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Are moon rabbits' feet still lucky, because if so I'mma headed to that moonpeople's hallway place with a shotgun loaded with birdshot and a machete.

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No no, it's EARTH rabbits.

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<--------------You are this guy right??

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good luck with that.

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Boy, do you know what this is?

Allow me to enlighten you. This is the .45 ACP Glock 36, loaded with Federal HSTs. It is one of the world's most effective pistol cartridges, combining superb accuracy and stopping power, in exchange for limited armor piercing capabilities.

However, since you're wearing a t-shirt... I doubt you'll have time to begrudge the manufacturers for that decision.

Reflect on your mistakes in the next life.

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Well, given that everything from the Moon is more Mary Sue-ish, I figure it'd be a reasonable conclusion to draw that Moon Rabbits' Feet would be at least an order of magnitude luckier.

Failing that, I could convince someone ELSE that they are luckier and recoup the costs of the trip by selling them.

Don't you mean clip?

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The blazer+tie+colorful wrinkled ears aren't exactly good armor OR camo.

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Wait, what do you do with the rest of them once you catch them?

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The humane thing to do would be to stuff them and mount them.

But, hell, I figure I'd just release them back in the wild... You know... half conscious and with bloody stumps in lieu of feet. I'd laugh... like... a lot.

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/k/ommando reporting in. The correct term is magazine, or as the original poster so admirably put it, cartridges. You may be a trolling troll, and if you are then you're particularly fucking stupid. "Clip" indeed.

Get the fuck out of here.

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What? Why would you want to fuck animals?

And why is this man's penis unconnected to anything?

gtfo, /k/tard.

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translation of the moonrunes?

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>>It hurts.... It hurts...
>>Mommy... Help...

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Are you supposed to nail rabbits in the lungs or is that deer?

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Many thanks.

Still, such tiny, unimpressive feet cannot be THAT lucky.

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Would've shot her in the brainstem, myself. It makes for a quicker, cleaner kill.

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I want my rabbits alive and kicking in my stomach.

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So what happens if Reisen gives you a footjob?

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She becomes useful.