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If the Gensokyo shootan rules are nonlethal, why does firebitch resurrect after every spell card?

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Because she dies.
Read the script again Border Team Extra.

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Mokou has an eggshell jaw. A light breeze can kill her.

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She doesn't get killed. She suicide bombs.

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Moko is my bro.

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Danmaku rules are made to safe gensokyo not the low tier people

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Everyone was serious, angry, or something.
If you had to beat an immortal person, wouldn't you kill her over and over again?

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Is it still possible to suspend this bitch over an obsidian, magic, genoskoyoian woodchipper and subject her to eternal torment?

I'd like to do the same to Ran if possible.

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I'd grow tired of it.

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Danmaku rules is the worse thing that happened to Touhou. Fuck you, Reimu, fuck you.

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But why kill her? Nobody had any reason to believe she was bad or a jerk. Hell, beast-girl was running interference for her (I don't know why) and it isn't like SHE was a villain.

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Without danmaku rule, Reimu is at risk of getting killed and the border will collapse, what exactly will happen nobody knows but nobody wants it to

inb4 shitty non-canon theories from retards

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Danmaku rules is the worst thing that happened to Touhou. Fuck you, Reimu, fuck you.

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Because she bragged that she couldn't be killed. Reimu and Yukari obliged her.

See, Kaguya has the sense and manners to keep danmaku duels pretty standard affairs despite being immortal like Mokou. Mokou on the other hand seems to have grown completely accustomed to the fact she can't die to the point she doesn't even seem to bother dodging or putting herself at risk. She goes all out on offensive and if she dies it won't change anything.

It comes down to when she gets tired of fighting.

tl;dr - Mokou is a hothead.

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oh god mokou is hot

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ZUN contradicts himself all the time. We accept everything ultimately comes down to a danmaku duel, but the rules of that duel are often bent in game.

Not that it matters, doujin artists will draw whatever they like.

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Holy hell, I'd give my right nut to eat off that midriff.

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Doesnt Eirin die as well?

Because she is lunarian and yuyuko does not like that?

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Hey guys let's pretend they actually die when they're shot by danmaku instead of it being a game.

I don't understand why everyone wants to take it so seriously all the time. "Wait she explodes obviously she's dying I CAN'T HANDLE THIS."

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Pro tip: All of the principal characters of Touhou are PSYCHOPATHS. Given the opportunity to brutally murder without consequences, every one of them will take it.

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Are there any pictures of Mokou using a computer?

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Once you've died enough times you just don't care anymore.

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People died back in PC-98, before danmaku rules were brought in.

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No, Eirin isn't stupid enough to drink the poison tea Yuyuko serves her. After all, she's kind of good at noticing that kind of thing.

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Dont think Yuyuko needs poison to kill

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Pro tip: The player is also mentally unstable.

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>People died back in PC-98

So... just who exactly? Examples, examples.

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Nope, it's all ritualized posturing. PMiSS says that humans and Youkai are on good friendly terms and the whole "eating you thing" has become like a fun day out for the whole family when the Youkai steal your daughter, take her for a tour of the Youkai's home, then get her back home for dinner time. Chasing is optional.

The Danmaku duels are all like this, Remillia might say "Tonight you know death" but we all know what she really means is "PARTY @ YOUR SHRINE"

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IIRC yuyuko doesn't use her powers to kill people. But when she met Mokou that was the first thing she tried even before a danmau fight:

>>That girl, she's different from other humans.

>>Don't touch her.
Her curse will be passed on to you.

>>Don't eat her.
>>Her poison will curse you.

>>Furthermore... My powers can't affect her.

>>Miss Yuyuko can invoke death in humans.
But if it fails on you..

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Magic Box of Visions.

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Immortality wouldn't have a point without that.

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It's schizophrenia, I swear it.

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She can kill just by wanting you dead?
How is she not EX tier in that powerlevel graph?

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It doesn't mean she tried you fucking retard. Maybe she just sensed that Mokou is immortal? She's the princess of the netherworld after all dickface

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No, my point was that when Yuyuko attempted to serve Eirin poisonous tea, Eirin noticed. Yuyuko's problem was with immortality and Mokou's existance, not Lunarians in general.

She served the tea to Eirin because she thought Eirin could be useful to have around, so I'm guessing Yuyuko doesn't see her as immortal. Eirin is probably just using drugs to prolong her life... or perhaps Lunarians naturally live thousands of years, but it seems unlikely she too is immortal.

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Lunarians can get this old.

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>>I call it the wolverine syndrome.

You should put this on TV tropes, maybe as a sub heading of Worf Syndrome.

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>How is she not EX tier in that powerlevel graph?
Don't mention that chart ever again.

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>>So you already tried to take my life?
>>My, what active ghosts.

She tried it. She failed.

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Which one? There are at least 4

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That was Mokou's assumption

Don't you kids know how to fucking read?

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I'd rather take a character assumption of "she tried but failed" over a raging fan's assumption that she "sensed it" even though it wasn't implied in the translation.

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Eirin could explain what exactly is up with her being thousands of years old, and explain it in a perfectly sensible and logical way. But she'd have to kill you after.

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Put eirin and Yuyuko higher and that's a pretty accurate tier list.

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Yes. If she simply WANTS you to be dead, you're already dead.
Unfortunately, this only works on "humans", which excludes 95% of the cast of Touhou.
Seriously, this'd only work on what, Marisa and Sakuya?

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>Eirin ... Yuyuko .... EX tier

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Pretty much all the bosses around Stage 6 are EX level, barring the ones who lose their powers afterwards like Utsuho. Seriously, people need to stop comparing the top tier of Touhou characters when practically all of them have a instant kill power they won't use.

Yuyuko: Can will you dead.
Yukari: Manipulation of Borders is so horribly broken you can justify pretty much any power you want.
Remilia: Manipulation of your Fate. Vampire
Flandre: Will you to explode.
Kanako: God of Wind and Sky (create sky)
Suwako: God of Mountains (create earth)
Komachi: DEATH
Sikieiki: Judge of DEATH
Yuka: Arguably the strongest Youkai
Suika: She can throw black holes at you, among other things.
Kaguya: Manipulation of eternity.

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Nah it works on youkai too, you have to be specifically immortal. Most youkai are long lived not immortal.

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It works on anything mortal.

Only Kaguya, Mokou and ORT are immune

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what would a person's reaction be if someone suddenly says to him: wtf i can't kill this guy!?

yea, something to the extent of "what...you just tried to kill me?"

exactly what happened there with mokou. i'm not implying anything out of the ordinary. you're the retard that's implying that yuyuko suddenly went out of character and tried to kill her.

have some common sense, get up from your computer once a while. what were your fucking grades in school jeez

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I'm going to ignore this.

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>Yuka: Arguably the strongest Youkai

for example she can grow DANDELION OF DEATH on your head.

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And then rip out your spine.

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ORT is mid tier in Touhou at best

A lot of things are immortal. I find it amusing that the emphasis of the immortality theme in IN has made people believe the Hourai is the only thing that grants true immortality

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Fairly sure it's limited to humans.

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Which netherworld? Didn't Reimu go down to the real one in SA?

Also, why was ghost touhou so damn afraid of immortality anyway?

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Touhou immortals have the highest level of HNNNNNGHHH

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Hurrr, sure is trying to measure power in a fairytale world where anything is possible. Hint: Yuyuko stole a entire SEASON, this isn't her power so how did she do this?

It's pointless to compare the specific strengths of each Touhou against one another. At best we can give a general position based on things they have done and say that youkai like Cirno, Rumia and Mystia won't be as strong as Yukari without a major development.

Each characters strengths and weaknesses are situational to each story. It is easy to assume youkai being spiritual beings are all capable of some degree of magical power, even if it's not typically magic theory like Alice, Patchy and Marisa use. Best example of this is Yuka, her power is to change the way flowers face. That's it, she makes up for this in spiritual and physical power. Watch out for her duel spark.

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More importantly, how would *anyone else* manage to get a shot at trying to kill these two?
Perhaps when the other of them is sleeping or something.

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Ah thats the reason why Yuyuko planned to use deah hax against Lunarhax sisters

>> No.2137226

Power doesn't always equal to being better in combat

On a healthy day, Patchy is easily way more powerful and have more versatile magic than Sakuya. But in a bloodlusted 1on1 fight to the death, she would get shredded to pieces by Sakuya before she can chant a spell


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Don't you mean Marisa's master spark?

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She can't even do that. Her power simply changes the direction flowers face which is amusing considering she compensates for it by being extremely strong at everything else. The fact she's the original master spark and does it without a mini-reactor should say enough.

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Who did what now?

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doh ho ho ho

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Yuka's "special ability" is really completely useless, unless you need a flower arranger.
Her immense power is unrelated to it.

>> No.2137235

read SSiB

Yukari plans to use death note to kill 2 really really overpowered girls

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Lunarians are humans.

>> No.2137245


Different species

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You're not following here. We have two assumptions. One is yours and another is an in game character. Yours has no base, whether implied or explicitly stated so it automatically takes second place to the in game character's statement.

>> No.2137251

I could be wrong then. I've heard different things from many people, hence
>"Fairly" sure

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Did you even read the backstory? Lunarians are ordinary humans, the only difference is they separated themselves from earth's impurity.

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I never got why people say Yuka's physically strong. I can't recall her doing anything or claiming anything like ibuki's tear down a mountain for shit and giggles with her bare hands, so why is she in the top tier with drunken oni loli?

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Lunarians look like humans thats it.
They life forever if not killed.
Far greater powerlevel and shit

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Don't you mean goku's Kamehameha?

>> No.2137269


Why would Yukari fear them?

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You're the one that's not following.

It's not me against Mokou. It's my assumption against your assumption. Get it through your head.

Your assumption goes against Yuyuko's canon personality. You're implying that Yuyuko used her power recklessly.

My assumption follows common sense, it's how anyone, including Mokou, would reply in that situation.

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Gee, maybe because their civilisation is ridiculously powerful? Strong enough to tear her entire army of youkai to pieces hundreds of years ago?

>> No.2137278

yah, that was pretty vague. Even Remilia is said to have super strength.

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Don't you mean ichigo's cero?

>> No.2137283


Don't really see why you two are even still arguing it. Though really, we're talking about the Ghost who served up poisonous tea to Eirin on a whim of wanting her.

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The way I understand it (which I make to claim to be incontestible truth), Lunarians are basically humans, just they differ from humanity in general since they are an isolated ethnicity. All ethnic groups have some unique traits, like better ability to process vitamins, lack of body hair, little perspiration, etc. The unique traits of Lunarians just happen to be talent for magic and impossibly long lives.

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This piece of information must be wrong. Toyhimes lolfan was the only piece of technology we saw. Everything else was hax power.

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Last time I'm going to explain this since it's clear you don't want to not be retarded.

Your original claim was that yuyuko sensed his immortality. This was not stated or implied. You pulled it from your ass. Mokou may have assumed she already tried to kill him and that may be subject to debate but your claim is baseless and based on your own conjecture hence it is shit. I can't spell this out any simpler than I have done.

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Humans.: People born on earth.
Lunarians: Moonpeople
Its like saying marspeople are human

Lunarians are no humans. Just close to humans

>> No.2137302

Don't you mean Naruto's rasengan?

>> No.2137305

Lunarians = Japanese

>> No.2137307


Vague is what Touhou is all about. Doesn't really matter too much, it's basically down to the fact all Youkai are supposed to be kind of stronger/faster/better then humans and Yuka is considered to be one of the strongest. Exactly how she's one of the strongest is debatable, she could just be spiritually powerful while being merely above average in physical strength. It's never explained.

Eitherway, in the PC98 games she got the ultimate power and in the crossover into the Windows games it's not certain she still has this but at the very least she's been left with a sense of being very strong herself.

Still, doesn't really matter too much because when you get to the top tiers of Touhou everything becomes situational and pointless to argue. Point is there are a dozen or more girls who can more or less instantly kill you kept under control due to the mutually agreed-upon system of danmaku duelling.

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Um... I don't know what you guys are arguing, but sounds like you're dangerously close to losing.

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Humans: people born in Europe
Niggers: African people
It's like saying chinks are human

Niggers are no humans. Just close to humans

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>It's my assumption against your assumption
>your assumption

Youmu: "Miss Yuyuko can invoke death in humans.
But if it fails on you... "

Mokou: "So you already tried to take my life?
My, what active ghosts."

"His" assumption is Mokou's. What he's saying is he'd rather believe something that's at least implied in game than another theory that's completely out of the blue, even if it'd make a bit more sense.

>> No.2137318


Oh ho, here

Last time I'm going to explain this since it's clear you ARE A COMPLETE RETARD

Your original claim was that yuyuko TRIED TO KILL Mokou. This was not stated or implied. You pulled it from your ass. Mokou may have assumed she already tried to kill her and that may be subject to debate but your claim is baseless and based on your own conjecture hence it is shit. I can't spell this out any simpler than I have done.

btw I fixed the him to her. Maybe you should quiting raging so hard, referring to Mokou as him...how barbaric. btw your post already contradicted yourself. mokou's statement was the entire basis of your argument in the first place

I love reading you kids fail at basic logic

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"There's no perceivable difference between sufficiently advanced technology and magic." The Lunarians may have proven that rule and have blurred the difference between the two that it can't be called one or the other anymore.

Think about the Elixir of Immortality: it uses a combination of advanced chemistry and Kaguya's innate ("magic") ability to manipulate frequency.

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comparing us to niggers is too much ;_;

>> No.2137324

except that assumption also contradicts yuyuko's personality: which is that she won't use her ability to invoke death in people on a whim

>> No.2137325

Isnt Eirins ability to create bitter stuff another magic ability?

>> No.2137328

fail. Human Yuyuko does not like to use this.

She thinks its fun now

>> No.2137329

what is this i dont even

>> No.2137330

Simple explanation: Yuyuko can sense whether her ability would work without actually activating it.

Yes, Gensokyo has lots of Magitek. The kappa do it as well, though not nearly as advanced as the Lunarians (yet).

>> No.2137333


/jp/: making up random touhou facts since 1956

>> No.2137336

Makes sense, really. She's dead and she's perfectly happy with it, certainly happier than when being alive. How could she consider killing anyone as anything even remotely harmful?

>> No.2137338

/jp/: different opinions since 1956

>> No.2137341

yes. she has seen life after death and knows it is nothing to be scared about

religions where right after all

>> No.2137346

Why are you trying to disprove a kid?

>> No.2137347

An adult arguing with a kid over a videogame, who is more pathetic in this situation.

>> No.2137350

Oh ho, why not samefag ourselves

>> No.2137351

It's stated that moku likes to refer to herself as him.

>> No.2137353


good to see you admit you're wrong


>> No.2137357


Which has nothing to do with how we refer to her

Do I sense sameperson in >>2137351

Gosh let it go

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>Your original claim was that yuyuko TRIED TO KILL Mokou. This was not stated or implied.
>not implied
>Yuyuko: Furthermore... My powers can't affect her.
>Youmu: Miss Yuyuko can invoke death in humans.
>Mokou: So you already tried to take my life?

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As for what about the Lunar empire Yukari is so afraid of/so interested in... I have no idea.
Truth to be told, it's been fairly dry concerning information on what's up there at all.

>> No.2137372

>Do I sense sameperson

Well, of course. Just read the name field.

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>Mokou may have assumed she already tried to kill him and that may be subject to debate

Contradict yourself some more

>> No.2137381

God, I would be so happy if Yuyuko DOOMEYEs the two moonbitches.

>> No.2137392

Linking to a post with a reaction image and agreeing with it while refering to another can get pretty confusing.

>> No.2137393

please spare toyohime!

>> No.2137398

But... but they need to attend the tea party at the end...

Well, I guess they can hold it at Hakugyokorou.

>> No.2137399

Fine, but her sister dies.

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In the original legend, the Lunar "empire" consists of:

One (1) tree.
One (1) rabbit, which may be a hare.
One (1) Chinese princess who may have been turned into a toad.

Not exactly very threatening, that...

>> No.2137405

Well, I suppose it must be for people who can't even remember their own posts

>> No.2137406


Toyohime and Reisen II are enough

>> No.2137411

If given those 3 options...

I'd the tree.

>> No.2137415


She wasn't a princess

She was not turned into a toad

The original legend went like this: She was a normal woman that told her husband to get the immortality elixir. After an amazing adventure, he somehow did. He was instructed that he and his wife would share the small bottle and they would both be immortal

The woman being the greedy bitch she is, she drank the whole thing behind his back and became a goddess. She flew to the heavens but the gods told her to fuck off and sent her to the moon alone due to her selfishness

>> No.2137418

Pretty sure they make a special exception for Mokou, since there's no other way to beat an immortal person other than fighting them at full power and exhausting them

Youmu even says something to that effect, "I can fight at full power with no fear" or something like that

>> No.2137426

No, they aren't.

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The extreme end of the fandom interpretation doesn't make the choice harder.

Battlestar Galactica-esque spaceship fleet.
Tactical Magic of Mass Destruction.
Lunar spetsnaz samurai sorcerers (with this sort of multiclassing they may also be maids).
Hordes of bloodthirsty FAMAS-toting bunnygirls.

... I've never even seen fanart of Reisen with a FAMAS.

>> No.2137436


>> No.2137453

>barring the ones who lose their powers afterwards like Utsuho
Utusho did not lose her powers.

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You are perfectly right. The thing is, we both are.
There are two legends, both of which are accepted.

Chang'e/Chang'o was a heavenly princess banished to earth along with her husband, after he shot down 7 out of 8 suns (long story). Her husband went out to gather the elixir of immortality which, in a full dose, grants godhood, but in half dose only grants infinite life.
However Chang'e felt that she'd been treated unfairly as she had been punished for her husband's doings, and drank the whole potion herself, returning her to a goddess. But since she had betrayed her husband and escaped her punishment she didn't dare return to the land of the gods, but settled on the moon.

Some sources claim the gods found her anyway and did turn her into a toad (this part never happens in the other legend).

>> No.2137473

This makes me want to play PCB again.

Prepatched game download where?

>> No.2137477

Yeah. She has seen the light and decide to use her powers for greater good.

Electricity for all Gensokyo.

>> No.2137481

Knowing ZUN, she uses it to brew beer...

>> No.2137483

what exactly is this power to create sky and earth. How do you create sky? Does it mean the two God Touhous made the earth?

>> No.2137489

Kanako can create oxygen and let metal rust.

>> No.2137503

Of course ZUN would say that.

>> No.2137553

What are you implying.

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Good work OP.

>> No.2138138

OP here. I wasn't so much trying to troll as I wanted hot Mokou pictures.

>> No.2138154

That is totally understandable.

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Smoking hot Mokou.

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You should also point out there's a cigarette too.

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oh you

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Moko moko

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She is cute, that's why we call her Moko-tan

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> cigarettesmokingwoman.jpg


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Why do you niggers insists on beating each other down over a vague statement? If it's vague, that means you, and other people, should be able to interpret it relatively freely. It's good that you can back up your own ideas, but there's little point in trying to beat up other people because they think one idea presented in canon should precede another.

What the fuck, we just had a decent topic with a few wild Touhou ideas yesterday, I have a hard time understanding why you all became so incredibly intolerant all of a sudden. I mean, hell, it's all good to know that you're interpretations have a strong basis in in-game dialogue and canon, but Jesus shit, this is why "serious" Touhou topics are so often frowned down upon. Read both sides of the argument carefully. Neither side is completely farfetched. Neither side is totally wrong. Appreciate the fact that other people have made some attempt at expanding more on the Touhouverse.

Say your interpretation. Say if it's mostly rooted on canon or fanon. Try to give reasons on why you see them that way. Don't bitch at other people if their interpretations are crazy. Instead, try to see why they chose to see the character in that way. Don't try to force your own touhouverse on other people.

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