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What right does Humanity have to deny Youkai the same opportunities to live a happy and prosperous life, /jp/?

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The right to not become a prey and staying as an apex predator.

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Why the fuck do you keep on making this thread with the same picture and same topic 3 times a year?

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we have none, it is in fact, our duty to fill their wombs with semen to give them that happy and prosperous life

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Giving how Youkai are the closest thing to depredators we have, the mere fact we dont want to be cattle for them.

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According to the archives and google search, he also crossposts this shit on /tg/ all the time.

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What's wrong with being cattle to them?

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How will we become prey? Yukari goes out of her way to save suicidal people and other marginalized groups.

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Post your favorite Grimsokyo doujin

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Forbidden scrollery

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Why exactly does them living good lives require hostilities?
They've managed peaceful coexistence already, extending it further should not take much effort
And with all the wonders and luxuries of the modern world, they'd probably be self policing to ensure they don't lose those luxuries

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Youkai aren't cohesive
It would be a political clusterfuck when some publicly embrace peace and others still try to eat people, forcing the former to play damage control so they don't all get gassed

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Not this again.

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it's a question that needs to be asked.

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The fact that we're massive hypocrites.

Their options are de facto slavery or death.

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Humanity fuck yeah is a mental illness.

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Youkai deserve extermination with maybe a few specimens kept for studying.

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Misanthropy is a larger mental illness

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Because when youkai embrace peace and abandon their purpose, they die.

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>Why exactly does them living good lives require hostilities?
Most youkai are inimical to humanity, and need to remain so in order not to disappear. The "peaceful" coexistence you refer to involves enfencing and isolating a dedicated human population in order to feed off their faith/superstition/fear - the very act of hostility toward humans' social nature.

If you remove hostility from the human-youkai relation, you effectively remove the "youkai" part as well.

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(Literally any Zounose works, exception may apply)

I love the contrast between how bright Shou is to the gloomy look of the title.

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Well rip them then, since humanity is getting exponentially more powerful as the years go on
Even the minute runoff that falls into gensokyo will gradually tip the power balance and fuck their shit up
Easy means of making biofuel + an APC or IFV falling in = a lot of shot up youkai and a significant diminishment of fear of them, sustaining it not required, one rampage will do

A means to remove the youkai part without killing them is required, otherwise their extinction is inevitable

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how many times do you have to make this exact thread?

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This thread is bad but the three simultaneous faggot threads are fine?
Fuck off

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Not enough. We still lack Inmu thread.

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Source? Hijiri's temple contradict this

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Grimsokyo spammers are so obnoxious.

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Human/Youkai Hybrids are the ultimate race.

Plenty of cute female Youkai so this isn't an impossibility. The offspring will have a long lifespan and they'll naturally be someone the Human Villagers are wary of because of their lack of aging after a certain amount of years.
Super Strength, Long lifespan, inhuman durability, immunity to most human infections, diseases, and illnesses if not complete invulnerability, plus they keep a human mentality and the Youkai Genes will be passed down with the effects possibly still being present which can be a plot point for how some humans are gifted than others aside from Youkai Hunters.
Some humans are secretly descended from Human/Youkai Hybrids and carry an innate power that allows them to tap into a hidden reserve of power unknown to them. Some Youkai can blend in and never be discovered. It is only natural that possibly a random Youkai girl became a housewife at some point and faded out of existence through whatever means after some time passed. Since Rinfaggot exists, you can assume some are loners and wander aimlessly and die after a period of time passes. Long lifespan doesn't mean immortality mind you.

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Grimsokyo is canon.

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The only good youkai is a pregnant youkai

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Because humanity has no responsibilities to figments of our imagination.

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Because most youkai, not all mind you, are evil creatures whose idea of living a "happy" life is constantly tormenting innocent humans.

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I think you mean; murder.

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>A means to remove the youkai part without killing them is required, otherwise their extinction is inevitable
Isn't that pretty much what Byakuren is trying to do?

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I don't kniw but flan is very kawaii

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>Isn't that pretty much what Byakuren is trying to do?
Yes, but she's an idiot.

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How is she stupid?

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