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Realistically speaking, which Touhou Project character would you have sex with?

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you posted her

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The better question is, which ones would want to have sex with me?

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My daughterwife Luna-chan, obviously.
Although I want to have sex with all the lolis.

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kuso template thread

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>Realistically speaking
None of them, because none of them exist.

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doremii chan iiyone

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The fairies. All of them. Also Rumia and maybe Kosuzu.

This guy has the right idea.

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for you

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Reisen. She'll never be in heat again when I'm done with her...

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realistically, none.

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Yukari. I also want her to lewd me with her gloves.

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If Byakuren was my mom things would be different around here.

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this lewd immortal

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I want to ravish Patchy!

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and with that i'll be making renko, solidifying my place in the 2hu bloodline

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realistically, nobody on this board would have sex with any 2hus
but I'm gonna have to go with hecc

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Well, celestials canonically have the best bodies so the choice is easy.

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If we're going off the canon. Most likely Marisa as long as she doesn't steal my shit afterwards and just lie in the bed next to me.

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You do realize not everything is about physical appearance, right?

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Realistically? Everyone on this board would be too busy doing... something else to even engage in a conversation with anyone, let alone the girls.
Assuming the best, we'd probably go after a villager instead of a youkai.

On another note, I'm thankful to Genji for the tengu clothes, also to ZUN for allowing it.

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Yes, imagine how good celestial pussy feels. No fanart or doujin can give this justice.

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Realistically none of them cause they don’t exist.
Ideally, well that’s a longer list.

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My wife, she is the only one for me

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My wife, she is the only one for me

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It's literally wchc 2hu wuld u fuk

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It's about the spiritual experience of fucking something many times better than best human could ever be.

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ITT: normalfags

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I imagine Tenshi would feel the best

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have sex (with 2hus)

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I want to fuck a lunarian.

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I would unironically fuck all the bunny cunny and force feminize all the men available in the moon if I had Armstrong's equipment.
Else, I'll settle with Tewi

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Just b urself m8, alternatively, learn some killer pickup lines like in pic related.

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>sex with 2d

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you forgot about taking a shower and getting a haircut

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After the events of POFV, Medoll, were she can control her poisons and give a good tender fuck.

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She'll judge your cock size

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Absolute madman.

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Just need to lower your standards appropriately

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I would have sex with Ran, only after our marriage of course

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The ones that look like underage, teenage girls.

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Good taste.
Kiddie 2hus are the best.

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No, these girls are ready to breed.

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Still good.

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I would realistically dump a fat nut of misfortune inside Hina for the purpose of creating an accursed child to raise together.

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fake and gay.

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Ready to be bred.

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By people other than her boyfriend.

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Exactly. Slutty teens are the best.

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VERY good taste

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Yatsuhashi, because she's probably desperate for attention.

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It's Pregnant Hina time!

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But will you raise her child too, after she NTRs you?

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You're implying I'm not the one she's doing the NTR with.

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It's not nice to fuck anon's waifu and NTR him, you know?

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Well, I'm not a nice person.

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Hwat if he wants to be NTRed?
Wouldn't it be rude not to fuck his girlfriend's brains out while he watches if both of them want it?

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pedophilia, haha yes!

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Having a relationship isn't realistic, but I feel like Meiling wouldn't mind being fuck buddies.

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Oh look, its the brain damaged moralfag that's been going around and shitting up the boards.

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Who would want their gf to have sex with other men, get pregnant by them and even raise her child after that?

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All of them!

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Realistically speaking, none, because I have no idea how to talk to/interact with girls.

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Then why are you here and not talking with girls Anon?

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You should try Kokoro then.

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Because I don't know how to talk with girls.
Did you not read my post?

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but anon, I'm a girl and you're talking to me right now.

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I highly doubt that, and even if you are, there's a world of difference between talking to Anon and talking to a girl face-to-face.

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With the amanojacute ofc

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Pregnant 2hus are the best

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I'm sure if you tried to woo Kokoro then her dad and her moms would beat you up.

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Not if you are an upstanding member of society
Parents only get worried and upset when it's some pavement ape

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