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she’s such a fucking retard cunt

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it's not easy for her

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I wish I could serve her.

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Remi deserves love, not bully.

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youkai deserve nothing but death.

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Nice projection there, buddy.

You should take Remilia's Gungnir and put it in your ass.

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A warm, peaceful dusk.
Violets crown the garden,
adorned with laughter.
There is no such thing as night,
at the Devil's red castle.

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but she's a vampire and not a yokai

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Why would you say this?

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cute bloomers

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Retarded lolI probably smells like pee

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what went wrong

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She got bored

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what does this mean

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Nothing, vampires sleep upside-down is all.

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Don't talk about my wife like that!

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Finally, someone with a working brain makes a good Remilia thread. Fuck her and all of the morons that harbor any sort of positive emotions towards her.

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How dare you say such things about the mistress!

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Vamps aren't Youks.
I know it's hard to be a functioning poster when you're a phonefag but please refrain from saying bad things about Remilia Scarlet and anyone associated with her and those who know those who associate with those who associate with Ms. Scarlet. Matter of fact, refrain from posting at all if you only have mean things to say about anyone in Gensokyou as well as Touhou Project and all derivatives that spawn from or have spawned from it.

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what a piece of shit

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Ugly bat

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> Around 500 years old
> More retarded than an 8 year old

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Who are you quoting?

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That's hot, not pathetic.

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Oh you're trying to get others to praise Remilia by first insulting her, triggering jaypee's protection instinct? Well think agaon, she's a fucking nerd

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disgusting creature

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Please don't be disrespectful towards the Remimi. She is just a little girl punished by fate.

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For what reasons is Sakuya working for and adoring the mistress so much?

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Because Ojou-sama is very sexy.

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The Mistress's b-belly!!!

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You didn't play with her enough

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she's a million years old

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Isn't it obvious? Sakuya is the only human who's love for Ojou-sama surpasses my own.

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What have you done for Remilia to display your love? Have you created anything?

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I juzzed for her

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What kind of person would call a little cute girl a retard cunt

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I say good morning to my Remilia fumo every time I wake up and good night every time I'm about to go to sleep.
We also went hiking once and I made sure to carry towels with me so she would not stain her beautiful dress when sitting on the ground

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Why would she stain her dress?

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Used the wrong word, meant more of getting dirt on it, or her adorable bloomers.

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she pisses herself doesn’t she

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How dare you

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I’m gonna lick your feet sakuya

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Remi has smelly feet!

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I kind of want to see that. But peeing oneself makes quite a mess.

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Don't bully the Remi.

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I want to take the Remi on a brutal vampire hunting night Van Helsing style

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This so much!

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Why do that when you can pinch her cute little cheeks yourself without hurting her too much? You should not hurt the Remimi

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running around demanding to be called ojou-sama and get pampered makes one want to pinch those chubby cheeks

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umm yikes my dude

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Where's Meiling and her enormous ass?

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I want to fill Remi's stomach with my blood and semen!, press my ear on her tummy and hear how it sloshes around!

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As you can plainly see, just pinching her cheeks with fingers alone doesn't cause her to pant profusely with a severely flushed face. That's a pretty good reason.

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You fail to notice the detail in the other image, in which she has multiple pins pinching her already, indicating the process has been going on for a while. The other image is merely the results of immediately starting pinching her cute little cheeks without harming her, thus degrading her and making Remimi feel like a little child being cooed . Prolonged pinching with fingers will have a greater effect than the former.

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Loosely pinching with fingers alone is not painful enough to cause a reaction like that no matter how long you do it. Pins are.
She'll get tired of the emotional outburst. But not the pain.
Show me an image that goes on long enough with finger pinching to cause profuse panting and a severely flushed face. Otherwise I just can't believe it, as all signs say that's far, far less likely to happen.

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Your statement is quite incorrect, the only reason you can claim it was "profuse panting" was because the weather was cold and thus you could clearly see the air exhaled by the Remimi, this image is an excellent example of pinching the Remimi in a normal environment, albeit you can not see the panting due to the warmer temperature.

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Her face does not appear extremely flushed. I do not see profuse panting, or even visible breath at all. This is sub-par.
Her breath is visible not due to the cold outside, but due to just how hot her breath is from her incredibly risen internal temperature.
Even if it would be from area's temperature, show me an image that pinching can achieve the same result. I simply do not believe it.

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Where's the better version of this? (the one with the farts)

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It appears we will have to agree to disagree, for as both of us have our minds set already on the issue at hand, I will respect your stance on using pins but I will not permit myself to use them for as I believe it is better to do with one's own hands.

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jannies delete if posted sadly

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Those feet are horrendous.
Nice asses, though.
Warned for shitting on mods, talk about thin skin.

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Her ass is way too big to be compared with the rest, it makes Flan's buttcheeks look two little grapes

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Her ass is good

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Her ass is great, it's big, sweaty and smelly

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Fate manipulation is total bullshit. Only a hack writes such bullshit, Remilia can not change fate at all whatsoever.

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Anon if you want to be Remi's servant just ask her, no need to make up this whole act how you don't believe in her powers.

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vamp cunny

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Reverse Psychology is the worst thing you can do against Remimi. She's lived almost if not over 500 years already. You'd really have to be a fool to try something like that against her. She can out-do you at your own game and possibly make a fool out of you or even kill you without ever having to do anything. Even Sakuya wouldn't have to do anything. Fate Manipulation is about on the same level of bullshit as Yukari's boundary manipulation.

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Patchouli puffy vulva.

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Can I keep her?

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immensely powerful.

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yo skrill drop the beat

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how dare she

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Oh no! There's a lesbian in Remi's bed!

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I see two lesbians in that picture.

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Don't worry, I'll hop onto that bed and turn both of them bi.

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How dare you! Remi is as straight as wooden plank!

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God I wish I were Sakuya

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God i wish i could fuck Sakuya

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Remilia's CoLA outfit is just too lovely. She's so cute and elegant and beautiful. Who wouldn't want to serve such an adorable mistress? Sakuya is too damn lucky!

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straight as her chest

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vampire urine

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Then you need to pass Remilia's tests first. She wants her head maid to bear fruit. But only at the hands of a man that can prove his worth.

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I want to rape her navel with my tongue so bad, so bad.

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What kind of hat is THAT?

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What does the test entail?

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I have passed it so I get to live.
Luckily I had been granted the ability to raise the bar infinitely high.
First come first serve you lazy NEETs.

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mmmmmmmm bureger

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I wish I was that bureger.

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tottemo umai

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She is.

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is this official art

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A big one

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Taking a deep breath of Remi's feet after 500 years of no washing and letting the smell infest in your lungs!

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She washes more frequently than that. Here's proof!

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That poor water is toxic waste now.

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Most bathwater is.

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It was cute, fresh water before remi's feet touched it!

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And then it became fresh sexy water.

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>remi will never stuff her used stockings she wore for 5 centuries in my air conditioner so it blows the warm, foof-tainted air all over my house

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>Dioxygen difluoride reacts vigorously with nearly every chemical it encounters – even ordinary ice – leading to its onomatopoeic nickname "FOOF" (a play on its chemical structure and its explosive tendencies).

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Remi's feet stink reacts chemically with air freshener, effectively making her stink worse, so don't wash her!