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the other threads still got hours left in it dumb op

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Real thread.

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the containment thread is spilling lol

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Did Jamal like this?

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all i have to do is announce im posting the next thread and u guys dance like the muppets u r

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i'm alt tabbing between a VN and the html page that the texthooker is dumping text into at lightning speed

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i didnt finish it i got to sex 1 and found myself completely over it after my refractory period cooldown ended

it was kinda good but i could mostly tell where it was going from the getgo the first time the mc talked about god and got bored of it

prolly more interesting to those not initiated with romeo but romeos a missionary man lol hes gotta spread the word no matter what

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oh and apparently its some satire on shinto shit being a big retarded mess as to make simple and clean jesus look better or smth


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ur not makin romeo sound like somethin to look forward to

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his golden age is kazoku keikaku thru ima

rewrite is aptly named rewrite bc its a rewrite of ima dumbed down for the unwashed masses

theres ur quick n dirty on romeo gl

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Do any of you use a Japanese layout keyboard?

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u mean a kana keyboard? u need 1 of those for cross channel anyway u should get familiar with the layout

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is である basically だ?

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takin notes
what are u talkin about

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Not even Japanese people use kana keyboards.

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there might be a part of the game written in gibberish and to decode it u need to look at ur kana keyboard lmao

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what a sick cipher

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yup, and であります is です

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it pisses me off so fucking bad that yomichan doesn't pick up on words which contain slurs, like words which end in ねぇ instead of ない

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how long till u get sick of it and just read the nihongo as it is without looking back to ur precious text hooker to tell u everything

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probably next year

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i've been going 6 months and i can tell i won't drop a texthooker for another 18 months minimum. why would i drop it? if i wanna know the definition of a word i don't want to have to draw it or search it by typing readings i know based on other words or something.

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Nazeka can pick up some colloquial slurs but I don't think it works with the kind you mentioned.

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I'm still using a texthooker but without using jparser or mecab

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i dont think they really exist

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they exist but were phased out a while ago

really a true relic of the 90s

ahh it feels like it was only yesterday

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>I'm still using a texthooker but without using jparser or mecab
Good. Nobody should be using either of those. This should be explicitly stated in the guide but it isn't for some reason.

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just download textractor that auto bings every line for u lol the future is here

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Yeah, that's fucking annoying. You can't even just disable it either, you have to delete the Bing extension altogether to get it to stop.

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auto bing ftw

welcome to the future of visual gameing


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like a week ago anon posted a shortcut for chrome to save the exact position you are at a certain page (useful for itazuranekos library). does anyone have it?

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You mean the javascript bookmark thing? I think you just press B.

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dont know if we're talking about the same thing, but pressing just B obviously did nothing, or else it would be really awkward to type words with 'b' in it

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This is what I'm talking about:
>Press the B key to create a bookmark (red line). Your browser will automatically scroll to the bookmark next time you load the page. Click the bookmark to remove it.

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i love you. its this exact feature i was looking for. my mistake to think it was a chrome thing and not a specific tool on itazura. thanks anon

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Nazeka or Rikaichamp for Firefox?

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Okay so I don't know where else to go or even how to google this but what the fuck is going on when I type り in the address bar (both chrome and mozilla) it automatically types in katakana but when I hit enter it searches for hiragana り even when I type it in katakana? Also can't seem to be able to type katakana り in the 4chan text box either.

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>Last updated
>a year ago (Nov 8, 2017)

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according to this logic, please never use epwing dictionaries

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lol this kid thinks if its not connected its katakana

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>webster dictionary edition one last updated in 1920
>that mean da words no longer exist

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nani the fuck happened?
firefox deactivated all my extensions, even greasemonkey

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It is katakana though, it gets me different google results if i copy paste a katakana than when I try to type it.

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does that not tell u that what u typed is different than what u pasted

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Okay I figured it out and I admit I was retarded. Thanks and sorry.

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リーtarded if u will *snorts* lol

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>What's that? You wanted to use browser add-ons to help you learn Japanese today? Too bad, kid.

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Mozilla devs being retarded as usual, it seems. You're not alone.

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Yomichan actually has serious bugs in need of fixing though.

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Outdated software is more likely to have issues
I am not saying that the dictionary should be the brand new 50th edition but the program should be updated frequently so it doesn't have any issues
Use your nigger-brain next time
Here's a banana you monkey
>>21283687 gets it

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works on ESR
fucking hate internet in 2019

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Stay mad, retard.

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>now yomichan doesn't work
fuck this shiiiiiiiit!!!!!

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yomichan. looking up the english meaning of words within japanese definitions is so ez

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lol congrats on having to crosspost cuz ur thread was doa pussy boy

>> No.21283724

why would u even use firefox when netscape navigator is still fuckin good

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T-take that back

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Here's a particularly bad one which was reported over a year ago and still hasn't been fixed:

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I posted on all threads, my thread only exists because OP is a bitch that can't wait until the thread dies to create a new one so this one is illegal too.

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jumping the gun is less 芸 than retaliating by creating a duplicate shit thread
when will you fuck off lol

>> No.21283787

Fuck sake, Mozilla. Fix your shit.

>> No.21283797

i told them to instill a addon embargo till u retards learn japanese lol

>> No.21283799

install firefox ESR

>> No.21283801

My ass.
Anyway, they are the formal writing versions of だ and です

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jokes on u i cant hook yuno and this shit will be fixed by the time im done

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otoh ur reading yuno and thats ftw as hell ?

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quiztard no ..

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do you nerds study kanji readings or just take them as they come from new vocab?

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Very good rebuttal but reminder 日本語でなきゃお前pussyじゃん

>> No.21283901

this isnt ur dead thread

>> No.21283911

Is this the thread in which dumb beginners outdone in all Japanese skills as well as flashcard creation skills can outlive their frustration at the fact that people better in every single way exist by pretending not to be shitters? Alright suppose I got other shit to do anyway, see you later.

>> No.21283912

I study kanji meanings but only kanji from new vocab, so both? it helps the vocab stick better.

>> No.21283915

>as well as flashcard creation skills
dont forget ur crown on the way out

>> No.21283919

>outlive their frustration
btw what the fuck does this mean lol why dont u get some dubs and work on ur eigo deck

>> No.21283938

Alright I will promise you I will not make another post for the next 3 months. I am intending on carrying this through, any Quizmaster posting in the next months is not me. See you losers.

>> No.21283947

i dont believe in u but gambare itd be best for all of us

>> No.21283949

lying autistic helpless faggot loser

>> No.21283963

Cute. Looks like I struck a chord.

>> No.21283973

hey you just posted idiot, so easy

>> No.21283975

oh so that was you spamming that shit in that thread a couple days ago.

>> No.21284034

u guys dont exactly inspire confidence lmaooooooo

>> No.21284035

nazeka does this too
you get used to them they're not actually a big deal

>> No.21284051

pls dont go everyone else is retarded

>> No.21284059

>nazeka does this too
isn't it a big fat dick getting dictionaries like shinmeikai to work tho

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>> No.21284076

BTFO so hard he got knocked three months into the future, so it turns out he was actually telling the truth.

>> No.21284078

why dont u hang out in his discord then

>> No.21284088

ok can you give me the link?

>> No.21284101

why's there always at least 1 or 2 guys who try to suck up to attentionwhores in these threads? jamal and quizmaster both have them.

>> No.21284103


Here it is


>> No.21284145

if it makes u feel any better the ntr boys and the quiz kids are at constant strife

>> No.21284214

all those things actually help the new word stick better, because you’re engaging more with the word than just mousing over for 2 seconds

>> No.21284225

i don't manually write every single word and sentence i come across either but surely that would improve retention. but it's a pain in the ass. i don't feel like the tradeoff is worth it. if a word is frequent then i can just repeat it to myself a few times and move on.

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Got into it this morning but kinda started reading re:セロ and forgot til now, guess I'll finish up so I can be up to date finally.

>> No.21284302

>Wake up
>QM gone for 3 months
I give it 3 days tops but even that is a blessing.

>> No.21284310

he couldn't even last 4 posts lol

>> No.21284311

>outlive their frustration
>Looks like I struck a chord.
Try learning English while you're gone.
Good riddance.

>> No.21284356

How do I say the following:

>"Hello, I'm a Japanese student I've come here to America, with a question: Is it ok to creampie on squirrels?"

>> No.21284381

konchiwa, ore nihon seito de amerika ni suita shitsumon ga aru, squirrels nakadashi suru ga ii no ka

>> No.21284397

arigato anon.

>> No.21284401

Why do we hate quiztard again?

>> No.21284402

idk what the fuck i just said

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>> No.21284430

Why is that girl crying? Can she just grow some eggs and stop being a crybaby? jeez

>> No.21284431

It is an insufferable namefag who gets butthurt from normal hazing. Low testosterone, possibly female.

>> No.21284439


>> No.21284445

Because he's a nasty, egotistical braggart?

>> No.21284455

It should be "へ", not "から".

>> No.21284479


>> No.21284493

Many reasons
>Nurtures flashtarding cult
>Tries to force quiz down everyone's throat as the be-all-end-all
>Is generally a pretty huge dick
>Super low self-esteem
Basically he's a guy who's KIND OF good at Japanese in that he knows a lot of words. He made a quiz that he advertises constantly and got a discord following and now that he's tasted some semblance of fame, he wants to hold onto it. So he keeps pushing that you're only good at Japanese if you can beat him at his quiz, every single thread. Sometimes he starts shit just to issue a challenge later. I wouldn't be surprised if he starts arguments anonymously just to swoop in as QM and offer peace through his fucking quiz.

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Post songs japanese songs pls


>> No.21284514

>He made a quiz
he didnt make it

>> No.21284524

The からす departs FROM his nest, looking for food for his offspring, whereas the ヘリコプター flies TOWARDS the point of destination, where a rich man needs to be dropped off.

>> No.21284525


>> No.21284528

I don't even care enough to remember that correction, that's how insignificant it is whether or not he actually made the quiz.

>> No.21284532

whats ur mnemonic for に

>> No.21284539

*typing speed test

>> No.21284572


>> No.21284578


>> No.21284600

I can't read this fast, post slower paced songs please.

>> No.21284619

It's too bad I can't enjoy shounen anime. It's only about level 24.

>> No.21284631

Had to install fucking Chrome. Fuck Mozilla's trans nigger employees.

>> No.21284639


>> No.21284647

rikaisama and yomichan still work on firefox

>> No.21284650

what happened?

>> No.21284658


>> No.21284661

mines working perfect but apparently some people got their add ons disabled because firefox is shuting down addons with out certificates

>> No.21284663
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>tfw you stayed with firefox 56
It only broke my adblock

>> No.21284676

>firefox is shuting down addons with out certificates
Nah, they just fucked up and certificates weren't updated meaning they became invalid. Diversity hires 万歳

>> No.21284682

Retarded Mozilla devs forgot to renew a security certificate or something so now all add-ons fail to validate and Firefox won't let you use or install them. The reason everyone's add-ons got disabled simultaneously is because that's when their system clocks hit the time that the certificate was due to expire.

Over 3 hours later they still haven't fixed the fucking problem.

It's not a user-end problem. The "more information" link Firefox throws up in reference to this problem takes you to a page about Firefox 57 and legacy add-ons which has nothing to do with this issue.

>> No.21284688

it isnt from an update its from a cert expiring
what actually gets disabled seems to have some randomness to it lol

>> No.21284689

what the fuck is a obfuscated extension..?

>> No.21284707

What are you talking about that is what most keyboards in Japan look like. Japanese people who don't know English well have to use shit like that and have a keyboard on their phone that is reminiscent of texting on a flip phone.

>> No.21284708

google something like javascript obfuscator
its completely unrelated people just couldnt figure out what was going on for a bit

>> No.21284724

Japan never made a remake or even a fucking dub of Married with Children.
Why even learn this bullshit language...
At least there is a good dub or KOTH but still....

>> No.21284726

i think they were sayin that they dont actually use the kana input mode so it doesnt matter if the keyboard has kana printed on it and the couple of keys moved around
japanese people learn romaji in grade school btw

>> No.21284729

Any Japanese person can type Japanese on a keyboard using the alphabet, some might prefer kana input though

>> No.21284739
File: 102 KB, 1252x1252, DwvBLBkb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess there's only one thing left to do

>> No.21284741
File: 3.26 MB, 3286x1289, 1552107466124.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It works in my machine.

>> No.21284759

I lived in Japan and all the Japanese people used that shit because they would always be hitting the numbers and if I used a keyboard sometimes it would be on that setting from before. My Japanese friends also make fun their Japanese counterparts because they do so much more work to send a text message. A lot of people use a 3x3 kana input.
Most Japanese are shit at English so that seems way easier to them. Laziness always wins in the end. I've talked to some Japanese that have flat out told em that they're too lazy to read a newspaper because of kanji a lot of time and how a lot of dumb girls will fuck up kanji a lot.

>> No.21284766

why are your monitors not aligned in your print screen

>> No.21284767

Also what the fuck does Saitou mean?

>> No.21284771

Because one of the is a small one I picked up just to watch things while I'm playing vidya.

>> No.21284788

yeah i mean that the small one is high up so there are two black areas instead of one
havent seen that happen before

>> No.21284801

Oh that's because it was kind of annoying trying to hit the X mark on top of the left monitor to close a windown.

>> No.21284814

12 do ru oniiigashimasuu. Juu ga arimasuka?

>> No.21284821
File: 30 KB, 480x480, shootme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

el shasshin ga wasureta

>> No.21284835

So is firefox the only way to texthook?

>> No.21284838

qm is posting on int


>> No.21284847

I don't know how to speak nihongo, why is he getting (you)s

>> No.21284848

Good he is gone. Who wants to take the tittyquiz?

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There's episodes of dubbed HOTH floating around on nico but is there anywhere to download whole seasons?

>> No.21284856

I would like to Tittysquiz if you catch my drift.

>> No.21284879

That's why I posted that LOL. People were talking about KOTH dubs in the last thread so I've been watching them on Nico. Crazy what old sitcoms are dubbed and what aren't. Friends is on netflix but ugh. I find old American sitcoms/movies dubbed in Japanese comfy as fuck. I saw there is "tonari no Sienfeld"
No but it says if I make an account I can watch some of the others. I'm gonna give that a try when I run out. I have a nico account from other stuff but forgot all the info.

>> No.21284881

1. What's the biggest Japanese site for rating movies like IMDB?
2. What's the biggest Japanese site for anime and manga like MAL?
3. Give me some ranking of best japanese movies rated by japanese people by some quality site like NHK, please.

>> No.21284886

cause he writes like an anime character going off on a journey he may not return from
some are confused and some are concerned

>> No.21284890

they got peggy's voice spot on but everyone else sounds hilarious.

>> No.21284901

I've only watched from the S2 dubbed ones and Hank sounds way too youthful lol.
they still make Boomhauher hard to understand on purpose right? I've been pretty relieved when it switches back from him and I feel like I can understand....a bit more than half...of what people are saying.

>> No.21284912

I wonder if you could find dubbed DVDs at markets in Japan.

>> No.21284913

Really, why are Germans so fucking autistic?

>> No.21284919


>> No.21284927

From what I've heard there isn't much of a DVD market in Japan besides some used stuff at book stores. For the most part it's what you can get on Amazon. I've ordered a few things like this from JP amazon, but it makes it a tad takai.

>> No.21284928

Oh ok Sakura is just retarded, gotcha.

>> No.21284947

mmm feels goood uhhggg

>> No.21284978
File: 966 KB, 1024x598, 1530418678268.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok this is fucking retarded.

>> No.21284988
File: 617 KB, 1280x720, 1536698035824.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21284992

shes not my least favorite character but it got pretty fuckin annoying

>> No.21285031

>Go to old thread
>Zero (0) nada US flags.


>> No.21285108

how to use Hulu Japan?

>> No.21285216

5 hours later and Firefox is still fucked. How can a company be so incompetent?

>> No.21285222

just install firefox fucking ESR
that worked for me

>> No.21285237

My distro doesn't have it. Most distros don't ship anything but the main branch of Firefox. Short of building from source (which would take ages), I can't install ESR, and it's just not worth the hassle.

>> No.21285249

that's where you fucked up

>> No.21285316

wtf does ツッコミ mean

>> No.21285367

benis in bagina

>> No.21285396
File: 255 KB, 707x698, 1439431771951.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21285398

Anyone here used/own a Japanese electronic dictionary? I am considering saving up for one.

>> No.21285413

just use qolibri fag

>> No.21285416

this >>21285413

and use a dark theme with it like:

body {
color: #000000;
font-family: HanaMinA;
background-color: #1e1f21;
margin-left: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px;
h1 {
color: #ffffff;
background-color: #5e89ac;
font-family: HanaMinA;
font-weight: bold;
font-size: x-large;
margin-left: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 3px;
h2 {
color: #c6c8c7;
font-family: HanaMinA;
background-color: #292a2e;
font-size: large;
margin-left: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px;
pre {
color: #f7f7ed;
font-family: HanaMinA;
background-color: #292a2e;
margin-left: 5px; margin-right: 0px; margin-top: 7px; margin-bottom: 7px;
white-space: pre-wrap;
text-indent: 15px;
font-size: medium;
i {}
b {
color: #80a2be;
em.err {
color: #DD0000;
font-weight: bold;
font-stye: italic;
span.sel {
color: #5e89ac;
span.img {
font-size: small;
font-stye: italic;
img {
vertical-alignment: super;
font-size: small;
sup {
color: #a387ab;
sub {
color: #a387ab;
a {
color: #a387ab;
a.ref {}
a.cnd {
color: #a387ab;
a.img {}
a.snd {}
a.mpg {}
p {}

>> No.21285423

I see! Thank you so much.

>> No.21285481

I just finished my first light novel.

We're all going to make it!

>> No.21285495

now finish two more in the same amount of time

>> No.21285507






>> No.21285636

He would have been significantly cooler if he actually just wanted "a showdown" and didn't bring in his mountain of other shit
>Stop helping others if you're not fluent!
This is what did it for me.

>> No.21285663

for real tho what are the differences between 合わす and 合わせる

>> No.21285746

>not using chad waterfox
but that is strange, I use waterfox, that is basically an older version of firefox, installed all my addons with the mozilla site and had no problems with them

>> No.21285753


>> No.21285785


>> No.21285792

The only true browser is vivaldi

>> No.21285802

>not using lynx

>> No.21285808

合わす is indicative, 合わせる is potential
I don't know what that means, I didn't learn conjugation in english

>> No.21285830

no, they are separate verbs.

>> No.21285871

huh? i dont get it man fuck this language

>> No.21285902

の nominalizes いつか一緒にリングに立つ so that it can be marked by を
i think lol

>> No.21285941

Made the switch to Waterfox. It's great.
Can use rikaisama and even update it so sanseido works. 10/10.

>> No.21285944

Waterfox is just as bad as Firefox.

>> No.21285949
File: 18 KB, 200x200, 1400949215891.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>closed source proprietary software

>> No.21285961

>having any sensitive information on your pc at all

>> No.21285963

If I wanted to be that into privacy I'd make my own browser
In regards to full privacy, I don't know which browser is better, all I care is if it is comfy to use, if it can install every addon I currently use of addons that do the same, and if it can handle more than 200 tabs open without using more than 6GiB of ram

>> No.21285974

>firefox is still broken with no fix in sight
Alright, fuck this, I give up. I guess I'll be using Chromium for the next few days.

Speaking of which, does anyone know how exactly you go about getting Nazeka to work on Chromium? There's apparently experimental support for it which was added a few months ago, but Nazeka doesn't appear in the Chrome web store. Do I have to build it from source?

>> No.21285982

use yomichan

>> No.21285993

Guess I'll have to. Reading the build instructions for Nazeka, I may as well be reading them in Greek for how well I understand them.

>> No.21285995

but there's a mitigation guide that makes it not spyware sooooooooooo btw hi gayfrog

>> No.21286006

Oh shit, nevermind. 10 fucking hours later and they've finally just put out a fix.
You have to go to your settings and enable the option allowing Mozilla to install and run studies for it to be applied though. An actual browser update to fix the problem is still not out and doesn't even have an ETA.

>> No.21286014

eat shit firefags

>> No.21286023

Just a question. Let’s say I mastered Hiragana only and knew nothing else. How fluent would I be in Japanese?

>> No.21286028

that didn't take long

>> No.21286056
File: 120 KB, 943x1341, 1539594009217.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How come this never made it into the library?

>> No.21286063

just a question lets say i mastered kanji only and knew nothing else how fluent would i be in japanese ?

>> No.21286078

>call it a fix
>its only a preventative measure for people not yet affected

>> No.21286086

quizmaster shitposting

>> No.21286099

just a question lets say i mastered pictures only and knew nothing else how fluent would i be in manga

>> No.21286101

this unironically works though

>> No.21286102
File: 86 KB, 916x789, Screenshot_2019-05-04_12-45-20.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fixed the problem for me. All my add-ons are working again.

>> No.21286104

knowing kanji only means you can read things better, if you want to talk to people, read books, see anime and other shit, you need to be able to piece the words and verbs into coherent phrases
In other words, mastering kanji is like mastering the kanas but 200x harder

>> No.21286116
File: 87 KB, 713x592, キャプチャ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21286119

maybe they did two hotfixes then cause the one i have just sets the timestamp of when plugins signatures were checked so that it wont happen for a bit

>> No.21286125

About as much as a native Chinese speaker who doesn't speak a word of Japanese.

>> No.21286129

Yeah, there should be a second one. I got two, one doing what you said and another which "updates an intermediate certificate used for signing add-ons".

>> No.21286130

I’m not playing this kind of shit tho, I’m just reading moege

>> No.21286136
File: 19 KB, 255x300, the absolute state.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the 絶対 状態

>> No.21286140


>> No.21286141

if i didn't understand this i would have stopped learning japanese

>> No.21286157

say ur thanks to the eng subs

>> No.21286173

Does ITHVNR have any keyboard shortcuts for turning off the auto clipboard injecter?
It's really annoying to change it every time I wanna make a card because it overwrites the sharex audio recording with the backlog text.

>> No.21286192

don't make autism cards. problem solved.

>> No.21286199

I'm using Opera

>> No.21286201

They're still vocab cards tho.
I just like to have my example sentences voiced.

>> No.21286206

todays nihongo word of the day is 炎上

check back tomorrow for the next nihongo word of the day

>> No.21286207

be honest with me guys. should I practice writing?

>> No.21286213


>> No.21286214

depends on if its relevant to ur goals

if ur goal is the general retarded "i wanna learn japanese" then yes

>> No.21286219

Yes, if you can be arsed to.
It'll help you a lot in the long run, since visual-only memory is kinda shit.

>> No.21286222

Alright, give me ONE reason (that isn't texthooker) why you're reading VNs over Manga.
The benefits of reading Manga over VNs are immense.
>way more visual context, meaning you remember words unconscious way more
>you don't have to read for 3h for something to actually happen
>just a better piece of work, with more effort put into creating it

>> No.21286227

VN has audio. Cards are easier to make. Girls are cuter. More variety.

>> No.21286229

sorry dude rationality and logic are to be kept at the door when posting in djt

>> No.21286230

I do neither because anime with Japanese subs is the best of both worlds. Voiced reading with better visual context than manga and I can just look stuff up with yomichan.

>> No.21286231

>VN has audio
That's a legit point

>Cards are easier to make
depends on what kind of cards

>Girls are cuter
>More variety
objectively wrong

>> No.21286238

Do you hit pause to read subtitles or do you just catch what you can?

>> No.21286239 [DELETED] 

>Open /djt/
>See jamals nigger english spam
>Make this post
>Close /djt/

>> No.21286245

audio and more text than the manga ive tried
but variety is good do both

>> No.21286249
File: 53 KB, 1235x709, 69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

even tho i recommend manga more than visual games for something more easily digestible i will go ahead and demolish all 3 of ur points right now soundly

manga "visual context" can vary wildly where some manga doesnt even have background images whereas all hentai games do and character dolls change to reflect emotion multiple times throughout exchanges where in manga ur left to just whats on the 1 page meaning theres actually less visual context compared to the amount of character doll switches in an average hentai game scene

youre right in manga you dont have to read at all thus losing out on all intrinsic literary value it might have when its not just characters conversing

look at the credits of a manga versus the credits of a professionally published visual game and u will quickly see how wrong u r

*drops mic*

>> No.21286254

I enjoy them more. Also, texthooker.

>> No.21286261

>depends on what kind of cards
Any. All. For a card from manga you need to type it out, with a VN you can texthook it and go from there.

>objectively wrong
Girls are cuter, there's no denying this.

Variety is a bit more interesting.
There are initially more manga series, but nearly all either start, or drag on and become the same old tropes repeated ad nauseam. Very few stand up as being unique works.
Visual novels are typically stand alone projects so are all planned out with unique storytelling from beginning to end.

>> No.21286273

1. Read as they appear on the screen.
2. If they go too fast, pause and finish reading.
3. If you don't understand the line, take it from the .srt file and chuck it in a web browser where you can look it over with your rikai style tool of choice. Also copy the word/line into another text file to make an anki card out of later.

>> No.21286282

>If you don't understand the line, take it from the .srt file and chuck it in a web browser
Or you can just use this:

>> No.21286296

It's simple anon, manga is 90% dialog, that's why people here say it's not reading (memes aside).
So if you want to actually read stuff other than dialog you have either novels or visual novels.
People like vns over novels cause you can get way more context from the visuals and audio.

tldr; manga isn't reading.

>> No.21286301
File: 16 KB, 765x119, キャプチャ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21286307

Not him, but I've massively neglected listening during the time I've been learning and recently started watching anime with Japanese subs to make up for it. My process is:
1. Listen to the dialogue while reading the subs to help me catch words.
2. If the subs contained words I didn't know, go look them up, then re-read the line.
3. Rewind the video and listen to the line again while reading the subs, several times if necessary (e.g. if the character is speaking fast and I'm finding it difficult to catch all the sounds).
4. Once satisfied that I've done about the best I can do with regards to that line, move on and continue watching the episode.

>> No.21286318

redpill me on Tae Kim grammar guide

>> No.21286321

Should've mentioned, I use this to make word look-ups more convenient: >>21286282

I watch the anime episode in full screen and then pause and switch to the browser window when I want to look up a word. Don't like watching stuff in for-ants resolution, so the minor drop in convenience is worth it to me.

>> No.21286323

its whatever

>> No.21286324

best japanese banger for all of your troubled souls

>> No.21286327



>> No.21286332

Kill yourself, Jamal.

>> No.21286337

wasnt me i cant take credit for that som1 linked some now classic def tech all on their own and im proud of them

>> No.21286344

Learn englisch

>> No.21286353

im better at writing in english than u i just dont use punctuation or capital letters to give u a chance to stand on the same field as me sorta like goku using weighted clothes lmao

>> No.21286356

Texthookers are a huge plus tho

>> No.21286364

how do u figure tho ppl just burn out anyway and either start ignoring the written word to progress the text faster since the hooker can tell them what to think or they just quit cuz the shits boring

>> No.21286372

or comedy option u spend 8 months on 1 route of geyline and gain absolutely nothing from it

>> No.21286373

Stop shitting up the thread

>> No.21286375

dont want to derail the thread but is anyone else here a dudeweed? i ask because im starting to go hard on kanji and im having more and more issues with memorizing. am i gonna have to quit to progress at this point?

>> No.21286377

shoutouts to geyline guy bless his heart

take ur own advice

>> No.21286381

What do you guys use to type in kana? IME?

>> No.21286387


>> No.21286389

Learn english

>> No.21286395

stop shitting up the thread くださいね : )

>> No.21286404

Fuck off jamal

>> No.21286408
File: 605 KB, 512x588, get.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21286421

>the hooker can tell them what to think
well you're misusing texthookers if you rely on their translations or something
>cuz the shits boring
manually looking up stuff isn't fun

>> No.21286422
File: 19 KB, 480x410, 51092672_10216959494874890_1533836725250424832_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rikaichamp could not be verified for use in Firefox and has been disabled.

>> No.21286436

That's why he had to arbitrarily rule them out.

>> No.21286438

Use animelon or voracious instead of having to copy paste from the fucking srt lol

>> No.21286449

dont want to derail the thread but did you guys know i smoke weeeeeeeeeeeeed?

>> No.21286452

I've never had much issues. Having the file open on another window and using the timestamps it only takes about 5 seconds to find.

>> No.21286454

See: >>21286006

>> No.21286455

Every day we stray further from kamisama...

>> No.21286462

>watching dogshit quality streams for any reason
get out pleb

>> No.21286467

lol good times. still embarrassed with a couple of the mistakes I made in this rant and I feel like I forgot to put a huge wall of text at the beginning saying "by the way tae kim is still basically the best thing out there right now, textbooks suck" so people probably got the wrong idea, but that's just the way that it goes. I really just wanted to see tae kim fixed, but he's never going to update it extensively again, and nobody (not even itazuraneko) has the autism to go in and fix up someone else's grammar guide, so...

>> No.21286472
File: 341 KB, 1827x735, 1546247564085.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I couldn't imagine doing that when you could just do this
Voracious does the same thing as animelon but you can use whatever file you want. Stay stupid as fucking shit my man.

>> No.21286477

カタカナ ワサ 三ステイク

>> No.21286482

all we can do is show them the right way and if they are destined for heaven will they make the right choices

>> No.21286498

I get immersed in the anime. Honestly your setup looks distracting more than anything.
Also use MPC rather than MPV.

>> No.21286501

>Voracious does the same thing as animelon but you can use whatever file you want. Stay stupid as fucking shit my man.
So literally just a worse version of subserv.

>> No.21286505

looks like uve emmersed for this week

>> No.21286506

What do you think of Boiro and Sakubi?

>> No.21286515

all trash made by scrubs for scrubs

>> No.21286535

>For a card from manga you need to type it out
No, when you look the word up in the dictionary you just make a card with yomichan from the dictionary.

>> No.21286550

You don't make cards with the sentence/context in which you found it?

>> No.21286554

I haven't read either, but when I read Tae Kim however long ago that was, I remember finding his explanations incredibly confusing and I basically ended up having to cross-reference everything in his guide with either DoJG or VJG.

Is there really no better guide for beginners still than Tae Kim? I honestly wouldn't ever recommend it to anyone after the experience I had reading it.

>> No.21286557

Studies already enabled. Still no dice.

>> No.21286565

vjg is the ideal free internet resource nothing else comes close

zoomers just not willing to invest the time having something explained to them by a real japanese person

>> No.21286567

your guess is better than mine

>> No.21286571

Restart your browser then just sit tight and wait. Hopefully you'll get the fix before too long. As soon as you get the fix, you can turn studies off again and your add-ons will still keep working.

Also, check if Mozilla's Normandy backdoor in Firefox is enabled in about:config (app.normandy.enabled). That's what they use to push the hotfix out (they can also use it to fuck with your browser settings whenever they want without notifying you as well), so if it's disabled then you won't get it.

>> No.21286573

yo someone hit me up with that subtitle scraper for animelon/daiweeb that someone posted about a few weeks ago.

>> No.21286589

if Tae Kim is shit then how do I learn grammar and vocabulary

>> No.21286591

I agree, but it does assume you already have a little familiarity with Japanese so it's unfortunately not really something you can recommend to a pure beginner. You can only really suggest it as a supplement to Tae Kim rather than as a replacement.

>> No.21286594

from reading and listening
tae kim is just a way of building a grammar dictionary in your head so you don't have to look everything up when you read and listen, you learn what the grammar actually means and how it's used when doing reading and listening

same for vocab and anki but uh were you learning vocab from tae kim because that's silly

>> No.21286598

it isn't, but you learn all that by reading and the 10000 hours of anime

>> No.21286602


>> No.21286603

>open about:debugging
>tick enable add-on debugging
>click load temporary add-on
>locate the .xpi file for the add-on you want to enable from user/appdata/roaming/mozilla/firefox/profiles/something/extensions
This will work until you close your browser

>> No.21286616


>> No.21286628

What's the point of learning the stroke order of the characters if you don't get to see them when reading?

>> No.21286640

theres no such thing as a pure beginner around these parts id say more than 9 out of 10 djters would have no problem with vjg

also hows the thing thats bigger and more comprehensive than tyler kim gonna be the "supplement" lmfao

>> No.21286645

Cure motherfucking dolly

>> No.21286652


>> No.21286662

Ok thanks man, 待っているしかない. The weird thing is I have never touched that studies option and it was already enabled when I went into the settings.

>> No.21286667

Any value her videos might have is ruined by that fucking awful voice changer which makes them basically unwatchable.

>> No.21286675

bros...the katakanachads are laughing at us again....

>> No.21286677

Audio off, captchas on, problem solved. She subs all her stuff.

>> No.21286680

someone should reupload these unlisted on youtube

>> No.21286691

answer me nerds

>> No.21286695

reading handwriting but mostly to be able to write, duh. dont bother with it

>> No.21286698

Yeah, Mozilla is a shit company these days so they put you in the botnet by default and try to limit your control over what the browser does as much as they can get away with (that's why this certificate expiry ended up causing such a problem - Mozilla decided they knew best and denied users the freedom to run unverified add-ons even if they were prepared to accept the risks and wanted to). They're far more invested in left-wing identity politics now than the privacy of their users (which they don't seem to care much about at all anymore).

I'd be using Ice Cat instead but my distro's repos don't have it and browsers take forever to build from source so I'm stuck with this shit until I can be bothered to distro-hop unfortunately.

>> No.21286700
File: 71 KB, 635x700, Welcoming.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Firefox deleted your add-on
>Your add-on was legacy... so it was also purged from their website sometime last year
>Your add-on is gone. Forever.

>> No.21286703

At what point should I stop reading Manga with Furigana?

>> No.21286707

Never. They are printed like that so why handicap yourself

>> No.21286716

I feel like I would remember a Kanji better if it was written without Furigana.

>> No.21286717

when it becomes annoying. do you think adults steer themselves away from stuff that has furigana just because it has furigana? i mean some of them might but generally no. it's just sometimes annoying. and i don't mean "i keep looking at the furigana!!!" way, i mean in the "visual noise" way

>> No.21286719

>They're far more invested in left-wing identity politics now

>> No.21286723

off topic, keep it to /g/

>> No.21286740

Why don't you compete with them if you think they shouldn't

>> No.21286748

he can't. how does that change anything he said

>> No.21286768

firefags get shrekt

time to consume nihongo the honest way : )

>> No.21286769

dw as we speak i’m creating my own browser, social media platform, video hosting platform, credit card processor, and bank to own the libs
when they see me learning nihongo with them they’re gonna be kicking themselves asking to join and capitalism will be proven correct yet again

>> No.21286776

id use chrome but i dont like that it saves my search history like can you please not remind me that i was looking for scat porn or smth

>> No.21286780


>> No.21286793

s suggoi

>> No.21286800

Just use Opera like I do.
You can use all Chrome extensions, since it's based on Chromium.

>> No.21286801

I’m visiting my parents soon for 3 weeks. What’s a good VN I can read without being judged?

>> No.21286806

my extensions still haven't been disabled. what gives

>> No.21286816

Sounds like something is wrong with your certificate verification

>> No.21286820

So, the To LOVEる Manga has been pretty disappointing so far. I thought there would be way more Ecchi.

>> No.21286827

*pushes up glasses*

gyakuten saiban

>> No.21286837

Saya no Uta

>> No.21286839

This is from the tae kim grammar guide
>I am treating importantly the hard to forget memories of and with him.
What is that 彼との ? i assume that's the "and" と but I can only think of the generic noun の which would make the whole noun translate to:
>the thing with him hard to forget memories
Which sounds a bit too retarded even for nihongo.

>> No.21286841

maggot baits

>> No.21286844


>> No.21286846

彼と becomes a noun because の said so

>> No.21286851

also the only thing retarded is u trying to translate

>> No.21286860

I don't really know how to explain it, but like:
Hopefully that helps you get a feel for it.

>> No.21286888

thanks brother
yikes department

>> No.21286893

best way to learn vocab?

>> No.21286897

Sounds like you just ignore all the adjectives of 思い出 and treat it as a normal noun and it works,thanks a lot.
this also makes sense,but for different reasons,thanks also
I get that it's just one of those things in japanese that you just have to see enough times to not have to think about anymore because it's fucking stupid.
Someone should really read over and amend the tae kim guide with stuff like this,it's good but it feels like it was made in like 2 weeks

>> No.21286930

can you recommnd some free VPN for Japan?

>> No.21286934

彼との忘れがたい思い出 is also ultimately just 1 thing

sounds like word order and general flow is ur issue cuz thats a pretty standard logical thought that starts immediately at the most important thing and then the thing involving the most important thing which ultimately all comes together to be this 1 important thing

>> No.21286935

when is that steve/**** interview getting uploaded

>> No.21286937

Read and listen. Mine words from your reading and listening which feel kinda familiar but which you haven't yet properly learned (or which you have learned but have trouble reading). Don't mine words which you can't remember ever seeing before because 1) those words are often difficult to get to stick via SRS and 2) the word might be pretty obscure and useless and you want to prioritize the more common, useful words which will have the greatest impact on reducing your dictionary usage - if you've come across a word multiple times then you know it's fairly useful and it's worth making an effort to memorize it.

>> No.21286938

>Reading webnovels
>Get notification that my addons stop working
>yomichan is the only that still works
I'm blessed by the 日本語の女神. It's a sign, as long as I don't give up and keep reading I'll be able to learn Japanese.

>> No.21286941

quiz : )

>> No.21286943

Steve and Matt did a collab?

>> No.21286946

i've been learning for half a year and neither of these explanations make sense and i still can't properly read that sentence.

>> No.21286949

Any VPN which is free is making its money by selling your data.

>> No.21286955

Apparently. Someone posted a screenshot from his discord the other day where he laments how Steve wasn't receptive to his views that some people can take language learning to the extreme as a hobby.

>> No.21286956

half a year ? how many thousands of hours of eng subbed anime have u watched so far ?

>> No.21286962

about 0.

>> No.21286968

thats ur problem right there u gotta listen to me when i tell u to watch the eng subbed anime or else ur just never gonna get anywhere in japanese

>> No.21286981

忘れがたい思い出 - difficult to forget memories
彼との忘れがたい思い出 - the difficult to forget memories with him

If you get rid of the の after 彼と, you end up with
I am treating importantly [some unspecified] hard to forget memories with him.
"with him" here being the same sort of "with him" in "I am playing pool with him".

Alternative translations which might make the point clearer:
Together with him, I'm treating importantly [some unspecified] hard to forget memories.
Me and him are treating importantly [some unspecified] hard to forget memories.

>> No.21286986

>Someone posted a screenshot from his discord the other day
Do you have it? I never saw it.

>> No.21287039

Basically, and I'm sure this explanation is technically wrong or whatever, but 彼との is like an adjective modifying 忘れがたい思い出.

忘れがたい思い出 - difficult to forget memories
彼との思い出 - "with him memories" (memories with him)
彼との忘れがたい思い出 - the difficult to forget memories with him

Again, I'm sure "adjective" is the wrong word to use and there's some proper linguistic term for what's going on here, but I don't know what it is so you'll just have to make do with that.

彼と思い出 <-- This on its own without a verb or some context that allows the verb to be inferred is just nonsense. If you're leaving the verb to context then you'd at least want to put in the を particle here (彼と思い出を[作った]).

>> No.21287081

could you give me some names?

>> No.21287097

Why are Japanese people so racist?

>> No.21287102

i wouldnt say 彼と思い出 is nonsense its just a incomplete thought that can go a billion different ways

>> No.21287104

Nice to see this thread becoming less and less of a secret Matt appreciation thread.

>> No.21287107

why not? there's literally nothing wrong with it

>> No.21287108

if u think they are racist towards foreigners u should see how ppl treat their fellow countrymen depending on what part of japan they are from lmao

its ironic to think the way bullying happens in japanese schools is anything but a trickle down effect from the greater society at large lmfao

>> No.21287115

Matt said he wasn't bullied when he was in Japan.

>> No.21287117

he also ate in the fuckin toilet

>> No.21287122

And still wasn't bullied...

>> No.21287137

he was prolly too autistic to realize he was bullied

normal kids who arent ostracized from their classmates dont eat in the toilet

they just dont

now eating in the toilet at home as an adult male now thats some win but as a school kid thats hella ftl

>> No.21287142

not anymore

>> No.21287143

Really never understood how someone can eat while smelling shit from other people.

Like thinking about it makes me gag.

>> No.21287146

Is it confirmed that Matt has autism?

>> No.21287148

How do I stop confusing 線 and 緑? These words are constantly bugging me and it has to stop.

>> No.21287154

Nazeka. i wish it supported jmnedict though

>> No.21287156

>read ecchi manga
>100 pages in
>1 short ecchi scene
what is this shit?

>> No.21287175

why woudl u read ecchi manga when u can watch ecchi anime ?

>> No.21287184

also is ecchi actually just a dead genre at this point completely overtaken by literal porno

its hard to believe that at one point the ppl creating this filth exercised a little bit of tact lmao

now everyones tits are retarded and everything is coated in blush what the fUck happened

>> No.21287198

線 is a closed compartment like a train
緑 kanji looks more plant like

>> No.21287201

白 is clearly visible in 線. Visualize a white thread or line.

>> No.21287214

thanks, that helps.

>> No.21287221

>not using mozilla backup

>> No.21287224

because the Manga is apparently better

>> No.21287227

wouldnt be surprised if that was the case nowadays

ahhh things used to be so good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoPvxk14FH4

>> No.21287237

Yeah I stopped watching anime like To loveる because it just teased you like hell and made you have a boner the entire lenght of the episode and they then blue balled you when shit about to go down.

At that point I just fucked off and started playing VNs that actually had better story and never blue balled you and actually delivered a good sex scene.

>> No.21287241

I always remember just by remembering that thread white water is line and the kanji that looks like line but has a fork shape is green.
It's a stupid way to remember but it works for me.

>> No.21287252

everybody has their own stupid way, if you try to use somebody else's it's not very effective

>> No.21287261

wait u were supposed to have a boner watching toloveru ? lmfao

>> No.21287271

I was in my teens come on bruv

>> No.21287279

then why didnt u do what a healthy growing boy would do and just jack off using ur imagination from what the show gave u dude

>> No.21287295

i'm 27 and still get boners while watching anime

>> No.21287302

yah but if ur 27 gettin a boner to toloveru ur gonna be in some toloveru

>> No.21287308

Can someone post Jamals's shitty vn recommendation list?

>> No.21287314

>bad vn
>boring vn
>meme vn

>> No.21287322

I always hated that to loveru wasn't an eroge...
Momo's route would be first thing I would read
then i would read kotegawa's

>> No.21287333

at least toloveru is decent tho i guess

could be worse u could be talkin about how much boner u get over rosarioとvampire lol

>> No.21287340
File: 997 KB, 2069x1769, 1549400166520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its been a while since ive had to post my own chart wheres my fuckin 1 boy who was doin it

>> No.21287342

that was the first anime I watched lol
shame that didn't adapt the manga faithfully...

>> No.21287347

Why did they call it full metal alchemist when it actually translated to Alchemist of Steel?

>> No.21287352

Both are chinese yet are different. why?

>> No.21287354



>> No.21287391
File: 3.42 MB, 1731x9618, 1548434552121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here is a better one

>> No.21287410

nah cuz some retard just posted a bunch of bad games (besides what it shares with my superior+good chart) AND wrote his garbage opinions all over it

>> No.21287414

Newbie here, I'm reading tae and a bit confused
"For example, 「力」(ちから) is read with the 訓読み while the same character in a compound word such as 「能力」 is read with the 音読み (which is 「りょく」 in this case)."

Is it saying 力 is pronounced sakara on its own? But in compound it's pronounced with ku "りょく"? Why is not pronounced normally with ka when in compound

>> No.21287425
File: 13 KB, 300x155, 11751eda7ed5960e556a9c20118a2286.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why is not pronounced normally with ka when in compound

>> No.21287427

cuz thats what onyomis do

>> No.21287430

onyomis do what nintendont

>> No.21287431

ur list sux lmao.

>> No.21287435

not as much as ur face

>> No.21287438

say that to my face bitch.

>> No.21287439

damn, the day game part in angel beats is so boring
i don't care about baseball words...

>> No.21287442

ok pull down ur pants and turn around

>> No.21287448

life is fuckin baseball dude get used to it

>> No.21287451

Xiaovin you here man? answer this please.

>> No.21287452

No u pussy bitch

>> No.21287458

life is shit dude
i was out before i even realize it

>> No.21287461
File: 1.47 MB, 1460x1068, rip carbin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dont remind me that calvins dead it triggers incredible anger inside of me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Qrlc7NDqK8#t=78

ヽ(  ̄д ̄)ノ

u still got more innings dude dont give up

>> No.21287464


>> No.21287465

will the guide ever be updated?

>> No.21287468

who needs a guide in this day and age?

>> No.21287470

>root double
>good as a first read

>> No.21287472


>> No.21287476

You heard me bitch, all you need is to learn kana, do half of vncore, and start reading.

>> No.21287481

those are all great things to do after u watch 10000 hours of eng subbed anime

>> No.21287484

just read while watching anime

>> No.21287485

but thats not what the guide says

>> No.21287486

I mean you should not be here anyways if you haven't consumed 100000 hours of eng subbed animeis

>> No.21287487

Guide is fucking outdated bitch, we only use itazuranigger's website to read novels.

>> No.21287491

ok ty

>> No.21287494

cant learn japanese you dont watch 1000000 seconds of eng dubbed anime deshou

>> No.21287496

moetarded plz

>> No.21287497

these are all me

>> No.21287500

i only got 1 you on that list

>> No.21287501

nice post

>> No.21287504

学生 【がく・せい】 – student

What does the ・ indicate?

>> No.21287506

i have watched 10k hours of subbed anime can i learn jap now?

>> No.21287511

when the first kanji ends and the second begins

>> No.21287513

first part is first Kanji and second part is second kanji.

>> No.21287515

its 100k now sorry.

>> No.21287516

Oh I'm dumb, ty

>> No.21287517

u can but its a long road ahead my son


>> No.21287519

>literally asking that

>> No.21287521

You should have absorbed jap knowledge via mitosis after 5k hours and already be fluent. You will never make it anon

>> No.21287536

First of all,review the hiragana bucko,you just proved you need more 練習 , and do the katakana for n,so,tsu,chi and all the annoying u ones too,don't worry I had to look back on them too because I confused them,you eventually get it through your skull,maybe
Also your actual question is retarded,the guide is telling you "this is how it is" and you're just like "but y tho"
The technical answer is in the guide,in a section that you either haven't read yet and should read before asking on /djt/,but the practical answer that you should learn right now is that "In Japanese there are a lot of very dumb arbitrary rules,if you ever expect consistent logic out of it you will never learn it,learn to accept "that's just how it is bro" or you''ll fail."

>> No.21287540

if u really wanna learn japanese u gotta be like a tampon jammed way up in that nihongo pussy absorbing all the fluids u can so when the day comes for ur string to get pulled u will be ready

>> No.21287545


>> No.21287547

You're permanently crippling your nihongo, learn to differentiate ち and さ immediately.
Gambatte new guy.

>> No.21287548


>> No.21287551

the string of fate dude

>> No.21287553

is dolly a m*tt drone now?

>> No.21287560

Immersion is for nerds lmao.

>> No.21287561

I really appreciate all of you and think this is one of the best communities on the internet right now,despite some drama all of you guys are really nice and cool while not being faggots,but you're all faggots but good faggots and I really like all of you.

>> No.21287563

whats worse

>> No.21287564

oof matto's gonna have a fit she didnt link him in the description and took his brand name

>> No.21287566


>> No.21287567

>actually listening to that shit for 13 minutes

>> No.21287570

I can't listen to dolly for more than 2 minutes straight, my ears start bleeding.

>> No.21287577

i put her videos, in 1.5 speed makes it a lot more bearable. also with subtitles on

>> No.21287579

i cant listen to dolly when she does opinion pieces cuz her opinions are dogshit lmao

>> No.21287584


all me

>> No.21287596

goes without saying every post in past present and future threads is also me

>> No.21287598
File: 50 KB, 1920x895, 1552735380233.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I keep fucking repeating cards like crazy and they start piling up everyday, this neverending anger at my brainletself is consuming me.

>> No.21287599

How do I use the Clipboard Inserter add-on in the newer versions of Firefox? Or do I need to use something else? I am trying to follow the ITHVNR guide.

>> No.21287602

Jamal fucked a dev's wife so he decided to fuck up shit ton of addons, right now I'm just copying to an online word blank page manually.

>> No.21287611

damn people actually use firefox...

>> No.21287621

You can't texthook on chrome.

>> No.21287631

or people that don't want to be shitters like you, just bc matt said it don't mean it's wrong

>> No.21287633

Just have new cards introduced slower anon

>> No.21287635

Why isn't my Firefox broken?

>> No.21287637

Because a large part of the japanese vocab is chink loanwords which are pronounced with broken chinese (on yomi). Chink letters work as ideograms so you can write native japanese words with them too. In fact you could write any language with them if you tried.

>> No.21287639

Over half my plugins dont even exist on chrome or even less so on whatever shit tier browser you think is better.

>> No.21287645

Personally, I prefer to write them out, scan the document in and then use OCR on them.

>> No.21287652

matt doesnt know japanese so his opinion is invalid

prove me wrong

>> No.21287659


>> No.21287662


>> No.21287665

Why would I? I could care less about either of you. Thinking immersion doesn't work though is brainlet territory. That's how you learned english.

>> No.21287670
File: 82 KB, 1112x473, 123qweqnweqweq.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you people need to step up your game

>> No.21287674

I just want to read my porn games

>> No.21287677


>> No.21287678

ew spanish

>> No.21287685

It's a free language if you live in california

>> No.21287691

Spanish sounds like Japanese sometimes.

>> No.21287696

she's hot but ever since matt called out steve for being mediocre in japanese i don't trust any self-professed polyglots, because steve was the most trustworthy of them all.

>> No.21287714

yea you can. your iq must be at least 100 tho

>> No.21287715

polyglots are some of the most annoying people because to the normie you either speak a language or you don't so someone like benny lewis is the same as someone like Dogen in their mind

>> No.21287719

>matt called out steve for being mediocre in japanese

>> No.21287721

>頑張ろう "good luck"


that translation is too much google translate

fluent 3 months my ass, also i want to punch her in the face

>> No.21287729

Yo, I use sentence cards and I got this shit no problem. Context ruining sentence cards my ass.

>> No.21287730

An overlooked topic by most learners is true belief that you are improving, if you can't see and feel your progress it will get boring fast, if you lose that faith or don't have it to start, then your subconscious will think the effort is 無理, your brain will start dong things to get you on track like deleting the knowledge causing it no reward, if it doesn't think you really need it and you don't use it you lose it. Efficiency is it's game.

>> No.21287731

baka gaijin calls out baka gaijin out for being mediocre in japanese?

you people give them far too much attention

>> No.21287739

Yea, this was a real eye opening thing for me at the start. Although I do think polyglots have good tips for starting off.

>> No.21287742

only "language learner" fags think like this

>> No.21287744

write them on a piece of paper, do it untill you know the difference

some people doesn't have the required amount of autism to just look at something and remember it instantly, normal people needs to practice

>> No.21287758

Umm this is a language learning community. This isn't just an appreciation for the language.

>> No.21287759

So the best way to learn Japanese is to illegaly travel to Japan, act Like I washed up in a shore, and act like I have amnesia and don't speak a single word in english?

>> No.21287767

or just watch their media..

>> No.21287770

Isn't there a way to automate this? It's really annoying having to paste every line into an online text editor. Or does anyone else have any recommendations?

>> No.21287773

what do you mean

>> No.21287775

its funny u guys suck off all the katakoto gaijins but no1 even talks about theanimeman lol

>> No.21287779


>> No.21287784

Matt already made a video on him, no more needs to be said

>> No.21287786


>> No.21287787


>> No.21287793

Tbf the anime man actually learnt Japanese properly and reads a lot of stuff

>> No.21287806

>make a character for "wa"
>have "ha" turn into "wa" anyway because lmao
who the fuck made this language

>> No.21287807

if you take out the cinematic music he just seems like a retarded guy

>> No.21287811

Wrong guy idiot

>> No.21287815


>> No.21287823


>> No.21287829

best song and good vocab

>> No.21287831

Literal retards

>> No.21287835

hair or paper?

>> No.21287840


>> No.21287842


>> No.21287846

>romaji lyrics.

I fucking hate this.

>> No.21287847


>> No.21287866


>> No.21287867

Yeah, beat the "language learners" we are so much better than them aren't we reddit.

>> No.21287870


>> No.21287872

learn english

>> No.21287877

have sex

>> No.21287880


>> No.21287882

we unironically are.

>> No.21287884

thats what i mean like he should be the "/ourguy/"

>> No.21287886

get a girlfriend

>> No.21287891

animeman is half japanese? how can he learn japanese when he knew it from the start?

>> No.21287893

love when I learn something in japanese and it gives me another word for free

>> No.21287901

heres a special gift for all my djt friends to help u on ur nihongo journeys


>> No.21287906

a girlfriend or a "girlfriend"?

>> No.21287918

>crippling yourself like this for mere early gainz

>> No.21287940


>> No.21287946

a "girl"friend

>> No.21287950

your hand is fine

>> No.21287951

i just want a girl that fucks only me and then fucks off till the next time i need to fuck

why would u want a 3d girl around all the time lol


>> No.21287957

i quit everything related to 3d girls the moment i realised they had bodily functions like me

it took me surprisingly long for that tough

>> No.21287976

cant let women break your emerson environment

>> No.21288002

nah girls burping and farting and takin mad shits owns but regardless of ur reasons im glad ur 1 of the woke

>> No.21288072

Ahh yes, I remember being 11

>> No.21288080

if only

>> No.21288104

If you are trying to develop something as dependent on memory as a new language, keep weed use to a minimum because its known to have a huge effect on retention. Not exactly scientific, but I've had to go back over things I studied a lot more if I had been high a lot in that period, whether or not I was high while studying. If I space it to once every 3-5 days though, I retain about as much as when I wasn't smoking at all. I also felt that being high a lot made me burn out quite a bit quicker.

>> No.21288121


>> No.21288129
File: 325 KB, 758x662, steven.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


it's fucking out bros!


>> No.21288130
File: 6 KB, 189x157, 1548590553040.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Help me with this one I can't remember it for the life of me.

>> No.21288160

Yes! Today I finally finishing the bulk of my anki decks! Finished RTK I & III, Core 10k + 500 words to round it up to exactly 10k and the 3 DOJG. You guys always say that we anki drones will never make it to fluency but now I will prove you wrong. It is true I am nowhere near fluency, but from here on the only thing I need to do is consume media and mine words. I am already destined to succeed in Japanese, just a matter of time and constant use of the language. Ankibros I tell you, with perseverance you can do it! I only needed 9 months doing 3-4 hours daily to finish all those decks.

>> No.21288164

the 所 of the 為
if you can't remember the reading watch anime for 5 minutes

>> No.21288168

Is the core2k/6k deck on the mega outdated? The sound isn't working for me, other decks are working fine.

>> No.21288172

masturbate to hentai for 1 hour and then try again, rinse repeat

>> No.21288176

why does Matt say "thanks for having me on" when it's on his own channel

>> No.21288178

why otonashi in angel beats has a voice but his lines aren't voiced? am i missing some option or something?

>> No.21288184


lmfao he doesnt have the nerve to say manga to lingual steve lmao

>> No.21288185

im sicking of rtk lol i always get shit "wrong" when im sure i know the kanji but get the keyword wrong and basically its holding me back

>> No.21288189

lol would click like button on this post if we still had it

>> No.21288193

i just want to know...
some scenes could be funnier if he had voiced lines...

>> No.21288194

put the onyomi and the kunyomi on the front
maybe as a hint button if you think that's cheating

>> No.21288198

i'll watch it and report back wish me luck bro

>> No.21288201

lmfao he also doesnt have the nerve to say anime ahahahhaha what a pussy boy


>> No.21288206

in visual games the main chara is rarely voiced bc ur supposed to self insert as them

>> No.21288224

idk i think i've just outgrown it and maybe it would be a good idea to do it with japanese keywords only

>> No.21288227

i know that, but there are plenty of vns which the main chara is voiced and this one is perfect for that
but i guess his voice is for scenes where he is not the main chara
oh well

>> No.21288235

if youre used to the mc from the anime the game version of him is kind of a bit different from that mostly intentionally and precisely for the reason i mentioned above

>> No.21288241

wow steve at 1.5x speed just sounds like an average person

>> No.21288254


>> No.21288255

lmfao watch in order


>> No.21288256

I wouldn't believe it but Steve seems weirdly pissed from the get go about this whole conversation for no apparent reason.

>> No.21288257


>> No.21288262

Pls spoiler that shit I have yet to watch the video!

>> No.21288267

cultists have probably spammed him incessantly about it, kinda like how a few people spammed his livestreams about pewdiepie

>> No.21288278

write better stories. if you write good stories to the keywords you'll rarely forget the kanji. and actually take the time to recall the stories, don't be lazy about it.

If Steve is gonna upload the interview to his channel, Matt's gonna want the highest number of people from Steve's subscribers possible to check out his channel and potentially subscribe to his Patreon; letting them know he's a weeb is likely to bring that number down quite a bit considering the number of normies among Steve's subscribers - he's not being a pussy, he's being smart.

>> No.21288281

>when cult leaders collide
..kinda boring desu, but at least you get both of their methods short form summarized

>> No.21288284

why would i spoiler im doing the real lifting here watching this piece of shit


^ lmfao matt really is living in his own lil version of stans gate lmfao ahaha this is the cutest shit in the world

umm dude u do realize the room matt is sitting in right whilst sporting that neckbeard rIGht? klfmaooo

>> No.21288285

Steve was probably recording his own video to put on his channel.

>> No.21288286

how much has steve studied japanese

>> No.21288288

that fucking hack Matt said he watched jap shows with subs yet he is very opposed to the idea when he gives recommendations to other people

>> No.21288295

the vids so painful to watch cuz hes literally a bright eyed teenager in a like a 24 year olds neckbearded body telling teacher about how great hes doing and just bullshitting everything ahahaha

>> No.21288303

Is that a tranny fag with a voice changer?

>> No.21288309

Apparently it's a she but what do I know. I'm just a self evaluated n1.

>> No.21288310

>umm dude u do realize the room matt is sitting in right whilst sporting that neckbeard rIGht? klfmaooo
You actually expect normies to be able to make out that the entire wall behind him is covered with manga, especially at 360p? The posters on the side wall would probably fly past them too. And the beard part is the easiest to dismiss so it's not even worth it. Do better anon.

>> No.21288318

>that's when he was still in the early learning stages
>people can't realize things they do are ダメ

>> No.21288322

his lack of knowing english is really not helping him here


yah but then he also talks about "comic books" and "cartoons" whilst being in a very childish looking bedroom

anyone watching for japanese learning reasons is gonna know whats up and lol hella hard like i have

>> No.21288331

god when he explains "sentence mining" to steve lmfao

>> No.21288336

While I get that Steve is not sold on this method at all, he still seems weirdly hostile about all of it in general.

>> No.21288350

ok i got it guys im pretty confident this is the defining clip of the entire vid


>> No.21288351
File: 142 KB, 1200x1200, CcjKpUrVAAA4HnL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a native speaker is ALWAYS going to have a bigger vocabulary than you
BASED fucking steve

>> No.21288357

wait wheres that clip i want that clip too

>> No.21288360

>Kaufmann: lets speak some japanese before I go!
>Kaufmann: *mumbles*soredewa..anata..hng..bokuwahne..
jesus christ steve.. then matt goes to town and blows his mind

>> No.21288362

a bit before 20 minutes

>> No.21288369

skipping to this shit now

>> No.21288373

That's why I personally never use English anymore. I don't type it or speak it. I constantly have random Japanese conversations playing in speakers around my apartment for an immersive environment (despite my roommates protests)

>> No.21288377

Congratulations bro.

>> No.21288382

god fuckin dam it i thoght i had the defining clip but this



>> No.21288386

Steve sounded a bit on the edge with Matt and also pointed out perfectly by asking him that there's basically not much difference between MIA and AJATT

>> No.21288387

matt shoulda realized that steve is not the same kind of jew. he's a no-nonsense type of guy.

>> No.21288390

That's just wrong though. It seems pretty pointless, but you can undoubtedly work your way to get a bigger vocabulary than the average native, heck even academic natives.

>> No.21288396

steve likes to catch all the languages while matt wants to catch all the nihongo

they're both autistic pokemon trainers.

>> No.21288399

I totally get dismantling Matts bullshit assumptions, but I don't get where this major annoyance comes from. You can do that and still be cordial.

>> No.21288400

Sorry man but natives know too many obscure slang words and compounds.

>> No.21288407

I like the part where steve was like "ajatt is bulshit. so how does your method differ from ajatt?"
and matt could not come up with a good answer.

>> No.21288410

u will never have a bigger working vocabulary than a native at anything but a *snorts* quiz

>> No.21288420

intentionally trying you certainly could, average person learning 3 words per day, you intentionally could do 10 times that and catch up in a decade, the question is why would you ever want to

>> No.21288422

I won't, but it's not impossible to get one

>> No.21288425

glad i heard it and wont waste my time on that shit and im glad i deleted my Anki decks too

>> No.21288428

>average person learning 3 words per day
this is a dramatic underestimate

>> No.21288430

meanwhile here, after a year of reading 間食 as まぐい I finally noticed something was wrong when I couldn't type it like that

>> No.21288431

japanese ppl even have to get told to not talk like shit so that should really tell u all u need to know on how important it is

>> No.21288433

it's a suru verb and suru verbs made of two common kanji tend to use on'yomi
mystery solved

>> No.21288437

what a clip steve is a god among retarded gomers


>> No.21288445

I like the part where steve admitted he only ever spends 3 hours a day on a language and is so shit at japanese he doesn't even know what pitch accent is lol

>> No.21288448

oh god their actual convo im dying lmfao steve chan nooooooooooooo

>> No.21288453

wasn't it even less, like 2? and he advocated for people to get even less than that a day, like 1.

>> No.21288454

plenty of shit like 早死する though (はやじに + する), even if what you're saying is correct in that there are vastly more on'yomi words of this type

>> No.21288462

steve likes to feel like he's learning a language. while matt likes to actually learn a language.

>> No.21288463

I think m*tt is on the money on this one. Sad to see steve so outmatched.

>> No.21288464

Yea but all you have to do is learn to notice for about a month it in the beginning and then you don't have to spend years working on fixing it later. Really depends on your goals though.

>> No.21288466

死(しに) is technically a mixed etymology reading so i would count it here

plus haya plus ren'youkei to create a suru verb is a pretty common pattern, it's basically its own "word formation rule" https://jisho.org/search/%E6%97%A9*%20%23vs

>> No.21288469
File: 15 KB, 370x413, 1533454464909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21288471

nah dude i can totally spin this shit https://streamable.com/evvoc

actually matt sounded the most coherent ive heard him in that exchange

omigoto lol

>> No.21288472

>Yea but all you have to do is learn to notice for about a month it in the beginning and then you don't have to spend years working on fixing it later.
Gimme that citation anon

>> No.21288476

i learned to notice it in like a week.
now to actually practice shadowing, and self correcting seems like a lifetime achievement.

>> No.21288477


>> No.21288480

delete this!!!!!!!

>> No.21288483
File: 38 KB, 500x1012, 20190504-仮名.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How's your kana, DJT?

>> No.21288486

I see.

>> No.21288487


>> No.21288490

I actually watched this conversation through and ultimately it's pointless. Matt actually comes off better in total, because he seem positive and upbeat about this, but at the end Steve and Matts goals don't align at all.

Steve is about getting to a base level and getting to appreciate different cultures through the language. He doesn't seem to be interested at really getting to fluency in any of those at all, while Matt is all about the autistic perfection ideal in one language.

In that regard everyone here should be on the Matt side either way.

>> No.21288492

I'm not sure about the ga here.

>> No.21288496

what language is the bottom stuff?

>> No.21288500

>He still makes pitch accent mistakes, as マット先生 has pointed out

>> No.21288502

Last time I've seen hentai anon was around April 2018

>> No.21288506

he didn't say you'd have perfect accent after a month. he said you wouldn't have to worry about it. because being able to notice it is like 90% of the battle.

>> No.21288507

he never pointed that out?

>> No.21288508


>> No.21288512
File: 256 KB, 813x1200, D4viKXnUcAATp1H.jpg orig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol no where the fuck do you think you are this is otaku central that's like the definition of appreciating the culture

>> No.21288515

stop backhand defending matt. can't believe people are turning against our guy kaufmann.

>> No.21288517
File: 300 KB, 665x492, 1546725238214.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ok heres the tldw mixtape fully unbiased no spin


>> No.21288518

>>In that regard everyone here should be on the Matt side either way.
wtf are you talking about. nobody here is interested in matt's perfectionist autism. most of us just want to be able to read and listen to most things and understand them.

>> No.21288520
File: 37 KB, 483x913, 20180530-仮名.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, that's probably the last time I posted this grid. I think I've made some progress.

>> No.21288527

im not turning against steve he was literally owning

but im also a no bs kinda guy and i too call it like i see it and matt while being as boring as always and having pronoun identity crisis he was still largely coherent and sounded pretty good so

>> No.21288537

I'm closer to Steve because I just want my otaku stuff and maybe a bit of everything else (i dont like non-otaku japan that much but it puts things into perspective) and I don't really care about the language so long as I can make the words out and get the message. This entire "Learning Japanese Optimized" autism is foreign to me, which is why I guess I only come to DJT a few times a year.

>> No.21288540
File: 29 KB, 1125x189, yoga btfo steve.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21288541
File: 372 KB, 1200x948, DDNa3mjUMAEu4RH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

any practical purpose for learning them? I've never seen any in the wild

>> No.21288542

hold on loggin into my google account

>> No.21288544

pronoun identity crisis is a good gaijin trait though especially when you switch between うち, 拙者, 某, 我輩, and おいら seven times in a single utterance

>> No.21288550

I mean matt looks good in that video, he got a 70 year old polyglot, one of the best in the world, to say he was the best foreigner he;s ever heard in japanese and matt's only been "studying" 6 to 7 years.

>> No.21288557

>to say he was the best foreigner he;s ever heard in japanese
holy shit now i have to watch this. i proved he was native vetted, he demonstrated his competency through jcat, and now he's jewish polyglot vetted? this kid is unstoppable.

>> No.21288571
File: 526 KB, 1849x1320, Namazu-e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not really. I think it's just for the sake of completeness. I want to learn at least the ones "standardized" in the Unicode, because I'm too lazy to look for any other sources and they'll probably be added in the next batch if they're important anyway. Well, it's not like this one extra Anki deck I do for fun counts as learning, but whatever. Sadly, I've never encountered them in any VN or any other modern Japanese work either. But it probably can happen!

>> No.21288574

"jewish polyglot" is a powerful combination of words

>> No.21288578

In that respect I agree. It wasn't specified you were only talking about being able to recognize it, so I assumed you were talking about pitch accent in general

I don't remember the video, but he does bring it up. I'm not gonna take the time to look through. At any rate Kaz, the same guy who nitpicked Matt's Japanese, did the same for Dogen and it's clear his Japanese pitch accent isn't perfect, and that's only in a less than two minute video.

>> No.21288583

el gran cesar!

>> No.21288592

I still remember that image of a store with a hentai in it's nameplate.

>> No.21288604

yea but all he can really do is rip off ajatt and try to make a better one but instead of producing ppl learning nihongo hes only managed to produce toxic aids

the cult hes *snorts* cultivating will be his undoing ultimately anyway

>> No.21288607

Remember it as なすところ and then just remind yourself every time that that's what せい means.

>> No.21288609



>> No.21288619

u did it u got me to click reddit great job

>> No.21288633

Well I just got here for the first time since New Year's and I am not disappointed, the entire general is jamalposting about matt and Steve and fucking nukemarine and basically nothing else is happening here. You guys make me proud.

>> No.21288640

yah shits pretty ruined dude the highlight of any thread is when the guy subbed to one of these ecelebs posts a new video and i post a shitload about it

>> No.21288667

Same, but I've been absent for nearly a year. I can see Jamal is still here, though >>21288640

>> No.21288668

Lmao, sounds like a good time. Anyway, I'll come back when I'm fluent. Happy new era.

>> No.21288675


>> No.21288684
File: 72 KB, 1000x435, sD9EDS7TXd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

quiz in the comments lol I see you

>> No.21288702
File: 54 KB, 353x500, 早乙女選手、ひたかくす 第.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've found a new manga I am interested in and it feels like a waste to read it in English so I want to read it in Japanese.

How do you go about looking up words you don't know with manga? I have the first volume downloaded as a bunch of jpg files, before this I've just been reading VNs with a test hooker.

>> No.21288703

thats me dude i only bring out the big letters and colons on the big stage

>> No.21288712

dont use ocr and just look up by radical ull get good at it in no time and itll go really fast

plz do it the honest way and grow ur nihongo muscles so u can be like that dreamy beefy oneesan

>> No.21288719

>just look up by radical

>> No.21288725

if it has furigana you can just search that on jisho
If it's black and white and not in a handwritten style you can use OCR
If not your 2 choices are jisho for radical lookup or google translate for redrawing the kanji
I kind of agree after doing radical lookup for a while it starts feeling good but also I feel dumb for not knowing the kanji i've looked up like 12 times

>> No.21288739


>> No.21288745

also this site is a billion times better for drawing than google


>> No.21288753

I tried radical lookup once but the character I wanted to look up was 鼓 and it turns out it is itself classified as a radical and I was not prepared for that, so I was not able to guess it

>> No.21288754 [DELETED] 

Potentially a dumb question but is there a way to type in Japanese while also keeping access to my UK keyboard layout? Last I tried the "EN" mode meant that all my shit like !"£$%^ was mixed up.

>> No.21288757

ull get used to that too its only gonna happen so many times before u run into most of the things

>> No.21288780

fair enough, they are usually intelligently chosen from what I've seen so I do think I could benefit from the awareness

>> No.21288782

This sentence is fucking stupid,I figured it out somehow after like 10 minutes it literally just flies through different times in the past ,it's also the first time I've seen an if verb in the past,and also barely works if "literally" translated,it's like the language can't support it
it would be somethign like
"After having failed so many times, a result I wouldn't have thought I would have gotten if I actually tried the test came out" I guess,I'm still looking at it and its making my brain hurt wtf is this garbage

>> No.21288790

its just a normal sentence lol welcome to the japanese language, now and forever
you will carry it with you into the grave

>> No.21288793

Is there any benefit to using this over Jisho,except knowing the names of the radicals?

>> No.21288819

the garage as it were is ur trying to translate

i love the kids who cant translate 出る and try anyway lmfao

idk i like that site pretty good compared to jisho cuz the rad list isnt hidden under some stupid js bullshit its just right there

also the way it lists kanji nice and big is pretty ideal for a gomer like me

>> No.21288828

i meant garbage not garage lmfao gdi >_<

>> No.21288835

こと seems to mean everything under the sun

>> No.21288838


>> No.21288841
File: 64 KB, 1064x371, best.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you're wrong, google is funnier and gets the kanji right
幉 =/= 喋

>> No.21288843

Wait until you see って. It has even more meanings

>> No.21288846

How long until you truly figure out the meaning of の?

>> No.21288847

I guess it's literally perfectly normal if you don't think of たら as strictly if,which lines up with the dictionary definition.My mind has been literally expanded.
sorry i'm a weirdo that has to try to translate everything to figure out how it would go together,because my mind can't work in nihongo yet,I can just input the text and I can figure it out mostly,but I don't like doing that too much because it feels like I don't actually know anything and I'm not understanding the language,i guess im autistic

>> No.21288850

thats cuz ur gaming it by knowing stroke order and how to draw it in the first place

if u actually try to reproduce the kanji to look accurate ull find google gets btfo

this is ideal for the average djter mr great nihongo guy ; )

>> No.21288853

isn't って just greentexting/quoting?

>> No.21288854

i mean theres a reason i tell u to watch the 10000 hours of eng subbed anime dude

i dont think theres anything wrong with what ur going thru but watching more anime is going to make this period of ur life go by much faster than someone who doesnt

ur doing fine just relax

>> No.21288857

I watch anime and do grammar guides at the same time nerd

>> No.21288864

u should prolly not do them simultaneously but otherwise great :D

here ill give u some bonus input related to ur big breakthru


>> No.21288866

To hell with that. I still don't know the meaning of most words of English. I've been going by gut feel all this time.

>> No.21288873
File: 310 KB, 630x618, confused_megumin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21288876

yeah dude, greentext, that's exactly what you wanna call it

>> No.21288881

steves dead guys he lost to the guy who says ore and then boku in the next breath lol

>> No.21288888


>> No.21288894

now that steve is out, the real question is: if matt battled jamal who would come out as the real king of gaijins?

>> No.21288897
File: 53 KB, 243x251, Screenshot from 2019-05-04 14-53-41.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what does かしまこりました mean? i can't find it in any nihongo jisho

>> No.21288900

just ask matt to do something other than talk about himself and u insta win

>> No.21288903

>tfw I actually use the word "greentext" at work
>tfw people learned what it means from context and just roll with it

>> No.21288906

>Kaufmann: You'll never have the vocabulary of a native
>Matt: Hold my piss jug..

>> No.21288907


jamal is the ラスボス no way m*tt is up to snuff

>> No.21288908

>tfw ur work buddies start posting in the same threads u do and u talk about it at work the next day lmao

>> No.21288919
File: 14 KB, 250x250, 1377281105189.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21288923

yotuba is a darling dude

>> No.21288930

are both matt's parents jewish or just his mom?

>> No.21288936

who gives a flying fuck

>> No.21288939

everyone because it determines his worth as a human.

>> No.21288940

This but unironically.

>> No.21288945

the part where he talks honestly about not wanting to do college work for something like psychology so he just majored in japanese because he needed a degree made me cringe. i don't have a degree either so i'm not knocking him for it but it's weird he didn't feel the need to lie about that but he tried to downplay his weaboo days.

>> No.21288956

he sounded like the entitled manbaby hes becoming no surprise there

also lets get some fuckin play on these

>> No.21288964

I get the sentiment but I would have probably worded it differently in either case.

The way he put it just makes it seem like he's a lazy fuck who just wanted a degree in anything with minimal effort (probably true either way).

He seems to have come around since then though, unless he abandoned his CS ambitions already.

>> No.21288969

if this ear infection disappears after i run out of these antibiotics i'll start listening every day. just make it go away.

>> No.21288972

Someone recommend me a hentai manga/doujin with furigana. The one's I'm finding don't have it.

>> No.21288985

I put together a facebook page for Japanese Kana Keyboard Users here.

There is a resource on the "About" page for setting up your Kana keyboard, how to use it, touch-type kana key practice, and typing software links for speed test using kana keys.

There is an article I put together regarding the usage of Kana keyboards for Non-Native Japanese language learners, as opposed to how Japanese people primarily use Romaji keyboards as well.

>> No.21288987

they dont typically (ive never even seen 1) do furigana on hentai dude cuz its for adults : )

>> No.21288989

I remember you. So god let you live after all.

>> No.21288996

Basic bilingual keyboards may be purchased on Amazon, but fancy bilingual keyboards are found on Amazon JP.

>> No.21288997
File: 25 KB, 802x602, reading.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post words that can be read however you like

>> No.21289004

くそ !

>> No.21289022

The right part of 線(せん) is the 泉 from 温泉 which also is pronounced せん.

>> No.21289027

1: 地下にAを造る
2: 地下でBを造る
Do you know the answer?

>> No.21289031

literal reddit trash

>> No.21289038

enjoy my dude

>> No.21289040
File: 56 KB, 500x500, oops.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21289044

どっちでもいいんだよ クソnerd

>> No.21289050
File: 100 KB, 498x574, ZGqIe0.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Learn kana (max 1 week)

Am I retarded? I've been trying at Hiragana for almost two weeks and I still don't have it all down.

>> No.21289053

Do you read? If not you should. Super common words like that time shouldn't even require Anki, honestly.

>> No.21289057

play pokemon, read something, try to get used to it
shitpost every variant of 私はゲイ till you make it

>> No.21289063

No use in fretting over tables and cards until you're perfect for anything language related and if you are getting into that habit it's best to stop early.

You get good at this by actually using it, not by memorizing it from a list.

>> No.21289072

Thinking like that is whats retarded. The only thing that will hold you back from learning it is not enjoying doing it, and you make the process sound like suffering. You're literally learning about a whole new part of the world so get excited and want to know it and you'll know it.

>> No.21289080


>> No.21289092

that's fine. it doesn't matter. i guess it's just a good idea to tell newbies to aim for 1 week to let them know that they shouldn't wait months to learn it like redditards.

>> No.21289100

You should think of に as a definitive time/place, and で as "...by way of..." or "...by method of...".

Since you are talking about a definitive place, the basement, you should use に.

You certainly aren't making A by way of the basement, or by method of the basement.

>> No.21289101

I don't think it will come as any surprise, but the cult leader deleted your comment.

Why are these people so thin-skinned? It was like when the flashtard had that argument with Yoga, and Yoga used ONE hostile comment as an excuse to wipe out the entire reply chain (preserving all his own comments though, of course :^)).

>> No.21289102
File: 63 KB, 480x488, 0003440380_10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21289111

temporarily. we only scrounged up a relative's prescription intended for children so it's probably too weak to handle the infection and the infection will likely return, and worse than ever. i can already feel it fighting the antibiotics. or that could be the sound of my ear being killed.

>> No.21289113

Why VN Core over 2k?

>> No.21289115
File: 720 KB, 2560x3470, gojyuuon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just do what I did.
1. Print an unannotated kana chart in 五十音 order.
2. Memorize the order of vowels and consonants.
3. Use it as a reference when reading.
This way you'll learn how to locate a given kana based by its vowel (column) and consonant (row), e.g., you see a ぬ--you look it up and find it in the center column (and the center one is "u") and the fifth row (and the fifth row is "n"). This way you figure out the reading. In time you'll see the grid in your mind along with the character you're looking for and you'll be able to do it without any cheat sheets.
Pic related is a chart I made 5 years ago. If I were to do it today, I would probably use a different font and include ん/ン, but feel free to use it.

>> No.21289121

>american healthcare

>> No.21289126

I'm glad you want to help but で can mark the place only too. As in デパートで買い物をする.

>> No.21289129

Just so you know, it took me six weeks of writing practice to fully memorize the kana and stroke-order.
I used a blitz-brute-force method by using a two-sided sheet of paper, cause there are some with more and less than two sides, of course. Copy the Romaji on one side, and the Kana on the other; this will be your "key".
Take several two-sided pieces of paper, and begin copying the table down from your "key" in Kana, then flip it over, and do the same with Romaji.
Continue doing, and start doing some from memory rather than copying.
Continue progressing towards writing from memory rather than copying until you got it all down.
Then, start writing and reading in kana using children's books, and taking notes on words you don't know, look them up, write them in kana from memory.

The more you use, the better you get.

>> No.21289133

not this stupid bimbo shit again

lol imagining yoga spam dming matt to delete my zinger

>> No.21289134

matt needs to let 4channers comment more freely on his channel.

>> No.21289147

Shopping "by way of" the department store.

>> No.21289151

no that's not how that で works

>> No.21289159

>not this stupid bimbo shit
>lets talk about ecelebs
the absolute state of djt

>> No.21289162

That works too, but it's difficult to know the pronunciation without romaji. I used romaji to practice reading, writing, and speaking the kana. I don't use the table when I read stories or texts, though. It's better to get them memorized by way of usage.

>> No.21289166


u guys brought it on urselves

also if u posted 2d i wouldnt poo poo it but 3d can eat shit

>> No.21289178

he doesn't sound nearly as "insulting" as i expected him to based off the candy ass cult's bitching. he wasn't rude or anything he just reiterated that most people don't care about intense 5+ year studying.

>> No.21289187

Next, on で, part two of the harrowing saga. Will Anonymous 2-san understand that で is a method-marker or just another version of に. Worlds will collide, next on "Schooled by Sempai".

>> No.21289194

Drop the Latin alphabet as soon as possible, mate. It's only gonna get in the way. You don't want to see ぬ as "nu" in your mind, you want to *hear* it in your mind if you want your mind to read the characters the same way you do English or your native language if it uses a different script. And it's not difficult to know the reading if you memorize the order (and you'll have to learn it anyway, for any Japanese sorting, look up iroha while you're at it). Here's a song to help you, listen to the first verse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADqLniFy6ww

>> No.21289201

yah if anything it just sounds like steve was peer pressured into talking to a snot nosed kid and said snot nosed kid would not for the love of GOd stfu about stupid shit


で whats the difference between それで and それに ??

>> No.21289208

Yea you can read into a lot of the subtle stuff but nothing was blatantly insulting. Steve just low key said some of us have lives, kids, a waifu, etc.. and there was not point in getting super fluent except to satisfy some inner bug that makes you do it. There's no money to be made by doing it, there's million of natives who will always be better than you, so why set such a high standard. I can see both points of views. I personally fall in the middle of the two. I want to be casually fluent.

>> No.21289222

how about you casually catch this *unleashes foot*

>> No.21289236

sorry but casuals need to go back to r/eddit i only want hardcore gamers in my thread

>> No.21289250

I meant more like comfy fluent, which is not casual at all

>> No.21289255

how about a comfy foot in ur ass

>> No.21289265

*laugh track plays*

>> No.21289276

Then; therefore


See Lesson 19 of Genki II.

>> No.21289282

no see im tryin to help u with ur 授業 dude

>> No.21289336

I'd love to stick around and 教える some more 初級生。でも、I got to 戻る to 習っている from the 上級日本語の本、「上級へのとびら」、now that I'm already half-終了 with 日本語203, and will be 続けている into 日本語301 next term.

>> No.21289337

why does this word 子宮 make my dick so hard?

>> No.21289345

because it has the kanji 子 in it.

>> No.21289362

>start piling up
dont turn off suspend leeches
the more leeches you have the less progress you make on any of them
if you insist on reviewing all of them then manually unsuspend and reset a few at a time as new cards
but you also dont have to because anki is supplement and reading will teach you words too

>> No.21289368

wow ur mixed typing style is so fuckin bad

>> No.21289376

wow dude savage

>> No.21289379

子 - Child
宮 - Palace, princess
Interestingly, 子宮 "child palace" means, "womb; uterus."

>> No.21289384

yup, leech removal is a godsend.. If I still need to know them than I'll do them after I finish the ones I fly through

>> No.21289390

sounds more like ur describing neverland ranch than a uterus bro

>> No.21289407

now that's hot

>> No.21289409

u know what else is hot my foot in ur ass

>> No.21289416


>> No.21289417


>> No.21289418

joke's on you faggot i'm actually into that

>> No.21289427

熱い hot?

>> No.21289434

What are some essential anime you should watch during your 10000 hours so you understand every context?

>> No.21289443

Don't tell me you don't know the readings of 啞然 and 呆然 anon

>> No.21289444

Anyone else here learn Japanese just to slam hot jav milfs?
My pee pee is an infinite source of motivation

>> No.21289446
File: 2.88 MB, 3380x3622, f856699352.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

at least any 10 of these

>> No.21289453

姥桜 mine it

>> No.21289454

Just disable new cards until you can deal with the tide and then start again.
If something is easy for you push easy so the intervals get bigger on that card.

>> No.21289455

it's reading weird fetish eroge for me

>> No.21289456


>> No.21289458

thats a good fuckin clip
matt aint got respect for his elders just look what he did to jorges wife

>> No.21289463


>> No.21289475


>> No.21289480

suspending all leeches and continuing on as normal is a better approach
some shit ur brain just aint ready for yet cuz u havent made the necessary connections for it to be ez
slammin ur head against the wall on the shit u cant get down is a worse use of ur time than learnin those words later and tryin some new shit
u should disable new cards if ur reviews are real long but if its leeches then just dont review leeches lol

>> No.21289484


>> No.21289493

basically stevie is a pleb minmaxer

>> No.21289496

I don't think suspend works well with standard settings. If you're going to use leech suspend I'd say you have to set more learning steps than 2.

>> No.21289505

Holy shit, I just finished the 姉なるもの doujin.
I don't think I've ever read a better H-doujin.

>> No.21289509

>I don't think
you could've stopped right there my man

>> No.21289512


>> No.21289514

Yeah, actually stating that it's your opinion is dangerous. I'll be more careful next time and just say it as a fact like you do with your opinions.

>> No.21289515

yeah thats prob true
i think the low default learning steps is why people think they gotta disable suspend leeches in the first place but suspend leeches aint the real problem

>> No.21289517

steve just has different goals dude like getting all his bodily fluids into the toilet as opposed to his adult diaper

not breaking his hip

telling those damn kids to get off his lawn

going to bingo night

watching sports


>> No.21289519

lol 2 jews on the internet talking about languages

>> No.21289531

Anon 2さん、もしかして、「子宮の子宮の子の宮」っていう名前は実はAnon 2さんの両親のお宅の地下に住んでいるかどこですか。

>> No.21289534

izumi sakai is my goddess dude i always wished she was my girlfriend

but i guess now that i have 2d girlfriends i dont have to worry about them dying T____T

>> No.21289537
File: 59 KB, 648x321, lo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21289548

lmfao the only clown is the tler l,mao

>> No.21289558

What does this に mean?

>> No.21289561

anyone play tropical liquor
game's pretty aids desu

>> No.21289568


>> No.21289570
File: 30 KB, 231x559, wha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the fuck is this hanzi

>> No.21289573


>> No.21289577


>> No.21289582

and what is the correct translation

>> No.21289586
File: 1 KB, 159x126, jvkSPrrvyW.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is pretty exciting stuff desu

>> No.21289587
File: 27 KB, 629x347, ryakuji.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21289589

i hope some noobs bite on this one i was fairly disappointed the に/で thing died out prolly cuz the antagonist was that guy who says he intentionally argues w. ppl despite not knowing japanese

>> No.21289591

So glad I don't have to deal with this in vns. God bless.

>> No.21289593

google ゲームセンタークラウン

>> No.21289597
File: 12 KB, 484x336, CCachmOH4f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nihongo is a fake language

>> No.21289601

i learned how to write this shit the right fucking way so for japs to just take these shortcuts pisses me the fuck off dumb lazy bug people

>> No.21289604

I'll try harder next time.

>> No.21289612

u cant do that u gotta let the noobs work it a bit first man

>> No.21289615

nanda kore ha
uwaa medou daa-

>> No.21289627


>> No.21289632

when I google it, I just get sakura trees, you sure thats the right word for it?

>> No.21289637
File: 106 KB, 1512x918, idunno.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Definitely not widely used

>> No.21289669

姥桜 is 10 years too old

>> No.21289674

no sickos plz

>> No.21289695

Moaning can't be translated anon

>> No.21289708

Anything over 1 digit is too old

>> No.21289720
File: 376 KB, 673x372, get back in your hole.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21289725

If >>21289674 was a reaction to >>21289669 than 当該者 doesn't know japanese

>> No.21289756

damn japan has a lot of words for love, quiet the romantic people

>> No.21289790

you should see how many words these idiots have for sudden

>> No.21289795

why are people who cant even speak basic english trying to learn japanese

>> No.21289798

should see how many words they have for huge oppai

>> No.21289804

eroge is more important than anything else in life
what about デカチン

>> No.21289805

you should see how many words these idiots have for kewasii kabe

>> No.21289812

Why can't I get yomichan to work with anki? The server is running, anki is the background, yomichan shows dictionary and searches correctly but the add to deck icon is grayed out.

>> No.21289822

for me it's 30 second manual card creation nandakarane

>> No.21289827
File: 65 KB, 1000x407, XpDmiyhrro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yea, the tards

>> No.21289833

oof eigo is a fake language

>> No.21289837

a ton of those words don't mean "suddenly" and the rest are used so sparingly they might as well not exist. i'm bumping into stupid fucking suddens every other day in this shit language

>> No.21289839

idk i had the problem too for a while, you do need to fix it bc that button is the game changer

>> No.21289842


>> No.21289853

Damn the lecture he gives Matt after Matt goes on and on for 15 minutes to a guy who worked for the Canadian government because of his language skills.

>> No.21289858

im gonna slay matt

>> No.21289859
File: 92 KB, 1000x601, 9eUF1AGw49.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>eigo fags on suicide watch

>> No.21289863

"numbers are easy you dumbass"

didn't think kaufmann could be so crass

>> No.21289866

steve clearly gets いきなり angry with shitheads on the internet

>> No.21289868

the more of a cranky old man steve turns into the more i like him

but i dont have anything in common with him i like anime and manga and hentai and he likes whatever this is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7c5Xy3GZCac#t=535

>> No.21289874

These are my settings, I assume somethings wrong with them. Can you post yours?

>> No.21289879
File: 8 KB, 631x318, 1537246756146.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21289880

So what is the 原因 for 全員 coming この界隈に

>> No.21289889

to get aids clearly

pozz me up niichan

>> No.21289891

holy shit u made me skip through the vid kaufmann was real aggressive lol

>> No.21289899

that's cute, he's making up his own language, senility must be fun

>> No.21289900

what makes u think that


>> No.21289906

took me hours of procrastination but i aligned the netflix terrace house bgnd subs to the tecchan+costco+unnamed releases on nyaa (for the releases which didn't already have jap subs anyway.

anything else i can do to avoid learning the language?

>> No.21289912

i mean if nothing else this clip is like steve fully melting down

>> No.21289914

steve has had it with pewdiepie and pitch

>> No.21289919
File: 72 KB, 1000x705, kl8P5TyVsr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mines kind of thrown together so don't know if it will be helpful

>> No.21289923

anything that starts with p prolly triggers him lol

>> No.21289935

>when Steve calls Matt a 浅はかなチビ
Whoa I know things got heated but damn

>> No.21289938

ask him what he thinks about pitchiepie in his next q and a

>> No.21289941 [DELETED] 

>when Steve calls Matt a nigger
Whoa I know things got heated but damn

>> No.21289945

that whole part of drilling matt to list what he does different
poor kid had this look on his face like oh shit i didnt know this was gonna be on the test

>> No.21289949

Oh okay that helped actually, I guess it just didn't like me using {character}

>> No.21289950
File: 948 KB, 290x288, 1528723348769.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So i'm about to drop core2k and start a mining deck, what should I do with the 1400 cards I learned? I thought of keeping up with the reviews but there's so many uncommon cards I don't know if I should waste my time with them.

>> No.21289955

u know i ended up missing that part i skipped like right to the showdown after about the 20 min mark

>> No.21289958

Might as well keep them, just delete the uncommon ones when you come across them

>> No.21289959

pretty amazing the plebs jump when steve says he doesnt care about pitch accent lol they get excited everytime a fellow pleb tells them they "dont need" something

>> No.21289971

If you're a mac fag there's some shit you need to do in the command line to make it work properly. I think it's on the yomichan site somewhere.

>> No.21289974

i mean its pretty clear that all this is just entertainment to ppl who dont know japanese and have no real plans on actually learning it but just like feeling like theyre in a community

basically a bunch of calvins

>> No.21289977

just delete the shit it might be hard but you already gained whatever knowledge you got from doing those cards and it wont just go away

>> No.21289978

i dump decks all of the time, fuck it, if you really need to learn it again it will be easier anyways and you will have another reference from seeing in a real world situation, over time it doesn't matter too much

>> No.21289979

I'm many months into this adventure and I still don't get why they use english words instead of their own.

>> No.21289991

If it's important and you forget it you'll just end up mining it anyways.

>> No.21289992
File: 2 KB, 86x55, キャプチャ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how does this make u feel

>> No.21290000

implying we all live on here, I come here once, maybe twice a week tops, sometimes I dont come here for a few weeks, but it's nice to see people struggling like me once in awhile

>> No.21290018

no not this thread the social media mattard shit

>> No.21290019

Is the audio just busted on the majority of aniki decks or is something messed up? All the decks I downloaded via the mega links have audio files but they don't play in aniki and are also blank when opened separately through an audio player. I downloaded a Hirigana deck off the actual site and that one had audio.

>> No.21290023
File: 207 KB, 349x358, ok.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here ill type it up for u
>so whats different in ur shit from the other shit u copied
>so uh i pay attention to stuff like i didnt learn pitch accent until i focused on it
>so is there anything but pitch accent
>uh yeah so uh keigo
>thats two what else
>also i couldnt remember animal names or food
>so vocabulary
>uh numbers too
>pic related

>> No.21290025

Hey Matt

>> No.21290027

Cringe and sometimes sadness because I actually am here to read pure japanese.

>> No.21290030

oh gotcha

>> No.21290043

lmfao so wait when he switched from ore to boku 5 seconds from each other was that his perceived keigo training kicking in ? lmfao

>> No.21290052

boku wa ore desuwa yo

>> No.21290055

also what about his kohgo training ?


>> No.21290064

imagine being matt and saying ore to a fuckin 69+ year old man

>> No.21290072

Imagine giving a fuck

>> No.21290077


>> No.21290078

im just tryin to lol dude whats ur issue

>> No.21290085

his keigo training only started like a year ago though so maybe in 8 years hell be native vetted in it

>> No.21290090

It's funny bc you know matt comes here he throws out things we say all of the time, literally days after we say it

>> No.21290097

natives dont know keogo

>> No.21290114

Pretty much. People here will shit on others when they themselves are still shit at Japanese. I come here for that aspect. It’s so funny and ironic to me.

>> No.21290115

Is there a way to automatically flip every single card in a deck from back to front?
I don't only want to recognize a card, but I also want to be able to recall it when coming across it's hiragana and or definition.

>> No.21290134

were making him better

hes actually our djt success story lol

>> No.21290140

its in the fuckin manual

>> No.21290151

>Reading manuals in 2019
Thanks, I wanted to know if it was a possibility. Also I didn't know there WAS a manual.

>> No.21290160

i mean think about it tho of course steve was on a short fuse

he was skyping with a 20 something year old kid in his childhood bedroom at his dads house with cartoons and comics all over the walls

he must have really had nothin to do if he sunk that low

>> No.21290176

pretty sure he is/was in some vacation lodge so maybe he had some free time at the end of the day

>> No.21290181

I'm wondering what is better. Watching with English subs and then with Japanese subs.
I've been doing Jap subs then watch it with English Subs and then watch with Jap subs again. Part of me thinks it might just be better to watch stuff with English subs and then watch with Japanese subs and piece it all together.

>> No.21290188

honestly i agree with steve. no sense in trying to learn a language 2 native level instead of just learning 20 other languages in the same time it would take u lol

>> No.21290195

just watch with eng subs and let that be that

after 10000 hours no more eng subs

imagining steve comin back from poolside and bein like well i guess i could hit up this matt kid and see what this little weeaboo has to say

>> No.21290201

i feel bad for both of em
matt for gettin pushed up against the wall and asked to explain how he thinks hes produced anything of value to anyone after obv thinkin this was gonna be a friendly mutual masturbation sesh
steve for comin to the end of his life dealin with a bunch a fuckin disrespectful infants askin him about pewdiepie and sayin hey plz interview our big headed cult leader who pisses in bottles i bet hes better than u old man

>> No.21290203

>after 10000 hours
there's nothing left to watch after this. it defeats the point of learning the language!

>> No.21290213

i mean if ur in2 that do what u wanna do

as for me im hoping when i die they find me slumped over in my dx racing chair with 1 hand on my dick the other on my gaming mouse that has like a entire telephone keypad on it and just raunchy hentai sluts all over all my displays

>> No.21290214

imagine deciding to try to learn a language that u wont want to use after only 10k hours

>> No.21290222

oh a few more replies popped up >>21290213 @ >>21290188

lol i really need to go watch that part but honestly its good to get hella exposed maybe his cultists will start a mutiny lol

>> No.21290227

imagine studying nihongo for 30000 hours and getting off whenever someone agrees with you about the importance of input

>> No.21290251
File: 18 KB, 389x497, キャプチャ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmfao im watching the part now where steve asks matt how mia is different from ajatt and matt just shits his pants while sounding like a 5th grader trying to explain his science project that he did the night before lmfao

>> No.21290275

i also found this god steve was so savage

what a ornery fuckin coot lmao


>> No.21290318

look at steve so threatened by ajatt and mia that he has to plug himself and inadvertently give away his morning dump routine


thats right kids look forward to getting old where it takes 30 mins to take a dump

>> No.21290352

what is the yotubato! of LNs

>> No.21290374

matts like lol this fuckin geezer things i dont know about spending half an hour in the bathroom every day workin on my language skills

>> No.21290378

>he throws out things we say all of the time
like what?

>> No.21290419

he literally used my wording in a vid like 2 days after i wrote some shit in these threads about how this stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCMx9DGl9Y0 is really good cuz u get a visual component to supplement the text due to its nature of being a 絵本 and u also get a audio component by having it narrated

he went and said that exact thing and i lolled and did a lil fist pump

dont ask me what vid cuz idfk i only look at what gets posted here and when im done into the trash it goes unless i made streamables of it which didnt come till much later speaking of which

https://streamable.com/5pns2 lmao

>> No.21290459

when steve starts counting on his fingers matts like holy shit dad stop embarrassing me in front of all of my patrons

>> No.21290466

was just getting to that


>> No.21290487

Who are these people so I can appreciate the clips

>> No.21290503

fucking whos you shouldn't even care about

>> No.21290507

theyre nobody lets move on this thread could use a new beginning

even at 900 posts its still not too late

even if ur life is at 900 posts its never too late to start over remember that

>> No.21290541

if you don't find something to give meaning to your life, no matter how many times you start over, you will never find "hapiness"

>> No.21290545


>> No.21290550

id buy ur self help book

>> No.21290555

Yikes that comment. This is something that’s always weird about Matt. He gets off on flexing on people that think he won’t know japanese then trying to make himself seem superior at japanese as some sort of weird flex. He talks about doing this with japanese he meets in real life as if he’s making them regret doubting his skills. And he uses terminology about having beginners of japanese “seem like ants to you” or other such stuff. Very bizarre. Maybe Steve got this vibe from him and that’s why he didn’t respond well.

>> No.21290576

instead of watch steve skype with matt for a half hour id rather watch steve react to this vid for a half hour


>> No.21290602
File: 17 KB, 1095x118, lmao.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

god how are these people real


>> No.21290619

lol i didnt see that one
how can u not be embarrassed if u get owned by ur elders and ur boyfriend comes to ur rescue to try to start a circlejerk

>> No.21290620

Why did you make me read this

>> No.21290660

i tried to be a voice of levelheadedness and logicality >>21288684 to tip the scales back from "fucking retarded" but was obviously stifled >>21289101 as yoga frantically dmed matt to delete my comment where i also linked this at him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcM9kCZt9o8#t=4373

>> No.21290661

i know what ajatt is but what the fuck is mia
besides missing in action

>> No.21290674
File: 57 KB, 708x456, ass.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21290675
File: 259 KB, 343x430, stern steve.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So my friend and I put together this system that has enabled me to learn all the foods

>> No.21290696

but what about the numbers


>> No.21290700

got it

>> No.21290717
File: 247 KB, 408x395, who is this fuckin kid.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

has steve ever made so many good faces in one video before

>> No.21290720


>my friend yoga *massive, uncontrollable smile*
there's definitely something going on with these two

>> No.21290725

i wonder how nipponjin would say my name?

>> No.21290742

フランシスコ or just フランくん for short

>> No.21290770
File: 565 KB, 635x680, interrupted again.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21290776

is this considered eceleb drama?

>> No.21290780
File: 509 KB, 689x652, u keep repeating urself.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21290783

lol u mad there steve ?

>> No.21290824

We will 歌を歌う about these faces in 2021 mark my words.

>> No.21290825

i finished iwasawa's route in angel beats...
i cried so much :(
i want to cry even more...

>> No.21290845

Why are you watching them in the first place, for listening comprehension or reading comprehension?

>> No.21290855


>> No.21290877

angel beats is aight

>> No.21290951

はた わき そば かたわら
Why japanese people?

>> No.21290964

On this note:
New word of the day: はた迷惑

>> No.21291008

Both. But a lot of the time I scan the subs and try and make sure I know all the words and use it when I can't understand what's going on by just listening. The time I watch with English subs I try not to look at them except for parts I had no idea about watching it the first time.

>> No.21291026


>> No.21291070

karaoke is the end boss of japanese

>> No.21291079

just do english song and be motemote af w. the ladeez

>> No.21291084

That seems so boring, I would just watch with Eng subs and get reading comprehension from something else

>> No.21291150

win detected in this sector

>> No.21291163

having seen a show before with high comprehension primes u with whats goin on what people are talkin about and the emotions and gets u ready to pick out the details more easily
watchin without eng subs first sounds like u got this belief that if u try to discover all that on ur own ull make more gains but i think if theres anything to that it sure as hell aint big enough to be watchin the entire show with low comprehension first
im still shit thats just my gut feel on the whole issue also dont forget to read more

>> No.21291247

this is so painful to watch

>> No.21291292

>Watching with English subs and then with Japanese subs.
>I've been doing Jap subs then watch it with English Subs and then watch with Jap subs again.
what the fug

just watch it once with japanese subs and pause to look up whatever words you need to. if the show is that great, you can come back and rewatch it again at a later date if you're not satisfied with how well you understood it on the first watch.

>> No.21291294
File: 1.02 MB, 713x2400, 1553809722106.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21291328

I've watched this like 6 times now over the years, never gets old. If he'd only immersed more.

>> No.21291429

This thread is genuinely the highlight of my sad daily life

>> No.21291445

if I had a dollar for every pixel I'd have 13 dollars

>> No.21291455

even being good at japanese couldn't save him

his real problem is that he has no self-awareness whatsoever and can't see how he looks through other people's eyes

>> No.21291511

>Matt jokes about how he paid for a Japanese class he didn't need
>Steve isn't amused
>B-But yeah there were foreign exchange students on campus which was a thing because I was in Japanese class so because the campus... cafeteria...
holy shit this self-destruct sequence

>> No.21291514


>> No.21291525

What the fuck happened to Matt's Japanese? He used to sounds pretty decent.

>> No.21291526

If he knew how to say more than just X daisuki it would've helped. In his introduction he couldn't even answer ikutsu. But yea the meido stuff, posters on the wall, barefoot, sloppy looks, kanemochi ryoushin, and the arigatou to sugoi was deep 'tism tier.

>> No.21291527
File: 41 KB, 1037x718, whatdididowrong.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wanted to genuinely, ask what did I do wrong here?

fuck you, I don't care

>> No.21291537

I did the analysis test and it instantly passed me through their entire course hehe feels good man

>> No.21291546
File: 220 KB, 1024x1536, 1555326856205.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21291547


>> No.21291551

I thought duolingo was trash for japanese, did they revamp it?

>> No.21291559

congrats you're a N5, now you can roleplay on reddit like you know something

>> No.21291563

a revamp is coming sometime this month

>> No.21291584

I mean the guy sounds a whole world better than nukemarine, If I was a newbie I would go for the advice of the dude that sounds better.

>> No.21291593

Is there a way to get shinmeikai or daijirin on Android offline.

>> No.21291606

Just put them next to eachother and use middle mouse button to scan.

>> No.21291611

>the guy sounds a whole world better than nukemarine
you just exposed how new you are

>> No.21291625

it might have wanted どう やっ て instead of the single どうやって because their shit is broken

>> No.21291641

I don't know what does Nihongo mean to M*tt & company, they act like it was this superior thing they have, like they were worth more as a human because they reached a really good level.

But Matt didn't have the balls to be his usual dick self towards Steve for some reason.

sorry for late blogpost, was wageslavin' since noon.

>> No.21291671

wew wew, gotta hustle and catch up on mattosama's latest content!

>> No.21291678

>douzo itsudemoiiyo nandemoiiyo, naka naka naka naka, onegaishimasu
Imagine thinking that's good. He just tries to say things in bursts to sound better than he is but it's baby talk garbage, nuke at least really talks when he warms up.

>> No.21291681

Probably good advice but I hate the idea of not knowing the meaning of or nuance of something especially if it could mean I could get the entire plot/story wrong. This goes double if I haven't seen the material before.

>> No.21291712

This word embeds the Japanese culture of faint praise. 結構

1. splendid, wonderful
2. sufficient, adequate
3. ok, tolerable

Those meanings blend together in their culture.

>> No.21291717

can u imagine how much more vicious steve would have been if matt was a dick to him lol

>> No.21291733

Its all context dude.

>> No.21291755

Why does everybody talks shit about m*tt here?

>> No.21291764

because looking up to people is 芸

>> No.21291798


>> No.21291857
File: 14 KB, 469x214, 1532018385791.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whats wrong with my yomichan

>> No.21291866

that is it, what a bunch of shit too

>> No.21291948

Just finished the Steve and Matt video. No idea what you're all talking about saying Steve seems pissed off or hostile or whatever. He just seemed normal to me. Asking Matt questions and trying to find out what he's about then giving counter-points from his own perspective isn't "hostile". It's called having a discussion.

In terms of who put their ideas across better, I felt like Steve came off better. His criticism about AJATT's extremism being unrealistic for most people is completely on point, and Matt seemed really lost and uncomfortable when he was asked by Steve how his method differed from AJATT. There's obviously a difference in perspectives though with Steve looking through the lens of a working man with a social life pursuing languages on the side as a hobby, whereas Matt I don't think has ever really been in the same position so he doesn't think about the sacrifices people like Steve would have to make in order to follow his method (or AJATT).

But either way, I think you would have to be very insecure and thin-skinned as a person to interpret Steve's behaviour as being at all malicious here.

>> No.21291972

dont think anyones callin it malicious but when boy starts stuttering and u put up ur fingers to start counting his points it aint gentle lol
but i wasnt tryin to make it out like steves out for blood leave it to matts cultists to say that

>> No.21292134

Decided to finally learn Japanese. Pretty much going off of the guide here. Lots of cool stuff in it. I came here because I heard of how good the guide is, and plus a “daily Japanese thread” sounds like a dope idea...this thread is anything but.

There are a few diamonds in the hay sack (Qolibri formats, reccomendatiion to use vn core, and etc), but for the most part, all you guys seem to be doing is using your posts as razor blades to hurt others and bring people down. That is just incredibly toxic. If I were shown this thread without having knowledge of the name, I would not think that this thread would be called “Daily Japanese Thread”.

If I sound a little salty, it’s because I am. I love communities and I love being in one that helps one another, not tear each other down and other people who aren’t even here down. The potential of this thread is so high. I know it can be great. Like I said before, there is some helpful things here, but it is overshadowed by a huge pile of shit. I hope things change in the future, I really do.

>> No.21292154

today is my first day in this community let me tell you all how to make me happier

>> No.21292160

hi, i'm learning japanese and love you all!

>> No.21292162

this thread has zero potential all the learning must happen outside

>> No.21292170

I believe you are correct unfortunately.

>> No.21292186

it's not really unfortunate it's just common sense you have to learn japanese through media not gaijin chatrooms
at best someone might recommend you something that can help you learn

>> No.21292187

how could it have potential
what are a bunch of beginners supposed to do to learn a language together
exchanging resources and shitposting is the best u can expect
if ur lucky one of the dudes playin axanael or chronobox or somethin will come back and post about their progress
at least we aint arguin about rtk vs kklc every week anymore lol

>> No.21292190

ya how did rtk beat kklc anyways

>> No.21292194

I agree! But I have to ask, what is the point of this thread then?

>> No.21292199

if the thread doesnt exist you cant find the guide in the catalog

>> No.21292201

shitpost with our nakamas

>> No.21292203

shitposting and for sharing the occasional resource dumbass. weren't you reading?

>> No.21292207

Touche. I can see that I was incredibly naive in expecting a bit more than that. But nonetheless, I hope you all do well and learn Japanese.

>> No.21292213

That was a rhetorical question you moron lol

>> No.21292218


>> No.21292219

then you didn't HAVE to ask it did you? dumbfuck

>> No.21292220
File: 1.54 MB, 1266x709, V1Gnw6Ioho.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oppai misete kure erika san

>> No.21292221 [DELETED] 

Thank you all for the responses. Clearly this thread is not the best place for those seeking to get, but I wish you all the best nonetheless. Peace.

>> No.21292224

is there a tiny echo down there or something? why is it there twice

>> No.21292226

i dont really know i think you can have it in 2 languages

>> No.21292230

It didn't use to be this bad before a few individuals rolled in and started to use it as their personal playground.

>> No.21292231

is this the bilingual vn weve all been waiting for

>> No.21292232

Thank you all for the responses. Clearly this thread is not the best place for those seeking to get good, but I wish you all the best nonetheless. Peace.

>> No.21292234

It's just something you've got to learn to get over. Once you try just going without any translation you'll learn that you can still enjoy things even without perfectly understanding them.

Like I said, if something is really, really good you can always go back to it and re-watch/read it at a later date. It can actually be very rewarding and motivating to do so because it gives you a real feeling of growth and achievement when you run into lines that you remember left you baffled before and this time you run into them and you just understand them effortlessly.

>> No.21292237

i guess but you gotta be pretty plebeian to utilize bilingual features

>> No.21292238

What do you mean?

>> No.21292240

It's a place to take a break from real language aquisition, not a place to spoon feed you, go to reddit if you need your hand held. There is the occasional good tip and resource here, but you don't need anything but time and exposure to japanese. How are you going to get that here?

>> No.21292251

i looked up 結構 and the first definition is 構造

>> No.21292254

>for those seeking to get good
there is no language learning community that will help u with that
its all a distraction i got no clue what ur thinkin ull find
best u can hope for is resources or maybe if ur ankidroning then someone to convince u to fuckin quit it and read more

>> No.21292260

>Comment on Matt's channel a month ago saying I disagree on the importance pitch accent
>He asks why
>I bring up some points I believe are true then just don't look back at it because I forgot
>Comment on his channel today
I didn't really hate him before but holy kek this guy just bans people who disagree with him now.

>> No.21292268

oh yea unless you blindly praise him you're the enemy now.. he knows all and there is only way, which he changes every week

>> No.21292270

This. This is what I realized from lurking here and on reddit, no language learning community will get you good. Like you said, they can be good for resources sometimes, ultimately it’s no good outside of that. It’s why I’m probably gonna be off permanently desu

>> No.21292282

I thought this was an embellishment until now, I don't understand how someone can be that stuck up.

Just watching rewatching his video with Steve now after reading some of the comments here and Steve is rolling his eyes and trying to keep himself entertained by swinging back and forth in his chair, he obviously wasn't very enthusiastic about Matt popping off about himself.
The look of disappointment when Matt said he joined a Japanese class as a joke really sums it up.

>> No.21292284

lol thats pretty good
gotta get all the ignorant masses who cant appreciate my dedication out of my pay-to-circlejerk bubble

>> No.21292285

The threads didn't used to be like this when they were back on /a/. Ever since the move to /jp/ the elitism and hostility has gone through the roof though.

Back on /a/, there was a lot of discussion about learning and people used to help each other. Now all anyone does is shitpost and insult each other for the most part. It's a shame.

>> No.21292298

different strokes for different folks, I don't mind the competitive spirit and the expose yourself to content mentality, I heard everybody used to suck back when it was on /a/ too

>> No.21292300

i felt uncomfortable through the whole part where he was sayin he thought about learning somethin in college but didnt want to do any work so he just decided to get the ez japanese degree
left out the part where he didnt actually get the degree
ill help u if i can and ur not makin an ass out of urself
those conditions linin up aint the most common sight lol

>> No.21292301

nah he's flamed me a few times and one of the times he took something positive I said as a negative, he and yoga are thin skinned girls

>> No.21292308
File: 67 KB, 1635x349, Screenshot_2019-05-05_07-58-28.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It isn't.

>> No.21292318


>> No.21292321

are you retarded

>> No.21292330

Cross-reference with JMDICT. It's giving you the definition of 結構 (albeit an archaic one) and saying 構造 is a synonym. It's not erroneously giving you the definition of 構造 instead of 結構.

>> No.21292335
File: 16 KB, 442x158, 1515137294.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21292337

oh i couldnt figure out what the other guys problem was so ur correction confused me more lol

>> No.21292344
File: 99 KB, 1874x779, 1525248603222.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why dont we post this anymore

>> No.21292349



>> No.21292353


>> No.21292373

is that chart explaining how retarded and shitty japanese grammar is? their shitty language is probably why they didnt invent shit til meeting the west meanwhile we had guns and shit

>> No.21292397

only language learner fags believe in grammar

>> No.21292402

>Been at it for a year
>Still run into sentences I can't understand for the life of me
>Not even sure that I'm really understanding the sentences that I think I understand
>"Dude, just keep reading lmao"

This feels wrong.

>> No.21292403

I know. The pregnancy announcement was great news.

>> No.21292408

try reading a manga after you watch the anime

>> No.21292412

watch/read easier stuff then, I'm building my way out from childrens shows and books and understanding everything pretty well as I go

>> No.21292419

Nigger go back and stay there.

>> No.21292420

>read easier stuff

I'm struggling with Leyline. It doesn't get much easier than that.

>> No.21292433
File: 30 KB, 800x310, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21292480

dont obsess over what you dont get
you arent really understanding tons of sentences and it doesnt matter
every little piece of a sentence you do understand is makin a difference but it takes tens hundreds thousands of hours to see it depending how far along you are
if you have enough grasp that you can follow roughly whats goin on well enough to enjoy it then youre gettin all you need
i fuckin sucked at leyline and after i dropped it i went into saya which was way harder
5 vns finished since dropping leyline and im still shit but the amount of things that i can understand without thinkin has gone up significantly after every one
just enjoy yourself and when you forget how many hours youve put in youll have one of those moments where you realize you used to suck more

>> No.21292496

it's 5 minutes into this episode and i've mined 30 cards. i should probably stop here.

>> No.21292516

Do you just mine every single word you don't know or something?

>> No.21292521

well duh what else would i do

>> No.21292524

hows your retention looking

>> No.21292528
File: 3 KB, 165x46, 1547879699999.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my mining deck is new though, i'm only 80 cards into it.

>> No.21292532

Don’t double post, faggot.

>> No.21292537



>> No.21292538

Not that.

Wait until you see a word a few times before mining it, then you know it's at least reasonably common and useful. Learning a common word which shows up a lot will have a considerable effect on cutting down your dictionary usage, whereas learning some obscure word which you might not run into again for another 12 months or more won't.

Once you reach the point where you're struggling to reach your new card quota because your vocabulary is so large that you rarely run into new words anymore, that's the time to start mining every word you come across.

>> No.21292576



>> No.21292695

Finished my first novel in Japanese. 400 pages.
Jumping into Norwegian Wood, hope it doesn't take my as long as the first one did.

>> No.21292718




>> No.21292770
File: 26 KB, 433x380, 1443620252430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where did whoever started the DJT library get all those ebooks from?

Whenever you search for LNs and stuff on Nyaa, or even on AnimeBytes (which actually seems to be worse for raw LNs than Nyaa), all you get is shitty scans. The only time you get ebooks is when said ebooks have been converted into JPEG images for God only knows what reason, and of course the original EPUB, AZW3 or whatever is nowhere to be found.

>> No.21292774

why question it? just enjoy it while you can.

>> No.21292776

? unless shit has been taken down there's been huge collections of ebooks on nyaa forever

>> No.21292787

Because the original maintainer disappeared so nothing new is being added to the library anymore. It would be nice to know where they got stuff from so I could search for stuff there too.

There's a lot of stuff in the library where only one volume of an LN series has been uploaded and none of the others are there.

There's tons of stuff in the library which you can't find on Nyaa in ebook format.

>> No.21292792

so whats the yotubato of lns

>> No.21292811

I think that some of the stuff may have been bought from amazon.co.jp, then the drm was removed, and the ebook returned (but you can't do that many returns or they'll get suspicious)
There's a DRM removal plugin for calibre which can do that
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CrlQHA9i0g from 4:40 on
Then you just upload that on mega and et voilà you have your ebook that you can share in azw3 format

>> No.21292838

a lot of stuff was contributed by random people from the thread i think. just stuff found here and there, or bought by people as >>21292811 said

>> No.21292849

oreimo was the meme beginner recommendation for a while

>> No.21292857

anons who want to share send shit to the current maintainer
some of them just share a bunch they bought
anyone dumping on a larger scale might not want to talk about it
if shit was just taken from a bigger source itd probably be linked

>> No.21292884

Whenever the question of "what's an easy LN" comes up, the usual reply I see is Kino's Journey.

>> No.21292903

what's with the ごs and おs in the beginning of words?
like ご主人様 and ご注文
or お尻 and お金

>> No.21292924





>> No.21292926
File: 123 KB, 1299x628, 32434.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shouldn't they know the reason if they're writing a guide for others to read?

>> No.21292956

it's usually a polite prefix. But some words don't exist without it anymore and are just regular words

>> No.21292957

>people still using DoJG when HJGP exists

>> No.21293011
File: 374 KB, 1232x1226, 1539563440619.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have a build of MangaToEpub?

>> No.21293039

Scratch that, renaming the zip to cbz is sufficient.

>> No.21293055

does anyone know how to get that working on kindle?

>> No.21293079

just use kindle comic converter

>> No.21293081

Why would you need to rename it?

>> No.21293104

At what point when learning grammar is Japanese supposed to get hard?

>> No.21293106


>> No.21293154

does anyone have an obscure manga sfx list? i want to appreciate one hundred different cumming onomatopoeia to the fullest

>> No.21293158

this kids picture book about pooping has n3 grammar in it.

>> No.21293165

A child is well on their way to fluency.

>> No.21293169

can somebody quickly tell me whether the は in そこはかとなく is pronounced わ or not so I can learn some japanese here or is this against thread rules

>> No.21293177


>> No.21293183