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This board is basically the touhou board.

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It would ne better that way

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2hu is the reason Jaypee even exists

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Koishi is Drunk!

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Monstergirls are pretty good too

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not enough 2hu (or general 2d) feet on the board

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Who are you quoting?

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Monster girls would be nothing if Touhou didn't exist.

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If kantaifags were to split out from their unending 500posts-a-day thread we would have a hard time to defend this statement.

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I'm not sure if you're blind or retarded (probably both) but he quoted the person who mentioned feet.

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It's true though

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Yeah but who>>21354213 said "footfag", why he's quoting that word.

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he's quoting the context, do you even need to be quoting things in order to use greentext?

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Autism milkies!

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*idolfags and seiyuufags

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How soft are tohos?

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Oh wow
No fucking shit.

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It's the truth, back then people spammed "touhou hijack" in every /a/ thread.

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why she's not wearing a diaper?

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Gödel's Incompleteness theorem dictates that's it's impossible to prove something inherently true
just look at the catalog

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This is seriously an issue on this board.

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The real issue is your continued existence on this earth

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I agree wholeheartedly.

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not him but yeah

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Are you guys suggesting I should kill myself?

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Funny considering how less and less threads are
This doesn't count the hyper active Mobage and Type moon generals, Or the other 5 threads that are just general weebs. This board is being hijacked like back when >>21360791
and the people here like to pretend they're allowing this to happen and aren't getting cucked outta their own board

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>hyper active Type moon generals
There's literally only one and it's dead as fuck. Back in the days there were far more Type Moon threads than now.

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Remove idolshit from /jp/

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It's not like it's any different right now with the [email protected]

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MY /jp/ is getting raped harder than a comfort wife by all these disgusting generals and there's nothing I can do about it.

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Actually I feel like people with /v/ behavior are a much bigger problem than all the 3DPD idol generals I've learned to mentally filter.

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It's actually pretty slow outside of major updates.

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OG [email protected] are ok.

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hey, type moon was a big part of /jp/ (they suddendly became a general again last year) and is really ok considering how cancerous is the type moon general in /vg/.

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For the record it really only became cancerous after /alter/ (aka /v/) invaded. NA was a mistake.

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We just don't know.

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why /v/ is such a shitty and obnoxious board? i feel like at least half of the poster are underage

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I think you answered your own question desu.
They'll grow, mellow out, stop getting irrationally angry over inconsequential shit, gain perspective and self awareness, and either become normalfags or sink deeper into obscure introvert hobbies.

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Hi zoomer tourist

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Nice tits Koishi.
Might as well say it.
Satori can read the conscious mind, Koishi can read the subconscious.

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I like the tv/movie general desu. There are based anons there

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The music ones are nice too

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We're not allowed to have multiple threads because janitors are fags. I'm just biding my time until I don't have to post in a gay general to talk about cute girls.

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You are bunch of fags that are not wanted in this board, and you will always be contained in shitty discord tier generals.

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>Complaining about moderation

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Remove 2Dfags

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remove yourself from this board, fucking spammers.

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Oddly, the most /v/-like thread on /jp/ seems to be the DJT. The vtuber thread is civilized compared to it and /tmg/ is a veritable tea party.

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Come on anon, we all know that a one-board solution is the only that is realistic.

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Ew a faggit,
Go back to your 3DPD.

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Then how come there are threads around for the spin-off girls, yet no one tells to fuck off or contains them to a general or something?

How did [email protected] become an acceptable thing in /jp/ alongside Touhou, anyway? I mean, it's a corporate franchise, a mobage (thanks to the spin-offs), and it's still idolshit despite being 2D. And considering its popularity and more recent Comiket numbers, shouldn't it also be considered a Touhou "rival" like with KanColle or FGO?

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With all of the idol and seiyuu garbage that’s allowed on Jaypee, there should be a GCCX general

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Touhouniggers are cucks [email protected] and whatever other group just trample over them while they pretend they're in control and they "Let them" take the space on the board

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Hello newfriend. Touhou, [email protected], and Vocaloid were the original big 3 of NND.

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whom thou quote?

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it's kinda exhausting
not much else to talk about, there's this, idolshit, fateshit, and the onahole threads I guess

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