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Hey /jp/ I'm looking for that picture of Flandre on a plate drizzled with chocolate sauce. Picture related, it's the picture I'm looking for. Thanks.

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post the one without the chocolate

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I want a Flan sundae

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Anybody have the depressed Flandre picture?

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this one?

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That's a good image but the one I whant is a two panel maga I believe and one if the panel is flandre on her bed with the narrator proclaiming that she's depressed

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cute potato

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Has anyone found the image yet?

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But you already have a Flan Sunday

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Hey shitlord, make posts that actually contribute to the thread

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That was quick.

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I want a taste

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imagine the flan polluting the tasty chocolate with her feet

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Imagine you but dead.

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Imagine the taste!

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FUCK THAT MANGAKA. She never replied to our collage.

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based. Flan likes polluting fresh wine with her vampire feet.

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Excellent thread.

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Can some one explain to me why posters like this is allowed?

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On 4chan, posters are allowed to be offensive and hurt your feelings. If you have a hard time dealing with that, you should not visit this site.

Your own behavior is far worse than the posts you point out, because you have spilled over into an unrelated thread, and you didn't even have the courtesy to post a Flan. Pic related, it is you.

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Just remember, anon, when the normalfags come for your Touhou threads and demand to get your loli vamps deleted, I'll be sitting here telling you I told you so. Never give these subhumans an inch because they'll take the whole board next.
Besides, Flan a shit, loli Kagerou is miles better.

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Of course you would. Slinking away from danger and then laughing tearfully while sobbing 'I told you so' is the extent of what your kind can accomplish.

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>Slinking away from danger
I'm literally doing the opposite, retard. It's you who is giving normalfag shitposters an excuse.

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The age-old way to deal with normalfags is to be offensive and post things they object to, like lolis. They are supposed to be the butthurt ones, not you.

The only reason 4chan is a safe place for our kind is because the site embraces free speech. If you make it okay to ban things for being offensive, it won't be long before we are the ones getting banned.

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>the site embraces free speech
No it fucking doesn't. I've literally been banned for posting sfw lolis on /jp/ as well. Like I said, don't give them an inch.

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Oh yeah, you surely didn't slink all the way into this completely unrelated thread like a bitch; aren't completely inundated in tears while crying sympathy from others, and definitely NOT passive-aggressively complaining for us not giving it to you.

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you're waifu is shit

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I think I've spilt the most semen to yassy's flan doujins than anything else out there.

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Imagine the chocolate polluting tasty flan feet

Imagine the chocolate polluting your tasty blood for flan

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Sorry OP, but I don't think I can help you :(

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Would Flan cover her feet in blood for you to lick?

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She'd ask you to cover yourself in blood as seasoning

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I found it for you, horny brother

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This is good for my dick

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hot as fuck