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I was filling up my water bottle on my floors water fountain when someone came up to me and said, "Did you take Catherine?"

"Huh?" I replied, looking up.

"Oh, sorry, you looked like Catherine's boyfriend."

Someone like watashi....looks like someone who could have a girlfriend? ;_;

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From the back, you might look like one.

From the front, it's an entirely different story

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/jp/ isn't your blog.

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>Someone like watashi
Come back when your powerlevel is higher.

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Not your blog.
Also, she probably only saw the back of your head. Note
>you looked like Catherine's boyfriend."
>you looked like

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Real men use ore.

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>>"Did you take Catherine?"
What the fuck did he even mean by this?

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"Did you take Catherine (to the <fill in blank>)?"

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The back yof your head looked like Catherine's boyfriend

...maybe you should your head so it faces backwards, that way the best side is facing front :D

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