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I found this girl at my fridge.
Bitch is eating all my food and wont listen to me.

Any suggestions?

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Let her eat whatever the fuck she wants, turn around and walk away.

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move away

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I need some food for myself!

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This, in fact, get more food.

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You should treat me--treat her to a selection of your best wines and culinary masterpieces~
The more, the merrier!

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Offer to cook some of it.

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Give her a hug.

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I ordered some Pizza. Bitch ate delivery boy

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a) why is Yuyuko in your fridge
b) how'd she get in your house
c) why the fuck are you still awake
d) turn 180 degrees away
e) walk back to your bed
f) sleep

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Who you gonna call?

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a) why is Yuyuko in your fridge
Ritual summon for retards

b) how'd she get in your house
She is a ghost

c) why the fuck are you still awake
Because she ate my bed

d) turn 180 degrees away
Aleady in her stomach

e) walk back to your bed
see c

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Despite being to instantly bring death upon humans, she's responsible with her powers. Don't be too afraid.

Trade her a Night Sparrow for some ghost blowjob.

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You are out of food. Who you gonna call?

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Despite being able to instantly bring death upon humans, she's responsible with her powers. Don't be too afraid.

Trade her a Night Sparrow for some ghost blowjob.

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g) why did you take your laptop along
h) why are you still alive

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If I were you I would look for my kiss the cook T-Shirt

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Uh, Shrine Maiden?

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I suggest waking up.

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Ghost busters!

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Another pizza guy?
God I hope my cellphone still works down here.
Also what should I do about this girl named Toyohime? She is sitting down here and is crying like a baby

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Bullshit. Yuyuko would eat your town like Dark Sakura did

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g), h) optional.

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g) Because I wanted some help from you guys. Screw police.

h) Some blonde girl rescued me

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This thread screams "I have read SSiB and I just know Yuyuko is overkill"

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I'd prefer sticking it in her ectoplasm.

I wonder what that would feel like, anyways?

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I see what you did here

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No difference to a normal girl. She is hax enough to have a human body.

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good old rape never fails.

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In before THAT doujin

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Oh? Do share!

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The one thing you should never do if you see Yuyuko eating all of your food: Try to stop her.
If you try that, the only end possible is you in her stomach, being digested.

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Sorry dont have it anymore...

It was just a generic tentacle rape doujin until Yuyuko fucking ate the monster!

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You might also consider letting her eat the fridge when she's done with all the food.

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Yuyuko is not a glutton!

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dont feed her after midnight

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I fucked you're yuyuko

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/r/ artist name of OP iamge

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see >>2136988

There is no way to stop hungry Yuyuko

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Oh yeah, Yomou gets raped by an octopus and then Yuyuko chomps it's penis tentacles. As a bonus there was a bit at the end where she raped the tentacle monster before eating it.

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I wish I would die that way!

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Buy more food. Quickly. If she finishes emptying out your fridge and she's still hungry she'll turn on you.

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In a good way?

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All of this eating and stuff leads us to a question

Can she handle spicy food?

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HNGGG I Bawww at that image every single time

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So much for that rice...

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Why would that image make you cry?

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Feed her tobasco sauce if she eats all the food.

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Spicy sauces like the ones mexicans eat only increase appetite, my friend.

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i think you mean Dawww

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Then Feed her a Scotch Bonnet Pepper, Those things are extremely spicy

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