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How do you deal with the fact that someone else has the same waifu as you? How do you deal with the fact that you will never meet/interact with your waifu? I've simply given up, enlighten me back anons.

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Dedicate your life to kill everybody that shares the same waifu as you.

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All the girls I wanted to make my waifu were already reserved in-universe, and so I am able to neatly dodge these problems by not having one.

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no, wtf. She was my waifu for a while and made me happy, but i found this community of people who also had her as their waifus so I just cri and gave up

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Because there isn't one "instance" of a 2D character like there is always only one physical version of a 3D person, they can be "each" of ours, while not being "all of ours". You can have your waifu all to yourself, and the next NEET can have the same character as his waifu, all to himself. We can each have our own individual "instance" of a character, because there isn't one singular version of the character in real life to go to. That's part of the reason 2D will always be better than 3D. Does that make sense?

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Draw your own oc waifu and dont share it, if its a problem for you

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No one can love her as much as you do, and no one can protect her as well as you can, so double your efforts and hold her tight. She is yours now that you've taken her.

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these made me feel better, thanks

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are you saying like different clones of the same 2d character?

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Either too autistic or not autistic enough to have a waifu.

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Free yourself from the shackles of monogamy.

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By indulging in NTR.

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Shut up

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Please kill yourself.

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Why do good artists always need to have some shit fetish, that being NTR a lot of the time?

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Beats me.

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I think he means different instances with the same template.
Like you think that your waifu is cute, other guy thinks that she is a slut. You think that she likes to wear white panties, he thinks that she likes to wear black ones.
Your mind has shaped the image of the character specifically to you, their is tailored to them
In a sense you love different people who just have a lot in common.
Does this make sense?

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Well, I try not to think about it. If I don't see or hear them then it's easier.

If you do that then there is no point in a waifu. You need to believe in true love.

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i started watching anime 8 years ago too

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waifufags are attention whores. "loving" a fictional character is insanity, so they show off to everyone as a coping mechanism. back to /a/ with you

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Almost. They're not going to be walking around and interacting with each other or anything. If your waifu is Satori, the Satori in your heart and mind and the experiences you imagine having together will be only yours. She won't know about the other Satori that belongs to the next Anon, who has a slightly different personality and a whole different set of imagined memories and experiences. She won't even know that Anon exists, and his Satori won't know about yours either. We're all free to say "This is Satori, and she is my wife", because there isn't a real Satori to point to and know "it is a fact that Satori is this Anon's wife, and she can't be mine because she's already his", like you can with a real 3D human being. That's the kind of freedom that 2D allows.
They're all different and unique to each person who imagines her and takes her into their heart, but they are all running off the base concept of "Satori". In that way, Satori can be "each of ours" while not being "all of ours". So, instead of clones, they're more like many separate "instances" that stem from the original idea of a character, if that makes sense.

Yeah, like that!

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exactly how I look at it too. it doesnt bother me in the slightest that other people love her.

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From the rough outlines I could sketch of the phenomenon from mere observation I came to the conclusion that there exists an implicit and unshakeable bond between two people who 'share' the same fictional wife. Were she a real woman this would be impossible, as two or more men desiring the same woman can only end in bloodshed or meek acquiescence on the part of one or more while a single person woos her. Neither option is particularly appealing since, if you truly want her, you're not going to let someone else take you out without a fight, nor will you simply back down, as that would be a sign of cowardice, weakness and a lack of genuine love. Now here where there is no actuality to grasp, no reality to take for oneself, a quaint brotherhood can form, a mutual appreciation of a singular idolized or idealized object.
To make matters even better, since it is an existence somewhere between reality and ideality (in the sense that, if it is not a character specifically created by the individual to suit all his preferences but is an fiction created by another that just so happens to align with the individual's ideal in the most important ways), this leaves open the room for further idealization, hence the arguments brought up by the other anons here about the same character effectively taking various 'shapes' in the hearts and minds of each individual who loves the character in question. This leads to a sort of mirror effect where the ideal seen by each individual is entirely their own, and much like any personally tailored ideal offers a reflection of the individual himself. I'm still tinkering with the idea but I feel as though if there were some sort of divide between the character and individual so as to avoid a complete mirror effect he would have better chances of using his emotions to better himself and the risks of getting ensnared by an all too comforting fantasy would be lowered.
If some were tossed into a situation where their wives were real then unfortunately I can not imagine any fate other than bloodshed and the destruction of a lifelong tacit friendship.

It's natural to want validation of some kind for what is a relatively recent phenomenon, especially when one feels very strongly about it. Now this insanity is not what I would call a bad thing, not in theory at least, as with the right mindset it can be molded into a drive and passion, centered on creation rather than just passive appreciation. Once insanity is come to terms with and embraced, great things could potentially be achieved. Breakdowns are practically guaranteed, so it is better to know what you're getting into before making such important decisions, though whether it is a decision to begin with can be put under doubt.

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That's what I did but not really because I was bothered by others having the same waifu as me. Daydreaming about my own creation felt more comfortable to me for some reason and at some point I had fallen in love with her.

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I just remember that I love her more than anyone else. My wife has become a trash meme taken over by ironic weaboos. It hurts but it serves as a reminder for why I loved her in the first place. Don't focus on the bad things or lesser people.

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the actual character your waifu is modeled after doesn't know you exist, nor does she know any of those other nerds

what you have is not the actual character, but a donut steel OC loosely modeled after the character you call your waifu.

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Who is she?

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>How do you deal with the fact that someone else has the same waifu as you?
These men shouldn't be seen as rivals, but as brothers.

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Nobody has the same waifu as me. Hell, if I posted a picture of her right now, I imagine a solid 95% of people here wouldn't recognize her, and well over 99% wouldn't know her name.

The problem is that real waifus aren't actually eternal. I could keep pretending that thinking about her makes my heart ache, but after her story ends, all you have to go on are your personal understanding of the character and some cute images, and true emotion can only be sustained for so long by such things.

People who sit around all day and post about their "waifus" are probably not in love. If they are, it's early in the relationship, and maybe they're just doing it because they think it's the norm. But for people who claim to have waifus for years, they're either significantly mentally ill, or just whoring her out for attention. The waifu just becomes a tripcode analogue, a way to differentiate yourself from the anon masses and blog about your life in a "safe space".

Feelings fade. It's only natural, and in a real relationship, you eventually just become good friends with the person you're dating or married to. With a waifu, there is no personal connection, so you can't really bridge that gap at any point. I still think my ex-waifu is cute, still the cutest girl around. But the spark isn't there anymore. I don't feel guilty when I look at other girls, I don't daydream about her. She's not my wallpaper anymore, and I only look back on my picture folder of her every year or two as a form of reminiscence. There's no relationship left, where there used to be an idealised one-sided one.

So basically, who the fuck cares? You probably haven't found a waifu anyway. And if you have, it's not going to last that long. Why give a shit about other people?

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I have had my waifu for 6 years and I still love her. You are just dead inside.

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I dont like directly addressing it, especially on /jp/ since it sometimes causes problems. Wife of ~5 years now.

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Don't pay attention to the dumb nazi's hijacking her image!

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ouch, sorry to hear that

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My Homura is the best Homura

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which one is yours?

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All of them

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yeah i remember when i was an anime-watching teenbro on /a/ too

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ebic poast /b/ro

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Twin braids and glasses is clearly the best

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I want to stay up with her all night and violate the NFA!