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This board is basically the touhou board.

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It would ne better that way

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2hu is the reason Jaypee even exists

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Koishi is Drunk!

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Monstergirls are pretty good too

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not enough 2hu (or general 2d) feet on the board

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Who are you quoting?

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Monster girls would be nothing if Touhou didn't exist.

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If kantaifags were to split out from their unending 500posts-a-day thread we would have a hard time to defend this statement.

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I'm not sure if you're blind or retarded (probably both) but he quoted the person who mentioned feet.

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It's true though

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Yeah but who>>21354213 said "footfag", why he's quoting that word.

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he's quoting the context, do you even need to be quoting things in order to use greentext?

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Autism milkies!

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*idolfags and seiyuufags

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How soft are tohos?

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Oh wow
No fucking shit.

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It's the truth, back then people spammed "touhou hijack" in every /a/ thread.

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why she's not wearing a diaper?

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Gödel's Incompleteness theorem dictates that's it's impossible to prove something inherently true
just look at the catalog

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This is seriously an issue on this board.

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The real issue is your continued existence on this earth

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I agree wholeheartedly.

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not him but yeah

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Are you guys suggesting I should kill myself?

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Funny considering how less and less threads are
This doesn't count the hyper active Mobage and Type moon generals, Or the other 5 threads that are just general weebs. This board is being hijacked like back when >>21360791
and the people here like to pretend they're allowing this to happen and aren't getting cucked outta their own board

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>hyper active Type moon generals
There's literally only one and it's dead as fuck. Back in the days there were far more Type Moon threads than now.

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Remove idolshit from /jp/

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It's not like it's any different right now with the [email protected]

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MY /jp/ is getting raped harder than a comfort wife by all these disgusting generals and there's nothing I can do about it.

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Actually I feel like people with /v/ behavior are a much bigger problem than all the 3DPD idol generals I've learned to mentally filter.

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It's actually pretty slow outside of major updates.

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OG [email protected] are ok.

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hey, type moon was a big part of /jp/ (they suddendly became a general again last year) and is really ok considering how cancerous is the type moon general in /vg/.

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For the record it really only became cancerous after /alter/ (aka /v/) invaded. NA was a mistake.

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We just don't know.

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why /v/ is such a shitty and obnoxious board? i feel like at least half of the poster are underage

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I think you answered your own question desu.
They'll grow, mellow out, stop getting irrationally angry over inconsequential shit, gain perspective and self awareness, and either become normalfags or sink deeper into obscure introvert hobbies.

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Hi zoomer tourist

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Nice tits Koishi.
Might as well say it.
Satori can read the conscious mind, Koishi can read the subconscious.

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I like the tv/movie general desu. There are based anons there

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The music ones are nice too

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We're not allowed to have multiple threads because janitors are fags. I'm just biding my time until I don't have to post in a gay general to talk about cute girls.

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You are bunch of fags that are not wanted in this board, and you will always be contained in shitty discord tier generals.

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>Complaining about moderation

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Remove 2Dfags

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remove yourself from this board, fucking spammers.

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Oddly, the most /v/-like thread on /jp/ seems to be the DJT. The vtuber thread is civilized compared to it and /tmg/ is a veritable tea party.

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Come on anon, we all know that a one-board solution is the only that is realistic.

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Ew a faggit,
Go back to your 3DPD.

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Then how come there are threads around for the spin-off girls, yet no one tells to fuck off or contains them to a general or something?

How did [email protected] become an acceptable thing in /jp/ alongside Touhou, anyway? I mean, it's a corporate franchise, a mobage (thanks to the spin-offs), and it's still idolshit despite being 2D. And considering its popularity and more recent Comiket numbers, shouldn't it also be considered a Touhou "rival" like with KanColle or FGO?

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With all of the idol and seiyuu garbage that’s allowed on Jaypee, there should be a GCCX general

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Touhouniggers are cucks [email protected] and whatever other group just trample over them while they pretend they're in control and they "Let them" take the space on the board

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Hello newfriend. Touhou, [email protected], and Vocaloid were the original big 3 of NND.

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whom thou quote?

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it's kinda exhausting
not much else to talk about, there's this, idolshit, fateshit, and the onahole threads I guess

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I didnt know that koishi was THAT hot, holy shiet

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it should be the 2hu, eroge and actual otaku stuff. Idols arent otaku at all, moreso the same shit you see on twitter, hence why those threads are garbage twitter dumps and should be on /hr/

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Eradicate all threads that are aimless image dumps and recurring circlejerk generals devoid of meaningful discussion. You can see them by the number of pointless bumps.

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That's one hell of a double edged sword. Half the Touhou threads on this board are what just described, Circlejerk generals is like every other general on this board (Kantai Collection ,Japanese Adult Video/Gravature, Type Moon, Onaholes.etc).
There will literally be nothing left of /jp/.

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yes, kill it all. You just now realized that new /jp/ is a giant ball of cancer.

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Just nuke the board while you're at it. And allow 2hu back on /a/.

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>And allow 2hu back on /a/.
If this board gets deleted the discussion will be banned off 4channel entirely, not let back on /a/

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Eh, for me the board is jav, gravure and monster girls.

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I'll be honest. Not everyone here is here for the same reason. I used to come here for KC threads now I come here for the mobage threads

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Instead of thinking about what you would like to remove from /jp/, consider what you would like to add. You aren't going to magically get that by banning everything else. What is it you want /jp/ to contain?

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it's really simple, try to keep discussion about meaningful stuff only. Patchy's feet images you see on boorus are hardly meaningful. Let threads die once discussion dies down. You don't need a monster girl general just so there is a monster girl general. This is an effort of a mature community, but /jp/ is filled with the tards on the right side of the pic. In a few weeks after I played Lulua I might try to get a Gust game discussion going like in the old days, but God knows it won't be any good in a brave new world.

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People will throw you shit for saying that in /jp/ even if its true. Imagedump threads are cancer in my opinion and no better than generals. Just look at Sanae threads for example. Everytime a Sanae thread dies someone creates a new one with the same replies
"Sanae is a slut!"
"No! Sanae is a good girl!"
etc, etc.
Reimu threads
"I want to lick Reimu's armpits!"
"Reimu is cheap!"
Zero discussion of doujin that isn't Touhou, and the Touhou discussion quickly dies out in favour of the above mentioned statements "x is a slut!" "I want to be x by y!". Doujin should occupy the majority of threads on /jp/. In the end everything will divide in generals again so I don't think there is a point in discussing this anyway.

/jp/, long divided, must unite. long united, must divide.

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Sanae threads are comfy, i just miss the anon who talked a lot of her lore.

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Not all generals are full of retardation and shitposting and not all individual threads are full of structured, organised, meaningful discussions.
This all really depends or board culture and thread culture.
A thread filled with /b/, /pol/ and /v/ users will never be productive while some of the calmer boards could easily produce a thread with no hostility.
The general nature of the audience is shit you SHOULD consider when you look into a thread. If all these threads look like shit and don't foster any meaningful discussion that kinda says a lot about /jp/ as a whole

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generals aren't inherently evil, and individual threads aren't perfect yes. On a board with sense. /vr/ is somewhat an example of a board I consider having reasonable amounts of generals and where trite shitposting is discouraged by the userbase.
/jp/ now has no sense. You cold napalm bomb the whole board and nothing of value would be lost. Even if both /a/ and /v/ were frozen and the users came here there would be more meaningful discussion than now.

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Hey guys, could you do me a big favour and post some touhou emoticons? The german Kohlchan is currently undergoing changes and the mods are okay with implementing additional emojis if we can provide them. For now we only got marisa and baka fairy but i'd really like more, can anon help out?

I mean this type of emoticons.

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Suck my dick, I don't care what you mongoloids think. You have no power. When the board becomes 50% 3D girl related, the mods will be forced to change things.

>> No.21434750

>Idols aren't otaku at all
Objectively not true. And they're more central to otaku culture in Japan than 2hu at this point.

>> No.21434757

cry more faggot,you won't change nothing, stick to your cancer generals and fuck off.

>> No.21434759

The majority of 2hu threads are just this.

>> No.21434793

I'm already here, dumbass. Always making new 3D generals.

>> No.21434805

Yes but only generals and everyone know that generals are just a shitty discord circle jerk,stay there scum.

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I searched for "touhou everyone pixel_art" on the *boorus and found stuff like this, with varying resolutions and styles. You could probably grab one that looks nice, then just cut out all the heads.

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Don't give a fuck, faggot.

>> No.21434851

Stop misusing commas, shithead

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There are tons of train and military otaku in Japan, so we must be cool with /n/ and /k/ moving in right? There are tons of trading card game otaku in Japan (it's why they make a little card game for just about any franchise, they have fucking hundreds of TCGs), so we are cool bringing in /tg/ right? Airsoft is big in Japan, let's get /asp/ in here too.

Idol otaku are music fans completely unconnected to the 2d scene, which was the entire reason /jp/ was splintered off from /a/ over. We have a music board. Jpop should be right next to Kpop. In fact, it WAS there, before /jp/ was made.

The "because it's got otaku" defense is in reality meaningless. It's just the Japanese word for "fan." That's it. There are fans of fucking everything that doesn't suck, and fans plenty of things that do fucking suck. Mods should have known better but they clearly didn't. In reality this idol business should have been shipped over to /mu/ the first day they changed the board name from Japan/General where it made more sense. Hell, DJT objectively does not belong here either under that more restrained definition, to separate /int/ and /trv/ affairs away from 2d otaku affairs, but Sadpanda would have made all the sense in the world to host here. Those choices show only how very fucking fucking little mods understand all this, so to trust their calls is absolute fucking folly. /jp/ has no real voice at the mod's table. It never has and probably never will because moot hated us and the mods sick his dick long after he ditched them all and the site.

>> No.21435089

Making the /idol/ people have always wanted to happen so /jp/ can be free of 3D?

>> No.21435117

Yeah, hopefully.


>> No.21435159

Learn to read

>> No.21435177

I'm reading just fine. No one cares what you have to say. Apparently you cared enough about my post to write an autistic dissertation though.

>> No.21435180

I don't mind a lot of the generals, but most of the random touhou image dump threads are absolute garbage. Occasionally an intresting thread will pop up here and there though. I like /jp/.

>> No.21435194

I'm not >>21434874, but boy are you a massive faggot. No one asked if you "cared". Don't even bother posting if you're going to put on this "too cool to engage in discussion" facade.

>> No.21435242

You're fuming.

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incredible post here. /jp/ is more tradition that "otaku culture" in my opinion. you can name anything otaku culture and by that extend you can make a thread about anything here in /jp/ which will lead to generals. we must avoid becoming like /pol/: since every post can be "politically incorrect" you can make a thread about everything and anything
"I don't like x. by the way niggers, jews, trannys etc etc"
bang 200 replies. /pol/ was a failure to from the start anyway, but flags added to any board help in the destruction of discussion in favour of flag avatarfagging. The problem is that imagedumps are also shit with no discussion, but they have been part of /jp/ since its fundations. This is why I have to ask this: is it really too difficult to maintain discussion while also posting pictures?
Don't delete my post meido I am trying to make a point here its not racism.

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/jp/ right now is basically 50% generals and 50% dead threads that only stay alive because some random person keeps bumping them once they get to page 9-10.

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File: 218 KB, 500x687, _kaenbyou_rin_kaenbyou_rin_komeiji_satori_reiuji_utsuho_and_reiuji_utsuho_touhou_drawn_by_nobu_baka_6279910d6eabb331b15138c51ddc7c14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>/jp/ has no real voice at the mod's table. It never has and probably never will because moot hated us and the mods sick his dick long after he ditched them all and the site.
Lmao that goes for almost every single board here. In fact /jp/ is one of the lucky few where moderators actually do their job instead of letting chaos settle like on /v/ and /tv/.

All of those decisions rest upon Hiro, who doesn't give a shit about the site, and RapeApe, who hates 4chan culture.

>> No.21436992

Virtual youtubers need to go somewhere else.

>> No.21437368 [DELETED] 

>50% dead threads that only stay alive because some random person keeps bumping them once they get to page 9-10
Because /jp/ was always or at least meant to be slow. Sometimes it took even several days just to get at the bottom of the catalog. Now you can have page 10 in 5 hours because some retarded sperg.

>> No.21437376

>50% dead threads that only stay alive because some random person keeps bumping them once they get to page 9-10
Because /jp/ was always or at least meant to be slow. Sometimes it took even several days just to get to the bottom of the catalog. Now you can have page 10 in 5 hours because of some retarded sperg.

>> No.21437397

I don't understand Touhou. It just looks like a generic shoot 'em up with female characters. It doesn't even have a hentai undressing progress system or the princess maker system of growing said female characters.

>> No.21437429

because isn't a fucking generic hentai in canon.

>> No.21437467

It has great music and the character designs are quite cute. It's mystic semi-feudal setting is also very palatable.

>> No.21441531

cute designs, good music, great ammount of fan games and fan work.

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Those are nice, currently searching thorugh deviantart and pixiv. Oh and they already included some of the touhous i found online <3

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I though krautchan was deleted

>> No.21442702

>50% dead threads that only stay alive because some random person keeps bumping them once they get to page 9-10.

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Krautchan was disbanded last year because silly owner forgot to prolong the domain registration and some baka used the chance to snatch the adress away. Then everyone was boardless for 2 months untill some Bernds decided make a successor site called Kohlchan, that's where the german folks lurk now. :3

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Because nothing.

>> No.21443795

You see the game is made by a guy in his basement who comes out every Comiket with a new game. He broke off a company or some shit (I don't know the details but last I checked this was a franchise made by a small group of developers in the days before windows versions and then the guy named ZUN came along and made the project his own, going out ever Comiket and selling the new game with a bunch of shiny new girls)
As a result of this he hasn't had time to patent or copyright his characters (Not like he wanted credibility or profits). People like the aesthetics of the game but think they can do better and ZUN's carefree behaviour towards his IP basically invites Japanese autists who love his game to "Go ahead, Suprass me" Thus the fans make doujinshi and new content for the game. The Japanese fans cultivate a new fanbase with their doujin works alone, giving the game more traction
Basically copyright free cute girls attract fanartists and game makers to try and encapsulate the magic of the series and release any hidden potential in these games, in turn make the fandom bigger.
This has an effect as the creates shitposters and secondaries all over since people would much rather enjoy the fandom than the games

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fuck off kike

>> No.21443930

They try occasionally but some random sperg always tries to derail things because it bumped his feet thread off the board.

>> No.21446490

Discussion takes place but it's slow.
The only reason why this happens is because some retard shows up and accelerates the board speed and threads reach page 7 in sometimes 3-6 hours or less. Back in January, some faggot spammed the thread and the time to page 8 was less than an hour or something stupid like that.
Shit like that still happens. Some threads hit page 5 on 3 or less hours on the day shift every once in a while.

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File: 214 KB, 474x879, miki is not late to bump her thread.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is no discussion in idolmaster threads anymore and you know it.

>> No.21446769

well at least Miki threads are free from the fucking sperg chihayafag who shit ups every [email protected] thread.

>> No.21448783

>spammed the thread
Spammed the board.

>> No.21448865
File: 2.14 MB, 1763x1571, __shiki_eiki_touhou_drawn_by_o_crazyoton46__0b23de8cd465dd9adac4315a48f91a3e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish we could have these discussions in the threads, but instead theres just too much shitflinging or just imageposting that overtakes it. Annoys me that we cant have a normal koishi thread anymore because someone keeps spamming diaper shit in it. Same for the eiki threads

>> No.21448898

eiki the diaperhu

>> No.21448900

Encourage a posting style and it will become the norm.

>> No.21448907

Take BACK your threads from the shitposters!

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Heres the problem with that: You cant because they'll just keep posting it. No matter what you do, they show up and the thread falls to shit. Hell theres some blatant /d/ threads on here like the giant 2hu thread and the chubby thread. Am I one who posts in both? no. But at least have the decency to use the other boards for that shit. Not saying im against 2hu, but I want quality control again

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Maybe mods should actually pull their heads out of their asses and enforce GR3 for once

>> No.21449001

/jp/ lost that privledge after shitposters bullied the moderation for years on end.
/jp/ is self moderation now.

>> No.21449127


>> No.21449251

and now its garbage

>> No.21449318

I wish I could talk about Aunn without some turboautist fucking everything up

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File: 128 KB, 1365x1365, __komeiji_koishi_and_komeiji_satori_touhou_drawn_by_rin_falcon__184826316f36744461b0ab06658f17bc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

or any thread as a matter of fact. Its just terrible quality control

>> No.21450119

what the fuck half of this isn't even true

>> No.21450219
File: 117 KB, 900x1000, __onozuka_komachi_touhou_drawn_by_alien_psr992__9bc093d32c4a67b2f246f2199a00cdd2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what is true is a decline in quality across the entire board. It really does need to be fixed

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File: 1.65 MB, 620x620, 1501709850921.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is she that big in op's image? Even the spriter for the floaty fighting games disagrees with you

>> No.21450319

>what is true is a decline in quality across the entire board
You mean the entire site. And unfortunately there's literally not even a sliver of hope of anything ever being fixed because Hirojew is a faggot.

>> No.21450333

everywhere you go there is no quality control. However at least /jp/ isnt a frogposting hellhole where every thread can be derailed by some political dumbshit, but there still is a lot of issues

>> No.21453441

This, /jp/ still has some of the "old" and comfy feeling, no wojacks, frogs or political bullshit in everything.
I usually don't browse other boards often but when i do i notice that this site went to hell.

>> No.21454961

I get my information from this board and 4chan so if you have a problem you can make an accurate version

>> No.21454997
File: 181 KB, 900x636, __kaenbyou_rin_kaenbyou_rin_and_komeiji_koishi_touhou_drawn_by_nicetack__28713d69ac48bafa6188e1b4d3f51099.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

or, you know, trivial bullshit that can derail any thread. The only other board that matches this can be /s4s/ because of how braindead they are

>> No.21455554

4chan is no longer with us unfortunately

>> No.21462562

is that moonman?

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