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Mou Ikkai~

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I feel old. I am old.

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Rin is best girl btw

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Best girl for the last 15 years has been Saber

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>Rin is best girl btw
If you enjoy scat and watersports maybe

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nice ass

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You are welcome here so long as you aren't a shitter. Not sure what the rest of /jp/ thinks.

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Banned from /a/.
You are welcome here so long as you aren't a shitter. Not sure what the rest of /jp/ thinks.

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I wanna sniff her butt

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This video is now associated with gacha before anything else.

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mou ikkai was twenty years ago

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It upsets me greatly that I get lumped in with gachafags because I like the visual novels

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Rin's ass

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jya reimu mou ikkai

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Every day until you like it.

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I miss old TM

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Well, I'm okay with Rin but what is up with all of the butt stuff.
I mean, she seems nice and all but why?
Sakura is... lets not talk about that.
Saber is Saber. Too many damn Sabers.
Rin is the girl I never hear about. What's special about her?

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Meaty thighs and a fierce personality

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How fierce?

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She’ll call you a baka every time you open your mouth

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Her anus is a nightmare

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Nevermind then.

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I thought that it was defenseless?

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Fixed it for you.

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How do you feel about Matou-san, /jp/?

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I'm neutral.
I thought she was okay until I learned what was behind the shitposting.
I thought she was okay before but now I can't really be bothered to care any further than sympathy for her situation.

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... what redeeming qualities does she have. That aren’t her butt or thighs.

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She has lots of determination, she's very smart, and her eyes are a really pretty color

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Well, she sounds like a nice person.
I hope she stays in that way.

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I don’t know how you fuckers keep tricking me into opening 4 megabyte images.

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Reminder that Rin pleases old men for money

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I find her almost completely uninteresting. Her "shy childhood friend" facade is irritatingly pathetic, and the "broken revenge killer" reality seems to rely pretty heavily on the facade. I don't care about what's behind the mask because I never cared about the mask.

I don't hate her backstory, though. I think it's just her presentation.

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I feel like I shouldn't have looked at her in so much detail just now. She has ZUN quality legs. Seriously, make it so you can only see her knees and below and it looks just like some 2hu's legs.

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Has anybody ever noticed how lanky the FSN sprites are?
They look like Olive Oyl.

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Takeuchi's personal style there it is.

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I only meant to stay a little while.