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If in canon she is so unstable she can't control her power, how come she doesn't explode the basement?

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i blame stupid remi

flan might be secured, cuz remi fears she will lost control over her powers
flan is actually a cute girl who is the unstable way she is because remi overprotecc
thus cute and misenderstood flan has learned to be an autist
of course interacting with normies would disturb her

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Flan is being kept occupied by having a smelly neet thrown in there with her to spend the night with and fill her womb with smelly NEET semen

a full womb is a happy womb, and happy wombs do not implode their basements

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>explode the basement

Imagine the mess it would make. Sakuya is alreay overbusy and underpaid enough.

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Maybe, but atleast she has the privilege of sniffing the dirty vamp panties when she does laundry

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Remi's actually the one that's unstable. Flan stays in the basement so she doesn't trigger her Remi's episodes.

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Is that one doujin about her killing the NEET after he can't cum anymore true or is it safe for me to volunteer?

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i think it would be worth it either way

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Was it actually stated anywhere the reason she was kept in the basement? IIRC Remi doesn't really sound all that concerned when the rain barrier was deployed. Also Flan seems to suggest that she COULD get out whenever she wants to, if it weren't for Patche making it rain.

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Flan couldn't get out due to the space-time warping nature of the SDM as well. If it's not Patchy stopping her, it's Sakuya.

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That too. It might be just what the first anon said: Remi is too overprotective.
But I guess when Dracula keep getting whipped by buff (and sometimes lean) men, you'd fear for her safety too.

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If you're a genocidal psychopath, what harm would being locked in a basement by yourself do?
Ask yourself that.
You have nothing to do, some stuff to think about and nothing more to live for. You can live freely and do things solely on your instinct and not worry about consequences.
You can't explode if nothing sets you off.
It's like leaving an old style fuse bomb in a locked chamber for eternity. It's dangerous but it poses no harm by itself.

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She did, in EoSD.

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Double nig

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