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Rabbit time

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Would Reisen be mad if I told her I usually eat rabbit meat?

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Stop shitposting on /jp/ Junko

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Udon-chan! Don't forget to put on your scarf before starting your thread, you could catch a cold!

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I just want to see a Reisen with a shaved bunny tail once in my life.

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i love rabbits,

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disagree, but an acceptable opinion nonetheless

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The enlightened thread. Fuck off with those nekos, kitsunes, dog, and wolf girls. Bunny girls are a step above the rest.

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Dropped the image.

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aesthetic rabbit

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I want to sexual all the rabbits.

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bunny cunny

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You wouldn't survive, rabbits have crazy sex drive.

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I want to be Reisen and rule over other girls with hypnosis

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udon udon udon udon udon udon udon udon udon udon

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I want Reisen to hypnotize me

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It's just too bad Reisen's eyes can't actually be used for hypnosis.

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you say that as though that's a problem and not the best possible way to die

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They can't control minds but they can make people more active, less active or depressed, and insane.

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Would Eirin be mad if she force-feed me drugs that increase my stamina?

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Reisen my udon(g)

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Rabbits have 2 (two) threads!

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Rabbit have 2 (two) holes!

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Rabbi have 2 (two) curly side curls!

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Do Reisen and Tewi eat their poop? This is important.

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I need more information on the Udonge butt

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Reisen deserves rape.

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You deserve death.

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I still can't believe Reisen forgets to put on her defense barrier sometimes!!!

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do NOT

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Reisen is for Junko and Junko only.

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The only thing a traitor deserves. Certainly not love.

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Oh boy! Another Reisen thread!
Reminder, Reisen deserves nothing but the happiest most wholesome content!

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I want Reisen to teach me her favourite recipes!!

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I'm sure if you ask her nicely she wouldn't mind.

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this is very cute!

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I can't believe the NEET is finally doing something productive for once

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Really?! Reisen is so nice and caring! I want to hug her and thank her for spending her time teaching me some of her favourite recipes!

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Gotta post this picture in every Reisen thread I come into.

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Sex with Reisen Udongein Inaba

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This is fine.

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I just want her to be playable in a mainline game again...

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Fondle the rabbit!

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she doesn't have that chest for nothing after all

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What is wrong with you?

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Best Bunny

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I think I've hugged Reisen before but I wanna hug her again!
I wanna HUG Reisen AGAIN!

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I'd like to hug Reisen.
Or anyone really.

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hi guys i got this fumo recently is it good?

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that's a fancy looking fumo, what kind of features does it have?

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Hug her after a long day of work!

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