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Reisen failed again!

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eks dee

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that was pretty fast

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Ne need to play danmaku with useless bunnies

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So moe~

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with this loli Suwako is canon


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This chapter was awesome

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here goes her spoiled princess image

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>Inaba of the Moon & Inaba of the Earth

Got some bad news for ya buddy.

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semi canon

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Nope. ZUN said that this is just a bit of fun with the Eientei cast. It's even less accurate to canon Gensokyo than PMiSS.

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Where has he said that?
Are you sure you are not mixing it with SSiB?

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It's an official manga, but nothing canon about it. It's still awesome.

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Nameless Bunny design is canon.
Same design was used in fairy mango

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no boobs on my princess!

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Zun didn't write the story.

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It's official so it's canon. Deal with it.

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strongest touhou in canon

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Whatever, story was written by the mangaka, not Zun.
Only abusive sick fucks like you would want to see Zun writing stories about Reisen getting bullied all the time.

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Canon. Live with that.

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Official != canon. There are some serialized manga that are approved by their creators but don't fit in the canon storyline. Inaba of Moon&Earth feels like a comedy spin-off more than something that should be taken as canon. Besides ZUN never said these 4koma are canon material, not that anybody cares what canon is or not nowadays.

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She is bigger than jesus!!

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canon at its best

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what means "canon" anonymous?
seriusly, i dont know...

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Fans decide what is canon or not, not authors.

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only touhou works that way

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everybody want steal the spring of gensokyo, thats a fact, not only canon.
>gensokyo spring points: netherworld 1/ SDM 0 / Eintei 0 /etc...

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/r/ Reisen copypasta.

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I'm really sorry to interrupt this fascinating discussion on the true meaning of "canon", but is there some kind of sauce for this?

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but...but... ocean splitting is Sanaes job!

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> what the fanbase chooses to consider as authentic.

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yes there is a source on this

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You really need a sauce for IotMaIotE? (it's on voile)

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They usually don't go against what ZUN says. So they work with what they have, they don't create new stuff and make it canon.

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The image he is looking for is not IotMaIotE

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But ZUN hasn't said anything at all! (Except that the PC-98, versus, and fighting games as well as all the manga are not canon.)

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So this whore here is canonically retarded?

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is sanae enought good girl to split the ocean?
but, suwako can create earth, rain thing is Kanako's work, am i wrong? well, we dont know if that rain is muddy thing...

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fun loving and bored.
She can be all serious business if she has to

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She has an ocean splitting spellcard. Miracles all the way!

She does not make the rain. read the following pages

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