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How different is Marisa going to be once she goes full youkai?

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bout three fiddy

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Not much. She’ll just be Marisa but Youkai [Magician]

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Not much, but she'll grow a pair of wings

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bigger tits and lose cunny

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I just want a catgirl marisa

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Won't happen

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Man I really dont feel like (again) typing out the long explanation of why it wont happen, so I wont.

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It's going to turn out that she has passed that barrier for some while. But since she is Reimu's lov-best friend, Yukari manipulated the boundary of human and non-human, keeping Marisa inbetween. Not a human, but not a youkai either.
Her title ever since then is (Not So) Ordinary Magician.

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smaller tits and puffier cunny

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She becomes a cumsock

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How is that any different from what she is now?

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Fuck off Reimu

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delete this image

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marisa will never be a youkai nigger

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Youkai are not niggers.

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she looks more satisfied than traumatized though

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She's going to be stinky and lonely, like Alice, if Reimu doesn't become an immortal tennin or something.

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She looks pretty traumatized and broken to me.

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don't reply to the rapefag

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can you guys post your funniest marisas, I lost my folder

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Big breasted marisa is wrong!

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but there already is a catgirl marisa

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That's a fox

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Goddammit this fox needs to come back.

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Never going to happen. Marisa wants to be immortal, but she doesn't want to be a youkai,

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she will turn into a mushroom

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You can't become an immortal being while keeping your humanity.

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You say that but the hourai elixir is in fact a thing.

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Lunarians are not humans you baka. They stopped being human long ago. And don't even pretend that Mokou is still considered human.

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Mokou is totally human, hell her only real things are immortality and fire powers. If your gonna argue she's not human, then it's even more silly too assume reimu is either considering how completely batshit her powers are.

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I'd argue Mokou is still human due to her immortality being caused by Kaguya manipulating eternity so that her body never changes.
This is quite different from Alice and Byakuren who used magic to significantly alter their body and metabolism.

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All Reimu powers come from Yukari. She's basically a witch contracted to a demon.

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This. Ready to be mating pressed by horse youkai

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Perhaps. But you can become immortal without becoming a youkai.

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That is some serious headcanon anon, it's explicitly stated in WAHH by Marisa no less that the entire Hakurei bloodline is bullshit.

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Yukari said in the latest book that Mai / Satono exist in the boundary between human and youkai. Since Marisa is now Okinas daughter, I expect her to do the same.

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she'll become in a celestial

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She becomes more grown up and adult
To many this is seen as a downgrade and Reimu feels inferior so she doesn't like to hang out as much

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Hag Marisa makes me sick.

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The Lolicons she buys from in the human village suddenly won't sell to her because they can't get off to her body anymore, so she's forced to forage in the woods and get goods more illegally. If Reimu found out, she'd have to punish her.

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Marisa ages like a wine fine, it seems.

Seriously though, that adult Marisa is a bombshell.

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Is that Marisa's mother?
They look so alike its scary.

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No, that's a filthy disgusting old hag cosplaying as Marisa.

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under 30 and not used goods is still good anon.

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Under 13*

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Marisa the womanlet fairy!

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like Mima

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Marisa is not a fairy

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I'm still going to use her like one.

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Why is adult Marisa showing her underwear?

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copypasta it

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Because she's a slut, just like all hags.

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Yes, it definitely won't happen. ZUN isn't even hinting at it at all.

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Why can't just Alice spoonfeed her on how to become one?

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I hate marisa!

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Even though she is kind to Alice, Marisa doesn't like her at all.

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Reimu wouldn't have the balls to put down Youkai Marisa.

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Yukari sama...

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There is a lot more for the yokai she robbed to grab at, leading to her state of undress and missing hat.

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Might as well do it to progress the plot and have an ultimate battle between reimu and marisa

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you say it like ZUN wants to ever progress the plot in any way
kind of a shame, because I'd love to see that. Maybe in a fan game someday

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Marisa the liberator.

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ZUN is hinting at it. But Marisa is too good and pure of a girl to ever go through with it. She does love humans after all.

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Lies. I'm sure there are spells to make pussy tight again.

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i want to sniff those panties

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One can do that with basic exercise

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implying that this series has character development