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Old guide: https://djtguide.neocities.org/

>>21502647 old thread

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reminder to not take financial advice from him thank you

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It's delusions of grandeur one of the biggest signs of dekinai? N3 niggers calling native retards setting their goals to surpass natives always seem to be the ones who break after the realization they don't much after years of study

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Asking again from last thread

Can any Matt patreons link his Q&A videos? Specifically the May 18th one

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Where did you get this number? I tried to estimate the number of sentences in anime a while ago and didn't get close to that number. After getting rid of subtitle timings and removing very short/filler sentences (anything less than 7 characters iirc), I was only getting 200-300 per episode.

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reading is always the better choice. don't listen to him justifying his priority of anime over study

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i agree with u in theory but if the man wants to anime he should prob anime
cuz enjoyin urself enough to stay engaged and keep doin it is #1

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listening practice is also a good thing. i'd prefer dramas over anime for that, but anime still can serve as a study tool, especially with subs2srs and anki

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reading is better if you dont wanna become good

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literally just do what you want to know my god what is wrong with you people

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wheres the guy who cant figure out what demo means
got a sentence for you to mine

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based on my calculations 400 to 500 is more realistic

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id been keepin this in case i saw someone ask about de again lol

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>anything less than 7 characters iirc
That's like half of all normal dialogue. You have to remember that kanji are extremely information dense. Do a character count and then divide by something like 10 or 15.

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Why do people pay attention to the Japanese-learning Youtube community even though we already all know the answer to why immersing is important in vocabulary acquisition?

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>Get to lesson 18 in genki 2
>Realize that the Genki deck I downloaded off the COR only had the words up to this part
Oh no shit might be getting difficult

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If you've read that much of Genki till now, you should be ready to start a mining deck, bro.

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Are you stupid? Stop making threads when the other one is still healthy and kicking. This isn't /v/

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other thread is too long didnt read

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say that in japanese

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no I meant the other anon after you oh well

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Who else here still on their 不応期 since their last 抜きゲー session?

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Since MAGICAL ANIME CARDS are the new shit, we should really try to get some anime recommendation chart going.

I start:
>Peppa Pig: It's very annoying and childish. But it's probably the best thing to start out. Just watch it in your native language and see how fucking slow and simple they talk.
>Totoro: It's a very nice kids movie and I was really surprises about how easy it is to understand.
>Tanoshii Moomin Ikka: This is my personal favorite. 78 episodes of pretty simple content for children, but it's still enjoyable enough to not lose interest.
>Shirokuma Cafe: Also pretty simple and has a running choke where they get into little misunderstandings about homophobes.
>Chobbits: Very cute and has a character that starts to learn the language.
>Maid Sama!: Not sure why, but I thought it's quite easy to understand.

Things that get recommended, but didn't work out for me:
>Non Non Biyori: For some reason I thought it's hard to understand, even though they don't use that many words. Also I think it's boring and wasn't appealing to me.
>Flying Witch: For me it was difficult to understand and they have quite some jokes around hard to understand dialects.
>Rilakuma: Easy to understand, but there is no were near enough dialogue. Also I though it hard to watch, actually almost worse than Peppa. It's for absolute toddlers. Pro Tip: You can watch with some kind of narration turned on (for blind people maybe?), this adds a lots of dialogue, but the content is still bad.

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introducing the new mahou shoujo kaado

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Non Non Biyori is the shit I got words from it like 蕨 薇 酢漿草 蓬
Recommendation from me is 少女終末旅行 they use very simple Japanese but it's still fun and interesting

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>Since MAGICAL ANIME CARDS are the new shit
Literally just Quiztard and 2 other people do them.

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honestly anyone who says nnb is boring u should disown immediately
even if u are desperate for friends who buy into ur shit

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>蕨 薇 酢漿草 蓬
Yeah that might be the reason, I didn't like it. It's listed as one of the shows with the smallest vocab on Netflix, but I don't even know what those mean in English.

Sure I can see how this might be a really good beginner series.

I'm sorry I can't help it. Usually I'm quite a conformist, but NNB, Lucky Star and Clannad are things, I personally just can't get into.

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You got it wrong I don't force anyone to do anime cards, nor do I force anyone to argue for them
they are merely a tool I have revealed to you that you are free to use for your own gain
I don't gain anything financially or go famous or anything like that
it's just 慈善事業 from me

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i wasnt talkin about forcin or profit i just meant u want to be accepted

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I don't know dude
I struggle more with people who are on the same wavelength with me which is why I rarely actually respond to people saying nice things about me
really while prospering in competitive environments and feeling the best and most clear of mind surrounded by people hostile towards me
building friendly relationships with people has always felt like work for me, an increasing stack of expectations and responsibilities
but it's different for enemies and rivals who expect nothing of the sort of you, the only thing that matters is how good you are
maybe that is why I haven't been able to remove myself from DJT
because this is the only place where such an environment can exist, while in every other place somebody will crack down on it and force certain behaviours
I suppose I am thankful to you for providing me a home DJT
I prosper thanks to you

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Redpil me on reading speed. I have been stuck at 200-300字/分 for months now even though I pretty much never look up words any more. What can I do? I've have been reading a lot these months as well

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>Also I think it's boring and wasn't appealing to me.
Shit taste. I've rewatched it like 5 times.

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oops meant rtk

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those were the days

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how do rtk friends read this 唵 呼嚧呼嚧 戰馱利 摩橙祇 娑婆訶

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Wow mods decided to trash the previous thread instead of deleting this one catering to the retard making threads early. Bad decision.

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why do you guys like this so much? Is there some kind of zombie twist after a couple of episodes? I don't even think it's cute. It's just annoying little shits doing annoying little shit.

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from last thread

if i watch anime without subs i dont look up words, i just let the anime voices wash over me and go with the flow. those are usually shows i've either seen or read the manga so i dont have a fear of missing anything important from the plot

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lucky star aged really bad and clannad always was shit garbage for spoiled brats

absolutely did not read any of this post

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i have never taken djt's recommendations for anything and also rarely watch the videos you post

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>mining shit you're potentially only going to see once in your obscure anime
>not sticking with decks made from statistical prevalence

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wtf is that

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Even worse, they delete all the threads you post in immediately.

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if only one of us had that kind of power

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looks like some kind of dies irae meme chant

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hataraitara make

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I usually also do this, but sometimes I really want to quickly look up a single word I didn't understand for quite some time. Like I said, this is basically how I learned english.

Any recommendations on e-dicts? Money doesn't matter, but it should be able to understand romaji / kana and have a mechanical keyboard.

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only mary (quiztard) and the brazilian tranny are actually doing anime cards

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if money doesnt matter just buy a japanese girlfriend lol

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some mod deleted the thread when I was typing a long post once. these fuckers are watching our every step

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nice post

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I use akebi on android, the interface is better than jisho (except for radical lookups which jisho wins). Or you could just have a JP sub file and only pull it up when you want to see a word. If you want yomichan lookup you can use this https://github.com/kaervin/subserv-mpv-plugin

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sorry only interested in 2d, might buy a voice actress one day though.

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what's the incentive to having a vocabulary over 20000 words but not getting good at japanese
this is what separates matt from the card drones

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Quiz-chan if I told you to actually show me what any of those plants look like you wouldn't be able to do it, yet you bother to mine them. Where does that disconnect in your brain come from?

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imagine this being your favorite show lmao

>> No.21511813

to make this vid obviously


>> No.21511815

I also thought about buying a new phone or tablet for this purpose only. Because my normal one needs a lock screen and that is quite bothersome for looking up words.

Hm maybe a netbook would be the ideal compromise.

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Nothing, just keep at it. That's all.

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>anime cards
Thanks Quizmaster!

>> No.21511824

are u trying to say matt isnt a card drone lol

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I bet your average university school girl wouldn't be able to read this shit. Except she is in the linguistics department of course.

>> No.21511834

i think hes just polluting the thread with his pepe le pew posting first and foremost but then secondary to that that saying matt is both a card tard but also good at japanese

>> No.21511835

>but it's different for enemies and rivals who expect nothing of the sort of you, the only thing that matters is how good you are
lol since when have any of our "enemies" in djt given a shit about how good you are

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I know how they look because they actually show up in the anime and I got pictures of them on my cards in addition to that.
Besides, learning to read the Kanji is both to initially create a mental entry for it but also just to be able to read it when it shows up in any text I read. If somebody starts talking about 蓬 tea I'm going to feel a lot more like I know what is being talked about when I am aware it's a plant and what kind.
Besides it's minimal effort to learn it. It's interesting and fun so I'll do that. There is no disconnect expect you seemingly thinking I put a significant amount of time into memorizing these when I have a method that makes it efficient.

>> No.21511841

gotta get more speaking practice because that'll improve your prediction ability and your processing ability, which is a big part of fast reading.

btw i'm n5 and this is a theory i've pulled out of my ass.

>> No.21511843

I will yurusu your taido of the past if you sing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gswZN3hARJo, quiz

>> No.21511845

saw a post like this on reddit

>> No.21511849

the biggest chance is prolly that we don't copy/paste reddit posts as much

>> No.21511850

same but only if he sings this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXHFr6YlMDo#t=66 and this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXHFr6YlMDo#t=170

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Do you actually learn them with the translation though or just to read them?

I know these words in English but I could not tell you what they're called in my native language.

>> No.21511859

I don't learn the English translation. Mostly I focus on the reading but I usually have an image of how they look in my head and the context I got it from.

>> No.21511863

not only that but those are written in katakana even in academic contexts...

>> No.21511864

matt cant either so the only difference is he aint a university school girl and thats the real loss
same but he has to do this whole song not just parts

>> No.21511865

dang i didnt know tobidora was such a big event for the thread

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you have to watch this manga

>> No.21511896

Say about that tripfag whatever you want, but the tip about that Girls last Tour anime was really great. Just finished the first episode and I have to say, it's probably the most beginner friendly anime with compelling content I have seen so far.

>> No.21511901

I want to w̶a̶t̶c̶h̶ read translated Korean manhwa, are the translations any good?

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hey guys, is it better to learn kanji isolated or pick it up along the way through context from input (anime, manga, etc)?

>> No.21511916

Hey, I recognize that guy. It's the pitch accent dude.

>> No.21511921

wtf kanji come from words not anime loool

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I FUCKING LOVE that manga

>> No.21511930

i recognize him as the trick dude from the quad


>> No.21511939

How to watch

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Ask yourself why you want to learn japanese? If you are motivated to read a lot, starting with kanji is the way to go. If you want to talk and understand it's probably fine to be a bit lazy with kanji at the beginning. You could for example just learn the ones from Tae Kim and or the Genki books at first. Just be aware that learning kanji, also means that you will have to read a lot for the rest of your live or you will forget them sooner than your high school algebra.

>> No.21511948

it's very impressive and crinch at the same time

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File: 126 KB, 850x925, __uzuki_kantai_collection_drawn_by_shiruzu_sk10102194__sample-813a9a1ff8013297388cd328e4deaac2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is learning the lyrics to Japanese songs a good way to practice speaking Japanese?
In case you give a fuck, these are the songs I sing along to:

>> No.21511963

Input. Make anki cards for radicals + kanji + words you come across.
Anime have dialogue, which have words, which have a way of being written down.

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The preferred nomenclature is EATING manga, not watching. Please be 注意

>> No.21511968

anki ain't working, 兄貴

>> No.21511975

was stoked about the 1st 2 links well besides the incredibly atrocious subs like really fuckin bad lol rip that band

but no not really but if u like doin karaoke still do it but it doesnt contribute that much to ur actual functional japanese ability

>> No.21511992

what a surprise ur 1 of the sickos

>> No.21511994

if you want, here's a channel with their live performances and music vids on it.

Meh, at least I'll be karaoke champ and possibly have qt nipponese grorious waifus all over me.

>> No.21512001

yah ive been all thru their shit

i think the fat dude started another band but i forget if it was with some of the same ppl or not

>> No.21512004

what's it called?

>> No.21512011

can't wait to make drama cards

>> No.21512017

why wait https://j-raws.me

>> No.21512018

i do not remember cuz i was not into it but it was like shindabokunokanojo but different words

>> No.21512023

thanks buddy

>> No.21512036

Yo, Quiz, how would you make a light novel card?

>> No.21512042


>> No.21512043

use ur japanese girlfriend to record and then use the ln cover as the picture

jamals light novella card method

>> No.21512044

lads, how do I say "im gay" in japanese? asking for a friend

>> No.21512046

do trk

>> No.21512053

im studying ARt in japanese and i just *spins paintbrush around thumb* understand it



>> No.21512056

why would I make a card from a light novel lol
I just read it

>> No.21512060

If I'm an autophilic narcissist, should I record myself doing a cute girl voice while reading a sentence off the LN?

>> No.21512064

yes but only if u post the vocaroo itt

>> No.21512065

Anime bob ross

>> No.21512069

dangit bobeh

>> No.21512070

I can't quiet make sense of this sentence.

Because I'm going to play with fireworks with everyone, I hid them?

>> No.21512071

I want to watch Naruto. He motivates me because he was a loser in the school and he became a hokage. I can do it too!

>> No.21512075

more context pleez

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dont let him color ur perspective of the manga is eating crew

>> No.21512080

hey guys are japanese schools really so cool like in animes
like with clubs and cute girls who like shy guys and stuff

>> No.21512083

why dont u ask matt

>> No.21512084

japanese schools are actually run down and dinky dreary shit holes

but yet u grow really fond of ur times there the further along in life u go

>> No.21512086


>> No.21512088

cuz im lookin for more of a whole school perspective and not just incredible detail about the toilet

>> No.21512100

just wanted to share

robotics;notes is probably meh as a piece of writing but im in love with setting

sunny tanegashima, cute girls in robotics club, they dont care about future or fucking nightmare of a world, they just enjoy themselves on a sunny island in japan living the dream

ive read that tanegashima is a shithole with old men in real life

but i still kinda want to visit it

>> No.21512107

we still have a mystery on our hands

i think we should ask quiztard err master cuz hes the best at japanese here and has really good comprehension so he should have no problem explaining this 1 to u

>> No.21512112

japan is actually a shithole with old men in real life

>> No.21512115

what isnt a shithole with old men

>> No.21512118

i was gonna say this thread but lol

>> No.21512124

Should I consider buying a kindle?

>> No.21512126

I mean it's still not enough context we have no clue what he is saying maybe one interpretation is

did you come to leave something with me again
right, because I will do fireworks with everyone please hide it

but it could mean something completely different depending on the context

>> No.21512128

yes and u should also consider buying a large jug ur gonna need it

>> No.21512129

Dude don't be afraid to drop few thousand bucks on learning Japanese

>> No.21512142

wow it was actually that easy i thought thatd be more of a ordeal lol

>> No.21512148

I generally don't reply to dumbass questions but someone called me out so I made an exception but I'd prefer people don't ask stupid shit

>> No.21512153

Guys is it truly the intermediate hell where you can follow along something without pausing to look shit up but at the same time miss a lot of the details and subtleties of different expressions?

I guess its a definite improvement to before where I wouldn't have been able to even follow at all.

>> No.21512154

cant listen to stay with me without feeling so fucking down i just want to go to sleep forever. fuck this brain i was given

>> No.21512183

I thought you guys could help me with this.

I have a pdf document that is japanese. It has the text encoded so I was able to extract it as an html doc. when opening it on firefox, rikai works and allows me to look up words. but when i put it on my kindle the dictionary wont detect words. any solution?

>> No.21512186

yes have u tried leveling up ur nihongo力

>> No.21512189

i wanna watch hxh because gon becomes a dark twisted sociopath and i wanna learn to let loose and be free like him.

>> No.21512193

This book is fairy easy so I only dont know like a word or 2 per page. but I would rather have the ability to look up a word. any real solutions?

>> No.21512195

wtf is a sortie??

>> No.21512199

I remember watching this as my first fucking anime and thinking a) everything is this awesome and b) wow, it has over a hundred fucking episode, all anime must have this much

Boy was I wrong, wish I'd have savored it more.

>> No.21512201

if that was ur first anime im truly sorry u missed so much good anime just cuz u were born too late

>> No.21512203

You forget how the internet works/?

>> No.21512207

yah but timing matters dude

>> No.21512209

I'm sorry your way of coping with your old age is by thinking it matters when you watch a fuckin cartoon my dude

>> No.21512219

thats not really what its about

theres things that were considered really bad during their time that became really cool and dope decades later and vice versa

ur prolly jsut too young to understand this concept because u have no perspective on the ever changing world lol

>> No.21512237

maybe convert it to the amazon format, asw3 or whatever its called

>> No.21512242

Good thing my enjoyment of something is not dependent on how other people perceive it.

>> No.21512249
File: 39 KB, 1000x893, 1411573025087.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he doesn't know French

>> No.21512253

but thats just the thing its because the world has changed and shaped what u perceive to be good and dope that this happens

in a way what u just said is entirely false because thats actually an impossibility by the very nature of consuming media in the first place lmao

u aint ready to fuck with me squiddo

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>> No.21512270

Is there a difference between (suru verb)をする and (suru verb)する?
Like, I know をする is technically "to do X", but it still kinda looks like it means the same thing?
Is it just a difference in connotations?

>> No.21512283

I did, the problem is i highlight over a word, and not even a difficult word 「竜巻」, and it says the word is undetectable.

>> No.21512285

this is why normalfags are poor.

>> No.21512289

I havent seen this joke in a long ass time. what happened to djt? :(

>> No.21512296

fagする means to perform faggish actions. fagをする means to "do" the fag.

>> No.21512302

if its a verb then を doesnt attach to it

if its a verb then putting する on it would make it weird and redundant

をする is not a construct as を attaches to the thing before it and is independent of する

>> No.21512317

so when im reading am i supposed to be deciphering every detail of a sentence and figuring out what it means or just looking over it quickly and getting a general idea for what it means? this would probably be less painful if i didnt have to look up 99% of the words and guess what definition it is in the context

>> No.21512319

>so when im reading am i supposed to be deciphering every detail of a sentence

no also stopped reading there

>> No.21512328

Just feel the meaning bruh.

>> No.21512332

i mean, if you define "looking over it" as skimming over vocab and getting a general idea for what it means in english then no. what u should be doing is following the grammar particles and getting a feel for what vocab goes where. dont need to pay attention to every detail. just the gist

>> No.21512334

dont even have to do that just skip all the incomprehensible shit and go for the shit that is comprehensible and sprinkle in some lookups if u feel its vital to getting anything at all wrt the main idea

>> No.21512337

just keep lernin japanese til your good brp

>> No.21512338

u gotta spend a long time reading nihongo like shit before more of it becomes accessible to u

and if u force urself to go on a google expedition 5 times a sentence ur not gonna make it ever

>> No.21512339
File: 51 KB, 472x590, 664d95eb74fd0ba2d9a9afac0724dc67.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't get this mentality. what is stopping someone from watching older shows. i was born in 98 and have seen many shows from before i was born.

read easier works, have you eaten yotsuba yet?

>> No.21512342

Focus on comprehending important sentences (that appear in infodumps or scene descriptions). Ignore useless sentences like jokes or h-scene dialogue.

>> No.21512343

oh yeah, and i wouldnt spend more than 2 mins on a sentence. any longer than that is just a waste of time unless it's some super long shit

>> No.21512352

ull understand someday i know what its like to be young and never think im gonna turn into the old guy thats gonna be like get off my lawn but alas it happened and its gonna happen to u its happened to everyone i know tho there are some that suppress it and lie to themselves to try to get around it but its still there

>> No.21512358

>ur not gonna make it ever
Nah. Only people who are consistently willing to Google explanations for unknown vocabulary & sentence constructions will make it. People who don't even care about that will never get good at understanding Japanese. They will just become good at clicking through stuff without comprehending what it means.

>> No.21512361


>> No.21512362

Watch a 15 minute Dolly video where she talks for 13 minutes about how she's the only one who can teach you a topic or watch this video for 2 minutes. Which do you choose? Gold Kokeshi niggers need not respond:


>> No.21512365

sometimes i feel like im the only person who ate all volumes of yutsubato. anyone else?

>> No.21512371

What is the purpose of the particle(?) ぜ?
Like ”やれやれだぜ” as an example.

>> No.21512374

I stopped after volume 2 because I wasn't really enjoying it and it felt like I was only doing it because it was recommended/for 404 girl memes. I go back and read a chapter every now and again though, when I'm feeling frustrated by my perceived lack of progress. Being able to blaze through a chapter when it took me forever when I first started makes me feel a lot better.

>> No.21512376

I hate that gay ass doll

>> No.21512381

makes you sound gei

>> No.21512383
File: 35 KB, 599x405, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you don't have enough vocab to read Yotsubato
When does this suffering end?

>> No.21512385

Perfect I'm going to use it then

>> No.21512395

no its good and advisable to google but not every single thing always all the time


>> No.21512399

once you read instead of playing flashcard games.

>> No.21512405

When you realize that no matter how many Anki cards you pound into your gay little ass, you're still gonna have to look up tons of shit.

>> No.21512408

problem is thats the only 1 good vid on that channel

>> No.21512409

>h-scene dialogue
Why would you skip the best part?

>> No.21512410

Try Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.
It has a bit of specialized mangaka vocab, but after you get used to that you shouldn't have that many problems at your level.
Just start mining as soon as possible.

>> No.21512412
File: 1 KB, 185x82, :).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks anon

>> No.21512414

honestly if u wanna fast track ur nihongo learning just play the all ages versions of all games because lets face it ur in it for the amazing stories and would prefer it not to be tainted by the mandatory sex that the initial version required to be a marketable product lol

>> No.21512419

it's pretty boring when you've already fapped and you're trying to learn nihongo and they just keep saying んんn。。。ああああああ

>> No.21512423

Unfortunately, you're right. An entire series with curt videos like this would be amazing. That one video learned me that concept better than imabi, dolly, and Tae Kim did.

I'm in it for the degenerate porn that would make my mom cry if she knew I was looking at it.

>> No.21512424
File: 789 KB, 957x768, m-9pujUsbipJq0Wr3_SARMwJFxTKjjyB3vcpE05-Xbk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

family version does not count as reading.

>> No.21512428

>not going for round 2 immediately
The eroge you're playing is obviously not high quality enough.

>> No.21512437

what about all the words they used for dick?
dankon, nikusao, sao, nikubou, penisu, chinchin, ochinpo, danshiseki, etc etc

>> No.21512444
File: 7 KB, 300x168, 7908234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i already onanii like 3 times a day, i can't keep up with the 6 back to back 2 stage h scenes.

>> No.21512447

is it possible to get fuuri killed off in axanael? the rest are at least tolerable but i hate her so fucking much to the point i just control f through everything she says and does

>> No.21512455

why do you hate her so much? where did fuuri touch you?

>> No.21512457

u should be in it for the story but the ero is not optional
if u havent broke ur dick on eroge before can u even say ur learning nihongo
why is fuuri such a shit
one of the great mysteries

>> No.21512459


>> No.21512464

literally everything about her. her voice, her personality, her sprites, everything. she is so fucking annoying and generic it almost puts me to sleep

>> No.21512466

once i broke my dick but it was because of depression, i didn't have morning wood or sometimes it didn't stay hard
but now i'm fine and i have morning wood everyday :)

>> No.21512469

Good thing his computer doesn't face the window

>> No.21512479

she starts ok then she gets annoying and she culminates into the most selfish character in the vn which is a high bar to reach

>> No.21512482

i wrote the all ages thing as a joke cuz actually a lot of scripts get edited in other places outside of the ero for console releases not surprised none of u scrubs are grizzled erogamers that notice these things

>> No.21512492

why would i have played a console port of a perfectly good eroge ?

>> No.21512496
File: 211 KB, 924x693, 人間失格.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>if u havent broke ur dick on eroge before can u even say ur learning nihongo
i dont even know :(

>> No.21512498

sometimes ur on the go and just wanna keep reading on ur handheld gaming device

>> No.21512501

What should be my 1st VN, and why shouldn't it have all Loli heroines

>> No.21512505
File: 137 KB, 960x960, 1515613866841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>spend 30 minutes looking for what a word means, not in google, dictionaries, etc
>go back to read it in context
>character is acting like a total beginner at what they're doing
>reread the word out loud

>> No.21512509

u shoulda just posted it here so i coulda made the witty reply of "the thing u r" in 3 minutes

>> No.21512510
File: 15 KB, 255x30, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

check this one out, i'll give you a hint, it's not "sword of shotgun"

>> No.21512515

i know this 1 cuz of my rap videos

>> No.21512518

According to Heiseg, kids are the best teachers. I bet this is the real path to Nihongo, since you fulfill both the kid teacher and ero part in one go.

>> No.21512521

hiesieg is just a huge pedophile thats why he was interested in japan in the 1st place

>> No.21512524
File: 572 KB, 680x425, 1535254498759.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Makes sense!

>> No.21512526

>take a picture of a japanese person
>they freak the fuck out

>> No.21512527

cause authors like to make them talk in pure kana and it'll be a pain in the ass to figure out which of the 50 possible homophones the bitch is talking about (assuming you're a beginner )

>> No.21512528


>> No.21512532
File: 1.53 MB, 480x360, キャプチャ.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21512533

what's this? looks cool

>> No.21512534

What is this meme?

>> No.21512538

thats true come to think of it if u wanna make a japanese person lose their shit and actually just murder u in the street immediately do all of the following things at the same time

take a picture of a japanese person while walking down the street while eating a hot dog sloppily dripping ketchup and shit everywhere while balancing a bowl rice on ur head with chopsticks sticking straight up out of it in the middle of the street during a anti foreigner rally

>> No.21512542

in highschool we had japanese students visit every year. they took pictures of us a lot.

>> No.21512543

How do I stop subvocalizing in a chuuni character voice while reading (think of, like, Lelouch or Reinhardt)?

>> No.21512544

yah but for them its like they are at the zoo

when u do it in japan the sacred holy land its actually very different

>> No.21512546

go back thru the last 3 years of threads and click all my links

>> No.21512548

japan gets angry at some stupid stuff *starts chasing car who flipped me off*

>> No.21512550

>they are at the zoo
Haha stupid American monkeys

>> No.21512551

Just listen to chuuni speaking 24/7


>> No.21512554

why do you want that?

>> No.21512561

dude in some sea countries ppl honk their horns constantly and its not a signal of aggression its actually just the point of the horn in the first place

to alert ppl to where u are so every1 stays safe lmao

whereas in some monkey countries if u sound the horn its time to fight to the death cuz today aint ur day

>> No.21512562

you just have to walk around the streets harassing people with a raw octopus, throw it on windows and then on the back of a taxi, and then go and film a recently deceased suicide victim, that'll get em riled up

>> No.21512571

i'd love to see a video of this. like that one dude who walks up to random strangers in the US and films them and they get progressively more and more pissed off. but less assholish.

>> No.21512574


>> No.21512575
File: 134 KB, 1242x1179, bmmoz24tnsw11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am just glad I have an american phone where I can turn the flash off. Sadly im 5 11 so it would be really hard to take upskirt shots.

>> No.21512583
File: 57 KB, 200x200, Icons-kuroneko-37360191-200-200.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

flash* i meant shutter sound.


>> No.21512587

why not just be a man and ask the ladies directly if u can see their underwear

>> No.21512591

It's not very comfortable to be reading some shitty h-manga about a dude fucking his 9 year old sister while having some 貴族-like voice saying "そして、おマンコにちんぽが入れた。"

>> No.21512598
File: 71 KB, 752x752, bd2fd3fc224e9b6d38b9389d3b29e460.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hows my approach?


>> No.21512601

i live in one of the angry honker places. it's best to dodge the other car if you can. even if it's their fault.

>> No.21512602

that sounds hilarious, i'll start doing that during h-scenes

>> No.21512603

what are some good fully voiced VNs

>> No.21512604

i dont like it

thats right never escalate dude

the world is just 1 giant troll and theres a fuckhead out there every day thats willnig to just ruin his life to fuck u up cuz u tried to escalate

>> No.21512609
File: 1.23 MB, 800x1142, 2eea0cdd0326e6baa613fc2afd0dfe8f010.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21512614

to add im not surprised this is ur true nature oreimo guy its very fitting

>> No.21512618

quiz when you wake up tomorrow i need some clarification on what exactly you did to get good. you recommend beginners watch anime with japanese subtitles and you said this would be sufficient reading practice but do you think it's also good listening practice? because i keep hearing from other people that watching anime with japanese subtitles just trains your reading and not your listening. is this where the anime cards come in? we should rely on anime cards to develop our listening? also is this what you did or did you also occasionally read lns and stuff.

>> No.21512625
File: 134 KB, 600x849, 77609.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21512633
File: 25 KB, 225x253, 22221.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no worries jamal, after i move to japan i might even post a picture ;)

>> No.21512638

of what

>> No.21512644

idk what do you want me to take a picture of?

>> No.21512647

Hes never finished a vn so calling him good is a little...

>> No.21512650

a japanese person

>> No.21512652

akihabara. and no poser stuff like the underground weebshit

>> No.21512653

but they'll freak out

>> No.21512655

live dangerously and risk everything or what was even the point

>> No.21512663
File: 44 KB, 300x450, 222221.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and i will have my arms in the v shape saying aaa-ki-haa-ba-raa


>> No.21512670

Fuck that. You can take a picture of my dick. I probably have reached a status of "famous gaijin flasher" by then who terrorizes the women and men of Tokyo

>> No.21512674

ull never see the quaint denki town in its true glory


sorry i dont think my zoom lens is powerful enough for that lol

>> No.21512698

Why is で here?

>> No.21512701

おかげで is a set phrase.

read more

>> No.21512703

cuz if it wasnt ud be fucked

>> No.21512706

shit i meant the second one

>> No.21512709

Also I’ve seen quiztard call people drones and shit for “dude just tell me exactly what to do”

>> No.21512719 [DELETED] 


and the 2nd part of this variant is really alien. ごめん

>> No.21512726

well be that as it may theres still a grammatical reason that even curedolly could explain

its the same reason as the first so

>> No.21512731

not so hard, just read oreimo, and you will be better than everyone else here

>> No.21512732

doesn't matter if you wanna be the best you have to copy the best. "doing it your own way" is bullshit

>> No.21512733

cool, im not insane.. but the first one makes grammatical sense to me without knowing it was a phrase. what's the difference, i'm curious.

>> No.21512741

well its like タダで手に入るもの except ur going to 見る the 映画 and not 手に入る it

>> No.21512745

i have no idea what you're talking about cause i don't know what kind of comparison you're trying to make

>> No.21512750

i guess u just gotta watch more anime or look up で

>> No.21512808


>> No.21512820

does さま mean "appearance/state" here, so this would be:
>being innocent/unsophisticated, or the appearance of that.

>> No.21512821

@ all beginners don't make the same mistake i did and pick a "long" vn for your first one
i'm pretty sure i'm gonna die of age before i finish this i mean don't get it twisted i love it i've really enjoyed it so far but god DAMN i cannot even see the light at the end of the tunnel

>> No.21512844

how many characters do you get through a day? if you texthook and use the HTML template from the /r/vnhooking guide it tells you.

>> No.21512847

do what natives do then

>> No.21512851

idk bud i just play the game. and it's true that i only have time to put in an hour or two per day at best. that's i guess the main thing that made this a bad idea. i should also probably stop posting and read instead huh

>> No.21512856

i only average like 2500 characters a day at best no matter how many words i learn so i'm fucked

>> No.21512896


>> No.21512908

If we assume 30 average characters per textbox you are only reading 83 vn pages per day which IS not a lot of reading (tm)

>> No.21512911
File: 9 KB, 800x179, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why is this legal? why haven't we beheaded every single person that puts more than one episode in a single file, the fuck am i supposed to do with these

>> No.21512915

i know. and i know people only got good fast at japanese by reading like 6-8 hours a day and i bet they get through like 30k characters or some crazy shit. i just can't bring myself to speed up my reading. i have to ponder for minutes over every other sentence.

>> No.21512917

whys it matter how often u finish if u enjoy it anyway

>> No.21512937

it just feels like i'd like to read a bigger variety of things rather than spending more than half a year on one single thing
it's probably just because of my past as a gamer, "completion = good progress" is stuck in my brain

>> No.21512941

that'll go away if you keep at it, anon. I believe in you

>> No.21512945

Just don't use them

>> No.21512960

no, fuck you, i'm separating them and i'll post all of them properly timed for the release i'm watching once i'm done

>> No.21512966

based and maca-pilled

>> No.21513133

I'm quite sick so I ended up watching 10+ hours of that dark souls let's play I've been linking, ask me anything. Going to bed now so I'll answer in the morning, don't let me down djt no minasan.

>> No.21513202

Where's a good place to read raws?

>> No.21513225
File: 81 KB, 224x428, 1472306813362.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how does one make mine deck? im a total n00b

>> No.21513236

read the guide

>> No.21513308

I incorrectly mined 鳩尾 as みずおち more than a year ago AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

>> No.21513316

I don't know what the fuck I did, but all of a sudden now when I'm typing Japanese, it doesn't type in romanji and then covert to kana. Instead, all of my keys just correspond with a certain kana as if I was using one of those Japanese keyboards. How do I change it back?

>> No.21513317

don't mine shit that's above your level kids

>> No.21513320

Nevermind I got it.

>> No.21513322





>> No.21513329

solar plexus isn't a complex word. but I remember when I saw it the first time it was in pure kanji form so I just picked the first yomikata I've found on google. turns out it was the wrong one.

>> No.21513349


>> No.21513406 [DELETED] 





>> No.21513431

I read the first volume of the のんのんびよりmanga (raw ofc) before I even knew there was an anime for it! And yes it was entertaining to me too, lots of good words in there as well.
I’m gonna try watching the anime and see how similar the dialogue is and how far it goes compared to the manga. 楽しみ!!

>> No.21513493

So my experience is that anime with japanese subtitles DOES train your listening — to an extent! Following along with the text as you listen, or mostly listening and peeking at the text to check etc, WILL help you associate the sounds with the language. But there becomes a point where it stops helping as much and starts becoming more of a crutch.

If you’re a beginner, you do not have to worry about that happening. It will be a great help for you to listen along with subtitles right now. After 100+ hours of that, as well as developing your vocabulary a lot more, see how you fair with no subs. Then go from there, watching more raw etc. There are stages to the progression.

>> No.21513499

I’m craving a big hot bowl of authentic 豚骨ラーメン …

>> No.21513508

I forgot the grammatical term but how do you know when the second kanji in a compound changes sound?
Like k - g, h - b/p, t - d

>> No.21513514


>> No.21513522

that's it, thanks!

>> No.21513540

Isn't watching anime with japanese subtitles for listening practice like doing a test with the answer under every question? I suppose if it is just practice you could call it more like studying from a textbook. Turning them off is like taking the test for the material.

>> No.21513548

This is why you should have listened to jamal and watch anime with eng subs...

>> No.21513557


>> No.21513562



>> No.21513569



>> No.21513598


>> No.21513606

dont stray from the chart

>> No.21513615





>> No.21513619

Wow, そんなに情報は役に立っているから、教えてくれてありがとう

>> No.21513633

Fuck my reading is slow. I've spent a month playing hanahira but if I played it in English it would probably only take me half an hour to get to where I am now. I don't seem to be getting any faster either. At this rate I might be able to finish it by the end of the year.

>> No.21513646
File: 34 KB, 919x766, 1554204040067.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

read things that are actually interesting
not just interesting to you but in general
might i recommend something about 祠s

>> No.21513655

>a month playing hanahira
It should've taken 4 hours at most. How many routes have you gotten through?

>> No.21513661
File: 377 KB, 2000x1500, 1555294888209.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21513665







>> No.21513667

I consider every alternate choice to be a route.

>> No.21513682


>> No.21513683

are u enjoying urself or forcing it
>It should've taken 4 hours at most.
not if uve never read anything before lol

>> No.21513708






>> No.21513712
File: 683 KB, 800x600, Screenshot (47).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, It's one the most moe games I've ever played even though I barely understand any of it. I just had a look at the concept art and I've only unlocked 4 out 20 shots, fuck me how is it possible to be this slow

>> No.21513735



>> No.21513773

Where else would we get our dobutsu no murai reviews?

Probably like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91VtpxEDlIw&t=535
Are you the senshinkan guy from before if so good job not giving up.

No you haven't read the manga because it's not reading.

See above

That used to be one of the best parts of these threads can someone start doing it again please- oh I spoke too soon >>21513493

He said good.

Just play baldr sky like some people in here were doing before they disappeared I wonder if they ever finished it.

>> No.21513790

the main ballr finished and was putting off dive2 but i think he started it and disappeared again

>> No.21513795

What is with this manga is not reading meme?

>> No.21513812

where do I watch Peppa Pig in Jap?

>> No.21513821

someone needed a personal meme to force so that every time he pops in the thread everyone sees that its him

>> No.21513844

All me.

>> No.21513847

what news site do you recommend to read if NHK News Easy got too easy?

>> No.21513854

are you a boomer

>> No.21513861

>being ignorant of current affairs
are you a dolt

>> No.21513864

just graduate to nhk

>> No.21513867

i didnt follow news before learning jap, but i found it an interesting way to learn the language
im more interested in studying the language via it than the actual news

>> No.21513870








>> No.21513880

You could try TBS news, there is also some yahoo.jp site, where you can read news from a few different sites; I am currently on my phone, so I can't send you a link

>> No.21513963

産経新聞 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>毎日新聞 >>>>NHK>>>部落 >>>>>>朝日新聞 >>>東京新聞

>> No.21513971

>out 20 shots
I didn't know there were that many CGs I hadn't unlocked yet.
By the way, have you tried using a texthooker?

>> No.21513974

>Isn't watching anime with japanese subtitles for listening practice like doing a test with the answer under every question
what you autists fail to realize is that language learning doesn't always have to be a TEST!
some things are about just training associations. if you hear a sentence and look at the written sentence at the same time, your brain will have no choice but to start to associate the two. that process is also a vital part of learning especially for beginners who are new to both spoken and written language.

>> No.21513981

>This is why you should have listened to jamal and watch anime with eng subs...
jamal doesn't know jack

>> No.21514002

Where would you put 読売?

>> No.21514004








>> No.21514005

Did you read the next sentence?

>> No.21514008

a beginner's main goals for listening practice are
1. getting used to how spoken words and phrases sound in japanese -- where it's natural to pause, hearing what natural "pitch accent" sounds like (doesn't mean they have to practice it, before some retards hop on my dick)
2. learning to associate written words and sentences and grammar with the way they sound correctly spoken by natives

once those goals are achieved THEN that's when it's time for goals like "comprehend spoken japanese at full speed without subtitles" enter the picture. trying to skip to that step before securing the first two is a recipe for completely unnecessary frustration.

making things harder for yourself does not necessarily equal better results. get that shitty self-punishing thinking out of your autistic skulls

>> No.21514012

a little after 産経

>> No.21514014

yes, all the sentences sucked

>> No.21514052

Anyone know good radio news other than NHK?

>> No.21514056


>> No.21514068

quality sentence, courtesy of a japanese youtube comment


>> No.21514087






>> No.21514088


>> No.21514110

>tfw i don't read to consolidate the grammar rules i have "learned"
why am i retarded, lads?
>tfw my japanese language partner has reached conversational level in german in 8 months

>> No.21514122



>> No.21514126

Why though, one of the best parts of learning things is spotting them in the wild for the first time and recognising the pattern and understanding. You get that feeling that what you're doing is actually valid and you are learning.

>> No.21514138






>> No.21514142

Thanks senpai

>> No.21514146

>one of the best parts of learning things is spotting them in the wild for the first time and recognising the pattern and understanding. You get that feeling that what you're doing is actually valid and you are learning.

>> No.21514252

any viable way to use Netflix Japan outside of Japan that still works? is there a way to download movies from Netflix?

I read that it's not possible to download

>> No.21514282

youtube. there's a 24/7 stream.

>> No.21514329
File: 18 KB, 886x654, 1535222248351.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21514337

Who is the person posting when we get slight bounce backs?

>> No.21514372

whatever u gotta tell urself to make accepting failure easier

>> No.21514388

I only come here to see if anyone posts links to new resources, but even then I still get sucked into the shitposting.

>> No.21514447




>> No.21514458
File: 34 KB, 620x330, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21514470

man it's great every time when anonymous nobodies posture in this thread and a native blows them out

>> No.21514471




>> No.21514501

This, I made way more progress with sanarara than I did with hanahira despite it throwing shit like 〆 at me regularly.

>> No.21514524

in this case the native actually blowed themself out being totally illiterate

>> No.21514527

>tfw know a little bit of hiragana but im too retarded to know what a lot of words mean in hiragana
>tfw I only know like 3 out of the nearly 3000 kanji that's required
>tfw the kanji I know are 死 (shi like in 死んだ), 私 (watashi)、 and 赤 (aka)
>tfw know only a couple of phrases like kanpai, ohayou, genki desu ka, wakarimasen, sumimasen, ore wa ochinchin ga daisuki nandayo and a bunch of shounen jump tier shit.
How fucked am I if I visit Japan? How much Japanese would I need to know if any? I know that Japanese are very forgiving to foreigners for not knowing Japanese, but I don't wanna disrespect their culture and look like a fucking weeb.

>> No.21514537

This is a Japanese learning thread. Please ask questions where appropriate.

>> No.21514543

I'm trying to learn japanese, you nitwit.

>> No.21514544

too late u already have and do

just stay within ur designated gaijin tourist area and dont trouble regular ppl just tryin to live their lives

>> No.21514550

Okay and? Am I supposed to read your mind and answer the Japanese learning question you never asked? You know everybody wants to learn Japanese but most people never stop sucking ass and you seem to be a hardcore ass sucker.
Get out of /jp/

>> No.21514553

why r u so upset and backseat modding quiztard

>> No.21514555

he does this a lot with greentexting and early DJT threads too....wtf....

>> No.21514560

well u arent supposed to make a new thread till the old 1 dies thats how it always was since the beginning

>> No.21514565

Not knowing an extremely difficult language when you go to visit is not disrespecting anything. Would you be worried about "disrespecting the culture" of any other country if you went to visit and didn't speak the native language? Holy fuck weebs are retarded sometimes.

Don't touch the language unless you're actually into it. Go to Japan and enjoy your time there as a tourist. Like any other country, they'll care a lot more about your general behavior like not littering, being loud and obnoxious etc.

>> No.21514566

since when have 4channers cared about tradition we buck the trend and do it our own way

>> No.21514571

well u see its more fun that way cuz then like 3 ppl make threads and its a battle to see who survives

>> No.21514575
File: 744 B, 172x33, YES.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what a great feature.

>> No.21514576
File: 141 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (12).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I would feel disrespectful if I visited a place and hardly spoke a lick of their language.
Also to pick up qt3.14 real life animu girl

>> No.21514580

Boy are you in for a rude awakening when you realize Japan's just a regular country and nobody gives a fuck about you being able to string a few sentences together. From your prior post you basically know 0 Japanese so enjoy 2-3 years of daily study so you don't feel like you're insulting the culture lmao

>> No.21514589

you don't need to know any japanese to enjoy traveling in japan

>> No.21514593

honestly if u dont wanna insult the culture then dont disgrace the language with ur gaijin stink

japanese ppl would prefer to have u not actively crippling their own japanese and honestly if i was a dad out with his kids and there was some gaijin blowhard spewing mangled japanese id knock him out cuz i dont have enough arms to cover all my kids ears

>> No.21514597

implying the average japanese middle aged manlet has enough punching power to knock out any westerner

>> No.21514598

it doesnt take much power if u get em on the chin just right dude

>> No.21514599

im so sick of you rich braindead westerners who can afford to go to japan with your gay ass lack of any jap skills and brainiacs who actually know more than mere basics have to stay home and read your faggy posts, because they happened to be born in the wrong part of the world where they cannot afford le random trip to le quirky Japan xD

>> No.21514600

Imaizumi :(

>> No.21514620

im not convinced, most of them couldn't even reach my chin

>> No.21514625

Fucking hell nothing sweeter than the tears of a raging shitskin third worlder lmao

>> No.21514629

no, just a slav
i'm glad i made your day with my butthurt

>> No.21514632

well honestly youd be lucky if they just wanted to do fisticuffs anyway cuz the truth they aint gonna fight a gaijin they are gonna unsheathe their katana or switchblade or just roll up brandishing a large kitchen knife and proceed to purify the land that way

>> No.21514636

I'm also a Slav for what it's worth (yes I know I'm also a third worlder, it's still funny)

>> No.21514638

hey how do you say im gay in japanese

>> No.21514645


>> No.21514649


>> No.21514658
File: 7 KB, 170x170, 7e3a3f48ebaeded83b3572b09e35f5f4d600486a_full.jpg.5ff93540998dff2cd3e166229af00d44.thumb.jpg.bd850728a20cb7d959ac59b61b418d52.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>so enjoy 2-3 years of daily study so you don't feel like you're insulting the culture lmao
For one, I'm trying to only learn enough to get around easily.
Secondly, I'm a poorfag so it'll probably take me 2-3 years to get enough money to visit :^)
Well maybe I do need to know some Japanese to enjoy Japan.
>id knock him out
Japanese people tend to avoid confrontations. And I doubt you could knock me out, you slant-eyed sideways pussy having yellow skinned rice-eating anime loving gook.

>> No.21514664

don't worry bro, I'm a braindead westerner and I can't afford a trip to Japan either.

>> No.21514665

ソイ ホモセクシュアル

>> No.21514666

Christ you're a complete and utter fucking moron. Good luck.

>> No.21514679

just cuz they tend to doesnt mean ur still not rollin the dice dude

theres a guy in fact many guys (and girls) in japan right now who is at his/her wits end and is ready to give in and become chaos incarnate and just rip ur guts out and strew them around in the middle of the street

i hope ur prepared for the dangers is all


>> No.21514697

The only phrases you need to know to travel to Japan are "あの,[place name]はどこですか?", "ありがとうございます。", "これはいくらですか?" (+ the expected response).
You should probably know numbers (not all the counters, but at least 1-10, ひゃく, せん, まん, and the つs, like ひとつ, ふたつ, みっつ, etc.), the four cardinal points, right (みぎ), and left (ひだり) too.
Signs in train stations are full of hiragana, and menus usually have hiragana or katakana too.
Travelling to Japan knowing only a few words in Japanese is probably not optimal, but it's better than nothing.

>> No.21514700

I don't like you but despite that I'm going to give you some advice.
Buy genki 1 & 2 make sure to not skip any problems, take it slowly if you have too.
After 6 month or a year of that you get hellotalk and start using Japanese with Japanese people don't eat manga or watch anime as a beginner because they use中二病 Japanese and that will make you sound like a weeb.
If you want to go hardcore then buy rtk with genki so you can learn kanji too.

>> No.21514706

fuck off dude why are you helping him with all the good shit

>> No.21514717

Why do you people entertain the pea brain who said he knows nothing and probably doesn't give two fucks about learning anything asking about travel in Japan instead of properly telling him to fuck off like he should?
This more than anything else makes me want to stop browsing the thread. I can live with you guys being a bunch of retards incapable of learning Japanese, but if you are the equivalent of redditor mouth breathers then I have no interesting wasting another second with you. You made me seriously consider not posting anymore, because this is all way too pathetic for me to even be worth looking at.

>> No.21514720

because im bored and dont take a fucking thread on 4chan as seriously as your retarded ass does. feel free to stop posting, nobody would give a single fuck

>> No.21514728


>> No.21514729

look quiz i consider you a trainwreck and so one of my priorities is keeping you in this thread for the entertainment but i know that entertaining that idiot's dumb question is not actually going to make you leave, so if i entertain him i just piss you off and that's a win.

>> No.21514734

how do I learn Jap, i know can and can understand NHK Jap EASY?

>> No.21514743

>Well maybe I do need to know some Japanese to enjoy Japan.
Unless you're extremely extroverted, and actually have a high degree of conversational Japanese knowledge, you shouldn't worry yourself about having to know lots of Japanese to be able to have long talks with strangers. If you can read some manga or understand what people talk about on TV, then so be it.
If you just want a basic set of phrases to survive, you really don't need anything but this:
>>21514697 and probably a few basic phrases you can get off Google Translate.
BTW, watching Kiniro Mosaic or reading Yotsubato might help to learn a bit of basic Japanese.

>> No.21514751

honestly if u know about as much as this guy ur good to go


>> No.21514763

i've seen 祠 quite a bit in anime and some games, i'm willing to be she knows the word but not the kanji

>> No.21514768

Download and set up Yomichan + anki, start mining words you'd care to learn.
If you want a primer on grammar, look at one of the guides on itazuraneko. Visualizing Japanese Grammar is probably the easiest one to understand, while, on the other end, Imabi is the one that you'll have to spend the most time with, but that'll actually teach you how to glue Japanese words together.

>> No.21514770

>but not the kanji
isn't that the point

>> No.21514776

do i have to be college educated to have a high IQ japanese girlfriend or is being a good looking white guy enough? i'm not looking for anything too crazy. 120-130 IQ would be good. for comparison my IQ is around 110. i understand how important it is and i want my children to be smarter than me.

>> No.21514782

i'm saying she probably does know it just forgot about it, not that uncommon, see https://streamable.com/ppx8k. it's not really a rare word if you read, you should still learn it

>> No.21514784
File: 98 KB, 600x822, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also, read Cioran or Linkola to take into consideration why you shouldn't have children.

>> No.21514786

uhh girls see potential mates in terms of dollar signs dude the sooner u accept the way of the world the better off u are


>> No.21514794

i'm an epistemic anti-realist who follows his instincts so i don't really care that suffering outweighs the positives, so i'm OK with having kids. also the only people who would follow this philosophy are disproportionately wealthy and educated so this philosophy just causes more harm than good.

>> No.21514799

i wouldnt wanna have kids now cuz the world could become uninhabitable by humans by as soon as 2050 lol

>> No.21514802

So my dictionary translated this as “Don't fall in love because we hate you still.” I don’t really get how it got to that, but when I try to make a literal translation of my own, the
throws me off for the rest of the sentence. Will someone please help?

>> No.21514804

Whenever I read "Davido-kun", I think of this this stubborn-ass American
instead of that other guy.

>> No.21514811

>my dictionary translated
that's not a dictionary, stop using machine translation

>> No.21514818



>> No.21514826
File: 30 KB, 249x466, キャプチャ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmfao 出人 holy sHIt

this is too much uve really done it now

>> No.21514863

>I don't like you but despite that I'm going to give you some advice.
>After 6 month or a year of that you get hellotalk and start using Japanese with Japanese people
I actually started talking to a Japanese woman on conversation exchange. But I hardly use Japanese with her because I'm a brainlet.
>don't eat manga or watch anime as a beginner because they use中二病 Japanese and that will make you sound like a weeb
alright, I'm not big into collecting Chinese cartoons. The only mangoes I eat are Yotsubato and JoJo and on occasion Tonari no Seki-kun and Oshiete! Gyaruko-chan
>If you want to go hardcore then buy rtk with genki so you can learn kanji too.
I see. Thanks for the advice.
Why do you think I would come on a Japanese learning thread? To learn Japanese? How utterly absurd! I would NEVER undertake such a thoroughly scandalous task! You, my good sir, have INSULTED me. I fully enjoy and partake in learning languages. I currently speak English, Spanish, Gaeilge and a little bit of Italian.
I don't want to just survive, I want to thrive!
To be honest though I'm going to study abroad in Japan. In more ways than one, mind you.

>> No.21514871

>In August 2009, Arudou—acting as the chair of FRANCA (the Foreign Residents and Naturalized Citizens Association)—began a letter-writing campaign to protest an advertisement by McDonald’s Japan featuring a bespectacled, mildly geeky, 43-year-old American Japanophile known as Mr. James—a burger mascot who proclaims his love for the fast-food outlet in broken katakana Japanese.[28] Writing in The Japan Times, Arudou argued that the "Mr. James" campaign perpetuates negative stereotypes about non-Japanese Caucasian minorities living in Japan, and demanded that McDonald’s Japan withdraw the advertisement: "Imagine McDonald's, a multinational that has long promoted cultural diversity, launching a McAsia Menu in America featuring a deep-bowing, grimacing Asian in a bathrobe and platform sandals saying 'Me likee McFlied Lice!' or 'So solly, prease skosh honorable teriyaki sandrich?'"[29] Time magazine's Coco Masters concluded: "To protest Mr. James as a stereotype of a minority population in Japan because the Ohio native fails to speak or write Japanese fluently, dresses like a nerd and blogs about burgers only ends up underscoring the fact that there really aren't a lot of foreigners who fit the bill running around Japan."[30]

This guy is paving the way for us gaijin to take over japan. god bless

>> No.21514877

hey dude, where do I get Jap subs from for those series that you recommended like Moomins? do you recommend using subs at all for 'easy' series like that?

>> No.21514895

That makes sense, especially since that way it’s more obvious that さ is sentence filler.

>> No.21514905

imagine if all of japan turned into roppongi lmfao

>> No.21514915

Living in Japan is expensive as fuck. Besides, Japanese people don't really like gaijin that much. They can probably tolerate your presence for a few weeks as a tourist, but probably not for months. If you browse 4chan, you're more likely than not a serious introverted autist. I doubt such a person would thrive any better in Japan than in your home country.
btw read schopenhauer or ecclesiastes
itazuraneko has a large collection of subs for anime.
Subs + textractor + yomichan is the best way to look words up in anime dialogue. You might probably not come across lots of heavy vocabulary, but if you actually want to learn Japanese from anime, it'd be better to look up as many words as possible, even if you only add 1/10 new words to an anki deck.

>> No.21514919

ユウマストメイクヨルオヌサブス、ヤンググラスハッパ! オルリスコヂスアノリングヨルファムリ。。。

>> No.21514930

>Living in Japan is expensive as fuck.

not really no unless u choose to live somewhere expensive

>> No.21514948

aren't those used for games? can i use it for video subs too? i have a texthooker called
will that do?

>> No.21514949

>Living in Japan is expensive as fuck.
Not really. Cost of living for a single working person is around 1000 bucks per month.
>btw read schopenhauer or ecclesiastes
I was doing an epic innuendo. Studying abroad. like "studying a broad" as in looking at chicks. But I'm also gonna actually study there.
I'm big brain in English but a brainlet in other languages.

>> No.21514957

He said he wanted to study abroad. Any place near a university is almost certainly not very cheap. I doubt he's gonna wanna go live with an おじいちゃん and an おばあちゃん out in the 田舎.

>> No.21514958

>ugh i wanna experience japanese culture!
>move to some modern expensive megacity that's similar to other megacities

>> No.21514967

japan has a thing called trains that are pretty convenient so u have even greater flexibility in finding somewhere to live that is within ur means than u might back home

>> No.21514977

I understood that, you dumbfuck. That's why I told you to read those two writers to get the idea that having sex &/or children is somehow supposed to be good & fun.

>> No.21514985

>supposed to be good & fun.
supposed to NOT be necessarily good and fun in the long run
What a careless mistake on my part.

>> No.21514986

i mean ill be real with u the only reason to have kids is so u can have them be morally obligated to take care of ur aging dying ass later in life

its really just a investment in ur retirement

>> No.21515009

This is why anime beats manga any day of the week

>> No.21515016

dude just use https://video.fluentcards.com/ or daiweeb with yomichan

>> No.21515019

dubious you'll get your wish considering you're the one who raised them. probably a bunch of spoiled little shits

>> No.21515022
File: 90 KB, 1600x900, tAVlk8L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I go to the countryside, I'm pretty sure I'll be killed.
Living with an ojiichan and an obaachan (even though I'm pretty sure it should be おじいさん and おばあさん) doesn't sound so bad if Japanese grandparents are like American grandparents.
Isn't Ecclesiastes a book in the bible? Why should I reread the bible? Sunday school was enough.
>having sex &/or children
What about having sex WITH children? Would I need to read Nabokov instead?
That's why corporal punishment is necessary.

>> No.21515024

anyone wanna talk about learning japanese?

>> No.21515027

anime ftw


>> No.21515037

I like learning japanese not talking about learning japanese you feel

>> No.21515040

? basically what this guy said >>21515022

the truth is its really painful cuz u wanna be the doting dad that makes everything happy all the time but u have to equip ur boys and girls with what they need to survive in the world without u

so that means striking the fear of god into them when they start getting out of line

>> No.21515045

memorizing kanji and their meanings from japanese song lyrics > accidentally learning Kobun through classical Japanese literature > annie may > mango

>> No.21515048


>> No.21515055

shitty people make shitty parents make shitty kids is my point and you a shit

>> No.21515060

how am i shitty other than my posts

>> No.21515064

i know these things my man trust me

>> No.21515078

oh talking from personal experience as that shitty kid made by a shitty parent i take it

sorry for ya dude but u aint gotta try to perpetuate the cycle of abuse uve had ingrained into ur body here this is a safe place

ur safe now *glomps u*

>> No.21515086


>> No.21515087

how can I say buried UNDER the avalanche or anything else?

>> No.21515088

When are so supposed to use 御 over あなた?
Is it "御はファゲットです" or "あなたはファゲットです"?

>> No.21515089

>Isn't Ecclesiastes a book in the bible? Why should I reread the bible? Sunday school was enough.
>>having sex &/or children
>What about having sex WITH children? Would I need to read Nabokov instead?
Ecclesiastes is the most blackpilled book ever. It's all about renouncing the evils of real life for the sake of wanting to become close to the pure ideal perfect that God is supposed to be. If that doesn't sound pessimistic and anti-social as fuck to you, I think you're probably not very good at handling symbols or simple metaphors.
I mentioned two things:
1. Having sex for recreation
2. Having sex for the purpose of procreation
Neither of those things implies paedophilia.

>> No.21515092

>aren't those used for games?
textractor is used for VNs and it's an improvement over ITHVNR in that regard. though idk if it works with video players like that guy is implying.

>> No.21515093


>> No.21515101

>If I go to the countryside, I'm pretty sure I'll be killed.

>> No.21515104
File: 19 KB, 757x158, 1550131659374.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21515105

Word of the day: 催眠洗脳

>> No.21515108

>Neither of those things implies paedophilia.
First of all, shut the fuck up, you bong.
Second of all, I know. You mentioned the words children and sex in the same sentence so I did the obligatory pedo joke.
>2. Having sex for the purpose of procreation
>If that doesn't sound pessimistic and anti-social as fuck to you, I think you're probably not very good at handling symbols or simple metaphors.
Why should I care how pessimistic a book is I'm not a doomer emo retard.
hyperbole. I've heard that downhome country fags in Japan are more xenophobic than the cityfolk.

>> No.21515112

im legit disappointed that you fucks are still replying to this inbred crossboarding fuck

>> No.21515115

he basically watched or read higurashi and believes thats how the more quaint areas of japan are lmao

>> No.21515119


>> No.21515123
File: 158 KB, 535x252, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey DJT how hard/easy is this game vocab? Waiting for the crack, can't wait to mine it.

>> No.21515131

go to youtube, search the game and judge it yourself you babby

>> No.21515135

itll just be another game u spend a lot of time thinknig about playing and then spend 5 mins on give up and move to hyping urself up for the next thing ur gonna quit after 5 mins

>> No.21515140

true, but at least I don't pay for games

>> No.21515142

well if u dont play them u shouldnt it would be a waste of money

>> No.21515151

I've watched the entire first season of Attack on Titan and mined like 15 words in total
how am I supposed to keep up 20 a day literally impossible

>> No.21515154

watch drama

>> No.21515163

u need to move on to real literature

like eroge

>> No.21515164

read vns instead of watching shit for children

>> No.21515172

read actual books

>> No.21515173

Have you tried reading a book instead? I know probably not, since you're not really into that, but you could spend at least one day doing that.

>> No.21515179


>> No.21515182


>> No.21515186

japanese isn't about fun it's about autistic grinding it's why matt annihilated you on that quiz. now go mine emperor names or w/e it is that he did

>> No.21515189

just have fun bro

>> No.21515193

says the guy who literally blog posted that he *just* watched snk LOL

>> No.21515195

isn't that a good thing?

>i understand too much of this fucking shit, why cant there be more gaps in my knowledge that i can fill with boring ass flashcard droning

>> No.21515199

no he flashcarded sengoku warlords like odo nobonaga and maury motonari and toyotatomi higeboshi

>> No.21515210

Now check this out excluding my posts the last 10 posts are all replies to me
I think I get to claim the crown for most effective (you) harvester

>> No.21515211

potential habbein

>> No.21515214

yah dude u get yous like bukkake porno girls get cum lol

>> No.21515216

he memorized every emperor name and the years they rules, he heard about the emperor quiz and was excited cause he knew he'd beat it then he realized it also had shoguns and went "wait, that's not an emperor name, you can't guess those"

>> No.21515218

get it into your thick skull i've told you before i will always give you yous

>> No.21515229

ive been posting a few days and holy shit this tripfag autism is grating its fuckinglanguage learning how do y

>> No.21515232

imagine just never playing any iteration of nobuniggas ambition lol

>> No.21515235

Even 50 words a day is easy when you're not bad with the language anymore and you're motivated.

>> No.21515248

because you cant learn a language from a fucking 4chan thread anyways

>> No.21515249

beat quizmaster in the quiz right now or stfu you lying shitter

>> No.21515254

th06 or 07 ost fo today

>> No.21515255

well obviously. but youd expect it to be more about sharing advice and critique than this

>> No.21515257

??? you come from reddit or something? this is exactly what you'd expect from a thread on 4chan

>> No.21515259

what do you mean not bad with the language I just said I can't find shit to mine in the anime I watch

>> No.21515262

it's either tripfag autism or people arguing about rtk and how many words you should do in anki before you start reading, either way is horrible

>> No.21515267

I come from less terrible boards, maybe. im never here except for this thread

>> No.21515276

I tried doing it, and it seems like it doesn't work.

>> No.21515277

why when u can just laugh at him and keep inflating his ego like a balloon until the fated popping day


>> No.21515291
File: 840 KB, 1280x720, yea.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's it i'm never gonna learn this language

>> No.21515317

How do you learn to read japanese names?

>> No.21515318

just shove her face in a bowl of mapo dofu

>> No.21515325

Hey guys im reading Tae Kim and did this exercise : これは水。これ も そう. What is this supposed to mean? Because im reading as "This is water. This is also that way" which doesnt make any sense to me, and it wouldnt either if there was a は instead.

>> No.21515326

you anki it

>> No.21515327

Just download japanese webdings, copy and paste that into wordpad or some shit, then change the font bro. EZ.

>> No.21515341

He likes to throw in sentences that have japanese's rules about context without actually giving the context. i think its correct even though you dont know what も is in response to

>> No.21515344

Don’t thinkーfeel. Try not to make 1:1 translations with English meanings, but try to just understand the general gist of the sentence.

>> No.21515359
File: 216 KB, 600x405, 1539645206840.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21515364

woah woah woah woah

knk is a trash anime but girl shiki is still ftw

>> No.21515380

I've already anime mined all of jojo

>> No.21515383

I should rly read it/watch it but I wanna do tsukihime first but thats prob punching above my weight class rn
Girl shiki is a miracle of the universe tho

>> No.21515387

Porn and vidya. Personally, I love everything that comes with learning a language, but the difficulty/effort sometimes stump me, so I need a good enough motivation to drive me to learn japanese/french/italian/whatever, in this case, Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 and the thousands of untranslated doujins are my motivation to keep moving forward.

>> No.21515388

To read eroge and LNs without having to depend on shitty translations that take years to get done.

>> No.21515392

Isn't that mayan?

>> No.21515399

I dropped Shiki 10 minutes into the first episode but it's been so long that I can't remember why I did that. Is it actually good?

>> No.21515405

if u mean the anime called shiki u prolly dropped it cuz its a fuckin dumpster trash anime

>> No.21515409

god chinese would be so much easier!

>> No.21515413

I think he means sorry no kyoukai but I haven't watched it yet so idk

>> No.21515417

it's sora lol how did I type that

>> No.21515420

been learning for 10 months. should i be waning off tae kim by now?

>> No.21515425

It's actually kara no kyoukai lel. But I meant shiki the anime cause the only google results I got when I searched for "girl shiki" is that anime

>> No.21515427

oh it's fucking kara
the japs and their crazy symbols you never know what they mean

>> No.21515429

jamal what anime do you fucking like ive only ever seen you shit on stuff 24/7

>> No.21515435

>randomly wake up in the middle of the night remembering the ending montage of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
just wtf

>> No.21515438

i mean i was just saying girl shiki was ftw ? whats ur issue

>> No.21515450

it takes me literally 10 minutes to finish my new cards for the day and i still hate it so much that i procrastinate it for hours

>> No.21515454

have you considered deleting your deck and starting anew

>> No.21515464

I learn because I can learn

>> No.21515474

how long have u been `~:"learning"&% ""jaapnese`~" and how much of this do u think u understand


>> No.21515484

>Tfw I'm not the only one that started learning nip because of an untranslated ace attorney game.
The world truly is a small place

>> No.21515496

i ragequit the trip cuz ppl were being mean to me for no reason : (

>> No.21515498

i know that feeling but i've been forcing myself to do it lately, as soon as i wake up.

>> No.21515501

he hanged himself luckily

>> No.21515507

he retired last thread i think. i'll miss that lil guy since we can no longer verify which lowercaser is him.

>> No.21515508

Never write in Japanese again hahaha
no I don't mean that
at least hold off for like another 2 years of intensive anime watching

>> No.21515511

what a shocker

>> No.21515514

qm is right about one thing
anime is the most efficient way to get good at japanese

>> No.21515515

That implies that he's actually jamal.
He's way more cancerous than the original

>> No.21515521

im a product of my environment

>> No.21515522

I don't know shingeki no kyojin is pretty OK
I know it's popular with all the teenage girls but I don't let that kind of thing influence me
anyway it's not even near my liked anime list
which is spearheaded by 銀河英雄伝説
the best anime that will ever have been made

>> No.21515523

I remember I read the LNs in English a few years ago, and I know that they seemed quite good in comparison to the shitty anime adaptation by ufotable.

>> No.21515525

how would I make anki cards as papa steve kaufman tells me too, how do I know if I should pass or fail them?

>> No.21515532

just look at them and press the correct button

>> No.21515533

heres the most important question to determine exactly how shit u r

federation or zeon

>> No.21515544
File: 458 KB, 534x458, chrome_r9G3Zwqu4a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw QM alluding to the fact that he's a girl.
explains why he doesn't do vocaroos

>> No.21515547

quiztard go away

>> No.21515548
File: 163 KB, 912x454, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is that some kind of gunman thing
because I've never watched that shit in my life lol

somebody explain this to me by the way

>> No.21515553

papa steve is history dude

he got owned by a random yt comment and mattvsjapan in their japanese faceoff where steve was absolutely demolished by matts amazing nihongo prowess


>> No.21515562

also if u dont like gunman ur never gonna make it in japanese

>> No.21515567

well u see u click the images and go to the wbesite and read abotu the thing

>> No.21515569

to be honest I just really dislike the mecha genre
nothing in particular against sci fi
I love 銀河英雄伝説
but gigantic robots fighting it out is just silly lol
and I never liked the kind of plot devices those shows use

>> No.21515572

月のルーン lmfao

>> No.21515575

yes it's the remake of the show I know that
what I wanted to say is that the remake is complete trash and doesn't deserve to be anywhere near the real anime adaptation yet when you search the title the first image are all of that abomination of a remake

>> No.21515578

That would explain why QM likes gay shit like LoGH too.

>> No.21515579

now were talkin

u said it buddy welcome to the boomer club

>> No.21515582

I've been called a zoomer and a boomer in the same thread now lol

>> No.21515583

word of the day: 十字架

>> No.21515587

now all u gotta do is look up gap moe and everything will become clear

>> No.21515591

nah he praises lotgh as the greatest show he's seen so in that regard he's pretty alright

>> No.21515593

yah but as weve seen quiztard cant just keep watching good anime

its part of his gap moe

>> No.21515616


>> No.21515617

>tfw finally went through all the cards I mined from the first anime I watched without English subs
Wew. Time to mine the entire manga since it wasn’t fully adapted and even skipped some earlier content.

>> No.21515632

This comment chain is a fucking trainwreck, jesus christ lmfao

>> No.21515635

how long have you been learning japanese and how much of this banger can u understand

>> No.21515641

so was your parents marriage, dont see us bringing that up do you

>> No.21515645

I thought the same thing honestly but it was one of those moments where I thought I'm glad to be here after all

>> No.21515646
File: 29 KB, 1125x189, yoga btfo steve.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


the look on steve's face when matt spoke japanese....lol WOW. surprised steve still uploads videos after getting so BTFO!

>> No.21515652

>1 card per 2 episodes average
do you sit there laughing to yourself, sometimes so hard that you cry, because the clips you've mined are so epic win funny? :D

>> No.21515656



>> No.21515659

ew wtf, why are you posting yoga giving matt an electronic rimjob, nobody wants to see that disgusting shit

>> No.21515661

yah i definitely wade thru a lot of shit in these threads

>> No.21515664

>If you can read some manga
But you can't because it's not reading.


Hey guys I'm back look it's me do you all see

>> No.21515665

lol imagining yoga showing up to the party like 5 mins after matt does with a big brown ring around his mouth lmao

>> No.21515667


>> No.21515669

he actually liked the comment or whatever as well. how fucking pathetic can you be

>> No.21515673
File: 22 KB, 627x211, fairy tale.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21515678

we havent even begun to start this fanfic

its basically like the start of persona 5 so yoga shows up lookin like he hella ate some ass and then it cuts into like a 50 hour flashback of yogas talking dirty to matt while he sloppily slurps his ass lol

>> No.21515689


>> No.21515717


>> No.21515720


>> No.21515730

I can’t even make out the lyrics to songs in English half the time and I’m a native speaker.

>> No.21515735

You might have some sort of mental disability I'm afraid

>> No.21515736


>> No.21515740

Is 恋姫無双 easy or hard to read?

>> No.21515785

Tbh cringy level system aside the difficulty order in these is pretty good.
Better than just recommending yotsuba to everyone.

>> No.21515791

you think yoga might give a reach around while he tongue punches matt’s brown star haha

>> No.21515798
File: 1.82 MB, 1573x917, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wow this show just gives me a big reading exercises in the middle of watching how is that real

>> No.21515805

can you read those weird ass text interruptions in the monogatari series qm?

>> No.21515806

kids dont read that shit i sure as fuck didnt

>> No.21515810

>no more seasons
this one is right up there with spice and wolf for me in terms of sadness

>> No.21515815

oh yeah mostly I can
sometimes it's a pain in the ass though because they use old kanji forms, katakana for everything, write it backwards
and often I just feel like lol who cares I'll just watch the show

>> No.21515818

The one on the old DJT website isn't that bad either:

>> No.21515821

do you understand this song

>> No.21515823

when i asked if this was good 6 or so months ago everyone said it was shit

>> No.21515828

Oh, didn't know about that one.
Thanks for sharing.

>> No.21515837

Nigga wtf. You come here to the DJT threads, but don't about the two guides linked on OP's post?
Do you not look anything up on your own?

>> No.21515844

>homoerotic slang
What? I never read it raw, so this is news to me.

>> No.21515848
File: 288 KB, 600x337, asdsasd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know about the guides, I just didn't look thru the old obsolete one where this list was.

>> No.21515854


>> No.21515863


>> No.21515867


>> No.21515874

>6.みんなで学ぼう!日本の軍閥 why does that title make me chuckle

>> No.21515875



>> No.21515877

U just wanna be a NEET & have a 2D gf, don't you?

>> No.21515878

don't we all

>> No.21515881

you tell em bro corporations are based

>> No.21515883

No. I don't even watch anime.

>> No.21515885

Come up with a better system then lmao. As it stands this is the best we've got and it's responsible for the highest degree of advancement in human history.

>> No.21515889

Socialism but not performed by psychopaths (like Lenin or Stalin)

>> No.21515893

back to chapo retard

>> No.21515895


>> No.21515898

I unironically reported you.

>> No.21515902

Socialism doesn't work because using violence is a necessity in order to take people's shit for redistribution. There's a reason trash ends up running the show, normal people won't do what it takes to enforce the system.

>> No.21515903

capitalism is amazing just look at all the fat diseased cows unfit to live otherwise spending 16 hours a day on computers

>> No.21515916

thats why you have to educate people about why capitalism is bad (dont pretend like its good)
if enough people will think about it maybe there won't be much violence

also i doubt there will be a lot of people against taking resources from the ultra rich who collect yachts and eat bears with golden sauce

>> No.21515921

>nobody gives a fuck about you being able to string a few sentences together
lol what the fuck are you talking about you antisocial hikikomori
japanese people love talking to foreigners who are well behaved AND can actually hold a conversation (unless you’re in tokyo maybe)

>> No.21515925


>> No.21515927
File: 262 KB, 850x1196, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No. I don't even watch anime.
Then why are you still alive?
The only reason to live is for moefaggotry. Not politics, not great aspirations, nothing else.
Just watching anime and receiving moe.

>> No.21515935

It doesn't matter if it's "good" (whatever the fuck that even means), it's the best we've got and it's probably the best we'll ever have until we ascend into being sentient gas clouds or whatever the fuck in a thousand years. Capitalism = the richest, most developed countries in the history of the world, Socialism = hundreds of millions dead and starving.
> i doubt there will be a lot of people against taking resources from the ultra rich who collect yachts and eat bears with golden sauce
That's called stealing and a lot of people would be against it in fact.

>> No.21515936

great post one of the best ever

>> No.21515939
File: 134 KB, 630x921, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reality =/= fiction, you braindead politicsfag

>> No.21515940

whats the points in learning languages if i have avoidant personality disorder which basically means that I avoid any non-anonymous showing off or literally any conversations with people

>> No.21515942

but what if u did rtk with japanese keywords

>> No.21515947

From my point of view DJT is evil

>> No.21515949

>that's called stealing
When amazon worker works 12 hours per day and dies and he has no mechanism to recover from this nightmare of a life when his boss gets all the value - isn't that stealing? Also isn't that stealing when 0.01% of the world population owns 90% of resources? I bet totally fair market mechanisms did this!

>> No.21515954

>whats the points in learning languages if i have avoidant personality disorder which basically means that I avoid any non-anonymous showing off or literally any conversations with people
consuming escapist material

>> No.21515956

>grow out
what the fuck did you mean by this

>> No.21515958

what belongs to who is ultimately subjective my dude, so the answer is that even if it's technically stealing under some random person's definition, who cares? all you can compare it against is your imaginary utopia.

>> No.21515962

learn english

>> No.21515963
File: 129 KB, 850x583, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

read manga or hang yourself if you hate real life so much

>> No.21515966

It would be stealing if it were forced labor. He entered into a voluntary agreement with his employer which he can quit at any time. It's called a job and it's not his employers problem if that's the only one he's competent enough to get. I'm done with this, all you've got are the typical high school talking points and this isn't a politics thread.

>> No.21515968

i bet you can watch cartoons all day until the rest of your life because fuck politics and activism right? it won't touch your life anyway

>> No.21515970

sounds retarded

>> No.21515971

In what order are you to learn radicals in?

>> No.21515974

Even if it affect my life, I wouldn't do anything about it. Get a trip so I can filter you or fuck off

>> No.21515980
File: 259 KB, 343x430, sm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if i became an activist it would be for regulated capitalism and against hypothetical communist fairy tale land predicated on blank slatism.

>> No.21515982

>Living in Japan is expensive as fuck. Besides, Japanese people don't really like gaijin that much. They can probably tolerate your presence for a few weeks as a tourist, but probably not for months. If you browse 4chan, you're more likely than not a serious introverted autist. I doubt such a person would thrive any better in Japan than in your home country.
this comment is nearly entirely wrong, wow. where the fuck do you get your information from?

living in japan is extremely cheap compared to places like U.K., Canada and US, as long as you don’t swarm to Tokyo like most gaijin.
If you’re not a shitty and severely emotionally fucked up person who lacks self awareness and emotional intelligence (this excludes most of DJT and 4chan in general, I agree, but not all gaijin) then of course you can have plenty of positive interactions in Japan, especially if you know enough japanese to have actually pleasant and meaningful conversations. People will give you free shit like vegetables from their garden, and let you come over their house to cook you dinner and meet their shibainu

you guys need to stop projecting your lack of social skills and overall cringyness on every foreigner who goes to japan. that being said, the guy who asked seems he might be an annoying gaijin so idk about him.

>> No.21515983

The best order is the the order they appear in books or manga or VNs that you plan to read them on.

>> No.21515986

do rtk

>> No.21515989

you seriously gonna act like the majority of people that move there aren't delusional weebs obsessed with "japanese culture"? just go to the jet subreddit to see how fucking retarded the average person that goes there is lol. your other points are valid though.

>> No.21515991

if you live in a world where the people stealing win at life and live completely carefree in luxus yachts
why don't you become a thief yourself instead of crying about it and trying to appeal to some imaginary concept of fairness that only exists in your head
the reality is that you know you can't stand up to those people because you are small fry low IQ piece of lazy shit
and calling for equality is just your way of trying to get at people more accomplished than you
let me ask do you think more than 0.01% of all people have significantly contributed to the advancement of the human race, technologically or philosophically? of course not yet we are all living with so many luxuries that would have been unimaginable not so long ago thanks to those few handful of people
most people live in obscurity and die in obscurity never having achieved anything and being concerned with their small worlds that absolutely does not matter a whole life long
how pathetic you are if you can't accept that reality

>> No.21515998

I don't think I can get radio tv from kosovo

>> No.21516002

holy shit
you're unhinged. seek help boku no dachi

>> No.21516005

quizm,aster youve been posting a lot lately are you learning japanese

>> No.21516012

I didn't know qm was ベイスd.

>> No.21516013
File: 17 KB, 500x279, 30F5C6A2-B4C2-4D0E-8328-3F417118FBA7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I've watched the entire first season of Attack on Titan and mined like 15 words in total
>how am I supposed to keep up 20 a day literally impossible
this is.... a good thing QM

>> No.21516021

can't we just all agree that hiragana SUCKS.
We should go back to pre ww2 nipese, traditional kanji with katakana makes texts look like the kanbun of the future

>> No.21516025

it's called bragging my dude

>> No.21516031

uh am i supposed to own a copy of yotsubato with the reading pack
what will wahmen use?

>> No.21516039
File: 82 KB, 600x450, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21516055


>> No.21516062

lmfao nice meltdown

>> No.21516076

god i literally feel like a child sounding out hiragana in my head.

>> No.21516082

tomorrow i will steal everything you have and you'll going to cry for help because waaa its unfair save me please my money was lost!!

because nobody ever just says "yeah, that's fair. someone robbed me, i'm totally okay with it, should have acted smarter!" people who treat themselves like people do something that will ensure their happiness and their lives without harming others.

now fuck off

>> No.21516088

what a bunch of losers, noone here will get gud, so much wasted time, but at least we arent wasting our potential since we have none

>> No.21516090

actually when u do get robbed thats pretty much what u say cuz there aint shit no ones gonna do about it

gotta be responsible for urself dude aint no one give a fuck about u

>> No.21516094

are you actually too dumb to comprehend my post lmao

>> No.21516095


>> No.21516096

I bet you guys support police having free use of weapon

>> No.21516098

>you seriously gonna act like the majority of people that move there aren't delusional weebs
stop projecting.
for one thing a person isn’t automatically a delusional weeb for liking japanese shit. they have good shit. i know plenty of people with prospering social lives, sex lives, nice fashion sense and a firm grasp on reality who also happen to like anime, manga etc. and those are the kinds of people who get treated well there.
also sampling bias, people who are actually living satisfying and productive lives in japan do not post on the jet sub or any other “living in japan”-esque subs unless it’s for very specific help with certain documents or something. so the ones having a shitty time/being dumb are all you see.

>> No.21516101

am i supposed to read before or after i do the yotsuba vocab on anki

>> No.21516103

has anyone ever taken a census of these threads
who's at what level, etc
it might be interesting data

>> No.21516104

>god i literally feel like a child sounding out hiragana in my head.
you ARE a child in japanese. accept it, pretentious old man. learning this language will humble you.

>> No.21516105

i didnt answer to anything directly from your post so you're just trying to show off now

>> No.21516107

tldr superficiality reigns supreme bc this earth is a toilet and were all eating in it

>> No.21516110

why are ppl so averse to kana lol

>> No.21516114

no you just said something that makes it completely obvious you have no idea what I'm even saying

>> No.21516115

>less than one paragraph of information
oh you’re retarded. that explains your erroneous conclusions and the projection.

>> No.21516116

no i did not

>> No.21516122

i wasnt the guy replying to u that prompted u to write that post

>> No.21516127

we all actually have no idea what ur saying in that post cuz its just a unhinged rant lol

>> No.21516131

My experience varied wildly to yours when I was there. Almost all the foreigners I met were at best weirdos and at worst the japan-is-irl-anime types. I'm not sure what your sample was but mine were other jets which is the majority of foreigners that come.

>> No.21516133

ok let me phrase it another way do you think every human life is worth the same

>> No.21516136

laziness literally does not exist
it's all regulated by dopamine/serotonin/cortisol/other hormones levels in your brain

if you think ur performing good it has nothing to do with your "value" or "hard work"
its your brain that works that way

and no its not determinism, you can help yourself with that, but 99.7% arent aware of this stuff and they just live praising themselves for performing good or blaming themselves performing bad without thinking why that happens

>> No.21516146


>> No.21516147

This but unironically

>> No.21516150

ultimately yes if i look at it from the perspective of the universe itself

but as a imperfect human i would make choices that are biased and it cant be helped

>> No.21516153

worth to whom

>> No.21516156

This dude 1 post away from revealing some fucked up white supremacist views lmao

>> No.21516160

adolf quizler

>> No.21516165


>> No.21516198
File: 19 KB, 193x300, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck is 処女尻?

>> No.21516200

>just figured out what a speech bubble said on my own
bro it feels like i just had a brain blast

>> No.21516234

Yeah, but a few panels ago in that same manga there was something that put ワージン as the furigana for 処女. Is a 処女尻 an お尻 that's never been impregnated?

>> No.21516238

virgin ass

>> No.21516241

he wasnt asking about u

>> No.21516247
File: 47 KB, 182x385, 1536085420695.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why is the distance between these two kanji bigger than normal?

>> No.21516248

>adolf quizler
okay i laughed lol

>> No.21516250

i’m mad you asked about such an obvious word when an actually challenging one was right below that

>> No.21516253

Being a utilitarian meritocrat has nothing to do with National Socialism and plenty to do with liberal democracy/republicanism.

>> No.21516256

洪水 こうずい flooding
処女 しょじょ virgin girl
尻 ass

her ass was flooding?

>> No.21516257

Shut.... da fuck up

>> No.21516262

that is something straight out of a movie line

>> No.21516265

almost everyone on 4chan has horrible political views and many of you are racist and sick
i want no parts

>> No.21516272

because the furigana??? wtf

>> No.21516277

I'll have I know I'm not racist. Just a little sick.
mostly due to my family having the cold recently

>> No.21516278

not great but infinitely better than being a racist psychopath

>> No.21516279


>> No.21516282


>> No.21516287

im neither of those things tyvm

>> No.21516291

racism is unironically bad and if you have anything to do with it (or dare I say if you ever visited /pol/ once without leaving immediately) i dont want to do anything with you

>> No.21516294

found one of the racists
why are racists so often also pedophiles

>> No.21516301


>> No.21516307
File: 521 KB, 1903x2677, anki-statistiques-2019.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posting my anki statistics before deleting it.
It's been such a wild year and a half.

>> No.21516313
File: 940 KB, 941x4702, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll post my year as well, check it out.

>> No.21516319

how do you say "im gay" in japanese?

>> No.21516323

idk why do you think you're better than me despite not being better at anything just cuz i hate browns and love little 2d girls

>> No.21516325

What the hell did you injected to get that retention rate

>> No.21516327
File: 614 KB, 1903x2995, anki-statistiques-2019 (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Posted month instead of years

Here is the statistics for the year.

>> No.21516334


>> No.21516338
File: 9 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (9).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21516340

I meant

>> No.21516347

>and no its not determinism, you can help yourself with that
your desire to "help yourself" is itself part of the deterministic process. you are a cart on a railroad track heading into a volcano and the best you can hope for is for some other object to knock you off that track, but none of it will really be your choice.

>> No.21516351

so what exactly is the difference between rtk and lazy kanji other than one takes far longer teaching you how to write and one doesn't bother teaching you how to write? because from my point of view learning how to write kanji is a fairly useless skill?

>> No.21516361

correct and RTK doesn't actually teach you how to write because you won't necessarily remember which kanji go with which words, particularly in words that use 2 or more kanji. so just do lazy kanji, and then if you want to learn to write years from now when you're fluent it'll be pretty easy.

>> No.21516363

u tend to remember them better if you learn to write them but other than that no. u can just brute force the kanji into ur brain through months of reviews without writing a thing. so no there's no point in doing rtk over lazy kanji unless u want to learn to write

>> No.21516367

Both don't teach writing. People who do RTK and then learn to read Japanese can't write Japanese.

>> No.21516369

u also remember them better if u come up with ur own story but u dont need to know how to write for that

>> No.21516371

u can also do neither and just learn words lol

>> No.21516377

when you do rtk the kanji become part of you and you'll never forget them

>> No.21516378

what the fuck is 店? The furigana says it's みせ but yandex says it is たな. Is there a difference? I know みせ is shop and Yandex says たな is also shop.

>> No.21516383

yeah I've tried that for a month now but I'm starting to have issues telling kanji apart from one another. just gonna do lazy kanji for a bit and see how it goes

>> No.21516389

I prescribe you with a daily dose of 「レード モア」

>> No.21516391

itll solve itself but u do u

>> No.21516393

go on jisho and assume the first result is the best one

>> No.21516394

reminder that quizmaster did core before starting to watch anime, despite him telling people to start learning just watching anime and hovering over words he himself didn't do that at the start and he is doing the exact same thing matt did when he recommended everyone do rtk for the first 3 months before learning japanese despite not doing that himself. except qm will probably say it's your fault and you're retarded if what he says doesn't work out for you instead of owning up to it like matt

>> No.21516400
File: 86 KB, 1156x461, 1560102786663.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>instead of owning up to it like matt
this is why matt's a great guy. he admits his mistakes and learns from them

>> No.21516405

>my same profession

lmao kids these days

>> No.21516413

>quizmaster did core
Has he posted about it before?

>> No.21516416


>> No.21516417


>> No.21516425

if not even the guys who get good at japanese can agree on what newbies should do, and even tell newbies to do stuff that they themselves didn't do, then why is it bad if i as a newbie theorize about what's best and tell other newbies to do that

>> No.21516430

I did core but I don't think it was the best most efficient way of going about things, however you are wrong when you say I only started to watch anime after doing core, very wrong. I've been consuming all throughout my Japanese learning and recommend the same thing to everyone.
Started anime mining right after finishing core. Right now I recommend pirating those Tango decks and then doing anime cards after you are done with them.

>> No.21516431

i assume there exist individuals who are actually subject matter experts on language learning. mutt and the rest of the eceleb posse are just random shitheads with no such expertise.

>> No.21516432

>tfw already read every chapter of yotsubato up to 100 in English so reading it in Japanese is way easier.
What's the fucking point desu

>> No.21516435

fuckin hell why would you ever read that boring piece of shit for any purpose other than to learn nihongo

>> No.21516439

did you do the tango decks? either way the main point was that you're recommending people do stuff you didn't do yourself so that's still valid

>> No.21516440

underageb& pls go

>> No.21516449

I didn't do the Tango decks but they serve the same function as core introducing you to basic vocab quickly so it's not a big difference to core except that the word selection and ordering is better and it's shorter so you can anime mine earlier.
You are kind of assuming that people who learn a good amount of Japanese don't actually have any insight on how to go about acquiring it which isn't entirely correct. I'm not saying anything extreme like "read my dumb articles 3 times a day, buy a book on meditation, and spend 3 months learning English keywords before learning a word of Japanese".
No, my advice is grounded in reality. Start consuming from the start while learning basic vocab and some grammar, then switch to input based flashcard making and keep consuming and having fun. Big difference.

>> No.21516450


>> No.21516454

The fuck you mean? Yotsubato is fucking comfy af and also fuuka is best girl fuck asagi fuck ena fuck miura fuck mrs. ayase FUCK YOU AZUMA GIVE ME A YOTSUBATO ANIME

>> No.21516459


>> No.21516461

>reading something you dont like to try to "learn" nihongo
when will they learn

>> No.21516462
File: 802 KB, 1280x720, 1551737351994.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21516475

the range of things you can chose for your first read without wanting to kys is very narrow. presumably you're going to be reading stuff for years and years to come so a few volumes of something you don't like to get your feet wet isn't a big sacrifice.

>> No.21516476

i just want a 600 字/分 reading speed already :(

>> No.21516484

Best girl is Yotsubas aunt.

>> No.21516490

are men who stimulate their prostate to get off gay even if they have sex with women

>> No.21516494

>i just want a 600 字/分 reading speed already :(
>so a few volumes of something you don't like to get your feet wet isn't a big sacrifice.
but you're creating negative associations with japanese... and that's gonna hurt long term

>> No.21516497

dont think so cause being gay entails sexual acts with another man

ps watashi wa gay

>> No.21516499

negative associations can be difficult to break. if you start associating reading things in japanese with "boring chore and obligation" it's gonna fuck you up later on.

best to pick something you like but only do small chunks a day. like two pages a day until you've gained the momentum to do more.

>> No.21516505

sounds like you have never been pegged by a woman before

>> No.21516509

dont rub it in

>> No.21516511

>i never quit nihongoin from somethin that was hard but i did from somethin that was boring
yep same
i was trying to read articles from one of my favorite magazines in japanese after 1 year of pretty inefficient learning and yeah i was overwhelmed as fuck but i learned so much from it, picking away at it for hours a day sometimes and getting hundreds of new words

if i was forcing myself to read news or some shit instead i would have tapped out after 5 minutes

>> No.21516513

dont think its likely you'll create lasting negative association from spending a few weeks doing something you're not ecstatic about.
it's also conceivable then that trying to read something you're into but are struggling with a lot would lead to negative association both for the material and the language as a whole.

I don't think either will happen unless you have the most frail discipline and character ever

>> No.21516514

>sounds like you have never been pegged by a woman before
you have?

>> No.21516519

No, but just know that if you do like it you might consider how good it'd feel if someone was doing it for you while kissing you deeply.

>> No.21516520

What are you trying to say?

>> No.21516539
File: 383 KB, 1277x3834, options.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Working on a census for these threads. Is there anything I'm missing that should be included?

>> No.21516541


>> No.21516543


>> No.21516547

come back in 18 months

>> No.21516548

people are just gonna fill in random shit to be le funneh. i'll be truthful though for whatever its worth

>> No.21516553

Japanesepod101, n5 sample test

>> No.21516554

yeah but their voices sound a lot better in japanese so it's worth reading

>> No.21516555

hey man the pun really only works in Japanese, give me a break.
But get it? Koiwai and Kowaii?

>> No.21516557


>> No.21516559

anime cards

>> No.21516563

>le manga isn't listening meme

>> No.21516566
File: 47 KB, 754x529, Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 16.28.59.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Japanesepod would go under podcasts for learners just because there really isn't much of a difference between it and others other than popularity.
Adding sample tests is a really good idea: thank you.

That would go under Own Deck (Audiovisual.) Maybe this format is unclear?

>> No.21516568

How do you define AJATT in this?

>> No.21516572

Oh okay.

>> No.21516573

u forgot rattata

>> No.21516574


>> No.21516575

Music "enka is where it's at"
Add a option for completion or not (rtk, textbooks, ect)
A non tutor native/native like person just tell you shit
Tv (Drama, reality shows, ect)

>> No.21516577

>learning japanese
>not just letting a babel fish crawl into your ear
fampai, thats kinda cringe desu

>> No.21516578

Good question. I haven't really delved into it beyond the main articles myself so I really don't know—I just know that some people swear by it. Maybe I'll change that option to immersion techniques in general.

>> No.21516581

>what is: a typo
I meant Kowai

>> No.21516585

Also add a option if a person does passive immersion or not

>> No.21516587

This is a good idea for another question. Thanks.

>> No.21516589

>dont think its likely you'll create lasting negative association from spending a few weeks doing something you're not ecstatic about.
then you underestimate how quickly the subconscious mind learns, especially when emotions like boredom and dislike are involved.
>it's also conceivable then that trying to read something you're into but are struggling with a lot would lead to negative association both for the material and the language as a whole
not if your brain already knows that challenging =/= bad and that interesting/fun things can also be challenging.

thats completely different than forcing yourself to do something you do not find interesting and have no 好奇心 about whatsoever

>> No.21516593
File: 722 KB, 1275x804, Screenshot from 2019-06-13 15-35-57.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I kinda like when they put the captions for very obvious lines, like "pay extra attention to this one" kind of thing.

>> No.21516598

passive immersion is more or less a meme
vague awareness of japanese noise in the background will only help familiarity a smidge for absolute beginners, after that it's worthless and silence, or music you like, or nature sounds or literally anything else you'd prefer is better to have in the background when you're not available to focus on the japanese.

>> No.21516602

>less japanese is better!
nice meme

>> No.21516604

It's not about effectiveness (yet.) It's about what people are using.

>> No.21516605

Online videos (youtube)
social media and or forums
Listening to Japanese tourists talking to each other
video games

>> No.21516612

sounds hot

>> No.21516614

>then you underestimate how quickly the subconscious mind learns, especially when emotions like boredom and dislike are involved.
i can't describe such a person as anything other than weak minded then. also worth noting that there is a big difference between challenging and frustrating and the latter is what you're going to be experiencing when reading above your level at the very start. when you aren't as shit then it goes from frustrating to challenging in my experience. basically i'm on the complete opposite side of the coin to you.

>> No.21516618

more like *japanese you're not actually paying any attention to is not going to help you get any better.
which should be obvious...

>> No.21516619

Theoretically couldn't a game similar to the Gojuon game on the guide website be made using not kana, but kanji instead? You can use JLPT N5-1 and seperate each one into groups to be enabled like how you can turn on different sets of sounds. You can type what they translate to or how they're read in romaji like the Gojuon game.
Being able to read kanji is more important than being able to write them.

>> No.21516623

omg thats the kanji for 1 and the kanji from 出撃 LETs GOOOoOOOO

>> No.21516624

so you guys weren't joking. How the fuck am I supposed to learn katakana? I have some manga arrive tomorrow and I need to get fluent in katakana until then. I have about one hour until bed time, what do?

>> No.21516629

>blah blah i choose to waste my life tolerating boring shit so i'm better than you
finished flailing your dumb sense of superiority yet?

>> No.21516630

jack off in ur own mouth and swallow it all and ull be able to read katakana tomorrow

>> No.21516632

What about the 2% of the time you are paying attention to it?

>> No.21516633

so anki but with text input? whats the point? there's an extension for anki that lets you do this i think

>> No.21516634

What if you sometimes do passive immersion by accident?

>> No.21516635

just look them up when you come across them

>> No.21516637

Whats the point of the Gojuon game then?

>> No.21516638

i can't be finished because i never started, retard. i was just having a conversation, don't know what you're doing other than not reading what I said.

>> No.21516639

If we never changed the beauty that was pre ww2 Japanese this would have never been a problem

>> No.21516640

not listening to japanese is useless........ also you can pay attention any time....................

>> No.21516643

Idk I never used it.

>> No.21516644
File: 878 KB, 1221x8927, revised.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's a revised version. How is this?

>> No.21516646

play the gravity game https://quizlet.com/82323494/gravity

>> No.21516650

Feedback would be appreciated on any of the questions I posted.

>> No.21516653

just watch this like 10 times dude

>> No.21516658
File: 680 KB, 1058x1536, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

guys, harukami wrote a novel about us

>> No.21516661

Well it's One Punch Man so I excpect 90% of text to be in katakana. Honestly, what is the story behind those symbols. It looks like someone did a study on how to use symbols that have the least logical connection and resemblance to the sounds as possible. This is sadism in its purest form.

>> No.21516662

looks fine, post it

>> No.21516664

murakami*, fuck

>> No.21516668

Is it possible to be able to state the preferred study method?

>> No.21516670

>What if you sometimes do passive immersion by accident?
>you can pay attention any time....................
and at that point it becomes active

>> No.21516675

thanks for the worthless discussion as long as we all agree listening to japanese is better than not and the more you do it the better you'll get

>> No.21516676

these look helpful thanks.

>> No.21516679

The men in this book have all lost women. That implies having been in contact with them previously.


>> No.21516682

>listening to japanese is better than not
yep and that "passively listening" isn't really listening

>> No.21516684

>>What if you sometimes do passive immersion by accident?
You put on a show and then start shitposting.

>> No.21516687

>The men in this book have all lost women. That implies having been in contact with them previously.
wouldn't know, i only read the title lol, also you late on calling the typo out >>21516664

>> No.21516689

Good idea. I'll add that.

>> No.21516690


>> No.21516695

every discussion you're involved in is worthless

>> No.21516697

hang yourself

>> No.21516699

why does Japanese have so many homophobes there are like 7 different versions of hashi already

>> No.21516700

Before loan words there's was nothing.
But then Chinese came
But this is not Chinese so then came the kana
Both katakana for (Kanbun) and hiragana for what the women was writing was used
Before ww2 katakana was used just like hiragana today
But then the freedom nation attacked

>> No.21516703

different pitch accent

>> No.21516704

wait til' he finds out about "kikan"

>> No.21516707

this, why can't japanese have tones

>> No.21516708

>so many homophobes
No third wave feminism is the main reason.

>> No.21516714

what happens if a man uses a vibrator on his dick?

>> No.21516715

How would that work with the agglutination

>> No.21516717
File: 255 KB, 1209x441, 1559754475584.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21516730


>> No.21516734

Pretty cringe but the main thing that annoyed me is this dude pretending anime hasn't always shown off the bodies of underage girls.

Pitch accent is stupid to me purely bc a. they're not gonna care and b. Doesn't exist in written text.

>> No.21516735

this is all so fucking stupid. To not get rid of kanji is already a major fucking stupid mistake. But two additional alphabets as well, is complete lunacy. They could forget about Katakana tomorrow and nothing, literally nothing at all would change for them. Well I suppose some companies would need to change their logo until the next generation went trough gakkou without learning that shit.

>> No.21516743

>b. Doesn't exist in written text.
yeah it does, every word written in text has a pitch

>> No.21516744


>> No.21516745


>> No.21516749

i want to learn japanese so i can go to japan and be a jav actress (trans)

>> No.21516752

RTKchads win again!

>> No.21516753

I personal find that to be a good thing, If I wanted to learn an easy language I'll learn Spanish if I already didn't knew Spanish

>> No.21516754

how many people has this writing system killed already?

they all learn for a week and then post shit like this before quitting.

>> No.21516756

May I suggest korean

>> No.21516757

kanji is the biggest pleb filter the world has ever known
which is funny cuz if you just did rtk it wouldnt even be difficult

>> No.21516762
File: 6 KB, 138x33, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i can tell you've never done a significant amount of reading in japanese to come across shit like pic related and have to think for a second if what the fuck it's supposed to mean cause that shit's usually written in katakana

>> No.21516765
File: 59 KB, 640x440, ec6a953b-710a-4a9b-80ee-93250bd47772.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

actually its kana that is the pleb filter cuz none of u can even understand it

>> No.21516768

well look it's fine and I will learn it eventually. It's just not comprehensible to me, how you would sell an entire nation on this kind of stupidity. I'm more angry because it's so fucking unreasonable. To some extent you could make the same point about capital letters and to be honest, they are completely useless and a mistake as well. But at least They are mostly easily related and you can learn them fast as shit. Hiragana is not perfect, but it has some flow going and only a few confusing mistakes. But Katakana is literally all over the place. Probably even made up alphabets like elvish or klingon make more sense than this shit.

>> No.21516771

Even if you didn't do rtk know just one word with any given kanji makes learning another word with the same kanji a lot easier than learning pure hiragana/katakana words

>> No.21516774

Won't Japan likely have to address this over the coming decades anyway due to the ageing population.

>> No.21516776

Happens a lot with animelon. Use the transcript on the right to look shit up instead (have to click the blue load button then 待 a bit)

>> No.21516781

>then 待 a bit
your brain on rtk

>> No.21516791

Trust me man it's not katakana, it the fact that we have to know 3 writing systems, if we just get rid of hiragana we'll have the perfect language for both the stone age and the space age

>> No.21516800

Being 100% honest, if you're this assblasted about katakana just give up now

>> No.21516808
File: 846 KB, 804x604, 1559770619607.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21516821

katakana is a lot worse than hiragana though. But I would gladly get rid of hiragana for the greater good.

The korean writing system is probably most advanced alphabet on the planet. I learned it just for fun, but I'm not interested in korean, since it's ugly and doesn't produce that many anime.

>> No.21516822
File: 962 KB, 1072x603, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21516823

It looks kinda cool, but it's very inconsistent and misleading. It's just badly engineered, that's all.

>> No.21516824

katakana and hiragana are the same fuckin thing man

>> No.21516826

>inconsistent and misleading
what the fuck are you even talking about

>> No.21516828

i swear man, sometimes i think we're not better than reddit when i see shit like this dude going apeshit over katakana

>> No.21516832

hiragana is just boneless katakana

>> No.21516841

I highly doubt he is talking about the pre spelling reforms

>> No.21516842
File: 63 KB, 600x424, 1534032615333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A year or 2 back there was a guide to travel preparation for the olympics. Does anybody have the link?

>> No.21516844

common dude you know what I mean, there are many examples
>ア ヤ
>フ ワ ヲ ヌ
>ソ シ

Just to name a few, they look way to similar and have no logical connection at all. It's also hard to read.

>> No.21516848

Incense from tree is pretty sexy though, I gotta say.

>> No.21516850

not a problem

>> No.21516851

oh FUCK i forgot about the olympics. when exactly is that? i'm so fucked if i don't learn japanese by the time it happens.

>> No.21516852

That's neither inconsistent or misleading. Do you even know English you dumb fuck? In any case, give up now because you're in for a world of hurt when it comes to kanji.

>> No.21516854

Summer 2020

>> No.21516856

read more

>> No.21516857
File: 13 KB, 300x330, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the fuck you mean no logical connect? that's every alphabet, you're just assigning sounds to symbols so you can read them, if you insist in knowing why they look like that though look at the wiki page for katakana, basically they took parts of kanji and made it into characters so they could use it for chinese words as shown in pic related

>> No.21516860

wow, that didn't copy well, here https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/0c/Katakana_origine.svg/300px-Katakana_origine.svg.png

>> No.21516861

why the fuck does q and p look so much alike? and s and z? don't even get me started on O and o. how the fuck am i ever gonna be able to tell the difference?

>> No.21516867

those are way more different than what he listed though because there are fewer of them and they're all opposites/inverses.

>> No.21516868

i cant stop jerking off to gay porn

i think watashi might be gay

>> No.21516871

how long have u been learning japanese and how much of this do u understand


>> No.21516873

>why the fuck does q and p look so much alike?
I and l look similar but q and p and s and z don't. use better examples.

>> No.21516874

this is way funnier than it has any right to be

>> No.21516877

not necessarily it depends on what ur focusing on

if its the male faces and bodies above the waist yes u r likely gay

but if ur just lookin at the dicks and balls and holes they are goin into thats actually pretty straight

>> No.21516878

Neither do ア ヤ nor ヲ ヌ, that was why I choose them.

>> No.21516880

Hearing a gaijin using so many complicated words to talk about politics makes me feel 羨ましい

>> No.21516881


the seem very different because we a used it them, the same feeling would come when we get used to katakana

>> No.21516884

it is in fact the latter but not sure how thats straight outside of meme land

>> No.21516890

i mean ill give u the straight up test

do u wanna kiss any of the dudes ur jacking off to on the lips ?

>> No.21516891

lol not for ソ ン particularly when they're stylized

>> No.21516894

hnuvmw pqbd tflji xk
like a third of katakana is the same as hiragana anyway
anywhere but the lips is ok ?

>> No.21516897

Being able to read this comfortably put a tingle in my dingle. If you know what I mean.

>> No.21516898

no but i kinda want to fuck them up the ass and let them suck my dick

>> No.21516904

you can same the same thing about UV if the person has really bad handwriting

>> No.21516907

dudes look at dicks even in straight porn its scientifically proven

good dude thats waht im here for if u know what i mean

well good news youre not actually gay u just into weird sex shit

i dont think theres any correlation either way

>> No.21516910

those dudes are gay

>> No.21516913

>hnuvmw pqbd tflji xk
none of these are ever going to be confusing after the first week for a foreigner. they do not look similar enough. same can't be said for ンソ

you can make an a and o look similar on paper too i guess but it'd have to be way more sloppy than someone writing ンソ

>> No.21516914

>well good news youre not actually gay u just into weird sex shit
not making much sense here m8

>> No.21516922

its not gay to suck ur friends dick its not like u wanna marry him and spoon and walk down the beach holding hands u just wanna fuck and suck and thats not gay

>> No.21516928

>u just wanna fuck and suck and thats not gay
it kinda is though

>> No.21516929
File: 213 KB, 2378x1683, シツソン.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what do u mean by stylized cuz most stylized fonts make those even easier for me lol
ur really goin on about this have u tried fixing ur problem instead of cryin about it heres the secret for u

>> No.21516934

>have u tried fixing ur problem
yea i'm getting better at distinguishing them. i just wanna beat the fuck out of every dumb fuck who claims english letters are nearly as similar. i wanna hear those fucking idiots squeal

>> No.21516935

depends on your definition of sloppy, assuming correct stroke order and direction was used then it's really hard to mess up things like ンソツシ

>> No.21516947
File: 41 KB, 870x580, abe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You want to learn Japanese? It's quite simple actually: Kana -> Genki 1 -> Genki 2 -> Tobira. Start Core 6k once you've finished Genki and do RTK, Wakinaki or wathever for learning Kanji. Also check A Dictionary of Basic Japanese whenever you have any doubts on grammar. That's all you need to know for your first year if you're a quick learner. Two if you're slow or don't have too much free time. Now close DJT and open a textbook.

>> No.21516951

what a garbage post

>> No.21516952

ur post was supposed to end with "now close djt and open the tobira"

>> No.21516959

do u think he knows what tobira means

>> No.21516973

>>21516842 here,
does anyone know when they would announce the fall time ticket lottery? I missed the may lottery request

>> No.21516979

none of those say anything about meditating

>> No.21516983

this >>21516976 one does

>> No.21516998
File: 398 KB, 469x469, new guide.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21516999
File: 321 KB, 556x1657, 1558966375264.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21517002

yah its just all 1 big joke lol

>> No.21517006

>adopt a parent and start shadowing

>> No.21517009

it's what he calls a native whose speech you want to mimic

>> No.21517013

the best satire has truth in it

>> No.21517018

a logical connection would be, if reoccurring similar sounds would always look alike. So let's say you have "a" would be a circle and "k" is always something similar to "I". "ka" could look like "Ø". And "e" would be a triangle and "ke" a triangle with a line in the middle. I'm perfectly aware that the latin alphabet is also very stupid and has things like "v" and "w" that are completely redundant or small "l" and big "i" that even look exactly the same. But you cannot forget how old latin is and it came from an alphabet they needed to write on fucking stone.

>> No.21517022

was finally able to update to windows 10 version 1903 so my japanese learning is going to explode in efficiency

>> No.21517029

I saw that post too, and I liked the response more than the original comment itself:
"If people want to learn about Japanese as it is spoken by real Japanese people, they can go look up Youtube videos of Japanese people doing ordinary stuff like eating hamburgers, playing with their children, catching squids, or having conversations with their friends about stuff that happened that day. They don't need to about office/business-y words like "会議室" or "工業" for that.

If, on the other hand, people want to learn about how to understand manga without having to depend on translations, they can do that by looking up words as they go along and adding them to an anki if they happen to feel like they need some help remembering them.

Who does textbooks like genki or tobira benefit? People who want to have a cursory, general knowledge of Japanese as used in formal settings, without quite focusing on anything specifically."

>> No.21517035

Imagine making a guide where half of the content says "read my shit multiple times over and over". Matt is so fucked in the head.

>> No.21517044

I'd rather never learn this fucking language than follow this shit. So far all I've been doing is reading, watching and mining and it's getting easier to understand shit, that's good enough for me.

>> No.21517058

Gonna go with jamal on this one, ンソ look way more distinct with stylized fonts.

>> No.21517063

l and I are way more similar than anything you find in kana.

>> No.21517066
File: 32 KB, 1053x175, Screenshot from 2019-06-13 17-25-28.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't actually read the rest of the thread after copying that retarded entry and posting it here, but the guy who gave your response seems to be pretty based judging by his profile.

>> No.21517072

He must post here lmao

Where you at dude?

>> No.21517092

Matt should delete all of the videos and replace it with a less than a minute long video that says:
"What's the best way to learn a language?
By learning words and phrases in it, of course.
And what's the best way to learn these words?
By continually exposing yourself to them being used in context in media in that language. If you continually do this, and make a great amount of effort to attempt to understand what you expose yourself to, then you are more likely than not to gain a certain comprehension of the language, piece by piece being put together into order by your mind."

>> No.21517098

>Matt should delete all of the videos
could have ended the post there

>> No.21517101

god i havent written anything in so long that i get wrist pains after just half an hour of rtk

>> No.21517109

maybe god's trynna tell you something

>> No.21517117
File: 8 KB, 852x176, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's pretty amazing isn't it.
Just imagine being an uneducated American completely failing in academia or really anything that matters but succeeding in somewhat learning 1 (one) language by blindly following a list of instructions written by another person that is actually based on just inputting Japanese (+cult shit that doesn't matter) and now thinking that you gained some kind of language acquisition insight that others need to be in awe of and read over and over again to just really comprehend. In reality it's just inputting + more cult shit nobody asked for lol.
And then you go on and try to learn another language and fall right on your face of course while still maintaining the ego.

And people eat that shit up. What a crazy world.

>> No.21517150


>> No.21517171

I didn't know you could describe "going at it" so stiff

>> No.21517183

>>Gain an in-depth understanding of the phonetic system, and do training to become able to accurately perceive all the language's sounds.
I like how he provides no information whatsoever on how exactly he expects people to do this (or half the other shit in the guide). May as well add a step where he just says "Learn Japanese".

MIA really is just AJATT as envisioned by a massive assburger perfectionist with no concept of fun. Khatz, for all his flaws, understood other people and how they work and built his method around it, but Matt doesn't. His idea of improving AJATT is sucking all the fun out of it by adding in a load of tedious bullshit that you have to study so you can become "native-like" (or, at least, that's the hope... whether or not following MIA can actually get anyone there remains to be seen).

And this whole "native-like" thing anyway just seems like a big case of "can't see the forest for the trees". He's become so fixated on this bizarre obsession with standing on the same level as a native Japanese person that he's forgotten the whole point of learning a language in the first place - so you can use it to have fun.

>> No.21517206

Anyone have a good Japanese Keyboard for android phones? Tried using googles and its kind of meh.

>> No.21517213
File: 1.48 MB, 1366x768, スクリーンショット (233).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I might be going a little slow but this is my first vn, this was apart of the "tipping point" and this will teach me nip

>> No.21517232

wtf is that

>> No.21517261

Matt being the catalyst of the world changing kougo event will forever be a cultural property of djt. No one may even think about not posting about matt from this incident forward.

>> No.21517284

lol at ur hooking catastrophe but gambare ur gonna make it

>> No.21517290
File: 1.27 MB, 1366x768, スクリーンショット (236).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If only learn jap was as easy as fixing this.
jk it wouldn't be fun that way

>> No.21517305
File: 935 KB, 1000x720, よし!読みましょう.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21517309

>apart of
you don't even know english

>> No.21517342
File: 31 KB, 897x299, 無題.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and he knows the board culture perfectly.

>> No.21517368

Which OCR do you guys use for 縦書き?

>> No.21517383

damn it feels great when your heart opens up to enjoy moe to it's full potential. absolutely breathtaking.

>> No.21517388

mistakes like that shows I'm a native English speaker.
Just like that one Japanese youtube comment I read the other day used 「内蔵」instead of 「内臓」

>> No.21517418

if you wanna learn a grammar point from DoJG you can open the DoJG itzuraneko page and find it instantly with ctrl+f. doing this with any other guide is a pain in the ass.

>> No.21517420

I'm going to a local anime convention tomorrow.
Any tips on how I would pick up weeb girls with my nihongo skills?

>> No.21517423

If you're going to a con to pick up girls, you're going to have a bad time. Cons are for hanging out with friends, hitting the vendor area, visiting interesting panels, showing off your cosplay, meeting people who are into similar series, and, most importantly, meeting guests from Japan.

>> No.21517431

so basically rtk is good for some people and not good for others

>> No.21517435

Where else are you supposed to go to meet actually nerdy girls?

>> No.21517436

Nah, it's good for everybody. What's not good for anybody is attempting to use in in the order Heisig wrote it.

>> No.21517446

Just like all learning methods.

>> No.21517454

go to the orgy ? every con has a orgy but its usually invite only

>> No.21517457

like clockwork

>> No.21517463

Through friend groups and meetup circles, but this isn't really your advice thread. You could always go ask on /cgl/ and have the femanon whales mock you for posting there

>> No.21517470

he said weeb girls not furry boys

>> No.21517474

The only good way is to find a normie girl and turn her into a ダメ女

>> No.21517486

what's so hard to understand about the difference between needing something and it being helpful
you don't "need" rtk it only gets you get fluent a few thousand hours quicker

>> No.21517491

All those NEETs here are way too busy for something they don't absolutely need. It's a waste of time.

>> No.21517505

what exactly is the difference between rtk and doing it with another mnemonic based method like kanjidamage or just coming up with ur own stories through radicals as you go?

>> No.21517512

>few thousand hours quicker
nice bait but no (you) from me

>> No.21517517

literally none. it’s just people are too brainwashed into rtk to realize it

>> No.21517519

1 faster 1 slower

>> No.21517529

I dont know I only did 1 mnemonic system which was rtk I didn't need to go searching for other mnemonics to learn the same kanji again I'm sure they work just as well if you give each kanji a unique keyword and each component a name but that's just reskinned rtk

>> No.21517534
File: 18 KB, 261x404, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy shit lol, i thought he was gonna hire someone to read some japanese stories or something when i read the title of a goal but it's much worse, his cultists literally can't fucking read on their own

>> No.21517540

havent radicals been around longer than rtk tho

>> No.21517557

yes they're as old as chinese characters

>> No.21517576

if u want to go ahead and learn all the kanji as u go making ur own stories for them then by all means do so. just know you could’ve done it far faster and more efficiently if u just did rtk first instead of dropping what ur doing and coming up with a story whenever u encounter a new kanji

>> No.21517587

mia - the audiobook
after u pay for the production ill sell it on audible to all u loyal patrons

>> No.21517591

when's matt going to write some content for his site

>> No.21517596

Imagine driving down the road listening to English audiobooks about how to learn Japanese without any japanese in them and thinking that it counts as immersion.

>> No.21517606

I think Matt really just wants to make self-help bullshit that people will praise him as their saviour for.

>> No.21517618

when he finds somethin good to steal

>> No.21517621

thats prob a 2500 patron goal lol

>> No.21517623

well he said he realized the meditation advice was inappropriate in some context in retrospect because including it in a language learning guide is similar to recommending general life advice like exercise, which could help but doesn't exactly fit into a language learning guide. but i haven't checked if he actually removed the meditation stuff yet.

>> No.21517624

Who do I have to pay to get Japanese friends to talk to?!

>> No.21517629

why is it more efficient? u spend 3 months trying to remember the stroke order of 2k kanji and u have to come up with ur own story for them anyway since heisig doesnt give u them. whereas if u simply u learn them as u go you can also immerse during that time while working on ur mining deck and u dont need to spend time learning each ones stroke orderunless one kanji in particular gives u trouble

>> No.21517630

balanced path overview
stage 2
>(For those seeking fluency or above) Begin a meditation practice (ongoing)
perfectionist path overview
stage 2
>Begin a meditation practice (ongoing)

>> No.21517632

I'm still getting these dopamine rushes whenever I see a new word that is worthy of mining. I fear I might be addicted to this.

>> No.21517641

there’s nothing stopping u from immersing while u do rtk u realize? nor do you need to learn every kanjis stroke order especially for easily recognizable shit like 五. only need to do it for the kanji you struggle to differentiate.

>> No.21517642
File: 760 KB, 800x599, N2-005_omegutte.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

womegutte means THAT?

>> No.21517645

so it’s exactly the same as just learning them through immersion except u get a bunch of kanji u dont need to know in the process?

>> No.21517667

no becuz heisig does it in a specific order and those kanji u dont need to know are usually necessary for forming other parts of kanji. they’re called primitives

>> No.21517674

kklc has a better order and better mnemonics lol

>> No.21517678

tfw feel insulted every time a vn puts furigana on words that I already know how to read correctly

>> No.21517688

why is this specific order important? why do i need to learn these primitives? are they so useful that they’re worth going through 2k kanji for? couldn’t i just download a primitive anki deck in that case instead of doing rtk?

>> No.21517698

why doesnt he just do it himself thats what the cultists would want

>> No.21517714

i dont think theres anything about matt worth posting anymore guys i think its time to move on

>> No.21517716

read more

>> No.21517719

i thought that and then he said pirates are twisted so u never know whats gonna come out of the boys mouth

>> No.21517728

well yea but its like oh matt said another retarded contradictory thing to his true self put it on the list next to things like knowing japanese lol

>> No.21517733
File: 63 KB, 605x593, behind.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you guys only say the things you do because you're anonymous

>> No.21517734

Have we talked about Matt's ちんちん size yet? That could be a good Japanese discussion topic.

>> No.21517747

Probably little over average

>> No.21517749

but an anime avatar is a face

>> No.21517762

Only idiots share their real identity online

>> No.21517764

all pirates or just the ones who share locked patreon material

>> No.21517771 [DELETED] 


>> No.21517798

really makes me wanna donate the money i saved on books to mattos patreon

>> No.21517808

after all the work he did copying and pasting a link into his description ? remember to give money to ur local leeches so that one day they can afford to pay a voice actor to read what the advice theyre copying and pasting

>> No.21517811

reddit is full of gay-ass niggers who can't embrace the Cyrenaic spirit. fuck that website. I thought that people there would actually care for some good advice, but it seems like they only care for talking about boring everyday "adult" bullshit.
If they wanna talk about that, they oughtta be learning some boring language, like German or Chinese, instead.

>> No.21517816

I'm I autistic to read and watch shit that has it's season matching the current (e.g watching kanon during winter)

>> No.21517820

lol looks like someone made an effort post and got downvoted on /learnjapanese

>> No.21517829

>I'm I autistic
Say no more, we understand

>> No.21517841

what are you talking about

>> No.21517847
File: 9 KB, 624x127, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21517848

Yeh, pretty much what happened. I feel like they care more about discussing genki chapter of the week than anything else.

>> No.21517853

yes just say you learned katakana and are feeling really good about learning you'll get 500 uplikes

>> No.21517880

fuckin destroyed

>> No.21517883

haha what the fuck. are these redditards serious

>> No.21517888

this (>>21517029)
I honestly don't feel in the mood to masturbate to feet or traps right now.

>> No.21517901

wtf is a 猪首

>> No.21517920

where's the ajatt in that

>> No.21517921

mag fuckin neto

curleehh mustacchhhee

>> No.21517924

ull come back from this stronger than ever

>> No.21517934

cool term, use a j-j dictionary, it explains it pretty well, have this term in return 送り狼

>> No.21517941
File: 11 KB, 225x225, basedtennisguy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he actually was a djt poster
>he actually deleted his account
this is a plot twitst i didn't expect. i feel for you anon. i've been in the same place. let it be a good lesson to not waste your time engaging with dekinais. they're not gonna make it anyway. honestly arguing about japanese language learning on the net is pointless if your priority is to learn japanese. it's an easy trap to fall into, but in the end all we can do is click eroge.exe and jump back into our journey. faito, anon!

>> No.21517953

>he actually deleted his account
...why? why did he care that a couple people here posted his account. everyone would have forgotten it.

>> No.21517955


>> No.21517963

my retention rate of frequent users itt is higher than my retention rate of mature cards in anki

>> No.21517966

i was joking but i just randomly discovered that notepad on w10 v1903 saves files as utf-8 by default now which is great.

>> No.21517971

btw I'm surprised I haven't seen this word yet since I play a lot of lilith games.

>> No.21517972

name all the frequent users other than jamal and qm

>> No.21517990

lower case kun (which I think turned out to be jamal), word of the day guy (which I think turned out to be jamal), rap guy (which I think turned out to be jamal), onichan, occasional motivational anon, "You don't know japanese"-anon (haven't seen him since 2017)

>> No.21518017

ひだまりスケッチ is better.

>> No.21518034

almost every post type u listed is more than one person

>> No.21518052

Those handful of people were only able to have the time and luxury to experiment with their thoughts thanks to the millions of workers keeping society running. You'll come to understand is more as you become an adult.

>> No.21518106

yah but all those ppl besides me were just in my shadow

>> No.21518110
File: 881 KB, 800x600, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21518118

maybe that guy was right about katakana

>> No.21518120

quiz also did KKLC before anime cards

>> No.21518121
File: 45 KB, 741x500, here i sit broken hearted.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21518127

He also had sex with ur mum before doing anime cards.

>> No.21518131

come on that's not that bad

>> No.21518134

quiz is a virgin

>> No.21518143

would have been 3x as easy with kanji

>> No.21518150
File: 17 KB, 400x258, キャプチャ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


it being in katakana makes it so much better honestly like if it was normal writing id be like oh whatever but this way its like dang i wanna marry this wench

>> No.21518158

yeah but you wouldn't really be able to reflect that he's pretending to be chinese when he's not voiced if you just used hiragana or whatever

the one talking is a dude, you're gay

>> No.21518164

sounds even more win

>> No.21518166
File: 980 KB, 797x600, 3days_2019-06_11_212911.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bros, trust me, katakana isn't the worst you could do

>> No.21518177

>it's what he calls a native whose speech you want to mimic
ahh i remember doing this. good tip.

>> No.21518187

thats not bad either tho but i dont think its good as well

>> No.21518191

ideal study interval for words OR sentences:
same day
next day
3 days after that
1 week after that
*optional* 2 weeks after that.

no need to go any further than that.

>> No.21518202

why people keep words in their anki deck for eternity is beyond me. overkill to the max. if you're getting regular input they will stay.

>> No.21518206

whats it called when you can scan the kanji characters in a manga or anything and get them in actual text, i know its in share x, or is there a better one?

>> No.21518212

yoga's automatic suspension/deletion addon will solve this, don't worry about it.

>> No.21518215

don't know how to remove them quickly and the intervals get huge anyway

>> No.21518217

it takes like one second to click good on a word/sentence you know
why people would have a better chance at retaining that at the cost of 1 second is beyond me

>> No.21518218

Henlo. Person who doesn't even do these threads because I actually study and stuff here. Regarding the whole 'first 2k kanji accounts for 90~% of spoken kanji' thing, with the 2/6k Anki deck, is it referring to the first 2k cards in that deck? Because there's tons of katakana words. I want to know what the cutoff is so I can focus on just practicing those 2k mainly and grammar.

Speaking of grammar, how slow is it usually for people starting out? I'll read sentences and have no idea what they're saying all together, but know some of the individual grammar patterns being used. On top of that, my guesses of what is being said tend to be wrong. Is this just a practice thing, or do I really just need to start committing grammar to memory harder?

>> No.21518220

what does it matter? worst case scenario you'll see it again in a year and still remember and pretty much never see it on your deck again cause of the interval gets huge and hopefully you won't need an anki deck after 2-3 years, if not you'll re-learn it

>> No.21518228

RTK is not good for anyone except people who will be physically writing out japanese on a regular basis in their daily lives.
which is like 1% of learners max. if you struggle to remember kanji then just learn the radicals (~150 excluding the "radicals" that are just simpler kanji or kana) and make nnemonics for the kanji you mix up even in context. that will end up being a hundred or so kanji MAX vs. doing it for 2000+ kanji like RTK recommends. it's so unnecessary and a waste of time.