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So where is she ACTUALLY from? I think she's from Belgium, because Flanders is part of her sister's name and her name sounds French.

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Obviously from the Scarlet Devil Mansion, you dolt

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Certainly northern Europe and Flanders does sound reasonable but I don't think Belgium is 500 years old. It's far more likely she's German from the Holy Roman Empire.

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Remilia is an american spy.

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Are you saying the mistress is lying? Don't you dare post an image of her ever again.

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uhm she is japanese this is /jp/ japan best strongest country in the world

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In FS she wrote a letter to Kosuzu in English

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British or French has always been my headcanon.

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yes, romanians have natural purple hair and red eyes

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Belgium or Romania would be cool (even if the latter is a little obvious). Britain/France/Germany are generic

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dead princess land

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Certainly not Britain.
Dracula was all about how foreigners (non-British people) are disgusting and are threats to be exterminated. A British vampire makes no sense.

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muh dick territory

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It'd probably make sense that SDM is from Finland. Sakuya is actually the magical old man that kicks ass and has a magical voice, Väinämöinen.

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She's either a Slav or Romanian.

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The nation itself isn't 500 years old, no. I meant it in a more geographic sense. When she was born, that territory would've belonged to the Burgundians.
ZUN already said that she isn't a descendant of Dracula. Besides, we know that she was born in 1502, so she would have to be his granddaughter, and I was at least able to find that his first grandchild wasn't born until 1510, so the dates have a bit of trouble.
Dracula's personal views wouldn't have really affected Remilia, either, since he died 25 years before she was born, and his brother was the lover of Mehmed II, his sworn enemy.

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wait, were you talking about the Dracula from the novel? my entire point might be irrelevant if you were

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bumping because maybe someone else will have input

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What input? It's another open interpretation.

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England? She speaks english.

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Obviously she comes from the great nation of Macedonia as the oldest remains of a supposed vampire where found in Macedonia. Vlad Dracula was also macedonian from his mother side, as well as emperor Hirihito who used the ancient macedonian battle flag in WW2. Gensoky is also part of Macedonia, located under lake Ohrid via a portal built by the ancient macedonians.

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post the one where sakuya finds out the mistress is being degraded

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She's probably just from some shithole in the Balkans.

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My guess is Great Britain.
Clues :
- British nobility spoke French in the 19th century, and Flandre and Remilia are French/Italian (although bizarre) names, but Scarlet is British.
- Sakuya has elements linking her to Jack the Ripper
- ZUN loves British litterature
- Remilia only pretends to be a descendant of Vlad Tepes

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Get out of /jp/ Remilia

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>>21212133She probably just speaks it as a second or third language

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Obviously England you fag. Scarlet is an English last name. Remilia speaks English, drinks tea at tea time like a proper English person and her maid is partly based on Jack the Ripper. Also, Meiling is Chinese and Remilia met her. She must have been to China at one point. What part of China? Well obviously Hong Kong, which was a British territory until the 90s.

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