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Have you worshiped Yukari-sama today, Anonymous?

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I was on the verge of forgetting it. Thanks for reminding me.

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No, the only one I worship is Patchy's nice ass.

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Sorry I only worship strong girls

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Make an offering of 1 (one) sock a day, and your chances of waking up in Gensokyo will increase dramatically.

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Do as he says.
Rumia is hungry

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Yukari-sama seems to be a bit fa

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Suddenly a porta opened and a box appeared!
When I opened it this happened ;_;

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You are now crying bitch tears manually

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Bitch, please.

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Suddenly a portal opened and a box appeared!
When I opened it this happened ;_;

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better call Yuyuko!

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I see... Yukari fucked up the border between master and servant

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I give it two SSiB chapters before the tables are turned and she gets tied up and spanked like the spoiled little moon princess that she is. Three chapters, tops.

Just as planned,

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As a Toyohime fan I want to see that happen

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As expected from mai goddess

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There is still Yorihime and the Bunnygirls

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Someone got soft ear...

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Thats Tewi

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Leave Yorihime to me.

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There is still enough rope.

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already defeated offscreen

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I hope there will be a doujin about Toyohim and Yorihime in Yukaris rape dimension

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Well she is gonna get bested somehow.

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You know, I don't see how Yorihime is so unbeatable and ultimate. She didn't actually shoot any bullets, she just used her flashy powers to deflect the girls' patterns back to them. Is that supposed to be sticking to the rules of a duel? Plus, the girls themselves didn't seem to put any effort in winning whatsoever. It's like they didn't want to hurt Yorihime, they just wanted to show off. Take Sakuya for example. Compare her performance to EoSD, where she fought to protect the mansion. Hell, she even came back, beaten and exhausted, with a spellcard called "Eternal Meek" in a desperate attempt to kick your ass. Here, she does nothing and even casually smiles after losing. The difference is huge. She has no reason to try, after all.

That whole battle in the last three chapters of SSiB looks like a friggin tea party. No blood boiling, no intensity, no danger, no suspense at all. Just "hahaha let's have a fight, hahaha I lost, let's have a cup of tea now"

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Im hoping for this >>2130022
hammer time > Tewi goes to let out Change

remember the bunnies act strange for some time.

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And Tewi is old enough to know Chang'e


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I think the girls don't have any real reason to be on the moon, or to fight Yorihime. Aside from Remilia who somehow thought it would be fun to conquer the moon, and still lost because of her obvious weakness to sunlight. Yorihime on the other hand is defending her homeworld, of course she is taking the fights more seriously. Plus she has a serious personality unlike her sister.

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Reimu and Marisa are just there to make Yukari shut up.

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Indeed, but my point is, when it gets down to it, they're not fighting, they're kind of..."interacting". We can't judge who is stronger from this.

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Yorihime is clearly stronger. Marisa commented on that.

Still eam Jobber is not even trying.
If they were seriouss about it there would not be any fairy maids in this rockets. They would have taken Suika, Flandre and Yuka up there

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Yorihime is clearly stronger. Marisa commented on that.

Still Team Jobber is not even trying.
If they were seriouss about it there would not be any fairy maids in this rockets. They would have taken Suika, Flandre and Yuka up there

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Actually, only Reimu is there because of Yukari. Marisa just tagged along because as always she likes to stick her nose in everything.

Yeah, it's a danmaku duel after all. They are not fighting for their lives or something.

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Fuck yeah, Reimu. I'd donate everything I have. Not that I'm going to have any use of PLN in Gensokyo.

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>Suika, Flandre and Yuka
thats overkill

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Necrophilia is fine too.

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How will fandom fix her?

I see hope for Toyohime but for her...?

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Some Touhous HAD to partake in a danmaku duel to protect a life, though.

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But dude...Keine is all brutal and unrelated, a big exception to everything because she's unstable.

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But I already like her... ponytail imouto moe~

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She is gensokyos true good girl after all

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It still hurts.

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I`d like to see her suffer

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PL-Polski N-nowy
Polish New as in the New Polish Złoty. Złoty being the common name for the currency.

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