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ZUN is likely to announce his next game in a few days. What are you hoping to see in it?

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If he's following the various manga plotlines all pointing to it, a GFW 2 or a hell-based game.

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ZUN singing

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I'm hoping for something like PoFV but it won't happen 99%.

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Forgive me for the retarded question, but why? Is Reitaisai coming up?

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in three weeks, yeah

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Didn't ibaraki-douji actually have children in some of her mythology? That chart be wrong anon.

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My guess is that the new game announcement will either me Touhou 17 or a spinoff. If its Touhou 17, it will be a new game unrelated to anything going on in the manga and if its a spinoff it'll probably involve whats going on in VFiS (though traditionally ZUN has never used events in the manga as a jumping off points for the games).
Given that in the next VFiS chapter (which will release right around the the time of the announcement) the fairies are having a "strategy meeting" I think the next game will involve them in some way and will be a spinoff. Not GFW2 as some people are saying since it wouldn't make much sense given the structure of the first GFW (which was just Cirno vs the other fairies). I'm hoping for a game where all of the main fairies are the playable character or a game where the fairies team up with the other playable characters in an IN type of system.

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Anons, ZUN literally said in his radio show's 100th broadcast that the new game would be a decimal game featuring a character we "never used before". That means there's no demo coming out during Reitaisai. Only an announcement on his blog.

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Didn't he say that the next instalment will be a spin-off and the news will be announced in reitaisai 16?
I expect 17 to be announced in 2020.

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I remember hearing about this actually, but the details I got were just "ZUN says hes making a new game next year, and that he was giving off the impression it would be a decimal game". Thanks for the info.
So anyone got any guesses on who it will be?

Maybe he'll go with an Olympics type of theme and we'll have a sort of "Gensokyo Olympics" that would be perfect for a Phantasmagoria style game.

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HECK and Yuugi fit better as older sisters rather than momhus.

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If it is a decimal game, I'll be disappointed.

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Well prepare to be disappointed anon, ZUN literally said it was. That's a good thing too. I have a feeling in my gut that ZUN was working on 2hu 17 concurrently with this new game. No one wants another Violet Detector. Give the man some time.

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We never used before eh? Is it finally time for a kasen game?

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Depends. He could be talking "never used" as a whole, and Kasen's in the fighting game, which means it could probably not be her.

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is he ever going to make the kantai collab he said he wanted to happen

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Could be a kosuzu or a Rinnosuke game then, that could be cool.

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great, I can't wait for Clownpiece's game.

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I think its likely he was including the fighting games. Clownpiece would be my guess, since she has become fairly prominent and if fighting games are included that really narrows down the list of likely candidates to just a few. Plus ZUN said he originally wanted her to be in AoCF but decided not to do so since he thought everyone was already sick of seeing her all the time, only to later realize that there actually is some demand to see her in a game. Maybe that actually could end up being a GFW2 or something.

When did he ever say that?

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A brown 2hu. Gotta get Steam sales from the bluehairs!

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Cirno as a playable character again.

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I really want CLOWNPI to be the playable character, but I bet we'll get something retarded like a Star Sapphire/Sunny Milk team, IN style.

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Steam users are like 0.01% blue haired trannies and 60% Chinese. Not only that but the Chinese account for the majority of the game sales on the platform. ZUN isnt one for trying to appeal to specific groups but if he was to do that he would just use more Chinese mythology like he has in the past.

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Tenshi and/or Kasen as playable characters. It'll probably take place in Hell.

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Bluehairs live rent free in your brain, but ZUN is too drunk to care. He'd put brown Cirno in for the simple fact she's the best character he's come up with so far.

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ugh so much this!!

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Wouldn't that make this the biggest gap between windows non-decimal touhou games?

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stopped caring about zun games 10 years ago desu

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Kill yourself desu

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Get the fuck off jaypee cunt.

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Playable Sumi.
Another Sumi game would be good too.

Also maybe him saying something about the next fighting game since it's fighting game year and nothing's been announced yet - IIRC, the flying games all got announced during December of the year preceding their release. And if they really do move away from the current play style like they hinted at in one of the SCoOW books then I hope they retain Sumi as one of the playables.

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Playable Tenshi

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I want a game about Kasen and Reimu fighting each other!

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I hope Heca-chan makes it into the next fighter, her gimmick could fit well there.

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I want her balls up my ass.

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Yumemi teams up with sumi!

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Touhou hype season is dead.

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That's good. It means we don't have to worry about people who are only in this for the memes or other nonsense.

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Yes. And make it widescreen this time.

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He never literally said "never used before", that's just a possible interpretation of what he meant.

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Hype. I wonder what the beast is...

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decimalfags btfo

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The beast was you, the player, all along.

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A 24 year old student.

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the beast is cleanly referring to an overwhelming thread( Clearly MIMA) and the weak creatures is WHO CARES MIMA IS BACK!!!

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The beast.

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I wished I read that as willy beast
That would be hilarious

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>wolf goast
yoshika confirmed

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Reimu's gohei is getting bigger. At this point she might as well be wielding a bo staff.

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Reimu's just getting smaller.

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When will Reimu's gohei turn into a little girl and fly along with her?

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So I was right.

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The best 2hu design honestly

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DDC should have been like that.

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It's Unit 01

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I fucking hate dumbass lists like this


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She isn't. What.

Just because there's a Wakasa legend of a mermaid wife doesn't mean that's her. There's nothing in canon indicating she's anything more than a generic mermaid who sings songs and collects pretty stones.

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