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Why do you need that shitty fairy when you have

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Have you worshipped your loli frog goddess today? You can't worship a fairy. They don't accept faith.

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She is a hag at heart

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And that's how it should be. As a man, I should be the dominant one in the relationship.

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Some frog youkai hag that LARPs as a goddess stands no chance against an elite fairy, both in power and in cunny.

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RIP ms. frogette never forget

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>:copyright: SEGA

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Suwako's cunny is warm and slimy and cirno's anal would be big from the serpent big Cocks

Fairy fear the froggo.

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Because fairies have no right nor the power to refuse my most violent rape mating press, meanwhile the frogcunny can fucking murder me.

Just leave me to destroy fairies in peace.

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I want to lay a curse goddess.

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That she can murder you and chooses not to is the hottest part.

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Fairies don't accept faith, they accept semen.

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Stop making template threads you fucking piece of trash.

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This 2hu is confirmed to love semen

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Star is such a slut pretending to be a nice girl.

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Star is pure!

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Well, looks like her facade is working. Just remember that when she tells you that you're the most important person in her life, she has already said the same thing to all of her other boyfriends.

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If that's what she told you, then she's telling the truth. She wouldn't lie to her boyfriend, now would she? She sure seems to know a lot of guys, though she says that all of them are just friends so it's probably nothing to worry about. You just keep paying for your dates and for everything when she wants to go shopping. I'm sure she'll let you go further than holding hands in private after a year or so of dating!

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Stop LARPing.

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Kanako made a suwako puppet

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Nobody is pretending to be a Touhou here, so it's not larping or RP which is also NG.

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I'm not sure why she'd go to all this trouble. I'd give her all the money I had if she just asked me.

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You shouldn't let yourself get NTR'd this easily even if she's cute, anon. I'm sure she'd appreciate the easy money and attention, but if you don't at least pretend to not like it, she might take it further.

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Luna-chan's chestnut and squirrel!

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Don't do that, she'd use your money to buy lots of sexy outfits, which you'd never see her wearing, and travelling to expensive resorts with her male "friends". And the few times she would ask you to go with them, she'd make some unconvincing excuse to book you in a different room from her and her friends.
Do not give your money to Star.

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Who should we give money to? Tewi?

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You should use your money to travel around the world with the girl you love, make an unforgettable wedding for you and her, and raise the children you will have with her. Just remember to not fall in love with some whore who's only after your money.

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Sounds lame.
Just give all your money to Tewi.

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I want to BREED the fertile Froghu.

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I would if she wasn't such an overpriced prostitute.

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Fairies can't be NTRhus, they're too dumb for that.

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Why can't I escape sexual fairies in any thread I go to?

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Star is an exception. She's more intelligent than the sheer majority of /jp/. Her innocent girl act is just part of the 4D chess that she plays to extract the maximum amount of resources from her NTR boyfriends.

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It's over, ZUN sold out. Get ready for your Touhou DLC and lootboxes

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Her skirt is so loose they'd just slip off the moment she stands up!

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It's from chunithm (an arcade rhythm game).

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That's funny considering that the real Suwako is already her puppet/onahole.

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I doubt any of her boyfriends are really falling for her tricks. They just willingly play along because no other cute girl would even speak to them.

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I want to fuck those eyes.

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I like lolibbas being dommed.

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cucknako is a virgin and she don't know how to pick up men, she's a cheap whore and also a bitch.

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I'm pretty sure average fairy can beat you up Ahmed.

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Fairies are weaker than humans, mommyfag.

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The fairy has air conditioning.
Does the frog have air conditioning?
Checkmate, frogtheists.

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Why do you need cold pussy?
When frog cunny is warm and slimy.

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You won't be laughing when summer comes around.

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I'm going to play with Suwako's cunny and fertilize her eggs!

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Amplexus is external anyway. She'd sumata you onto the eggs.

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All those sounds very nice, but I want to become a sex slave for Suwako

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I want Suwako to bind me with her tongue and make me ejaculate over and over onto her eggs to produce a bunch of little Suwakos

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I want Suwako to bite off my pepe and shove her big long tongue down my throat.

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Why can't we have both?

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Delete this and never come back.

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I want to Suwhacko her ovum.

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sucky sucky five dorrar

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All day

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