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This board is basically the touhou board.

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It would ne better that way

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2hu is the reason Jaypee even exists

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Koishi is Drunk!

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Monstergirls are pretty good too

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not enough 2hu (or general 2d) feet on the board

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Who are you quoting?

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Monster girls would be nothing if Touhou didn't exist.

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If kantaifags were to split out from their unending 500posts-a-day thread we would have a hard time to defend this statement.

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I'm not sure if you're blind or retarded (probably both) but he quoted the person who mentioned feet.

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It's true though

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Yeah but who>>21354213 said "footfag", why he's quoting that word.

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he's quoting the context, do you even need to be quoting things in order to use greentext?

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Autism milkies!

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*idolfags and seiyuufags

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How soft are tohos?

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Oh wow
No fucking shit.

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It's the truth, back then people spammed "touhou hijack" in every /a/ thread.

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why she's not wearing a diaper?

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Gödel's Incompleteness theorem dictates that's it's impossible to prove something inherently true
just look at the catalog

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This is seriously an issue on this board.

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The real issue is your continued existence on this earth

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I agree wholeheartedly.

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not him but yeah

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Are you guys suggesting I should kill myself?

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Funny considering how less and less threads are
This doesn't count the hyper active Mobage and Type moon generals, Or the other 5 threads that are just general weebs. This board is being hijacked like back when >>21360791
and the people here like to pretend they're allowing this to happen and aren't getting cucked outta their own board

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>hyper active Type moon generals
There's literally only one and it's dead as fuck. Back in the days there were far more Type Moon threads than now.

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Remove idolshit from /jp/

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