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Previous thread: >>21227353

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.

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I haven't heard bleeping sound in a while, now is mostly just muting a small part so it's not as noticeable.
I also wonder what the point of that is, there're a lot of games that are uncensored so I image it's not because of any law.

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Kanoseka route order? Do i even bother going for mutliple playthroughs since if im not reading seiya saiga wrong like all the content is in the common.

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Seems to be ladder structure based on Seiya.

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It's completely linear, the side endings are like 3 lines long

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So just choose whatever girl for her H scenes and im done with the VN, not surprised since I heard its only like 20 hours long

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Less length, more gameplay, more moe, more direct sequels, with a focus on characterization over romance(meaning rather than just romancing a girl and getting a final ending with her, you get a bunch of characters you grow familiar with over a few games, with maybe romance side routes each game.), more lewdness

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Is minikui mojika no ko any good? Is it just unadulterated edge? How's the pron?

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Typical Nitroplus title, that it how however you want.

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I loved the presentation, particularly in sex scenes. Ditching the conventional text box was really well done and it makes the scenes feel very engaging. The story itself wasn't much to write home about, and it drags on a fair bit, but it had some good sex, provided you don't mind rape and depressing shit. I'd like to see a more nukige-style game use this type of presentation, I think of all the areas, it had the biggest impact on the sex.

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It's shit.

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Mainly the presentation is what piqued my interest. It looks quite interesting. And the girls look cute too, I guess. How's the raep? Is it mostly blackmailing or the guy forcing himself unto the girl? Drugs maybe?

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>its only like 20 hours long
So how long would it be for someone who knows Japanese at a shitty level?

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20 hours * (the average Japanese level/the shittiness of your Japanese level)

You are welcome, friend. Actually, no, you are not. Fuck off.

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Seriously, how is wakasama?

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worse than majikoi

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Thanks. I just asked cause I guessed that you'd be an expert on this topic.

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yeah but how much worse
majikoi was kamige

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Hell yeah.

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I wish i could replay her route but that shit tier ending is just too harsh, too much death in Go.

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recommend me a single heroine romance vn

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Most VN heroines are single, at least at the beginning.

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I'm currently enjoying Akagi 2

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If you like the presentation you'll enjoy it. And the rape goes both ways.

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It's the perfect summer game. I dunno why but I enjoyed a lot cause I played it in mid summer. I recommend the same.

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this MC's friend character design suprised me. Looks like something out of NTR game

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this. much better than summer pockets.

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Just finished Wakasama.

In short the game is more or less Kouya 2.0.

The text/quality of presentation itself is pretty good, though I guess it's to be expected from Romeo.

The story itself though kinda feels lackluster, in that sense it's definitely Kouya 2.0. It deals with Japanese mythology the like so I won't go into much detail but it's basically Kouya 2.0 with Japanese mythology thrown into it.

The game only has one "route" (well 2 but the other route is an off-shot of the main story and also pretty short, just some H-scenes and not much story). There are no chuuni battles in this game as you pretty much have a god on your side and even when it's between chars with the same power level they also end pretty quickly via some Deus ex machina shit (Super Saiyan mode-esque stuff). A lot of cool side-characters but they're only brought of once in their acts (which are rather short and there's like 2~3 of them), so typical Minato I guess,

There's a lot of choice in the game but a lot of them are either dead-ends or flavor text/joke.

But the game gates progression of the main story to these other choices via a flag system (stickers in the game) that carries over. If you don't have the required stickers then you'll get a dead-end at some point in the story. Meaning you have to see certain dead-ends/pick certain choices/finish the other short route first before you can progress on with the story.

While they make it pretty obvious when you receive these stickers in-game, in certain dead-ends you can only receives these after you're thrown back to the title screen and you have to click on them as they appear on screen to receive them. They appear on the top left corner of the screen and can be pretty hard to spot at first. So if you're stuck (especially in the dead-end at the beginning) make sure to check other choices and find those stickers.

The game has a major plot dump near the end that gives some pretty simple/vague explanations. The ending itself also leaves much to be desired. So be warned if you're not a fan of those.

Overall it's a bog-standard Minato game.

6/10 (+1 if you're a fan of Romeo)

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Ah, yes, all these evil oppressors at Minato putting sticks in Romeo's wheels again. This excuse gets boring, come up with something new.

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but the entire game is chuuni : )

he does throw in plenty of easter eggs to people familiar with him but the games pretty boring just as a result of its overall setup and i think a lot of things that make romeos shit good just isnt possible here like writing a good mc

a lot of shit was just too wordy for what was going on and many scene transitions were jarring

basically unless ur instantly bought into wakasama the character pass on this one for sure cause they didnt let romeo write to his strengths in this one

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Game doesn't have enough stickers. 8 million more and it would have been a masterpiece.

Well game is a giant middle finger to modern Japanese mythology interpretation so I guess it can be considered chuuni.

But then again no 熱いバトル so.

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>modern Japanese mythology interpretation

Which is? Something nationalistic?

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How's this?

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>The texts also tell of a long-standing rivalry between Amaterasu and her other brother, Susanoo. Susanoo is said to have insulted Amaterasu, claiming she had no power over the higher realm.[6][full citation needed] When Izanagi ordered him to leave Heaven, he went to bid his sister goodbye. Amaterasu was suspicious, but when Susanoo proposed a challenge to prove his sincerity, she accepted. Each of them took an object belonging to the other and from it, birthed deities. Amaterasu birthed three female deities from Susanoo's sword while he birthed five male deities from her necklace. Claiming the gods were hers because they were born of her necklace, and the goddesses were his, she decided that she had won the challenge, as his item produced women. After Susanoo's defeat he went on a rampage destroying much of the heavenly and earthly realm, Amaterasu's rice fields, hurled a flayed pony at her loom, and killing one of her attendants in a fit of rage. Amaterasu, who was in fury and grief, hid inside the Ama-no-Iwato ("heavenly rock cave"), plunging the earth into darkness and chaos. Eventually, she was persuaded to leave the cave. Initially, Omoikane threw a party outside of the Ama-no-Iwato to lure Amaterasu out but it was not until the Goddess Ame-no-Uzume danced promiscuously outside of the cave that Amaterasu came out.

Spoilers ahead:

It's basically the same story in-game until near the end where it gets revealed what really happened was:
Susanoo lost so went on a fit of rage, defeating everyone else and then proceed to incest-rape Amaterasu. The 8 deities from the original story that were born are the result of this god-incest-rape shit. Now a rape victim, Amaterasu decided to hide herself. Also Omoikane didn't persuade her to go out out of goodwill as he wanted to use her as a puppet, where he would pull all the strings behind. Amaterasu realized this, but didn't know how to do cut-throat god politics at the time. So she would pretend to accept Omoikane offer anyway while also learning the know how of politics.

Eventually this would lead to absolute political chaos in Takamagahara with multiple factions in the future (around 2020) which would then have devastating effect in the real world leading to its destruction.

That's what I can remember of the gist but I'm sure there are other small details in the game.

So yeah, spicy take on religion.

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>Spoilers ahead
Spoiler tags exist, you know.

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Don't do this. Press Ctrl+S instead.

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Sounds like kamige.

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Does anyone have the patch for ABYSS 殺人クラブ? I.e. abyss_c76_patch1_5.zip

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So say I prefer this over Waka, will I have a bad time if I read this?

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You'll get her pregged at least once regardless of what you do. Max is a several thousand.

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i'm going to play romeos game RIGHT now

>> No.21259531

I first read that as " you'll get pegged regardless of what you do," then reread it and was disappointed.

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What a faggot.

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do ryouga and waka-sama actually end up together or is it some parting type of ending? i played the trial and i don't really want to play the main game desu

>> No.21259621

Yep, 4 kids and the 4th is set up to be this "destined for greatness" type of character at the end. So possibility for a sequel. Sex is unknown though (for all 4).

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Any anal sex?

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>> No.21259629

Sadly no, only fingering.

>> No.21259630

Are you sure you rated it correctly 6/10 and 6 is not a flipped 9?

>> No.21259632

Very unfortunate.

>> No.21259689

If it had anal, I would have given it a point nein.

>> No.21259726

>minato game without anal
i thought takahiro was supposed to be in charge bros...

>> No.21259751

Anegin also didn't have any anal until fandisk.

>> No.21259769

Takahiro forgot his roots

>> No.21259780

Apparently, anal don't mix well with ancient Japanese gods.

魔王の始め方 - 塞ノ神


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>tfw moogy still hasn't played the new takahiromeo game

confirmed kusoge

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Moogay is a fag lmao

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Who? Is that a weird Chink name?

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So it's a エロゲ character? Is that a picture of him?

>> No.21260494

Does anyone have the 認証回避パッチ for 学園退魔! ホーリー×モーリー? It's not on Mikocon.

>> No.21260727

Use AlphaROMdiE. Also you need the official patch on Frill homepage that make the game compatible with Windows 7/8/10

>> No.21260768

>Meaning you have to see certain dead-ends/pick certain choices/finish the other short route first before you can progress on with the story.
Yeah, I kept getting a dead end where Waka-sama kills Ryouga before he fires the arrow, all because I didn't try to get the dead end with the white lady.

>> No.21260903

Game about Japanese Emperors when?

>> No.21261692

Koi de wa Naku

>> No.21261737

Anybody know what's happening with the sequel to Kamisama no Game?

>> No.21262008

It's on Narou.

>> No.21262028

Do you guys try matching your voice to the girl's when it's a girl speaking? I've noticed myself doing that more often and now my roommate thinks I'm weird.

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You're a mentally ill tranny in the making.

>> No.21262103

can someone dl demonbane remake from ab and upload it to mega or nyaa?

>> No.21262105

This meme again?

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Damn brehs, August's soshage has some nice qts.

>> No.21262281

Anyone read missing x link, any good? Not much data for it on EGS.

>> No.21262330

But I do the same with the males.

>> No.21262344


>> No.21263233

It actually is there

>> No.21263293

Then let's hope someone's nice enough to share.

>> No.21263500

Jesus fuck anon, you don't have buffer on AB? the tracker is almost ratioless.

>> No.21263538

I used to have an account back in 2011-12, but never used it much, so it got deacticated.

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Was this on purpose?

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Any good corruption/調教 game lately?

>> No.21264370

look in the mirror

>> No.21264404

I eat hemoglobins so I don't think there's anything interesting to look at.

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I love eroge. It's way better than novels.

>> No.21265208

Is possible to play it without VPN?

>> No.21266130

Not him but I don't think so, I use SoftEther to play.

>> No.21266912

Just get on irc and reactivate it. If you've never done it before, you get one for free automatically. If not, just idle in the room for a few hours and be nice enough to the mod and you'll get reactivated.

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Usually I'm not into loli, but I fucking love 冬音's banter, it's been a while since I found such a funny character.

>> No.21267171

>Usually I'm not into loli
You don't need to lie to us.

>> No.21267359

Lol, you think I remember the login details of some ancient account?

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I hate eroge.

>> No.21268214

me too

>> No.21268342

We're all intelligent enough here to hate it.

>> No.21268353

I think is related to seiyuu contracts? Because I usually find it in games with a particular seiyuu like the one who voices Derkizell in Orc no Onna Kishi.

>> No.21268373

Only if the Dev's are fagots. TIamat in Junkets Megami learns about anal from born and from there she becomes the anal Goddess. Plus other deities do anal too.

>> No.21268385

I don't recall Tiamat belonging in Shinto pantheon, ESL-kun.

>> No.21268388

Ready for some cute anime girls all with huge and delicious milk dripping breasts?

Will it be Ero Appli or Mahou sequel? The icons at the background hints of the former.

>> No.21268395

Huge tits are pretty gay.

>> No.21268425

Shouldn't it be JSL or something?

>> No.21268428

They don't have the rights to any of SQUEEZ's titles. If it's a sequel to EroAppli it will be spiritual only. I hope it is though, because frankly the special smartphone that can instantly create lewd scenarios was hot as fuck and they used it better than the magic imo. Also, don't get me wrong, I love big lactating tits, but I wish they'd spread themselves out a bit more and have some more ass/thigh focus, especially since the nature of this teaser just highlights how fucking well their artist draws thighs. They also have far too many characters for their own good and spend too much focus on side characters to the point where most of the "main" heroines feel like they are just side characters. Anyway, still hyped, because their games are always a good fap.

>> No.21268433

Nah, he clearly needs to learn English first.

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For preservation:

滅び朽ちる世界に追憶の花束を (base game)
Alternatively here (this says ~present for you~, but it's actually the base game)

滅び朽ちる世界に追憶の花束を ~present for you~ (fandisc)
pass: sage

Now if only someone could provide the update for the base game. Sadly it wasn't captured by archive.org

>> No.21268624

Can't download the fd for some reason.

>> No.21268650
File: 63 KB, 988x534, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe it's limited to Japanese IPs?

>> No.21268652

Yep, proxy worked just fine.

>> No.21268674

>Shuffle 2 with Jackson and Higashinosuke
So this is why Higashinosuke hasn't been writing the latest few Navel games. I'm really scared about them bringing in two writers from fucking Circus though. Hope the game is good and doesn't have much to do with the first one.

>> No.21268679

Oh shit nigger.


>> No.21268681

>with Jackson and Higashinosuke
So zero the former and all the later?

>> No.21268714

Don't worry, the 10 minute prologue will be something else!
.. though honestly, I mostly liked those two main routes in their first trap game. I should probably try the fandisc at some point.

>> No.21268946

Just finished Village of Nightmare 1 & 2.

Goddamn they don't make 悪堕ち like this these days.

Closest would be Yami no Koe from way back. But that shit is basically dead now.

>> No.21269094

Having trouble running this VN: https://vndb.org/v21646

I can't get past the encryption so I can't run AdvHD. Any help?

>> No.21269101

Has Nishimata Aoi gotten even worse?

>> No.21269133

What route order should I play Demonbane in, should I save Al for last?

>> No.21269162

Get the crack.

>> No.21269168

I would if I could find it. AlphaROM doesn't work so I'm out of luck otherwise.

>> No.21269183

Damn newfag.

Several are linked on AS

>> No.21269194

Pals on bbspink seem to think so.

>> No.21269201

Thanks anon

>> No.21269205

If there weren't, you'd have to look for the Chinese miracle. MaiDRMBuster, I mean. But these days even that can be found somewhat easily.

>> No.21269298

Suzuhira Hiro’s Nerine is pretty recognizable as who she’s supposed be, but I wasn’t even sure who the one on the left was initially.

>> No.21269469

Do you need the Reminiscence stuff in Baldr Sky Dive 2?

Apparently you can't normally skip battles in those, so because I really don't agree with that, I need to use a full complete config anyway. This would let me skip battles in there, but I can obviously also just continue without giving a shit about the entire thing as everything is cleared.

>> No.21269481


>> No.21269492

Nope, not worth it, do her first then the other routes next, the game has a ton of common stuff so go for the true end first.
And damn I want to play the port, never managed to emulate it so it looked not shit.

>> No.21269496

You can try to git gud instead.

>> No.21269500

I dreamed that I was playing Baldr Sky and finally reached the first battle. In reality I haven't played any of the baldr games though...

>> No.21269824

Ero Mahou was at least better than Appli when it came to main heroine content, other than Lydia getting 1 more scene and kaguya, Chaterine and MIau getting one less they almost had the same content.
Also many side heroine in Appli were one offs while Mahou had some with 2 scenes.
Though i wish they brought back individual pregnant endings. Only one final CG of all the girls pregnant is pretty lame. Moreso when pregnancy is in the game's title.

>> No.21269885

I know that feeling. A few years ago I had a dream I was reading Albatross. Now that I can read it I don't really feel like it.

>> No.21270186

anime feet

>> No.21270238

H scene is animated so its pretty nice imo
As for the story i only read chapter 1 though since i get burnt out looking at dictionaries too often and ended up skipping the rest to get all of the endings and scenes.

>> No.21270283


>> No.21270299

And now to wait 7 more years till the full release.

>> No.21270385



>> No.21270425

Probably referring to the two fat girls in the picture.

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File: 510 KB, 1280x720, ブーマーゲー.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21270564

Well, Romio was born in 1973 so it fits.

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I think I love this dumb goddess

>> No.21270660

which one? can't see her over all that pixelation

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File: 1.04 MB, 1920x1080, 和香様の座する世界 (4).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i made big mistakes

>> No.21270686

The game is too shit for me to bother and deal with that. Also "git gud" with random builds you can't even see, that involve awesome weapons like a pistol and kicks you have to find out by pressing random buttons? Heh. Good joke.

The question wasn't about the gameplay though. It was about the story. Given how everyone always complains about reminiscence in particular, I figured I might as well skip it then, but I dunno. The entire game is so full of recycling, I'm starting to get used to it.

>> No.21270687
File: 618 KB, 1280x720, 和香様の座する世界_20190430_135050.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Waka-sama is not dumb!

>> No.21270698

Lol, why didn't you tell me about this?

>1 :む:2001/04/30(月) 21:14 ID:Qb01ZTfQ

>> No.21270715

omg you have to press buttons before running into the enemy

what a disaster

>> No.21270738

Remember that guy who had to cheat to beat baldr sky on very easy?

>> No.21270743

Luckily I don't. Sounds like something that happened on Reddit desu.

>> No.21270749

Hm, I agree. Or as we say in Japan - そうですね。

>> No.21270755

I wonder how he felt about timed missions, you know WHICH ones.

>> No.21270803

I'm playing プリンセスうぇっせず and its pretty good so far. It seems I'm at the route divergence (the kiss part in the prologue.) Is there any recommended route order? I'm just thinking of going with the order of Ringo, Iincho and Kururu .

>> No.21270863

You butchered that name so hard right there.

But to answer your question:
You'd have to get the normal ending first to be get Iincho and Kururu.

So Ringo > Normal End > Iincho & Kururu

>> No.21270940

So you think it's good gamedesign to have people go through the same text they've seen multiple times before, and NOW also force them to do dumb battles with heavily reduced weapons, no customization and so on?

Okay. I don't think so. But, again. That was never the question. It's not that the battles are hard. They are just annoying to deal with, within all that repetition. If I wanna fight, I play survival mode. That's at least fun.

>> No.21270957

Flashbacks are the worst part of BS, you are right, but that's to blame on writing, not game design. Preset shitty loadouts instead of cookie cutter build is part of the challenge.

>> No.21270970

Yep the name's in half hira and kata, I guess I'd better just use English for shit like this.

I was just wondering before doing the route because Ringo did give some vibes of a 'dark' main heroine, but I guess she doesn't even have a full route so it seems fine. Are the other two routes completely different or mostly endings?

>> No.21271112

If the entire game wouldn't be just running in circles and "shoot", I might agree. But I don't see challenge or fun in most of the game's battles. Sure I can't just spam shield->gattling, but shooting the pistol isn't anything inherently different. Just a lot slower. It's why I see no value in harder difficulties in the game either. It's not getting harder, it just takes longer. For it to become harder, the enemy would first need to actually damage you, as the AI and movesets don't change with difficulty as far as I've seen.

I think the idea of the game is nice, but they made a big mistake: Quantity over quality. And everything is grindy in the worst possible way. As shit as the story in Material Brave was, the gameplay was so much better in that game.
I'm having some hopes for Dive X though. I don't know much about it, but what I do know about it sounds like it can only improve things.

>> No.21271161
File: 111 KB, 1608x929, Fuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21271177

Did you try any of the possible solutions the error recommends?
Which probably boils down to you running an old graphics card driver or (more likely I guess) you not having DirectX11 installed.

>> No.21271254
File: 122 KB, 560x420, __hatsune_miku_vocaloid_drawn_by_mameshiba__97dd8e0630b70ae53010fb6805e6607f.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've done just about everything that I could possibly do to get it to work.
Redownloaded and reinstalled the game a trillion times.
Uninstalled and reinstalled like 10 versions of Directx. Same thing for every other commonredibs that I could think of.
I rolled back and updated my graphic drivers back and forth to no avail.
Muramasa, Demonbane, Hanachirasu, Kikokugai and everything else on my computer is working in an absolutely normal fashion.
I fucked around in the registry editor for god know how long without finding anything that might clue me on to why in the ever loving fuck is this happening.

What hurts the most is that I was having a blast reading it until it decided to die on me today for no reason whatsoever.

>> No.21271261

Imagine not being able to clear Reminiscence. Holy shit what's with Baldr sky and people who suck at action games?

>> No.21271294

So the game did already work? In that case either try thinking about if you did change anything at your computer between the last time it worked and now. Try to restart (If not done already) your PC and otherwise maybe look if there's an update for the game available in case it may have been a common bug.
Otherwise, I can't really think of anything you could do (except setting up a VM and try if it works there; which seems to be a rather annoying solution).

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File: 79 KB, 802x627, kuon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I decided to play kuon no kizuna and got the fullvoice edition of the game, which seems to be the exact same game at a more decent resolution and with the most content available.
However, it has a fucking weird design choice, it uses the backgrounds and CGs from the original game (pic related) but the sprites themselves are updated (similar enough but more modern in coloring and stuff).
I'm not complaining since the CGs actually look pretty good, but if they were going for that they could have just use the original sprites, they probably would look good at this resolution too.
Just weird, really.

>> No.21271340

ESL peanut brain in action

>> No.21271342
File: 338 KB, 400x347, __frederica_bernkastel_frederica_bernkastel_keyboard_cat_and_willard_h_wright_umineko_no_naku_koro_ni__f24f000aa9915d176e4000c14bbda76a.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I realized that as well after I had posted. I had uninstalled this shitty optional and shady update Win7 came with ages ago called KB2670838 because it was being a hindrance to some of my work and gaming. And it seems the game can't render a pixel without it.
Japanese programming, ladies and gents.

>> No.21271347

That sounds actually close to western programming, where one update makes your graphic card run a game like shit while far older ones work perfectly.

>> No.21272065

The Ringo end is inconsequential and you can skip it without missing anything. The rest of the game can be treated as linear since the only difference between Kururu and Iinchou is the epilogue. If I remember correctly the canon end is a harem with both of them but you can only see this in the kurukuru fandisc.

>> No.21272180

how many H scene does Waka-sama have? Please tell me it's not just one or two

>> No.21272451

the character? she has like 5? 4 if you count the blowjob as part of the same scene

>> No.21272461

I read the trial and Waka mentioned her dad a few times
does he show up in the actual full game as well?

>> No.21272500

is it weird that I find her and the H scenes hotter now that I know there are octopus tentacles inside her?

>> No.21272818

Are they good though?

>> No.21272836

月の彼方で逢いましょう must be the best title from tone's work.
At least it doesn't make me want to kill myself from boredom yet.

>> No.21272844

well that's quite the feat

>> No.21272863

So was learning japanese to play these Japan-exclusive games worth it ?

>> No.21272888
File: 24 KB, 691x175, coolio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, now I have a backlog of Erotic Anime power point presentations that I wont be able to finish within my natural lifetime.

>> No.21273085

He does but only for a short while at the end and doesn't even have dedicated 立ち絵,

>> No.21273112

I used the CGs in them for an actual PowerPoint presentation once.

Shit was rad, especially the animation which basically was a bunch of .pngs played back to back. Though it was a bitch to setup

>> No.21273191

Ask in DJT.

>> No.21273392
File: 258 KB, 450x450, 1549983264957.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Considering I'm a NEET and wouldn't have made better use of my time otherwise yes.

>> No.21273411
File: 32 KB, 589x636, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why the fuck didn't you play the games by our guy 信じた馬鹿が俺だった yet?

They're all free and all good. And all moogy and Kastel approved.

>> No.21273520

I don't think you needed to spoiler that, since it's revealed 3 minutes into the prologue.

>> No.21273527

I think he spoilered it out of shame rather than it's actual function

>> No.21273541

has kastel transitioned yet

>> No.21273593

I'm worried about 流星ワールドアクター, I'm confident that I'll like it given what I read from the trial. But it just seems too ambitious, I read somewhere that they want it to be the best selling vn which is not gonna happen

>> No.21273661

I do, but it's less fun and more work to play that stuff. Every fucking map 40+ enemies. That was a really bad idea, honestly.

>> No.21273677

If you wouldn't be so unable to read and comprehend, you'd understand that that is not the issue. I know it's amazing, but there are people out there, that don't want to play boring shit within loads of repeated text.

Are you seriously thinking, someone can't beat the first fight in Reminiscence, that you probably don't even HAVE to beat? Like what the fuck man. It's not always about being able to do something. Sometimes you don't want to do something, because it's fucking boring or simply tedious.

>> No.21273690

Maeda a shit

>> No.21273692


>> No.21273699

Not really most popular stuff gets translated and they turn out to be garbage.
Certain eroge are the exception though.
Untranslated Manga and doujins makes learning japanese worth while.

>> No.21273714

Finished Haruiro. The "teaser" for the final game was kinda weird. I mean, it was more like a infodump that normally happens during the final route, not before it.

Maybe I'm just being dumb and it's a red herring, just like the teaser in Sorairo.

>> No.21273717

I wouldn't be surprised if he was fully out as trans by the time 2019 ends.

>> No.21273766
File: 75 KB, 750x270, logo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this a good idea? Didn't they already fail with a Toushin Toshi soshage?


>> No.21273802
File: 753 KB, 640x400, 20190422_info.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn, another delay.

>> No.21273810

look at what they did to my boy.
it's coming out as a ln i bet

>> No.21273826

This is a dumb take because translations are inherently inferior, even the good ones. And most translations for eroge are bargain basement trash or even machine translated, so that you cannot even meaningfully say you read the same work. Even if every game I wanted to play got a day-one English translation I would still have learned Japanese to play them in the original

This is not really a discussion for this thread and that guy should go back to DJT though

>> No.21273839
File: 3.76 MB, 3729x2097, ghost.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ghost route next time do it Palette.

I was actually expecting Noa this year but it ended up being Haruka

>> No.21273861

Suicide isn't always a bad idea.

>> No.21273867

Heh, I just wanted to bitch that there is no haruiro discussion going on ITT.
Ghost or Sophi next plz. Who the fuck cares about chuunibitch?
I felt like Uchikoshi and Nakazawa wrote the last part lol.

>> No.21273875

I'm going to be pissed if this means Onigiri-kun won't be drawing for any other proper game's for a while.

>> No.21273925

Same. I love his art, even though he has horrible case of sameface.

>> No.21273950

>But it just seems too ambitious
That's how you know he's fucking up in the end, like usual.

>> No.21273956

During the stream they mentioned they're also making a soshage based on it.

>> No.21273960


>> No.21274169

How heavy on gore and jumpscares is Wakasama?

>> No.21274246

no porn no play

>> No.21274254

Calling it "gore and jumpscares" is really stretching it. It's not spooky or scary, it's just funny. Like, in first 3 minutes of prologue Waka-sama gets her head chomped off. Then stands up as if nothing happened and chomps the youkai who did this back. Can't get scared when you're laughing your ass off. I guess ホラーコメディ is the best way to describe it.

>> No.21274256
File: 218 KB, 800x600, Mahou_Shoujo_07.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's plenty of... "porn".

>> No.21274262

Ugh, that's almost as problematic as the theme of caring about your future and kids.

>> No.21274757 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.91 MB, 3731x2097, 1556804927340.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Massive improvement from the first game and slightly better than Sorairo but im biaised since Sora is my favourite girl.

Sofi isnt getting a route because all ages voice actress. I'm not even sure if Ghost or Satsuki will ever get some side story routes.

I feel sorry for Miyako now because her route was fundamentally a bad end.

>> No.21274811

Wasn't sorairo a bad end/branch as well?

>> No.21274815

>Sora is my favourite girl

She's blood-related, right?

>> No.21274816

Also, Miyako is my favourite girl.

>> No.21274825

Yes. Inb4 someone says that blood-related are the only ones acceptable.

>> No.21274828

Duh. What's the point otherwise?

>> No.21274843

Go back to your containment thread

>> No.21274848
File: 80 KB, 600x564, 1556349116516.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Friend, I was simply parodying this tweet by Kastel.

>> No.21274850
File: 265 KB, 1280x720, 107970[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, NBR imoutos are basically non-shitty osananajimis so I like them.

Here, like this one,

>> No.21274855

Cute butt.

>> No.21274862

You're replying to my post purposefully ignoring the fact that I know you were talking about him just so people will see this and talk about how stupid he is. Stop that. This isn't the place for it.

>> No.21274874

Sorry. I just found the tweet by Kastel really disgusting. Really shows what sinking into the depths of progressive ideologies can do to you.

>> No.21274901


Actually I think Ghost route is more likely because she's basically a Servant

>> No.21274964

I used to talk to him a while ago and he's always said ridiculous things based on him thinking about a concept and taking it way too far. Like when he said cookbooks are a proof that language fails us because they are convoluted, or when he said Adam and Eve were one single futanari creature. His whole shtick for several years has been to take certain ideas, say, fiction he's reading, and extrapolate themes from them almost always bordering the ridiculous. He's never been afraid to do that long before he got into leftist politics.

>> No.21274984

Who? Is he some new Eroge writer?

>> No.21275003

An eroge reviewer who triggered some alt-right snowflakes recently. Don't bother.

>> No.21275008

btw, she still has some traits(except appearence) from Yoiichi, right? This shit was confusing. She is still snarky but more kind like Kakeru.Or was this snarky part of personality developed independently of Yoiichi?

Btw, someone explain
I still don't get how parallel worlds even work here.At first I thought there were infinite world-pairs. Sophi's world and human world. Then I thought there was one Sophi's world and she's spectating infinite human world possibilities. Now after haruiro ending I dont even know what to think anymore. There are 2 sophi's world, one with sophi and one with Iris? And both of them battle on infinite human world possibilities? This shit is so confusing. Does that mean Sophi can possess Satsuki? Which Sophi's world did human worlds connect to upon breaking the eye? Which world did the artifacts come from? Can't Iris use both eyes in all possibilities upon obtaining them in one?

>> No.21275009 [DELETED] 

Lol, caring about the future is an alt-right position? Seek help.

>> No.21275011

Just some idiot. And these shitters you quoted are even bigger idiots. I don't fucking get it, what's so hard about shitposting in appropriate threads and not here? Don't fucking shit on the clean floor, use the toilet like VNTS or /vn/.

>> No.21275020

Just go back to your containment thread already. No one wants you here.

>> No.21275033 [DELETED] 

I sleep better knowing you have no future, EOP tranny.

>> No.21275039

How is that relevant to this thread exactly if he doesn't write eroge?

>> No.21275043

Is he Henry Shaft?

>> No.21275049

No. George Henry Shaft is our guy.

>> No.21275050

Where can I subscribe to your blog?

>> No.21275061

Fuck off. I only typed all of that because shitting on kastel and framing him as someone who went batshit crazy because of progressive politics is really unfair to him, and this is coming from someone who doesn't like him at all in the first place. You're going to attack a person, have the decency to at least not make up a strawman and address the stupidity of the person face front.

>> No.21275064

And your defense of him is that he was always cooky?

>> No.21275069

I really love your writing style. Are you a writer by any chance? Can I get a link to your blog or irc channel? I'd really love to hear your deep thoughts on Hastel and his deep writing.

>> No.21275072

It's not a defense, it's the fact that he plays around with ideas and exaggerates them basically as intellectual exercises and for self-satisfaction. He does a lot of stupid shit but it's because of his inflated ego and selfishness, not because he's a batshit crazy progressive.

>> No.21275081
File: 12 KB, 619x118, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

C'mon, this shit gets shared, but still no Demonbane?

>> No.21275085

Feel free to check out my posts on this blog.

>> No.21275087

Cool as fuck. Link to blog?

>> No.21275093
File: 3.02 MB, 3731x2097, haruiro02.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She takes some traits from her current user as when she was with Yoichi she didnt care at all about anything really apart from stealing artifacts. Personally I think she's just a human from Sophi's world that got trapped into an artifact or some shit.

We still dont know much about Sophi or what she said in the end was all true or if she's even a good guy or a villain. Metagame is hard.

>> No.21275096 [DELETED] 

You really strike me as someone who starting using this thread last year, after a nice DJT career.

>> No.21275116

To: deleted post
Yeah. I pretty much agree with everything you've said honestly. I've read most of his works too and enjoyed them quite a bit.
Also, blog link?

>> No.21275144

http://advgamer.blog.fc2.com you can check out my blog here!

>> No.21275151

Don't drag our guy Katan into your Reddit-tier squabbles.

>> No.21275189

Pretty sure at least half the people here have mixed feelings over his opinions.

>> No.21275193

Our guy doesn't mean everyone agrees with him about everything..

>> No.21275202

Doesn't mean that, but it doesn't make sense to go around calling him "our guy" when there's a bunch of shit throwing when he's brought up.

>> No.21275205

Just faggots mad that their idols got toppled by a peak Japanese oldfag.

>> No.21275208

In my book, being honest about Muramasa instead of blindly praising it like some shitter with Stockholm Syndrome already makes him /ourguy/. And his opinion is actually worth something since he played eroge long before most people here were even born.

>> No.21275215

Can you guys take your e-celeb circlejerking that no one cares about somewhere else? No need to advertise your "friends" here.

>> No.21275249

Sounds like he makes the anti-hipster blood in you rile up, then. Why is what you appreciate about him the fact that he looks down on Muramasa, just because he thinks the theme isn't even worth talking about? You're really not much better than Narahara, who's admired for lambasting and subverting the idea of justice.

What I appreciate the most in him is his consistent standards that judge eroge based on what an eroge should be like. His symphonic Rain and MMMb reviews are great.

>> No.21275314

Except that he doesn't say that "theme isn't even worth talking about", he says that the presentation is childish and the author is naive. And I 100% agree.
>Narahara, who's admired for lambasting and subverting the idea of justice
Either he is the second coming of Dostoevsky and Muramasa is genius satire written with the sole purpose of laughing at retards who instead praise his work without realizing that they are being laughed at, or he is the most delusional chuuni kid I've ever seen.

>> No.21275372

You've never read either Muramasa, Narahara or Dostoevsky. Muramasa is the strongest writer of them all, only a complete fool will be unable to easily come to this conclusion after reading even a couple of pages of his beautiful prose.

>> No.21275385

To offset the shitflinging, here's an old pack of doujin games I found. It's still seeded. You'll get slow, but steady dl. Look inside for something you'd like.


>> No.21275396

What are some good VNs by Dostoevsky? I've heard he was European, so does that mean I should try and find a Japanese untranslation of his works to properly enjoy them?

>> No.21275404

All shitposting aside, it can be cool to read the Japanese version of things you've read before.

Recently I checked out The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear in Japanese and it was interesting.

>> No.21275407

What untranslations of Dostoevsky do you recommend to someone who hasn't read him? And on a serious note, how does his best work (in your opinion) compare to Muramasa?

>> No.21275409


>> No.21275411

Getting a bit too ironic. Careful, someone might actually bite, you don't want that on your hook.

>> No.21275420

He's been pulling this shit since the subahibi thread. It's getting tiresome.

>> No.21275423

I'm being legitimate here. I just want to get a good recommendation for an author who constantly gets namedropped in association to Muramasa.

>> No.21275440

That must be someone else. I haven't read Subarashiki Hibi yet, but I do hear about it being a fanstastic work of art from trusted sources.

>> No.21275455

>I just want to get a good recommendation
Sorry, pal, can't help you then, since Dostoevsky didn't write anything good. Just like Narahara.

>> No.21275470

You misread my post. I wasn't asking for a good VN by Dostoevsky, I was merely asking for a "good recommendation" for a VN to understand the constant namedropping and to compare his general skill level and mastery with words to Muramasa.

>> No.21275497

So what is this "theme" Muramasa has? I'm a pretty good reader, so simply by hearing the theme laid out to me in a sentence I'll be able to tell you if Muramasa is shit or not. I'd hazard a guess it's the former though.

>> No.21275514

Back to DJT.

>> No.21275533

Imagine a trolley problem, but main track has 2 guilty people and 5 innocents while the other has 3 guilty and 100 innocents. Kageaki would pull.

>> No.21275546

I didn't mean to offend you with my last remark. I'll amend it to - "I'd hazard a guess it's somewhere in the middle though" if that makes you feel any better about Muramasa.
I guess I'm too much of a third-rate reader when it comes to epics such as Muramasa to make an immediate conclusion. I'll ask a final question - what reasoning does Kageaki give to justify pulling? In one sentence or less, if you could.

>> No.21275571

Seems like it has great potential. Probably going to read Muramsa in the near future now. Why are people shitting on this concept?

>> No.21275584

Who is?

Katan's problem isn't with the concept, but with Narahara being too wordy compared to what wordiness the concept warrants in his opinion.

Ironically, Narahara being too wordy, i.e. leaving no stone unturned in his exploration of said concept is what Muramasa's fans like about it.

So play it and form your own opinion.

>> No.21275587

>what reasoning does Kageaki give to justify pulling?
3 > 2. That's it.
It's kindergarten level """justice""". Like I said earlier, either it's a satire, or Narahara is an idiot.

>> No.21275623

Anyone succeeded to run LoveCube trial? At 1st, I thought it's jp block as always and tried NTLEA and RLSE, but then noticed there a file krkr.console.log in savedata folder, and there this error msg:
==== An exception occured at canvaswindow.tjs(1)[(function) CanvasWindow], VM ip = 6 ====
so, seems unrelated to jp lock, may be I'm missing some module/runtime libs.

>> No.21275624

the whole point of muramasa is that justice literally doesn't exist.

>> No.21275641

No, the point is that the idea of justice is hypocritical and contradicts itself. That's the whole point of the scene between Ichijou and Doushin's servant, where he accuses her of destroying Doushin's entire family since iirc his wife either kills herself or falls from the stairs, and the baby she was expecting also dies in the process. Ichijou's justice only led to injustice being commited to another person. Wouldn't call this Narahara claiming that justice doesn't exist. Just that it's hypocritical and circular.

>> No.21275644

And I'm by no means obligated to agree with it.

>> No.21275654

Does he define "justice"?

>> No.21275660


>> No.21275675

Can I fully read Muramasa if I understood the deeper sentiments behind this prose?

>> No.21275691
File: 1.19 MB, 1920x1080, capture_043_25032018_202633.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So justice is hypocritical since, to do justice, you have to throw away what makes justice "justful" in the first place. You can say that "pure justice" doesn't exist, but justice itself as an ideal certainly does. That's why we can talk about justice in the first place.

Just fuck off and die in a fire, for god's sake. No one thinks you're funny.

>> No.21275749

It's probably exactly what you have in your head when you think about the word. all it does is point out that our view of justice is heavily biased, and that pure justice can only be achieved once humans agree to never fuck each other other again.

there's probably several thoughts in your head right now in relation to that, and they all get addressed.

>> No.21275846



>> No.21275858

It's on AB but 6GB is a bit too much for me to upload.

>> No.21275862

I've read his Crime and punishment and I've read Muramasa.
Crime and punishment doesn't have a cute elf. Instead it has a prostitute main heroine so it's obviously worse.

>> No.21275865

Part by part? No need to rush.

>> No.21275879

crime and punishment also doesn't have a severe case of sword autism.

how can gaijin culture even compete?

>> No.21275887

Are you the real asceai or are you just memeing? In case you are, I'm glad to see you're alive

>> No.21275890

Who's that supposed to be?

>> No.21275929

A Moogy before Moogy

>> No.21275962
File: 3.00 MB, 3600x1920, 1395078625855.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ever seen this? He made it.

>> No.21275984

Worked with no issues for me.

Anyway, my biggest gripe with the thing is the lack of settings for BGVs. Why is there not a seperate volume slider for BGVs and regular voice lines? I normally like BGVs, but what kills them for me is when they don't mute during voice lines, which this game does - and since there's no option to adjust BGVs separate to regular voices, I can't get rid of them. There's not even separate volume sliders, so you're stuck with the BGVs at about 30% volume while the regular voice lines are at 100%. Really dumb oversight.

>> No.21276013
File: 1000 KB, 1920x1080, 和香様の座する世界 (5).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tell you guys what, I'm having a lot of fun with Wakasama
Maybe because I'm not treating it as a Romeo game but more of a Minato game
it's also the best one to come out in the last 9 years, but maybe i'm speaking too soon

>> No.21276027
File: 201 KB, 373x800, muramasa2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Srsly tho, Muramasa was likely inspired by Crime and Punishment. It's Dostoevskiy's most famous work.
And Muramasa is times better. Even if we take into account that Muramasa is longer so it has a more time to explore a lot more ideas, the execution of each one is better. While Crime and Punishment explores the idea at local level and for trivial problem, Muramasa explores its ideas fully, pitting it against the conflict, the war.
Nah, that's not an accurate example. A better one would be:
Imagine a trolley problem, but main track has no one while the other has 10 guilty and 10 innocents. Kageaki would pull.

They can't. Sword fights are one of the best parts of Muramasa.

>> No.21276056


>> No.21276065

Delays have been common since forever.

>> No.21276071

Anything interesting there?

>> No.21276090

I hate this kind of "humor".

>> No.21276104

A bunch of Kanon/AIR/etc. doujin games. Like https://vndb.org/v12111

And much more. Tbh you can just click it and see the filelist.

>> No.21276114

I don't know if you guys are retarded or just joking, but Crime and Punishment and Muramasa are absolutely nothing alike. The main point of Crime and Punishment, and a common theme in many Dostoyevsky books, was the dissonance between what someone wants to think and how the real world is. Raskolnikov wants to believe that his philosophy and logic is in the right when he kills the pawnbroker, but the real world doesn't work in the same way idealistic philosophy does.

Muramasa doesn't really delve into this concept as much. In fact, it does exactly the opposite, especially with how Kageaki ends up in the true ending.

>> No.21276116

What kind of humor do you like then?

>> No.21276220

For your gaming enjoyment, I present all 5 parts of 収穫の十二月. The torrent isn't 100% seeded, but 収穫の十二月 in it is, so you can grab it.
(C73) (同人ゲーム) [talestune] 収穫の十二月 (5bin+cue)

Also patches for the games:

>> No.21276259

Thanks, I'll just do the Ringo one for a bit since she's crying and sad, and proceed with Kururu

>> No.21276266

Thanks for posting stuff in here.

>> No.21276283

Unironic question: where is it on AB? I just might be blind but I don't think I messed up the search because Kishin Hishou Demonbane turns up in the results.

>> No.21276304

Then I guess Minato games aren't for you.

>> No.21276305

Anyone with a baidu account could upload this
password is bked

>> No.21276314


Check your search settings, they filter hentai by default or something.

>> No.21276368

Pls reupload to Mega.

>> No.21276376


>> No.21276383


>> No.21276392

Thanks, that helped. Had to set search settings in my profile settings.

>> No.21276903
File: 252 KB, 1592x894, 和香様の座する世界 (7).jpg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah but her sister is.

>> No.21276977

I can't figure out how to make proxies work, can someone upload it?

>> No.21277048

Everything is here but the missing patch for the base game.

>> No.21277461

Guys can someone upload new Demonbane on mega or anywhere? No AB account

>> No.21277639
File: 280 KB, 1489x977, ruruha unma.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The dumber the cuter

>> No.21278456

Actual retard, or just like a playful kid who does stupid things constantly?

>> No.21278485

actually dumb

>> No.21278686

Thanks anon. Did that patch do anything important in particular?

>> No.21278691

Here's a list:
Anyway, if i manage to find the patch someday i'll upload it and post it on here.

>> No.21278754

Best of luck.

>> No.21278878

Try writing Quof.

>> No.21278890



>> No.21278897

Already did, he played the game without the patch, so i'll probably start asking around japanese reviewer if they still got it hoarded somewhere...

>> No.21278914

Lel, I doubt those will be willing to share. Also I already saw several people ask for it on 2ch, in those sharing threads for free games and/or patches, but still nothing.

>> No.21278923

Nothing left but lucking it out, i guess.

>> No.21278931


I would also like the patch for Abyss >>21259244 which seems to have really substantial changes, but no luck.

>> No.21279046

The DLSite version is not complete?

>> No.21279063


>> No.21279079

Can you link me some info about this patch? I'm not founding anything.

>> No.21279102


>> No.21279203

In this thread somebody posted a premium rapidshare link with a """maybe" patched version, you can give it a try (or somebody here who has a rapidshare premium account)

>> No.21279207

Sorry, forgot the link:

>> No.21279211

Yeah, I already checked that out. Sadly it's only the game, no patch.

>> No.21279231

Just found out about it. Damn it.
You know it will shit the bed sooner or later. Wouldn't be a Minato game otherwise.

>> No.21279233

Damn, this is really gonna be hard.

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