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Information for live shows and viewings:

SNS and concerts:


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This was the first one. Agutards can get fucked for all I care.

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>This was the first one
>Agutards can get fucked for all I care.
>*spam reports violently*
What the fuck is wrong with you?

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I like Kobayashi Aika.

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Suwa to Kobayashi

My source for the latest news! I always consult her for the latest fashion trends because she’s always the first to know. It’s amazing how energetic she can get when it comes to finding the perfect spot to take a photo to “look good on Instagram”. But, since she’s an idiot, the other members always take shots at what she says. … In Aqours there’s a lot of idiot types… I’m the type of person to leave them alone (lol).

Kobayashi to Suwa

She looks like the cool type and is unpredictable . The other day, she said to me “Sometimes I like to open this app for calling taxis… and just stare at the cars moving around on the screen.”…I totally didn’t get it, but it was so cute! (lol). I want to support “Suwa ‘Taxi Watcher’ Nanaka” some more.

They really hate each other, aren't they?

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That was created middle page 9 and you know it well.

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So was this, Page 6-7
You're so full of autism and shit you don't even make sense anymore

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She knows.

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So cute bless.

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Glad you asked for it. That one was the old version. I'm planning on making definitive version once blu-rays come out.

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But they are about, anon-kun

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Great, so you can finally stop reposting this one I made for you.

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Yours was higher quality.

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Yeah, I have ocd with shitty bitrates... but if I knew you would repost it over 200 times, I probably wouldn't have made it

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Shit, agutard is really getting fucked by flopfags.
I'll make a Muse OP next time so everyone's needs will be satisfied.

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Feed Ainya

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It’s funny how those 2 are chatting up the other topic. Should get a room.

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I always wondered why agutards got so aggressive recently. I wouldn't be surprised if hagfags were pretending to be them.

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Not him, but that webm isn't hurting anyone. It's not like we reach image limit anyway

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Isn’t she fat enough already?

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Please stop projecting your autism onto others.

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It was used for shitposting by both sides so many times that I got sick of seeing it.

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You don't have to click on it

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I don't.

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What's your problem then?

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Needs to be thicker

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Which seiyuu would you pinch and [spoilerwhere[/spoiler]

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Shuka, cheeks.

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Ainyaa tummmy. Shuka cheeks.

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I rather watch King pinching Anchan

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