793

>not thinking an island where the students have sex inbetween classes in the halls is crazy
the straight man is the correct man in this situation

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Has this been translated yet?

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Wrong thread.

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This isn't a thread for translations. Go here >>21531546

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No one likes a stick in the mud in a scenario straight out of a porn game.

>> No.21543879

Any good h-scenes with her? Not sure if I want to play that game.

>> No.21543940

Like showing up to an orgy and deciding to start preaching against the rampant amount of degeneracy before you.

>> No.21543950

Not bad but mediocre like every eushully game, not something you should play for the porn.

>> No.21544046

Now that's a bummer.

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don't die while im sleeping

>> No.21548586

That is not dead which can eternal lie.

>> No.21548603

What is dead may never die.

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yeah, I think it's time for us to merge with /vn/

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Fuck off for real.

>> No.21549714

Sounds like a great idea, I made a poll to know what each general think about it.
I'll try to post it at least 5 times in the next two weeks so I can get the most votes I can.

Link to the poll:


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Ideally you subhumans would leave for /vg/ while normal people continue as normal.

>> No.21549766

Could someone put https://vndb.org/v568 and https://vndb.org/v10919 on Mega? All I could find were some shitty links on AS.

>> No.21549777

Imagine asking someone else to waste their time so you dont have to waste yours.

>> No.21549798

Be happy you got something at all, you SEA bitch.

>> No.21549837

If the links work then go fucking use them.

>> No.21549843

It's up on AB.

>> No.21549845

Tbh this. Mexashare's perfectly usable.

>> No.21550341

Every time this gets brought up, everyone hates it. Just give up. It's a bad idea. Stop.

>> No.21550345

He's just trying to rile up people.

>> No.21550916

Why are eroge declining in japan? They are great
Is it because they tend to cost too much?

>> No.21550957

soshage killed it

>> No.21551100

Because they force players to see a dude fuck girls. While soshage features (you) the player fucking girls. So thats why VNs are dying.

>> No.21551134

>they force players
Nobody forces me to do anything though. I can play eroge in whatever way I want. Or wanna talk about muh author's intentions again?

>> No.21551444

Guess what not everyone is as desperate as you so thats why soshage is taking over.

>> No.21551462

You again, autist?

>> No.21551501

>features (you) the player fucking girls
Any eroge or literary work ever created has the possibility of featuring (me), since I am not mentally disabled and can pretend I'm other people.

>> No.21551549

Who are you.

Again not everyone are as desperate as you.

>> No.21551581

desperate for what

>> No.21551585

Desperate for what? Is English your first language? Do you know what that word means?

>> No.21551617

not this shit again

>> No.21551819

Lol are you angry because i called you out how desperate you are that you hijack an story that doesnt has anything to do with you?
This is one of the reasons why we have boring beta protagonists with gay sounding names visual novels, fucks like you SI into defined protagonists have killee eroge.

>> No.21551866

oh no, it's retarded

>> No.21551882

You didn't seem to answer the question in those posts. But that's okay, not everyone can be expected to coherently take part in an argument.

>> No.21551914

>an story that doesnt has anything to do with you
An story or a エロゲ only has nothing to do with you if you explicitly decide to make it that way, or if you just don't give a fuck about it in the first place.

>> No.21551933

Because all the good writers started making light novels instead or just disappeared.

>> No.21551948

I feel like its retards with no imaginations who have "killed" the eroges. That's just me though, I don't know if the author of this universe intended this train of thought.

>> No.21551956

So, what are you guys going to do once eroge dies for good?

>> No.21551966

Bury it at sea.

>> No.21551970

You mean it's not already dead?

2018 had only two noteworthy games (Rance and Summer Pockets) and this year has absolutely zero.

>> No.21551979
File: 325 KB, 1280x720, 超昂神騎エクシール_20190214_213643.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll write my own eroge.

>> No.21551981

I'll probably finish my backlog.

>> No.21551992

>Summer Pockets
Not an eroge, and there were still a couple more notable releases last year.

>> No.21552024

like what?

>> No.21552035

Was 2010 truly the peak of existence for eroges?

>> No.21552064

2009 and it just went steadily downhill from there.

I'm actually surprised the entire industry isn't bankrupt yet.

>> No.21552083

Fuck off already, doomposters. Nobody gives a fuck.

>> No.21552105

Eroge sales by year


>> No.21552108

This. As long as we have people like Sca-JI still making good art and assuming there will be successors to him, eroge will still remain a very fun and artistic medium.

>> No.21552116

But he only made kusoge.

>> No.21552119

Serious question: How do we save eroge?

>> No.21552130

I'd consider 素晴らしき日々 and サク詩 to be far above kusoge. It's fine if you disagree though, not everyone can relate to the kinds of stories he makes. And that's fine, that's the way he intended for it to be.

>> No.21552146

But 357万本 of eroge.

>> No.21552156

>not depicted: eroge sales going back up again in 2018 and 2019

>> No.21552160

>not depicted: eroge sales peaking upon Sca-ji releasing his next 作品

>> No.21552165

I have doubts that Sakura no Toki is ever coming out. 4 years of barely any news now.

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File: 1.03 MB, 1907x2114, 2018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These stats are bullshit. The EOCS official figures show far more games are being sold than that. The number of games being produced per year is at about what it was 10 years ago, and the total sales per year is more than what it was in 2010 if you factor in digital sales, so there isn't really reason to panic. Physical sales saw a decline, but are slowly rising again, and digital sales have seen a steady upward trend and will continue to do so. There's also a clear demand for Android ports, and the market for that is pretty barren at the moment, so I think when someone comes in with a better value and better quality service than DMM's shit app you're going to see a small boom there too.

>> No.21552177

If you trust "lack" of information so much, you should also trust that it's coming out tomorrow, as Sca-JI hasn't stated anything to contradict this.

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File: 336 KB, 1030x603, aaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is it even possible to get all the ends in クロウカシス without a guide?

>> No.21552615

Yea, on the cover of my noratoto 2 switch physical collector package it literally wrote the series sold 100 thousands copies. If two games sold for that many I can't imagine how literally hundreds of VNs could sell for only 320.000

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File: 1.83 MB, 1280x720, Tomefure_2019-06-08_01-24-34.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm ready for the eternal backlog month to be honest. I'll never be able to play everything I want to.

>> No.21552876

I hope eroge dies so I might actually have a chance of finishing my backlog within my lifetime.

>> No.21553446

Yes, if you're an autist.

>> No.21553455

Stop picking up every game you see here and start studying Japanese more. Increasing your speed is the most efficient strategy.

>> No.21553463

I've been at this for almost 10 years now. It's not a speed thing, there are just a lot of VNs I still want to play.

>> No.21553469

Are you really as fast as you are at reading English? I don't have any trouble reading everything I want to read in English, even though there's a giant amount of material.

>> No.21553477

Not quite as fast but well beyond the point where "start studying Japanese more" would be useful advice. All that's left to "study" are the occasional new words I encounter.

>> No.21553483

>Stop picking up every game you see
I probably should get rid of some stuff from my wish list I guess.

>> No.21553487

In my case it's not about reading speed but ADHD. Even if I'm extremely interested in something I still can't go for more than 30 minutes~1 hour, I have to minimize and do some other stupid shit. Obviously gets even worse if it's not that interesting.

>> No.21553495

I have the a similar issue. I read with my modem off at night while in bed so I basically have nothing else to do besides keep reading or sleep.

>> No.21553520

For two vns I read I add six to my backlog, I don't even take nukige into account since if they bore me I just drop them but I never drop a non nukige. Worst case scenario I keep it on the side and come back later on to play it.
Besides vns aren't even the thing I pass the most of my time on, I'm way more into ln/wn.

>> No.21553526

It seems likely that your problem is lack of standards. Not that there are literally zero WNs worth reading, but there are certainly mountains of trash to sift through.

>> No.21553537

why would you even waste your time on those, most of the popular ones end up getting a ln deal which ends up being a remake anyway or they just never get finished

>> No.21553555

Even if the serie got an ln adaptation I like to read the original wn if I really liked it.
Besides there are some novels I like on ninarou that never got any kind of adaptations.

>> No.21553587

Japanese can't be read as fast as English. They work differently.
English you read in a way, where you don't actually look at entire words, letter by letter. You only look at how the whole thing looks, as in words or even entire strings of words are kinda like "pictures" or whatever. It's hard to explain, but this basically allows you to "read" an entire sentence by just taking a glimpse at it. I can sometimes read the story even though a game "skips" the text, when it's in English. (i.e. when watching a speedrun) It's hard, and fails when there's a lot of lines in a textbox, but yeah. The faster you are, the less accurate it becomes, obviously, but you generally get what's being written.

Japanese is different there, because every Kanji is a picture in itself, and Katakana loanwords are generally awful, as they are no picture at all. You need to read every single kana in that case and try to think what this could refer to afterwards. Probably the biggest speed-breakers. A single Katakana word can take the time you need to read 40 words in English. This is one of the big reasons why Kanji exist, and why Kana only text reads so fucking awfully. Kana are no pictures. Kanji are.
If it weren't for Katakana words, you could probably reach the same "speed" in terms of getting information out of text, but it will still feel slower, due to Japanese text often needing less space for said information. Reading a single line in Japanese tends to tell you more than a single line in English. Thus it's rather unlikely to ever feel like you are reading as fast as you can read in English. At that point, you'd actually be a lot lot faster.

>> No.21553839

Chris has two routes, normal and true. The normal one is enforced and done first, the true should be done very last. I recommend doing Kanae second to last.

>> No.21553879

Nukitashi was fun.
But that's it.

>> No.21553892

Back to DJT, tard.

>> No.21553918

>Japanese can't be read as fast as English.
Thank you for your input. I will lower my reading speed to match this fact.

>> No.21554004

reading japanese is literally faster in every way than english, that's what kanji are for.

>> No.21554269
File: 145 KB, 750x1060, a9c1cb7c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cute fairy (no H scenes).

>> No.21554275


>> No.21554283

Very bad actually.

>> No.21554303
File: 413 KB, 800x600, Dungeon Crusaderz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can always play Dungeon Crusaderz or Kami no Rhapsody for fairy scenes, there's probably other games that have them as well.

>> No.21554311

More fairies the better. Any game having one without H scenes is a loss.

>> No.21554325

Furinge where you cheat on your fairy girlfriend with a gyaru pixie

>> No.21554332

thanks anon, good thing I saw this
how does this look
Chris Normal > Asakura > Kokonoe > Sakura > True

>> No.21554752

did anyone save the mega links to demonbane 2019 an anon posted here around a month ago? HDD I had them on died

>> No.21554780

Just found out tudepafu is dead, where do you guys get your VNs news?

>> No.21554812

just check the archive

>> No.21555172

Reading is literally the best if not the only way to increase speed tho?

>> No.21555337


Later it also got posted on AS.

>> No.21555487

That's the order I did. Personally I thought that Yuu's route was better than Hatae's, so if you want to go from least to best maybe swap them, but it doesn't matter too much. Have fun, it's a really good game.

>> No.21555500

Doesn't reading a lot of eroge makes you start thinking " man I really want a job in the eroge industry " or " I really wish I can write my own eroge " but then you realize you aren't Japanese and start to despair?

>> No.21555517


>> No.21555524


>> No.21555545


>> No.21555550


>> No.21555557

Nyet. I still despair when I contemplate that I'm not Japanese tho.

>> No.21555565

Fucking weeaboo.

>> No.21555568


>> No.21555597


>> No.21555763

his dick is literally bigger than her entire body

>> No.21555767

Yes, that's what makes it so good.

>> No.21555771

If you actually read eroge that's literally the job you'd want least.

>> No.21555777

i mean, you have seen the h cg previews of ruka's dick right? it's demonbane levels of big dick

>> No.21555809

Absolutely not.

>> No.21556001

not at all

so what? something with this kind of content as a proper game would be great


>> No.21556382

I don't despair but I sometimes wish I could write a good story with the elements and fetishes I like.

>> No.21556423

>I don't despair
You are that dumb ESL who spams "desperate" like a buzzword, right?

>> No.21556587

he wrote that because the original post asked if anon "starts to despair" you dipshit

>> No.21556710
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what's the sayonara zetsubou sensei of vns?

>> No.21556786
File: 98 KB, 800x600, ORE_TUBA_2019-06-15_22-33-00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would send you to work at Japan at a conbini store 14 hours a day and back to your 5 tatami flat.

>> No.21557223

Sayori did it.

>> No.21557886

do any of you guys go after 3d girls or are you strictly 2d only

>> No.21558058

Fuck off, you EOP subhuman.

>> No.21558367

So the scenario work on Ryuusei World Actor started on 2015 and ended in 2018. The author was working on it slowly beside his elite classroom light novel. This better be good.

>> No.21558388

Japanese can be read MUCH faster than English

>> No.21558401

I wonder why battle harems like DxD never made their way into the eroge market, it's really the perfect format for that can't of story

>> No.21558425

Was anyone even looking forward to this?

>> No.21558561

Does 2019 have any noteworthy eroge out or coming soon?

>> No.21558585

>Do you want to work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week for $25,000 a year?

>> No.21558602

I'm happy they're doing VNs again but I stayed away from Hatou because everyone seemed disappointed by it.

>> No.21558627

It was an extremely awful not-NIPPON BANZAI shitshow.

>> No.21558712

>FD after 3 fucking years

??? Why?

I was actually hoping they would announce their next full game soon since it's about that time.

>> No.21558737

The girls were cute so this could be better than the main game.

>> No.21558881

I didn't like it either but I think you should avoid being swayed by opinion and give it a try yourself; there are people who liked it.

>> No.21558939
File: 729 KB, 1130x1062, 11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Very, very nice. Even side cuties are getting fucked.

>> No.21558990


So Komachi/Melissa bath CG is considered h-scene rather than a separate event, which means there is a good chance Melissa will participate too.

>> No.21558992

They explicitly said no H scenes on that stream months ago.

>> No.21559117

Finished あした出逢った少女. Really liked the plot's complexity, although some revealings threw me off a bit. If you want that crazy 2000s feel in your stomach, you might as well give it a shot. Though be prepared, for it will completely fuck with your brain at the end.

>> No.21559120

The end of that game is an amazing rollercoaster, and it's just one conversation.

>> No.21559257

When are japs finally going to increase their resolution? 4k should become the new industry standard.

>> No.21559274

imagine releasing a game in 2016 and it still being in 800x600

>> No.21559286
File: 169 KB, 800x600, 59168.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hero with Ahoge
they really went all out for this game

>> No.21559293

They are family, you know.

>> No.21559295

Do they have incestuous sex?

>> No.21559323

there's no incest tag so i wasn't sure about MC, but even so i'm not sure i've ever seen so many sisters all have ahoge at once

>> No.21559324

Asa project kamige taiken is out, and its downloading at 140kb/s, JUST.

>> No.21559363

Nope. It's a story-driven game with low sexual.

>> No.21559419

I think it was pretty enjoyable overall, only the ending sucked balls, the twists leading to the true end were also relatively meh.

>> No.21559674 [DELETED] 

Does anyone have this game?
Is it uploaded to the secret clubs sites?

>> No.21559893

Very unfortunate. I prefer story-driven games full of incestuous sex.

>> No.21559907

The sex scenes themselves are beyond awful and short as shit.

>> No.21560069

Why would you want that? Game sizes would increase considerably. Would you really play them fullscreen on 4k? Don't you find the text harder to read when it's so spread out?

>> No.21560087

Not at all, it's still the same screen size just better resolution. On a 4k tv screen it just doesn't look good if you get something that was acceptable in 2007. And file sizes is a non-issue, it's 2019.

>> No.21560089
File: 945 KB, 2560x1440, natsu_highres.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If they wanted to use technology from 10 years ago, they could easily offer 1440p art with a similar file-size as 720p games have today. Unfortunately they stick to their 20+ year old technology, so they commonly downscale the art to 720p for the games.
It is kinda sad, but what can you do.

>> No.21560102

What technology do you mean?

>> No.21560188

Basic compression of 2d images, and stuff like compression where image variations are saved as such, similar to how video compression works, instead of image by image. For example, if only the facial expression changes of a character in a CG variation, there's no need to save the entire picture again.

The higher res images tend to exist already anyway. They just aren't used. That Moonstone CG is an example of a game from 2015. They gave a few untouched and uncompressed CG as a bonus. (in psd format I think) In other words, this is their absolutely original version before it was adapted for the game. I simply jpg-ed that. The original filesize is beyond huge (1gb or so?).
This is also how it can even be that certain western releases of games double the resolution. (Some Sono Hana stuff etc.) The art is usually available. Some companies dispose of that stuff pretty fast though, as the filesizes are humongous.

Not going to say it's all companies that work like this, or all artists for that matter. But it's a thing.

>> No.21560225

Well, it's certainly true that VN images can frequently be compressed better together instead of image by image but I thought companies normally do that.

>> No.21560422

Raillore trial out.

>> No.21560660

I like that artwork

>> No.21560771

Nobody in Japan has 4K yet.

>> No.21560837
File: 2.90 MB, 4962x7019, 020_spvfb018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Summer Pockets fanbook is on Ex.

Just like with Island, you can now fap to the preorder bonuses.

>> No.21560876

>tfw you work 8h a day, 6 days a week for $5,000 per year

>> No.21560993

Started コットンソフト. Does it have 熱い展開 и 孤軍奮闘?

>> No.21561036

Perhaps reconsider this post.

>> No.21561055


I meant レコンキスタ.

>> No.21561121
File: 661 KB, 721x1388, anneliese.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Silky's Plus's next game looks cute.

>> No.21561137

Looks very disposable.

>> No.21561146

Looks very cummable.

>> No.21561150

How does Kazuki Fumi write so much?

>> No.21561158

Does he though? I've seen plenty of writers with more crowded schedules than him. Also, this is a low-price title, so I wouldn't expect it to be that long.

>> No.21561209

I know 9 Nine is short but I was still surprised when one came out just a month apart from Kimimeza, and now he's got this going while he's probably also working on the 4th part of 9 Nine. Most other writers I like are a lot slower at least.

>> No.21561217

>I was still surprised when one came out just a month apart from Kimimeza
The scenario is usually the first thing done when developing an eroge, I wouldn't base things off when the game released.

>> No.21561249
File: 27 KB, 592x291, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21562397

i guess hes never going to make another game set in the nanairo/akeiro setting after seeing this.

>> No.21562459

I've had enough of that setting after nanairo already. Probably never going to touch akeiro. New things can be a good thing, though.. in this case I'm not sure.

>> No.21562495

what was that game that was coming out soon where the protag is the one who gets corrupted

>> No.21562789

I find this highly rendered food offputting next to such simple character designs. Like, save thar for the cooking eroge. Is there even a cooking eroge?

>> No.21562994

Will August make an eroge as good as Daitoshokan ever again?

>> No.21563102

FD to a 3-year-old game? It's obvious August is out of money after their attempt at soshage, I hope this will make back enough for them to make a spiritual successor to Daitoshokan or something.

>> No.21563431

Was あいりすミスティリア actually any good?

>> No.21563917

Their DMM kusoge is always pretty consistently near the top of the DMM Rankings when they release updates though.
They'd have to be incredibly mismanaging it to be losing money on it.

>> No.21564429

Was this uploaded somewhere?

Looks pretty cool comedy type nukige.

>> No.21564455
File: 16 KB, 439x152, 0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21565005

Considering it's 200kb, that means it's 50% porn or so.

>> No.21565059

Don't think so.

>> No.21565418

They should stay there then, honestly for some reason I don't want them making eroge anymore.

>> No.21565962

It's on 2dkf, but it needs their DRM crack tool too.

>> No.21566437

Shh, don't tell anyone. kf 1949

>> No.21566948

Great fucking job, now they gonna patch it.

>> No.21566951

You shouldn't have made it more public than it already is since there's people from KF lurking here and they might gate future updates behind even higher forum levels.

>> No.21566989

It always was just one Google search away.

>> No.21567123

anyone know if i can resize 800x600 vn windows? i typically like to avoid full screen but older vn windows are too small for me to comfortably read.

>> No.21567136

You still needed some pretty specific search terms to hit it.
Also, versions earlier than 0.65 can't connect to their database so I don't even think it works for PlayDRM releases. Doesn't seem to work for 工口倫子 anyway.

>> No.21567177

So no harm.

>> No.21567228

it's big enough for me on 24 inches

>> No.21567257

fullscreen on a vm?

>> No.21567467

I'm not going to get into details, but if the DRM fucks ever find this, tool won't work as well if at all.

>> No.21567494

It was uploaded on 2ch ages ago. So long ago someone even had time to beg for it again in the もう落とせない thread. So I'm not worried.

You know, also because AlphaROM crackers hadn't had been updated since 2012/2014 and still work. I don't find Japanese DRM efforts anything more than symbolic efforts.

>> No.21568560

I use OBS. Set the VN window as a source and than look at OBS' preview window, wich you can arbitrarily resize.
Not how it's intended but works fine.

>> No.21569630
File: 330 KB, 1920x1080, NUKITASHI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow, the protagonist is a major asshole even after she saved his chastity like 3 times.

>> No.21569653

Set up display scaling. Typically vns work great with scaling performed by "System (enhanced)" which lets the text stay sharp despite the scaling. You can also select use the dpi that I set for this display when I signed into windows, in case you just want to temporarily change your scaling setting and undo it later.

>> No.21569679

I meant "when I open the program' rather than "when I signed into windows"

>> No.21569736

nukitashi is overrated as fuck
the vast majority of the jokes and references aren't funny and are forced as fuck, the protagonist is unlikable and hypocritical as fuck, and the amount of actual sex in relation to the amount the characters talk about wanting to have sex is just ridiculous, and tests just how much you can suspend your disbelief. also the art's pretty mediocre desu.

>> No.21569824

>the protagonist is hypocritical as fuck
That's the best part though. The mental gymnastics and slut shaming in Nanase route when you've already fucked 4 girls were hilarious.

>> No.21569942

The art is pretty garbage, I'm always surprised whenever I see someone praising it.

>> No.21570458

Art looks lime someone touched up some Custom Maid 3d models to make it look 2d.
Plus MC looks like a fucking nerd.

>> No.21570742

Is Onikiss as good as Onigyu?

>> No.21570777
File: 287 KB, 420x457, Screenshot_94.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21570820

I thought it was better on some points, like the ending portion isn't as similar between routes and I like how each girl gets one anal scene.
The artist for Saya/Yayoi is worse than Keeko and sometimes can be pretty inconsistent with the dick sizes, but other than that the games are pretty similar and if you liked one you'll like the other.

>> No.21571188

Yumeutsutsu Re:Master is on Nyaa, the normal one, not Sukebei.

>> No.21571578

Finished reading Kusarihime's true ending (according to the guide I used). Is it worth reading the other stuff? I think I read that there's some easter egg fourth wall breaking summary stuff that can be turned on in the options, is that any good?

>> No.21571584

Do read the other main endings if you didn't.

>> No.21571680

Just saw the Sen no Hatou FD announcement.
I hope August goes bankrupt.

>> No.21571686

I mean the art being garbage wouldn't matter if the scenario was good but instead it's just a continuous spam of lame sex jokes

>> No.21571848

I'm starting to read again
Here's the kind of stuff I've done so far

ponkotsu akuma
rance remakes of 1, 3 and a half-assed playthrough of 10
evenicle, yet to play II because it was released when I was fairly busy
saya no uta
some liarsoft game I forgot the title of

what other stuff should I try out?
I've only done like 3 of the top 10 here, maybe I should finally get around to reading Key's games?

>> No.21571882

why don't you try playing something in japanese for a change

>> No.21571908


>> No.21572038

Eh, turns out the 俺達の世界わ終っている。 PC port is mainly based on the PSV version.

>2019年4月(北米地域は5月)に『Our World Is Ended.』というタイトルで『オレオワ』の海外版が発売された。ワールドワイドパブリッシャーはイギリスのPQubeが担当。海外版はPS4とSwitchに加えてPC版がSteamでの配信となり、英語と日本語を同時収録している*11。
> この海外版はVita版をベースとしており、『JUDGEMENT 7』で追加された後日談および新OP、フローチャートと用語集は未収録となっているが、それ以外のUIは『JUDGEMENT 7』で改善されたものを採用している。

>> No.21572101

From what I've heard it's rather bad anyway. Silly though. Those who actually bought it got kinda screwed over.

>> No.21572212

But I do. All of the games were in Japanese because I played them as soon as they came out, except for higurashi and saya no uta because finding a japanese version was harder than the english ones then

>> No.21572215

Do you still want those? Cause Higurashi's original versions are available on Nyaa, Hinamizawa Bus Stop was uploaded here several threads ago and Japanese Saya is surely on AS.

>> No.21572240

oh shit, time to read higurashi in japanese then
what's hinamizawa bus stop?
I'll try and see if I can find saya, I also recall really liking phenomeno but that was a one shot in English

>> No.21572268

Japanese Phenomeno was always available on Nitroplus website.

Here's the Higurashi. Higurashi 4 has a patch available, version 0.43 I believe.

Hinamizawa Bus Stop you can just google. An upload will be in the archive.

>> No.21572508
File: 68 KB, 656x538, ひぐらしのなく頃に奉_2018-02-07_00-51-20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hinamizawa bus stop
A story crystal memory that starts as a cheap theater stage around a bus stop and slowly becomes quite frenetic.
And Hou comes with a second story that resembles an apocalypse zombie fast action movie.
A must read if you like Higurashi.

>> No.21572616

she's not wrong

>> No.21572838

It was 0.42. Here is it https://files.catbox.moe/cbdgrk.zip

Higurashi Kai and Rei are already at their final versions in the torrent.

>> No.21573350
File: 31 KB, 321x67, Screenshot_95.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah, I was delighted to see such truth being displayed. Sad that even that being told the main route is based upon simple utilitarianism and not redpilled egoism. The writer should have made 茶々丸's route the main one.

>> No.21573392

Hey, their FD are pretty good. Daitoshokan FD provided a good fap and I didnt even read the main game.

>> No.21573396

I would have been happy if they just showed the damn fight because it was hype as shit, then it ended.

>> No.21573428
File: 732 KB, 1257x1000, 22330633_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Such potential wasted, it would be amazing if they decided to make a sequel based on this route starting with the cutted fight scene.

>> No.21574244

Are the scenes actually good? I couldn't fap much to original, the art is pretty nice but I hated how prude the MC and girls felt in the dialog. They never say any dirty words yet they keep fucking in public, doesn't make any sense.

>> No.21574374

Did the skip function work properly for you? I set it to stop at unread text but it just keeps flying across the whole game just the same. both ctrl and tab, and I can't find any other skip functions in the manual. this is the DL edition btw

>> No.21574673
File: 139 KB, 797x591, lily.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've made a grave mistake.

>> No.21574745
File: 434 KB, 500x1000, 757.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

After seeing it in High Score Girl, I kinda want to give Tokimeki Memorial a try. Any advice?

>> No.21574753

Teenage tsundere Lily is her best version.

>> No.21574792

I'm about to finish apeiria's route on her game and god was it tireing.
Who the fuck thought it would be a good ideea to make an heroine that way?
I thought mashiro was tireing but apeiria is on an all other level.
She doesn't even look like an artificial intelligence who doesn't know anything about emtions anymore, but more like a retard.

>> No.21574863

You are talking about a game that generally doesn't make much sense in any way.
But yes, she was boring.

>> No.21575098

I thought them cutting the fight scene was alright honestly. the bigger problem is that chachamaru's whole route is just a giant setup for the muramasa ending.

I'd be okay with them never touching muramasa again, the main writer is clearly either dead or doesn't want to write anymore anyway. If anything I'd like a story about whatever the fuck is going on in the depths of space in that universe.

>> No.21575127

Any VN that uses some difficult dialect/Japonic language? Something like Miyako.

>> No.21575150
File: 82 KB, 1024x576, ev234_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

chachamaru should have been kageaki's true waifu, muramasa is annoying and bluepilled

>> No.21575166

And despite being a big titty dark elf, Chachamaru is hotter and her armor looks FAR better.

>> No.21575180

So that's apparently an 沖縄方言 with 60k speakers. I have no idea why you'd expect to see that in a VN, most of these dialects barely get any use in day to day life, let alone small mediums like ours. With that said I tried to listen to a few samples of Uchinaaguchi, and I quickly concluded that shit is completely unintelligible to me.

>> No.21575188
File: 930 KB, 1028x601, Screenshot_96.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

True, she's also the cutest.

>> No.21575195

Their ending is a true masterpiece of side endings that barely last a few lines.

>> No.21576289

Finding voice actors with genuine dialect accent would be non-trivial. But if you know of any eroge that properly shows Japanese dialects, apart from the typical Kansai heroines, please tell.

>> No.21576309

Monobeno is the obvious one

>> No.21576697

Play the Game Boy Color port. Cause why not.

>> No.21576729
File: 59 KB, 615x952, img2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God I love giant boobs

>> No.21576870
File: 1.11 MB, 960x720, イロヨリドリ_2019-06-23_22-04-47.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this foreshadowing?

>> No.21576893

Also this protag is so donkan it hurts, I guess i shouldn't expect much from the pure love elements since it's a fucking NTR game though.

>> No.21577073
File: 300 KB, 1920x1080, 前立腺.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice time to mine 前立腺.

>> No.21577089

Maitetsu too.

>> No.21577141

Don't tell him, guys.

>> No.21577150
File: 817 KB, 1024x576, why.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i've never dropped a game so fast in my life

>> No.21577155

Back to DJT.

>> No.21577158


>> No.21577164

Really cringey reaction, brother. Noone's gonna be floored by you being able to mimic speech patterns from anime. In the end I don't care that you're N3 or shit like that, just don't bring your mining here.

>> No.21577178

I don't even mine words or use anki at all, just wanted an excuse to post a line that made me snort my drink in a way that makes people like you butthurt.

>> No.21577184

Ah, so you were just pretending to be retarded to make others unhappy. Good job then. The thread is better for having you.

>> No.21577188

The nukitard is a DJT shitlicker who wouldve thought

>> No.21577189

If one short sentence that isn't even directed at you can make you unhappy, then you're just an unhappy sad person.

>> No.21577192

Sure. Just don't post here again, DJT pal.

>> No.21577197

he already outed himself a while ago i don't know why you retards keep responding to him

>> No.21577199

What, you don't like crossdressing?

I literally only picked it up because others here were discussing it, and I don't think I've even seen a /djt/ since they were banned from /a/, let alone posted in one.

>> No.21577227

I don't know why two or three resident autists insist on completely derailing the thread into mindless shitposting every time someone even mentions some "forbidden words" like mine.

>> No.21577229

To remind DJT pals they're not welcome. Post whatever the fuck you want, just not DJT shit. Is that so hard.

>> No.21577348

Just a very persistent bunch of retards pretending to be champions of the thread despite actively adding to the amount of off-topic posts all the fucking time alongside frequent derailment like what just happened. It's like watching 7th graders jump at every opportunity to flaunt how much smarter they are than the 6th graders that walk into the room when actual adults would just not give them the time of day.

>> No.21577360

Just don't post DJT stuff here. Is that so hard? It's like you have some sort of personality disorder. You know what you shouldn't do, but you can't help it.

>> No.21577386

What exactly is "DJT stuff"? Are kanji puns DJT too, since the joke comes from misreading them? I guess half the Japanese eroge writers secretly come from DJT.

>> No.21577392 [DELETED] 

Sure. Just don't post DJT stuff and you'll be fine.

>> No.21577393

I'm not the nukitashi poster you fucking sperg. Re-read my post and drill into your brain that your derailment is far more detrimental to the thread than just letting the odd DJT poster rot with no replies or attention given. You know, similar to the decade old adage of don't feed the trolls? Is that so fucking hard? Or are you so proud of finally graduating DJT that you really need everyone to know that you're above them?

>> No.21577403 [DELETED] 

True. Just don't post DJT stuff and it'll be fine.

>> No.21577595

I just got the good end in イロヨリドリ and god i don't want to go back and actually do the NTR shit. 人生通行止め games are the worst. Why do they always have to make the main heroine so cute and appealing before the NTR happens?

>> No.21577605

I mean, it sounds like you're not cut out for NTR. The nicer the heroine is and more you want the heroine and the MC to get together, the better the NTR.

>> No.21577661

The only acceptable NTR is the one that can be avoided and is treated like bad ends.

>> No.21577671

objectively wrong

>> No.21577676

I mean, as an NTR fan, I agree. An NTR game that is 100% NTR is just bland. There's no stakes. You need to have some proof that things could turn out happy, and there really ought to be a route with no NTR - even if it has little to no sex and isn't all that long. Another thing I hate is NTR games that just go straight to the NTR. Ideally, I think an NTR game should begin like any other regular romance, and get you invested in the relationship.

>> No.21577690

I think NTR games can have a lot of really hot situations, but I just find it kind of ironic that I get more hooked into the relationships in a good NTR game than I ever do in a normal moege.

>> No.21577691

>even if it has little to no sex and isn't all that long
Nah, it's shit then.

>> No.21577698

More games need yuri NTR.

>> No.21577741

ntr is the best if you can die. mess up some random choice? now the husband gets to murder you. made the wife want your dick too bad? now she will kill you and herself too, because she can't make sense of the situation. good job

>> No.21577757

as in cucking yuri couples? Definitely.

>> No.21577765

Is it really NTR when most of the time you fuck both of them and they end up in your harem anyway?

>> No.21577769

Speaking of, I wish there were more eroge where you could fuck/rape yuri couples as a male protagonist.

>> No.21577783

As long as it's not 快楽堕ち shit, it's only good if they stay yuri right up until they die from all the rape

>> No.21577787

its double the NTR.

>> No.21577840

I have never seen a game fit this description, teach me friends.

>> No.21577901

honestly only read ero doujin manga with yuri couples being ntr'd and even then its really fucking rare.

>> No.21577968

No. As in a cute girl NTRing you.

>> No.21577993

Oh I'd be into this. Any good examples?

>> No.21578014

eh, ero manga like that already don't do anything for me unless she is a futa with a fat 10 incher. Requires too much suspension of disbelief on top of what regular NTR demands.

>> No.21578058

Sadly I don't know any.

You are very gay.

>> No.21578077

futa on female is the least gay combo

>> No.21578119

While we are at it, is 陵辱 NTR? I think that it can lead to NTR, but most of the time it doesn't, especially if the bad guys end up getting killed.

>> No.21578131

Hatsujou Switch. Shippo no Kimochi. Bokunatsu. (Not the main element but they all have one route with that)

>> No.21578170

Hello does anyone of you knows a site similiar to VNDB?
VNDB is rather incomplete, so I really need some other site where i can find info to some more obscure VNs.

>> No.21578179

Not really, no. It could be Netori if the girls are in a relationship, but really I hesitate to instantly consider something NTR just because there's some infidelity in it; I think there needs to be some playing off the jealousy of cheating for it to really count. Like if one of the girls in a 陵辱 game is offhandedly mentioned to have a boyfriend, but we never see him or hear about him again, it's not worth calling it NTR. If on the other hand the men tape themselves fucking said girl and send the tape to her boyfriend, then it's Netori for sure.

For me, jealousy is what NTR's really about - which is why I'd consider stories where moms or older sisters get stolen from their sons or brothers to be NTR (provided they play into the jealousy angle), even when they're not actually in a romantic relationship, but I wouldn't consider a story where a girl said to have a boyfriend has sex with some guys on the beach NTR.

Try Erogamescape.

>> No.21578211

>Try Erogamescape.
Problem is have no VPN, so am unable to access the site.

Something like a blog of someone is good enough, I just need to find info to some less mainstream stuff.
Like old PC-98 or Windows 3.1 games

>> No.21578223

Wow, I used that site ages ago. And the dude just recently upgraded from Apache 2.2 (!!). Seriously the nips really love their old technology. With a stack like that, it's no wonder he can't handle foreign traffic.

>> No.21578240

>Problem is have no VPN, so am unable to access the site.
Erogamescape's region-locked? I'm able to access it without using a VPN. Try SoftEther, they're a free VPN run by a Japanese university.

>Like old PC-98 or Windows 3.1 games
Again, Erogamescape is very good for this.

>> No.21578255

Someone set up a proxy just for erogamescape, so you can use it as long as you don't want to post.

>> No.21578257

Free VPN?
Didn't think something like that exists...
Okay gonna try that, thanks.

>> No.21578268

I was talking more about situations where the heroine gets raped, but it barely affects her, you save her and kill bad guys and everything gets back to normal.

>> No.21578282

Ah, well no, I don't think I'd call that NTR either. Unless it's possible to fail and get a bad end where you don't get her back.

>> No.21578301

Have you tried refuge.tokyo? Or just google. Game name + 感想. The results will be in Japanese...

For english try Kiva's blog.

>> No.21578326
File: 310 KB, 1280x720, 超昂神騎エクシール_20190217_053332.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good. I was starting to have some self-doubts over liking things mentioned in pic related, but turns out I'm still in the clean. I'm not some cuck who enjoys things being taken away from me, after all.

>> No.21578370

> I'm not some cuck who enjoys things being taken away from me
That's not how this works.

>> No.21578406

>For english try Kiva's blog.
That guy doesn't know Japanese, so I'd take his stuff with a big grain of salt.

>> No.21578424

Where do you guys usually get your untranslated VNs? I wanted to read Majikoi S (although some posts in this general is making me rethink that...) but the one on Nyaa is already english patched. Is there a way to unpatch it?

>> No.21578499

You can get almost everything on nyaa or A-S, provided it's not doujin or extremely obscure. I recently filled my backlog, and there's exactly ONE game I couldn't find.

>> No.21578514

Are you sure? Isn't he just using machine translation in his videos to make sure EOPs can watch them too?

Anyway, be it as it may, his list of PC98 games sorted by year and month is useful.

>> No.21578521

AS, Nyaa, Eyny, random blogs.

>> No.21578826

Dumb question, what is AS?

>> No.21578828

The dumbest of all. It's anime-sharing.com

>> No.21578902
File: 18 KB, 451x188, 324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

looks like it comes with an uninstaller for the patch

>> No.21578930

Oh, I see now. Maybe that's usually the case. Thank you.

>> No.21578933

Not always. Don't rely on that, or that the uninstaller will even work.

A game getting EOP'd is both a blessing an a curse. It'll get uploaded more, but EOPs seem to like these shitty preinstalled, prepatched version.

>> No.21579012

jesus christ, this looks like it's going to be an absolute mess.

>> No.21579018

I get most of my games from AS, i fear the day it will go down as so many other platform did.

>> No.21579019

Oh sweetie. It's dead.

First month here? Cause I remember it being brought up relatively recently.

>> No.21579034

yeah i just saw that this shit was from at least 2009 when i tried looking it up, made myself look like a real dumbass
it's probably for the best that it's dead

>> No.21579045

I dunno, I think it would have been cool. At least the Maruto and Looseboy parts. It was before Looseboy stopped caring.

>> No.21579050

Also you can google various stuff about the setting, characters, some cgs etc. It seems quite a lot was already done.

>> No.21579233

Is this actually good ? It look like some kind of a weird NTR shit but at the same time the synopsis is quite interesting

>> No.21579886

The writing isn't bad for what it is, tl;dr: MC is a beta that goes to the rooftop everyday to watch alpha blonde guy fuck girls, eventually gets to the girl he likes and then, knowing that this alpha blonde scum that inseminated nearly 300 girls in his school was gonna fuck his osananajimi (purple hair girl) as well, is too much of a beta donkan to realize that she was in love with him and do something about it, so she gets raped and ofc falls in love with his alpha cock like everyone else. I wouldn't recommend it because there's not much variation in h scenes and all the girls are pretty much braindead.

>> No.21579900

Is this some kind of new sexual term?

>> No.21579924

Tried Raging Loop. Felt rather meh so far, especially the extremely shit PC port and game structure.

Gotta love getting forced into a bad ending without any choice, and getting a fucking hint corner trigger and some idiot telling you to do better next time. Like what the fuck. You do that shit when there actually was a way to avoid it. But apparently this game decided to be terrible and force you into obvious bad endings (because the dev decided it's okay to leave choices in, even if there's literally only one option..) to collect "keys".
Also the port. Holy crap. Mouse hovering over buttons? Does nothing, no highlight or anything. (sure is a mobile port) Clicking on buttons? Please hold the mouse still, or else it won't be recognized. You have a second enter key on your keyboard to the right? Sorry, doesn't do anything, please use the main one. Mousewheel controls? HAHAHA, who needs those dumb basics every single VN had for the last 10+ years.

Anyone know if the story is worth it? Because everything else is trying really hard to make me quit.

>> No.21580519

Because they're high horse riding gatekeepers of the threads. These are the same folks that kill generals on /vg/.

>> No.21580529

Luckily this thread survived all your attempts. Now go back to /vg/, please.

>> No.21580570

Never respond to me again.

>> No.21580598

>"or else"
Or what?

>> No.21580619

The PC port is pretty awful, yeah, but I thought the key system was implemented very nicely. It really triggers your curiosity whenever you see an extra choice locked behind a key, and it's not like the game is very hard to get through without a guide or something. Though your complaints seem extremely weird to me, getting a ton of bad ends before hitting the true end is a staple in literally every time loop game.

For what it's worth I thought Raging Loop was a decent game, though the final part was pretty weird.

>> No.21580641

My thoughts on the game are pretty much what >>21579886 said. If your a fan of NTR games by the same group then you should be a fan of this one. If you can deal with literally every girl in the game being absolutely retarded then it's worth giving a go. For what it's worth I ended up getting off on how easy of a girl the main heroine was. The first couple h-scenes with the NTR guy manipulating her and teaching her how to succ was pretty hot. Latter h-scenes, not so much.

The h-scenes besides the main heroine are kind of meh for the most part.

>> No.21580835

It's a combination of things.
I don't like if the plot can only advance because MC is an idiot. It gets even worse if it's not even the plot advancing, but just a short bad ending. And to top it of, the game acts as if I'm the dumb idiot who fucked up. This is just stupid, in any way you can look at it. And definitely no staple in any genre.

>> No.21580895

The MC isn't an idiot, though. Haruaki is an incredibly smart guy.

>> No.21581909
File: 60 KB, 640x480, dcc63341.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>DMM reanimating Elf's corpse to make gatchabucks
I don't want to live on this planet anymore

>> No.21582007

Dont worry, Empress revived elf for a real Kisaku game.
Will be interesging to see a maledom empress vn.

>> No.21582038

It's not really much of an Empress game, Sei's not doing the art, and the scenario is by two of Guilty's writers.

>> No.21582394

You sure? The heroines on the Kisaku page look very much Sei.
As for the writers i hope they are better written than their latest gangrapeges.

>> No.21582410

There's only one confirmed heroine in the Kisaku game, the blue short hair one. He designed her, but the art for CGs is not by him. The other girls are for the other game, Great Deceiver, which Sei is doing the art for.

>> No.21582467

Well if it's any reassurance, Dragon Knight 5 died a pretty quick death, though Doukyuusei Another World is still chugging along.

>> No.21582925

Hell yeah, let's do it. There's an odd charm to seeing PS1 games on Game Boy Color. It's why I love Ghost Babel.

It's time to win some 8-bit waifus.

>> No.21583534

i'll never get the love for NTR games
i guess because it's from the perspective of the cuck and i've never seen the appeal of that, even in cheating doujins it always feels better to view it from the cheater's perspective

>> No.21583622

Read enough VNs without self inserting and you will start hating the passive beta nice guy trope and just want to see one of those basedboys getting BTFO.
Or see it as a form of corruption. The key to enjoy NTR is to not emphatize with the cuck and not liking the girl (Like not wishing she was in a vanilla game. Like her enough to enjoy her being corrupted.)

>> No.21583622,1 [INTERNAL] 

I want to start the... i don't even know what the series is called as a whole; the Ikusa Megami games, but the relationship tree for the games is intimidating as fuck.

i found the only game without a prequel being Ikusa Megami Zero, but i don't know if i should start there.

Where should I go about it?

>> No.21583622,2 [INTERNAL] 

How* should I go about it?

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