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So wait, hold on.


Is this right?

If so:

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Wait until you start speaking it, that's when things get fun.

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Can just anybody decide to wear traditional clothes and not be considered a weirdo?

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>/jp/ - China/General

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Already am.

I'm speaking something that passerbys might recognize as an Asian language.

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Grammar is easy as hell. Now get to work on memorizing 5,000+ characters, getting the pronunciations right, and learning countless idioms that will make little sense without knowledge of the respective stories behind each one.

Off you go.

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I know how to drive.


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I drive car

I drive car emphasis

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I thought it was a bit off.
I didn't think adding one char at the end would change the tense of an entire sentance.

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I'll drive
I can drive/I got a license

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我开车了 can also mean I just drove, it comes down to how you said it.

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You suck. Learn something useful:

我的一生就是"无限刃工程" 。

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I don't give a fuck if its nighttime /jp/, this shit never belongs here. saging.

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Nice UBW

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Oh god China is so moe~ ;_;

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Wow, first time seeing this and it's fucking awesome.

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How do you pronounce that?

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I want to give her a hug ;_;

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Translate better fagget.

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there is no tense in chinese

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This. Everything is based on context.

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Traditional > Simplified

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Since we're on this topic...

Do you guys know any good Chinese sites for Touhou? I figure they would have more stuff

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hahaha i took this topic to 150+ replies on /a/ once bitching with at least 2 other fags

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/jp/ is being invaded by chinks, /r/ing image flood/sage bombing to purge them.

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sadly, just glancing at that and making little effort to remember, I can see

wo, shi, bu, ye, duo, yi, gong

but I've only been studying chinese for a little more than two months.

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Traditional is more cultural and I also prefer it over simplified, it's just plain less useful (unless you're into Taiwan/HK culture). Everything that's Chinese internationally uses simplified, and if you learn simplified first it's a lot easier to learn traditional as opposed to vice versa (or so I've heard).

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Only if you're a Taiwanese separatist. It's okay, they'll be brought back as they should be a province, then they'll have simplified characters as well. Hooray.

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Maybe it's the fact that I very rarely come in contact with Chinese media anymore, but Chinese just doesn't sound as cool as it used to be to me

The English version is so superior to this

That's what I get for living in amerikkka for 10 years I guess

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Speaking of China, anyone else share my love for horrible Chinese propaganda movies? Even if you speak chinese, it's more fun to watch them subtitled. Pic is the Imperialist Japanese protagonist of a classic, 'Tunnel Warfare'. He dies.

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Dude, Tunnel War is fucking amazing

gtfo faggot

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It's not necessarily propaganda. It's just the hot topic at the time, and still is.

Same reason we get all these shitty American Revolution and Civil War movies all the time

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I'll admit, it actually does have some fucking awesome battle scenes.

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I, for one, welcome my new Chinese overlords.

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I'd argue that both the Chinese war movies and the shitty Murkan ones are propaganda. That doesn't necessarily make them bad, although they very often are awful. Either way, Chinese war movies are really fun to watch. Head down to your local Chinese piracy place today!

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>Head down to your local Chinese piracy place today!

You mean Hong Kong? I'm sure there's a bootleg DVD of it somewhere.

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historically it's true.
exaggeratted yes.
but the tunnels were real, you can still visit the tunnels in certain provinces in china.

very well preserved.

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In my case it's the Great Mall of China in San Gabriel, although I'd imagine hong kong would work too.

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It's what people, and filmmakers, were passionate about. New country, independence, war's over, all that stuff

People around the world promote nationalism. Just because it happens to align with what the government wants doesn't automatically make them propaganda.

To be honest, compared to REAL Chinese propaganda, those movies are...popcorn movies at best.

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>>Great Mall of China

This place sounds like the most white place in the world.

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It's not. I spent four hours there last weekend. Only other non-Chinese were the friend I brought and the Mexican janitors. The nickname was thought up by stupid white people, but it's definitely Chinese.

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I'm not saying tunnel warfare never happened. And i'm not saying Chinese pride in their nascent nation wasn't positive. I'm just saying that if you make a movie where every single foreigner is an evil, fat, ugly imperialist and every Chinese man is tall, noble, and just (backed by a lovely Chinese militant wife, no less!), you can't call it propaganda. Again, the Chinese line between propaganda and media has always been blurred. When I tacked on 'horrible', I should have used 'over-the-top. These movies have artistic value. Sorry for that.

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Unlimited Blade Works

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>/jp/ - China/General

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It's the other way around. If you learn Cantonese and Traditional Chinese first, you can master Mandarin and Simplified Chinese in a short period.

Not the other way around, you don't see many mainland Chinese can speak Cantonese or understand Traditional Chinese unless they are well educated.

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絶望した 訳の解らない中国語に絶望した

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Please have some quality UBW (you ask the difference with the other one? This is more poetical)

Japanese UBW

English UBW

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I'd learn chinese but looking at it for a long time makes my head spin.
All other languages I'm fine it's just chinese.

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uh really?

Guess I better hit those Mandarin books.

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>>It's the other way around. If you learn Cantonese and Traditional Chinese first, you can master Mandarin and Simplified Chinese in a short period.

traditional ==> simplified: yes
cantonese ==> mandarin: no

>>Not the other way around, you don't see many mainland Chinese can speak Cantonese or understand Traditional Chinese unless they are well educated.

1/10 for the traditional and educated bits

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Goodbye, Chinese.

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Baka Gaijin in Japan.
Korean and Chinese.

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Cantonese has little to do with being able to learn simplified or traditional characters faster. :/

Although yes, learning simplified is much, much faster if you know your traditional than the other way around, it is definitely easier for someone who is not acquainted with the Chinese language to learn simplified first. And definitely more practical.

I've learned traditional characters as a child and only started leaning simplified when I moved to Shanghai.


>you don't see many mainland Chinese can speak Cantonese or understand Traditional Chinese unless they are well educated.

You are a Cantonese supremacist. I say this would be much more accurate if I were to substitute "Southern Min" with "Cantonese".

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You know you look stupid?

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Hey, Chinese anons.

How does it feel like to worship Japan, a nation that shat on you throughout the ages? Do you ever feel guilty?

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lol no
I tell you what, I moved to Guangzhou at the age of 7 and after 2 months of watching subed tv programs I can already read traditional as well as in simplified. I can't write in traditional but who wants to write those complicated chars when you have simplified versions? It's the same the other way around, so really simplified Chinese just saves you a lot of writing. It's also easier for kids and beginners to remember.
Well about cantonese, you should know it's harder than English for some Chinese people lol, although I'd say it took me about 1 year and a half to speak it ok.

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haha, 0/10

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pretty good, japan is superior to china for sure
but compared to hong kong it's probably only somewhat better

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If only you were from Hong Kong instead of China.

But then again, that wouldn't make you China, and Hong Kong would be a pain to call you every time..

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Fuck yes, I thought so!

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It's impossible to communicate in a language such as this. In my native language, we simply say that a man was bitten by a dog without referring to cultural idioms and phrases that would've been learned at age 11 by a native speaker.

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Chinese: The language where Electric Brain Pancake Crystal Elderly is an acceptable and understandable sentance.

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So it's kind of like that game for that console, where you combine items to make new ones. Like the almighty garbage mail clock.

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try learning >10,000 characters

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Electric Brain Pancake Crystal Elderly

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Can anyone say Chinglish?


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If you didn't know, that girl was a serial killer. And she was executed decades ago, nothing to do with President Hu.

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Should we post great inquisition sketches and write REAL EUROPE, now?

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I disagree with several of these points from a customer perspective.

As a customer I will actively avoid sellers that seize upon me the minute I walk by their table and so much as glance at their stuff. I don't like being hounded or pressed upon; if I had interest in an item or a question, I'd let you know. Otherwise I feel like I'm going to be pressured into buying something the entire time I'm there, and I'll leave immediately without a second look, and I'd definitely not connect with a table like you just described.

Additionally, you shouldn't have to tell them the price directly, you should have prices clearly marked somewhere for customers to see.

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In other words your native country has no history or culture

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That's a movie

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Easiest grammar ever but everything else is a bitch. But sage for not jp.

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China is a horrible communist country and you can't do anything about it. They just killed many people when Tibetans were protesting or something.

China = Myanmar.

Chinese language and old culture is something to respect, and thanks for Hong Kong and Taiwan to keep it up. But simplified Chinese is okay in my book because I'd rather write 体 than 體.

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I was following you up to the "communist" part.

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and this is why I consider myself a native of Hong Kong rather than China.

Less shame that way

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>I tell you what
Would you happen to know how to write "propane" in Chinese characters?

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chinks gtfo my /jp/

lol @ chink trying to forge himself a superior identity. cantonese is such a beautiful language; I can't listen to it for more than five minutes without wanting to strangle someone.

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GTFO /jp/

Oki ni.

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LOL, butthurt mainland farmer.
Sun Yat Sen (Father of China) decided to use Mandarin although his own mother tongue is Cantonese because you farmers wouldn't be able to learn any shit.

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Hong Kong has guaranteed autonomy for forty years under the PRC, while it would have had perpetual autonomy under the UK


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