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Why did steam remove it?
Do you think it'll come to playstation?

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>Why did steam remove it?
Because it's run by SJWs and hypocrites.
>Do you think it'll come to playstation?

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how do i pirate it with giving my ISP a aneurysm

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>Why did steam remove it?
Western people are completely brainwashed (as in, actual fucking brainwashing) and hate anything that could even remotely appeal to pedos. They have a massive hateboner for pedos and want to destroy everything they enjoy. It's pretty fucking disturbing, gets worse every year and has made me lose faith in humanity. How can 95% of the men on Earth get brainwashed to the point of not finding lolis attractive at all, when it's the most natural thing in the world?

A rational society would simply protect children from their own recklessness and psychopathic sexual predators. Sex is such a big fucking deal in this prudish society, something so shameful and private (such a view on sex only causes problems and is completely unnecessary) that kids are easily traumatized by it or artificially traumatized after the fact by well intentioned prudes. So they must be protected from it at all costs. That's perfectly OK, given the garbage society they live in. They must not be allowed to fuck until they are mature enough to decide something so "important" and "dangerous". A sex change, though? Nah, it doesn't matter. Give the confused 6 year old some hormone therapy and cut off his dick. He is totally capable of deciding something like that! Sucking a dick, though? God forbid!

The problem is when they go overboard with this shit and demonize the attraction itself, calling it a "mental illness" and attributing all sorts of symptoms to it (all taken from fraudulent studies and psychological evaluations performed on INMATES, rather than on normal ass everyday pedos because they are invisible thanks to the climate of fear this bullshit has created) All this demonization, dehumanization and fear-mongering directed at pedos is just fucking insane. It's simply an irrational witch hunt that serves as the perfect political tool. And it doesn't end with the aberration that is "thought crime". It's gotten to the point of banning things like lolicon, even though there are literally no real human beings involved and doesn't harm anyone.

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You're not looking at the big picture here. What "they" want, and by "they" I mean whoever you think is running the show, jews, globalists, whorshippers of moloch, it doesnt matter. What "they" want is a homogenized society where everyone looks the same, consumes the same things, has the same opinions and tastes. It's a global crackdown on people that don't fit the mold created, the recent crusade against loli is just a part of that campaign.

It's not about protecting children or anything like that, it's about taking away your right to jack off to cartoons. Now go be a good boy and watch some interracial on pornhub.

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I don't even hate "them" that much, I hate the low IQ normies that give "them" power by eating up all their bullshit. And I especially hate the people with relatively high IQ who STILL buy into this irrational crap somehow (and only this particular subject) and use their influence/skills to propagate the lies.

I know it's not their fault. Most people have good intentions and are simply brainwashed. But holy fuck I hate their guts.

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Absolute nonsense. No capitalist world order would want a homogenized culture, at least as far as entertainment is concerned. If they could market to pedophiles without backlash, you bet your ass someone capable of pulling the strings would jump on that ship. It's just American puritanism and European posturing of moral superiority rearing their ugly heads for the umpteenth time. No conspiracy here.

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Most people don't give a shit because they have their own problems in life to deal with. What you're seeing is a vocal minority paraded as the majority. At the end of the day "they" are the ones that direct the show, "they" set the stage and organize a spectacle to obfuscate the true nature of power.

There is no capitalism anymore, western countries reached wealth saturation and now it's political. American puritanism is completely upside down too and has nothing to do with censorship of japanese media.

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the scary thing is the younger generation is now being brought up totally buying into the "censorship of everything is good" train of thought where if someone posts a pic of a fully clothed 17 year old on Facebook for example you have a bunch of them commenting she is underage and reporting it, and that isn't even as bad as the political censorship that is getting so systemic in our schools and universities and all media. they don't seem to understand any philosophy and how freedom of speech and thought is something to be valued.

I think the future is going to be worse where we will all have to bite our tongues and keep our opinions quiet because there will be consequences for not falling into the accepted political line. it is already at the point where if you publicly state something like "he should be allowed to wear a red hat without being attacked" you will get called a racist and they might call up your employer and demand you be fired and ostracized from society

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Why do people even use Steam for doujin games and the like?

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A dystopia is when human society evolves past the inhabitants themselves, to overwrite human nature.

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thanks for this anon

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Because smoke and mirrors. Hence "steam".

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Why are pedos as bad as furries and trannies with the persecution complex?

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You know, the fact that you almost had me is something you should be proud of, dumb frogposter.

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*screeches in sjw*

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Enough of the musing, where are the cute girls?

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Lolis aren't quite my thing, but I feel like it is only a matter of time until them come after my things in every form they can understand. I should probably be learning Japanese instead of posting here, because you know the self-appointed morality police won't.

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>run by SJWs and hypocrites
Is that so? Maybe it is merely run by hypocrites who cave it to pressure from random Twitter faggots. I hope most companies are actually like that.

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the SJW's are trying their hardest to infiltrate Japan too, and it will get worse with the coming Olympics

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Hopefully the Olympics will come and go, and Japanese otaku communities remain riajuu-resistant in the meantime.

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What is with Muk's obsession with tongues and vore?

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The problem is that puritanism is mandatory at American companies. Today's Puritans are no longer big into God, but Jesus, have they not forgotten their witch-hunting. Come visit the Silicon Valley if you want to see their vanguard and get a taste of the future they are working towards. Or don't.

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and they like to move the bar and redefine things

now you are a racist if you aren't racist and sexist against white males

you are a "pedo" sympathizer if you think there is nothing wrong with someone thinking a 17 year old girl is attractive

you are alt-right if you don't follow their updated current handbook of acceptable opinions

you are racist if you don't hate Trump and make disapproving gestures and sounds when his name is brought up

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/jp/ - EO/polf/ags whining about western companies.

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/jp/ - EO/pol/fags whining about western companies.

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But I thought this was an all ages novel? What...?

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because it’s pedoshit

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I can't understand the vore, but loli tongues are delicious.
I wish I could french kiss a cute loli.

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What do they want?

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Here's your kiss, bro

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>Not wanting to be gobbled up by a cute girl.
It's not for everyone, some like the thought though.

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What is wrong with you motherfuckers in these thread? You're all so fucking crazy.
Yeah, lolis are hot as fuck, but some of you would like to diddle actual kids. And you're actually asking why a private storefront wouldn't want to be selling stories about little girls getting fucked in all the ways the lord knows why? Bitch, you know why they don't want to be selling that.

And I'm not even going to get to the weirdos who actually think Japan has less rape than western countries (they don't, at all, their women just don't take that shit to the police).

Can't you just fap to cute lolis *and* be normal? God damn, people.

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/pol/ is known to infest other boards all the time pay them no mind, they're still probably angry cp got banned in japan

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>a private storefront wouldn't want to be selling stories about little girls getting fucked in all the ways the lord knows why? Bitch, you know why they don't want to be selling that.
Oh, they want to sell it. Loud people just complain when they do.

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The game itself doesn't have any sex but that's what the artist is famous for so I get what you're saying

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Hello, I enjoy the images in this thread. Very cute.

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Here, have a scientific study:

>Stigmatization of People with Pedophilia: Two Comparative Surveys

apparently 4cha is so retarded it thinks a DOI link is spam - it's just a fucking academic journal tracking that is widely used throughout all of academia

>Both studies revealed that nearly all reactions to people with pedophilia were more negative than those to the other groups, including social distance.

It's the most stigmatized.

>The strongest predictors of social distance towards people with pedophilia were affective reactions to this group (anger and, inversely, associated, pity)

And what's worse, they are somehow the least pitied despite being the most stigmatized.

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I just want to stick my dick inside a loli's mouth.
Is that really too much to ask?

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The World Health Organization got pressured to declassify homosexuality as a mental illness, while a the same time doing the opposite to pedo/hebephilia, this however was not a medical desicion.

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>If they could market to pedophiles without backlash, you bet your ass someone capable of pulling the strings would jump on that ship.
They do this already.

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4/10 little girl, would not fap to.

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This but the reverse

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...You want to stick your mouth inside a loli's dick...?

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Well.. let's say that's close enough

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What if she peed and made you drink it?

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In a feral way or a sadistic way?

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Failed normalfag EOPs, i.e. most of this thread.

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>Failed normalfag
Meaningless term.

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Why is the world so backwards?

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this is what happens when you let women run wild

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muk is god 3d go home

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It doesn't even have porn what the hell

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there's no sex at all in this particular title, my nico nico nigga

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excuse me, retard?

where do you think you are?

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They stated quite clearly a few months ago that while they allow everything that isn't illegal they will remove stuff that in their opinion will hurt their reputation.

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theres nothing illegal about the game
the lolis are not sexualized

its only reddit s o y brigade that has a problem with it

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Did you read only half of the post?

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Muk's characters all look samey. The way they draw faces is so indistinct. They're sorta like YUG or Renge Murata in that sense.

>> No.21164838

All lolis are inherently sexual.
Besides, look at that slut's short skirt!

>> No.21164848

Looks pretty sexual to me

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>its only reddit s o y brigade that has a problem with it
Reddit is also complaining about the removal. Are you just attributing everything you don't like to reddit?

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I don't know how to tell you this, but you might be a lolicon.

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most things i dont like come from reddit
so yes

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Cool, but can I get a kiss that doesn't involve semen?

>Can't you just fap to cute lolis *and* be normal?
No, I can only fap to lolis and be myself.

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No way man

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I heard reddit loves not getting raped by niggers, but that's a fetish of yours I guess.

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and go back

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Make me, whore-spawn.

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Loliconism is more common than you realize, you may need to be tested

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>How can 95% of the men on Earth get brainwashed to the point of not finding lolis attractive at all, when it's the most natural thing in the world?
I don't mind lolicons, but it's not true that most men are attracted to prepubescent girls.

>> No.21165019

How would I go about that? I want to be absolutely sure I am not a filthy lolicon

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Read a Salad doujin and if you get hard you're a real pedo.

>> No.21165212

It's not true precisely because a lifetime's worth of brainwashing and guilt-tripping will do that to your sexuality. A mentally healthy man will find any female attractive as long as she is old enough to have some semblance of a personality and a cute butt. Even if he prefers adults and would rather fantasize about them than about lolis.

>> No.21165229

>A mentally healthy man will find any female attractive as long as she is old enough to have some semblance of a personality and a cute butt
No, for most men, the childish features would be a turn off. You could make an argument for most men being sexually attracted to females who have already started but not finished puberty, who are around 13 years old or possibly 12, but any younger than that would be a turn off.

>> No.21165232

>actual, real pedophiles itt
What the fuck, were the SJWs right all along?

>> No.21165246

What the hell are they attracted to as preteen kids, then? The young female teachers?

Either most boys don't find their loli classmates attractive at all (absolutely untrue) or they literally stop liking them after growing up (possible but really fucking unnatural). Both options seem like bullshit to me. A human (let alone a male) does not just "stop liking" girls they once considered hot or cute. They expand their tastes and learn to appreciate older women, maybe even preferring them over little girls. But to completely stop finding lolis attractive at all just reeks of society's brainwashing and self-denial.

>> No.21165250

Who are you quoting?

Why are you surprised at /jp/edophiles?

>> No.21165273

>Either most boys don't find their loli classmates attractive at all (absolutely untrue) or they literally stop liking them after growing up (possible but really fucking unnatural).
Actually you make a good point. Now that I think about it I remember myself being attracted to girls in my class when I was 10 or younger. But I still much prefer postpubescent women.

>> No.21165280

I'm not surprised, I just want you to fuck off and stop thinking you'll be accepted by this community, you're doing a disservice to those who actually want to defend loli art. I know it's not something you control and I know you're stigmatized by society unfairly but no one in the real world will listen to you if you associate it with fiction and pretend that everyone is brainwashed for not being a pedophile too.

>> No.21165286

>by this community
Big words from a greentexting newfag. I was here on day one.

>> No.21165298

When you say "most men", are you referring to healthy men or the brainwashed cucks that represent a 90% of today's male population?

I'm not even exaggerating. Just take a look around and you will see that people are genuinely brainwashed, convinced that a simple sexual/romantic attraction inside a guys's head is "evil". It's not surprising that, with that mindset, they would desperately trick themselves into finding little girls disgusting, even though their dicks say otherwise. They associate those feelings with nothing short of demons/monsters/psychopaths. And they think of themselves as good people, so "of course" they wouldn't find lolis attractive. It's all a bunch of mental gymnastics.

>> No.21165308

I reconsider my earlier statements.

>> No.21165322

>Either most boys don't find their loli classmates attractive at all (absolutely untrue) or they literally stop liking them after growing up (possible but really fucking unnatural).
It isn't like the loli classmates that I was attracted still exist as they were. They have all become hags that I'm sure I'd still fuck, but I haven't met any new lolis that I'd have fallen in love with. So the question is not about a child losing attraction to a certain loli, but about not getting attracted to different ones as an adult.

>> No.21165324

Are we talking about fiction or reality here? Don't use the word "loli" to talk about real children.

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>stop thinking you'll be accepted by this community
/jp/edos are this community, always have been since the split

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So it's ok for you to be sexually attracted to pictures of the girls you liked from back then, but not ok for the girls of today?

>> No.21165341

Not that guy, but I'll look like a pedo if I don't.

>> No.21165356

Who the fuck is attracted to pictures of their classmates when they were children?

>> No.21165370

So are you claiming you've lost the attraction?

>> No.21165380

It isn't about what's ok, it's about what's normal, remember?

If I imagine myself fucking my loli classmates, I'm a kid in the scenario too. That's very different from a 30-yo bald guy dicking some 11-year-olds he has no connection to. What is there to be attracted to? Just their looks. There's no way I could have an emotional connection with a loli.

So you'd have to be extremely shallow to be attracted to new lolis as an adult.

>> No.21165385

Yeah, I still find her hot but now that she's grown up, she developed nice tits. But I'm not attracted to her as a child anymore.

>> No.21165397

I fapped to old photos of my first love until I was in my twenties... ;__;

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>There's no way I could have an emotional connection with a loli.
So did Nurse-Kun and the blindmuteloli guy, but look at how it went for them

>> No.21165425

I'm not sure if most men are naturally pedos before the brainwashing cuts off that part of their range of attraction. Maybe they genuinely don't like little girls. But whatever the case, it's still ridiculous that simply finding certain people attractive is considered a problem. If anything, it's a problem for the dude himself if he happens to be attracted to people that are off-limits like in this case.

The object of the attraction has nothing to do with the argument, so consent has no place in this discussion. Remove that and it's exactly the same thing as homosexuality except less likely to be a brain malfunction. I repeat, consent has nothing to do with any of this because we are talking about the attraction itself and whether it's natural or not. The morality of acting upon those feelings has nothing to do with it, especially when the trauma is mostly generated by society's view on sex and nudity.

If homosexuality was suddenly made illegal and frowned upon with the same amount of hatred (and that's A LOT of hatred), faggots wouldn't suddenly have a mental illness or a lack of self control. They'd just be fucked and experience some frustration/depression, not even as a result of not being allowed to fuck people of the same sex, but mostly as a result of not being able to even express their feelings without being considered monsters or potential rapists.

It's the same case here. Except most pedos are also attracted to adults and don't necessarily have to become frustrated incels, unlike faggots who literally do not find females attractive at all. But even though they don't have it quite as bad as the hypothetical dehumanized faggots in my example, they are still being opressed for no logical reason. Nobody has the right to tell people what anime girls they can or can't fap to. And nobody has the right to tell people what 3D girls they can or can't fantasize about.

>> No.21165444

t.literal pedofile
oof yike
rope neck pls

>> No.21165453

I just want to be bullied and humiliated by a cute loli

>> No.21165456

>Except most pedos are also attracted to adults
Actually, I'm not even sure there's a difference between these. The adult woman that I'm attracted to now doesn't really have anything going for her that we couldn't have had as kids. She's flat and slim and has a very pure and good girl personality. Apart from the social circumstances you could just fudge the ages and have a loli/shota romance.

>> No.21165519

I don't give a fuck anymore. I'm done arguing with literal retards on the internet. It just puts you in a bad mood and doesn't accomplish anything.

I just feel bad for those 13 year old who are just discovering that their peers apparently don't like younger girls anymore and feel completely lost, with nobody to tell them the truth. Only society spreading lies and their friends talking shit about "pedos" while they smile awkwardly and pretend to agree with what they are saying. These are the guys that could end up killing themselves or doing something crazy after feeling alienated like that for several years. I've been there. But not all teenagers are capable of thinking for themselves and realizing that everything is bullshit. This could lead to them becoming shut-ins or worse, when they could have been perfectly normal people if they didn't experience that unnecessary alienation during their formative years.

>> No.21165543

>13 year old who are just discovering that their peers apparently don't like younger girls
And at that age the "unacceptable" age difference can be one or two years. I remember there was a guy who was into a girl two years younger and got bullied the hell out of him, and a friend of mine was into a girl one year younger him and never had the courage to do anything because of the age difference. I'm just lucky I was into girls my age and older back then.

>> No.21165553

Bullies have rotten black souls, even if they have cute faces, flat chests and a pussy. Lolis are also the worst kind of bullies because they aren't old enough to have real empathy.

>> No.21165563

That's what makes it so hot. Getting bullied by a loli would be the worst thing imaginable.

>> No.21165632

I really love this artist art, who cares if he did pervy doujinshi? I just wanna enjoy art that's all
It's dark age all over again.

Our ancestor fought so hard even become matyrs for freedom of creativity and science.
Now these sjws and hypocrites want to destroy it all.

>> No.21165703

Valve cares about its PR and is going to succumb to media pressure. I hope that they're working on their policy for this, but in the social climate we're at today it's more appealing to businesses to push propaganda and censorship just to keep a favorable image online.
Sony is the last company to pick up this hatchet. I would sooner expect Nintendo to do it, and that's obviously unlikely.

>> No.21165709

>claims to love his art
>doesn't want to see butts and assholes in this art style

>> No.21165729

Didn't this artist make a trippy doujinshi about a loli being visited by herself from a day in the future or some shit and the future version of her fucks her crush while the present version of her waits at home and feels everything and then she becomes the future version and goes back to the past to complete the cycle? That was cool as shit.

Also, why does his art look so much like Rustle's?

>> No.21165835

In an ideal world people would just mind their own business
Modern puritanism and thought policing just creates broken people who just live their lives in a state of unfulfillment and vague unease. Some just intoxicate themselves with media to avoid it, some can't overpower their instincts and end up drowning in self-destructive guilt for it, some lash out violently against anything they see as against the mantra of right with no logic or reason.

>> No.21165870

So they promised not to be the taste police, yet they delete every single fucking non-h vn within a high school setting because it's somehow "children exploitation", citing some bullshit laws no one follows from washington or whatever or giving no explanation at all, deleting game's hub as well so no one can speculate or discuss it or read dev's explanation. But when there's a furry cub or degenerate western gay porn game set in school setting, then it's perfectly fine and stays as long as it needs to. You're full of shit and you know it.

>> No.21165877

the problem is not that i wanna see it or not.
It simply I can and want to enjoy his art more. If he can draw artistic butt and vegene its fine too because it is art.

Western society is so stupid nowadays, arts and imagination (creativeness) does not violate any human rights and laws of any country. So how can you protect children rights by banning art? what's next banning human ability to imagine then ultimately enslave their creativity and freedom?

>> No.21165900

His art is completely different from rustle.
In my opinion it is more gentle and elegent. While rustle is rough and cute.
While I enjoy pervy doujinshi like every single people out there (trust me there is nothing wrong with it in Eastern society, at least in Japan as I know),
I have always admire henreader, muk and rustle for their art style. I have always dream of being a mangaka and bring happiness to people like them.

>> No.21165948

I'm more of a Higashiyama Show, Senke Kagero or Uran guy.

>> No.21165992

It is maddening to realize that everyone around you is a brainwashed piece of shit incapable of critical thinking. It doesn't ruin my entire day anymore, but it's still gotten to the point that I feel like I could forgive literally any flaw in a person except being a anti-pedo moralfag. Even murderers don't make me feel such disgust and contempt. It makes me feel like a cuckold loser every time I help a stranger or do a good deed, because deep down I know they are nutcases that would murder people like me just for existing if they could get away with it.

I hope you have a nice day, anon. Thanks for being a proper human being.

>> No.21166018

>Higashiyama Show
His art is awesome, though I'm not really follow a lot, but I absolutely love his joyful girl story. I also like Onizuka Naoshi, Ponsuke and Gomenasai arts they are so soft and awesome.

>> No.21166083

Uran's Mujaki no Rakuen is a dream come true. It's kind of an ecchi with self-contained chapters, but the concept is awesome.

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>want to be selling stories about little girls getting fucked in all the ways the lord knows why?

You must be talking about some other game because this is all ages.

>weirdos who actually think Japan has less rape than western countries

That's not the way it works, either you have statistical evidence to support your claims or you don't. Available evidence shows that both violent crime and sex crimes are lower in Japan than average.

In Australia the reported rape rate per 100,000 people is relatively high, although it is in a decreasing trend, coming down from 91.6 in 2003[34] to 28.6 in 2010.[35] This stands in contrast to reported rape rate of 1.2 per 100,000 in Japan, 1.8 per 100,000 in India, 4.6 rapes per 100,000 in Bahrain, 12.3 per 100,000 in Mexico, 24.1 per 100,000 in United Kingdom, 28.6 per 100,000 in United States, 66.5 per 100,000 in Sweden.

Go back to eddit with your no evidence

>> No.21166147

>Reddit is also complaining about the removal.
bullshit. Find me the reddit thread complaining about its removal.

Ill patiently await the screenshot. (There wont be one, all of reddit is against this game. Even sfw loli games are banned on reddit)

>> No.21166159

If there was a thread complaining about it, it was probably one guy who got banned for wrongthinking it and had his thread deleted.

>> No.21166360



>> No.21166370

Leave the west behind, fellow friends. It's that simple.
You can't change it. You'll only suffer in it.

>> No.21166371

Every time I see people get mad about censorship on Steam I laugh.

>> No.21166393

Really? I interpreted it pretty incorrectly then, that makes a lot more sense than some divine impersonator.

>> No.21166395

No thanks. I only like good girls.

>> No.21166421

Yes please. Let her call me a disgusting lolicon pervert for enjoying it as well while she marks me as hers

>> No.21166437


You must be new here, remember:

/jp/ - Just Pedo

>But I still much prefer postpubescent women.

Keyword: prefer


How old?

>> No.21166450

You should also remember that 3D pedophilia has collected bans in /jp/ for the better part of a decade, before moderation simply evaporated sometime last year.

>> No.21166460

>I just feel bad for those 13 year old who are just discovering that their peers apparently don't like younger girls anymore and feel completely lost, with nobody to tell them the truth. Only society spreading lies and their friends talking shit about "pedos" while they smile awkwardly and pretend to agree with what they are saying. These are the guys that could end up killing themselves or doing something crazy after feeling alienated like that for several years.

Right in the feels. However I found 18 was worse, since suddenly I was an "adult", yet still...

>> No.21166461

>How old?
13-14 yo, so for like a decade
Can't remember when but I eventually deleted the scans trying to get over her. If I hadn't, I'd honestly probably be doing it.

>> No.21166464

>disgusting lolicon

You mean disgusting pedophile, because that's what you are.

>> No.21166467

But statistics are only as accurate as what is reported. So if people just don't report rape...they aren't even counted. It's how mass media can report on statistics that work on their favor. They just ignore what they don't want, like sample size. Your "quote" even says it right there. "REPORTED Rape Rate". Completely ignores the cultural differences.

>> No.21166477

It's amazing that anyone would be surprised that a board that obsesses over fucking children would start blogging about how much they want to fuck 3D children as well.

>> No.21166484

What's with all the newfags on nu-/jp/?

>> No.21166485


I think the statistics you are looking for has been the INCREASE or DECREASE in the (child) rape rate following the legalizaiton or banning of (child) porn, etc. Since yeah...
>1.8 per 100,000 in India
is pretty obviously not accurate. However, when you look at a time-series data within single countries, you get a better idea of it.

However even that would need to be controlled, since there's also changing social pressures, etc, but it is better than cross-continent comparisons.

>> No.21166489

People have shit on 3D pedophiles in /jp/ ever since Investment Banker was blogging about his sex tourism adventures in 2008.

>> No.21166559
File: 113 KB, 1920x1197, loli watching.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Have some 2012 /jp/

>> No.21166561
File: 442 KB, 1168x1508, tasty mcmarketing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21166564

Sure, that works as well

>> No.21166578

Congratulations on picking literally the worst teenage blog years where /jp/ was wall-to-wall off-topic shitposting threads as an example of what you think /jp/ was always like.

>> No.21166588
File: 60 KB, 1064x720, I should really take a new screenshot eventually.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I think it was in a thread about this game and suspicion mechanics for it

>> No.21166598

this closes every argument

>> No.21166628
File: 2.79 MB, 640x360, 1521976404682.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21166636

anglos cover up and downplay paki/muslim rape gang crimes but are quick to demonize normal relationships with anyone under 18 involved so I stopped taking them seriously a long time ago

>> No.21166732

I interpreted it as the loli being doomed to cuck herself over and over again.

>> No.21166740

It's the same fucking thing. The only reason the term "lolicon" is favored is because the P-word triggers moralcucks like you and causes unnecessary shitstorms.

>> No.21166819
File: 3.25 MB, 503x373, running to adults.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>moralcucks like you
>like you

I'm actually the dev of >>21093460 >>21095167 so I think your assumption is incorrect.

>> No.21166829

"Fuck off normies, fucking little girls is /jp/ related." - some anon circa 2013, duh.

>> No.21166834

It's sad how you can't even say outrageous things in an obviously exaggerated manner or make crude jokes about lolis without moralfags thinking you are SERIOUS and considering it proof that pedos are psychopaths or something.

This is what happens when you demonize a group of people to such a ridiculous degree. You will genuinely believe anything you hear about them and become unable to even recognize painfully obvious jokes.

I have to laugh every time someone acts surprised and says something like "I can't believe there are LITERAL pedos posting in this thread!". As if pedos were some sort of mythical creature and they didn't meet like 20 pedos every day. Their mental image of a "pedophile" is so distorted and vague, it's such a ridiculous, monstrous caricature, that they will never realize that their little brother, their uncle, their father, their best friend or the dude that does their taxes has a 50/50 chance of being one.

>> No.21166957

>50/50 chance

Actually it's more about 2-5% for legit pedo (prepubescent). It goes up with hebephilia but still nowhere near 50%. The only way I can think that is you start including ephebophilia but then expand the definition to include any attraction rather than a /preference/.

>> No.21167025

public version when

>> No.21167037

Do not abuse the lolis

>> No.21167044
File: 913 KB, 503x364, dungeon editing fixed kinda.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


There's been 4 main public releases (pre-alpha 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4) and also minor fixes like 0.3.1, 0.3.2, 0.4.1.

Check 8/agdg/ for the thread for the 0.4.1 download if you want. It's still very WIP.

>> No.21167199

No offense, but you are pulling those statistics out of your ass, ignoring the fact that the majority of pedos are considered non-pedos because they won't tell anyone about it, and also ignoring the fact that many "normies" are so deep in denial due to their hateboner for pedophiles that they may not realize that they themselves would be pedos without the brainwashing.

A 50/50 is actually too low of a percentage, IMO. If people could be honest with themselves and with others, the actual percentage of pedos in any given population would probably be around 70%. An overwhelming majority. Hebephilia would be a literal 100% (ignoring homos, asexuals and the like).

This is how I feel about it, though. I admit that I am pulling this from my ass TOO. Also, when I say pedophiles I mean people attracted to prepubescents. I don't mean people who don't find adults attractive at all, that would be an "exclusive pedo" and extremely rare.

>> No.21167236

Isn't it better if they look for a cartoonish caricature that barely exists in reality and leave you alone because you look normal?

Thanks to the warped idea people have of pedos, you have nothing to worry about in your daily life. It just sucks that loli art is censored, banned and taken down everywhere, especially when fictional media it's such an important part of some people's lives as >>21165835 said. Having it censored or destroyed can really fuck them up and cause depression, even though it would seem like a silly thing to get depressed over to your average normie.

>> No.21167277


No, even when we only look at hebe the highest I've seen were like 10-20% based on some anonymous questionnaires at some undergraduate university (forgot which). And this wasn't a preference, just a "have you *ever* imagined anyone under 15 in a sexual situation" thing.

If you were talking about ephebophilia you would have a tiny bit of a point, but I'm sorry, for actual pedophilia (pre or early pubescent, <=12) you're flat-out wrong. I've read numerous academic studies on this and also interact with a number of people with these attractions (In addition to my own experience with my attractions).

>pedophilia [...] estimated to be lower than 5% among adult men

Do you seriously think it's 50% for PEDOphilia?

>> No.21167291

You know if that were true, it'd be 70% of dudes wanting to fuck young dudes like in most of human history, and not lolicons.

>> No.21167338

Someone in a position of power didn't like it and had it removed. They won't risk going after something bigger like Senran Kagura so they dick around the little guys.

>> No.21167353

>anonymous questionaires
>academic studies
I'm sorry, but you can't trust any of that shit in the current climate. Not only are most people unwilling to tell the truth, a lot of them are straight up brainwashed and lying to themselves.

I'm not saying you are wrong, only that you have no real evidence and neither do I. It's just impossible to know for a fact how many people are pedos and how much of a minority (if at all) they are. Not in the current political climate.

It's just a gut feeling. I may or may not be wrong about it.

>> No.21167376

>trusting the DSM
Actual academics and scientists have had their careers ruined and their works silenced for even suggesting that pedophilia (not exclusive) might be normal in human males. This shit is corrupt to the core and the truth is decided by popular opinion.

>> No.21167378


it's more than you have. And while circumstantial, I am also going with my experience talking with a lot of people (semi-)anonymous online about sexual attractions. I've talked to a lot of pedos, and a lot of non-pedos too. If you think 50% are actual pedos (medical definition - preference for pre- or early-pubescent) than I don't know what to tell you.

You on the other hand have zero statistics or evidence. Anonymous questionaires and academic research is a lot more than nothing.

ALSO, if you look at child-rape vs non-child rape you would imagine that there would be a lot higher incidence of child rape if 50% were pedos. Even the highest estimates (assuming very low report rate) wouldn't support that. And then once you control for the fact that 20-80% of child rapes are sadistics or non-pedophilic offenders, the probability of it being 50% of all adults plummets.

>> No.21167493

>Anonymous questionaires and academic research is a lot more than nothing.
Wrong information is worth less than nothing. It actually drives you further away from the truth.

Again, I'm not saying I'm right. But you absolutely can't trust anything "official" on the subject these days. It should be obvious to anyone.

Speaking of talking to people online, which I've been doing for more than a decade now, I've noticed that "pedos" tend to have higher than average IQ, myself included. Of course, I don't know for sure, but you can notice intelligence when you see it (or more accurately, you notice the lack of stupidity). This is one of the many things that made me think like I do. It made me wonder if maybe all these "pedos" are just people who can't get easily brainwashed by the constant propaganda machine that affects all human since childhood.

Is it possible that most people are in fact pedos (it wouldn't surprise me, because this attraction feels incredibly natural to me, too natural to not be common in human males). But most people are clearly not critical thinkers and the constant propaganda drilled into their heads for decades convinces them that they aren't pedos because being one is so "evil", "monstrous" and "wrong". They end up in such a deep state of denial that they honestly believe it from the bottom of their hearts. The thought of a naked loli is immediately associated with those sickening ideas about pedos forcibly introduced in their heads for decades and they can't find them attractive because of it. Any "pedo" thought automatically brings up those deeply-rooted feelings of disgust and guilt.

Again, I could be wrong about this. I have absolutely no proof, only conjectures. But your "proof" isn't worth anything to me. Pedophilia has been demonized to such a degree that even telling the truth or attempting to find out the truth about it (whatever it is) is heavily discouraged and could ruin someone's entire career and reputation. This should be obvious. The DSM is a political tool at this point.

>> No.21167531

What the fuck is this thread

>> No.21167553

Roree game got banned on Steam.

>> No.21167576

It's all fucking off topic. Take this shit to /pol/ or /r9k/.

>> No.21167579


The fact that so many studies have all pointed to prevalences between 1-10% is pretty

>I've noticed that "pedos" tend to have higher than average IQ

You're meeting a subset of pedophiles. There have been a few studies on it. One found IQs 1 standard deviation lower, but that study was flawed. The other studies were I think 98, 100, 101 or something which was not statistically significant. The kind you are meeting are likely technologically literate, have a knowledge of information security to an extent, etc. Where are you meeting them? I mostly talk on IRCs like rizon and such. You're basically meeting a population most likely that has already been weeded out of most of the retards. I then started talking to others from other areas, and oh sweet jesus there are some fucking retards there. Also I think you're also doing some subconscious self-bias/projecting too, which is understandable.

>Pedophilia has been demonized to such a degree that even telling the truth or attempting to find out the truth about it (whatever it is) is heavily discouraged and could ruin someone's entire career and reputation.

IIRC the anonymous questionnaire at the university was done before even the satantic ritual abuse scandal in the 80s, so would have been less susceptible to that.

Again, if you were talking about hebephilia you would have more of an argument towards the feasability, but you're not.

Is there massive stigmatization that impacts people coming forward on the issue? Yes.

Are the majority of people pedos? Extreme unlikely.

Have the majority of people had some fantasy at one point in their life about anyone under the age of 15? It's reasonable - but this is not pedophilia. We are talking about a consistent PREFERENCE for PRE-pubescent children.

>> No.21167588

I honestly think it's close to 100% for hebes. You can't trust studies because being open will outright destroy your life in the current climate. But between 10-14 is when most men wake up sexually and start finding the other gender attractive, it's not like those feelings just disappear one day.
Pedo is far lower, sort of like homosexuality, an oddity that forms under specific circumstances.

>I've noticed that "pedos" tend to have higher than average IQ, myself included
I don't have any attracted to that age group myself, but I found myself sympathizing with them after seeing a thousand arguments play out the same way. They present calm arguments for their case, the other side replies with
>fuckin PEDO you deserve to die in the worst way possible i CANNOT believe you would even suggest this
And nothing further, every single time.

>> No.21167595

Culture warriors think they need to crusade to make pedophilia culturally acceptable in the West instead of just enjoying their media quietly like everyone else.

>> No.21167602

Breeding age.

>> No.21167612

I would think they'd fight for freedom artistic expression and the separation of fiction and reality, instead of doing exactly what they accuse them of and start ranting about how wanting to fuck children should be acceptable because everyone secretly wants to do it.

>> No.21167632
File: 4 KB, 663x305, hypothetical attraction chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Hebephilia is when you like 11-14 >= adults. Do a lot of people have SOME DEGREE of sexual response to SOME 11-14yos? Sure. But this is not pedophilia. For example an attraction curve might look something like this if we're being generous. But this is neither hebephilia nor pedophilia.

Also for context I prefer 5-10 (never acted nor plan on acting on the attraction though) before you guys just accuse me of trying to argue against branding myself one - I clearly land within the terminology even when used most stringently.


Average age of menarche is 12.5-13.5 right now, and that's the lowest it's been. Historically it could go as high as 17 due to malnutrition and other factors (hormones). So no, that's not really breeding age usually. It might be in the early stages of puberty, but you don't become fertile until around halfway through. So outside of statistical anomolies like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_youngest_birth_mothers where the girl suffers from precocious puberty, it's not breeding age. But these are cases where breast tissue starts developing at age 2 and shit.

>> No.21167638

>But these are cases where breast tissue starts developing at age 2 and shit.
RL oppai lolis? Nice

>> No.21167649

That would imply their primary interest is in media rather than simply wanting it to be acceptable to fuck actual children. If your primary interest WAS in media, the best thing to do would be to keep lolicon material safely locked up in Japan, yet freely accessible to Westerners through "underground channels", where you could safely enjoy it indefinitely and usually for free.

Literally fucking nothing good can possibly come from trying to insist that child rape games should be available on Steam instead of DLsite (and I'm aware that Ie no Kagi is not one of these) or that pedophilia should be acceptable in the West, unless your primary interest is in fucking real children. In the best case absolutely nothing happens and in the worst case the media fixates on it and Japan crumples like a wet paper tissue like they did in Rapelay.

Most of the fags in this thread should be gassed.

>> No.21167667
File: 226 KB, 1719x639, Banned.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I still think a preference for a younger mate is an anti-extinction measure that was bred into us the last time our species bottled necked, but I have no data to back this up, just an inkling.
I'm afraid it's the only way to keep the normalfags out. Reminder that Mods actively delete Strike Witches, Vivid Red and other anime related shows, even if there is anime discussion.

>> No.21167668

>One found IQs 1 standard deviation lower, but that study was flawed.
No shit. I wonder why. Would it even possible to perform a study like that again in modern times and do it right this time? Or would they be unable to find real samples and be forced to study imprisoned child molesters and claim that their psychological profiles are somehow representative of the majority of pedophiles or a result of this so-called "mental illness"?

But I agree with you, there are some real dumbasses out there. Believe me, I know what you mean. It still doesn't disprove my theory, though. It's perfectly possible for average people to be deeply brainwashed while very intelligent people (not all, sadly) are immune to the brainwashing and incredibly stupid people give in to their natural urges without even thinking of the consequences or giving a shit about taboos (molesters, THOSE people who comment on kid's youtube videos, etc.).

>We are talking about a consistent PREFERENCE for PRE-pubescent children.
Oh, so that's what we are talking about? When I suggested that most men may naturally be "pedophiles", I was referring to them simply being attracted to prepubescent children, not actually preferring them over adults. Would that be pedophilia according to you? Because that's what I'm suggesting. Of course most people prefer adults (or at the very least pubescent teenagers), that much is obvious. I was just questioning this bizarre lack of attraction towards little girls, maybe even disgust, that SEEMS to be prevalent in most men and just doesn't feel natural to me. I find it very hard to wrap my head around this mindset they SEEM to have. It seriously reeks of brainwashing.

You have made me open my eyes a bit, though. I admit I was biased, so thank you for being willing to discuss this topic with me. But I still have my own opinions, I'll just try to challenge them and consider other possibilies, just in case I'm completely wrong about this.

Thank you.

>> No.21167671

Well yeah, Steam has every right to decide what's on their platform. Most of the thread is just talking about the topic in general and not crusading for the game, if you haven't noticed.

>> No.21167673
File: 11 KB, 677x407, age rape statistics.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a better graph for you.

>> No.21167674

Exactly, that's why you need to fuck off. This board is about Japanese media.

>> No.21167684

>Estimates for the rate of pedophilia in detected child molesters generally range between 25% and 50%.
>A 2006 study found that 35% of its sample of child molesters were pedophilic

Most of these assults were familiar and were not done preferentially, but because they couldn't find an adult partner.

Even disregarding that, this is because ALL sex with <16 in Canada is rape, hence why 15 is the highest. Now if pedophilia was the most common, why would 14/15 (just below the age of consent) be the highest in statutory rape, much higher than <13 (which is what pedophilia is)?

>> No.21167710

>I've noticed that "pedos" tend to have higher than average IQ
It just seems that way because you probably only meet them at nerdy places like this one. No normie idiot would spend hours posting about autistic anime shit in a message board.

The other possibility is that being a pedo doesn't mean you are more intelligent, but it opens your mind and makes you difficult to brainwash, even when it comes to completely unrelated topics. I mean, constantly hearing absolute fucking bullshit about your sexual condition/orientation/philia/whatever for years on end will obviously put you in a certain state of mind and make you more likely to practice critical thinking and distrust everything, especially opinions held by the majority. It would teach you that, yes, the majority can be ,and often is, criminally wrong about tons of subjects and that the media is full of bullshit and propaganda.

I myself have been frustrated with all these lies and injustices since I was a young teenager, so it's not surprising that I'm a critical thinker. IQ doesn't have much to do with it. Although if you are really, really dumb and actually believe the propaganda over your actual feelings and think of yourself as some sort of monster... That's not an unlikely scenario either.

>> No.21167741

>why would 14/15 (just below the age of consent) be the highest in statutory rape, much higher than <13 (which is what pedophilia is)?
Because 14/15 year olds are the sexist.

>> No.21167759

in this moment i am euphoric, because i am enlightened by my own pedophilia

>> No.21167786

Nobody in this thread is arguing to make fucking children acceptable in the west. Keep it illegal, but stop criminalizing the attraction itself to the point that art is censored because of it.

Does it harm real people? No? Then leave it the fuck alone and stop screaming about how pedophilia is a "sickness" and how lolicon "encourages it". What the fuck.

There is a reason why children are not allowed to fuck. One could argue against it, but let's leave it at that. Let's assume this is correct. Why do they feel the need to create this thought crime out of nowhere and attack people for having the "wrong" feelings? Nobody is trying to break any laws or harm any real people. Nobody has the intention of doing anything like that. The few nutjobs with psychological problems that DO lose control of themselves are caught and imprisoned, whether they rape women, men or children. Leave everyone else think whatever the fuck they want inside their heads and produce any kind of fictional media. It's all harmless.

I wouldn't even care if a friend of mine had rape fantasies, as long as the dude isn't a lunatic who INTENDs to carry them out in real life. In the same way, there is nothing wrong with a pedo finding girls attractive as long as he has no intention of doing anything in real life and doesn't have any kind of mental disorder that makes him lose control of his actions. It's not even a rape fantasy, it's literaly the same as a guy fantasizing about women, except the latter can actually do it for real if he's not socially inept.

My point is that going to such insane lenghts to turn pedos into literal demons only causes harm and ends up destroying artistic freedom sooner or later. Just make the fucking molestation illegal and arrest the people that break that law. That's ALL they needed to do. It's a crime like any other, we don't need a fucking witch hunt or thought policing.

>> No.21167887

15 year olds may be dumbasses that must be protected from adults that could convince them to fuck. But still, does it really do SO MUCH harm that the "statutory rapist" deserves to be considered nothing short of a cockroach, have his entire life ruined and get beaten to death? Like seriously, what the hell?

I mean, I guess some 15 year olds could be dumb, get tricked into having sex with some dude, have a great time and regret it 5 years later because the guy was ugly or beccause they are embarrassed that this guy saw them naked or whatever. In this particular case, any trauma experienced by the girl would be just a result of society's puritanism, making her think of herself as a victim of the WORST CRIME EVER for getting tricked into having sex with an ugly dude when she was 15. Big fucking deal.

Even considering the """trauma""" and all. Even attributing the trauma to the dude and not the the real culprits. Even then... is it really such an irreparable crime that the guy deserves to be burned at the stake? Because holy fucking shit, that's disturbing. How do people even develop this mindset?

>> No.21167930
File: 620 KB, 999x1000, get out of jp jp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21167932

If you want the real answer its because Valve doesn't know what they should do. Alot of people want to chalk it up to SJW's which could have a grain of truth to it but most people attribute it to Campo Santo joining Valve despite them having nothing to do with the Steam end of the company. The idea that they would allow anything that isnt illegal or trolling was a decision they didn't think through because of stuff like loli content that isnt illegal (at least in the US) but very much looked down upon (though the removal of this particular game was before that decision, and im aware this game doesnt r18 content). Valve made a hard promise to keep because even though alot of content doesn't fit into their criteria for removal they will end up with alot of issues if they were to sell it. Selling something containing loli content for example could ultimately end up losing them alot of money because of credit card companies and devs/publishers not wanting to associate with a store that sells stuff like that. This has led to Valve being overly cautious with games with younger characters in them to the point where games that dont even have any lewd content arent getting approved for release.
Basically, Valve cant win in this situation and their and they're floundering around super hard trying to figure it out.

>> No.21167954

Why wouldn't Japan have less rape even if rape is severely underreported? North-East Asians don't commit a lot of rape in other countries.

>> No.21167960

Stop feeding (you)s to the cucked 2D only lolicon. He's worse than the actual SJWs.

>> No.21167966

For any X, there is nothing wrong with being a 2D-only X.

>> No.21168003

Nobody gives a shit, the OP was about the banning of a fictional game, why the fuck are you even talking about this? The problem here is that you're accepting that you're attracted to real children and that basically confirms all their prejudices they have against (fictional) loli art that they use to justify its prohibition. I love loli art and I defend it but your existence and your attitude is making my job harder here, don't you understand?

The reason why I think rape fiction is acceptable (and I defend it) is because it doesn't mean you want to rape people in real life, but if you go make the point that you like real rape then it gets really fucking hard to defend. Go make a non-profit pedophile acceptance group or whatever but don't use fictional lolicon as the motor of your crusade.

>> No.21168039

Every single man likes to fantasize about real rape sometimes, not just 2D anime rape. You are lying to yourself if you think otherwise. They just have absolutely no fucking intention of actually raping anyone IRL.

>> No.21168112

Of course not, if it's your preference
But thinking it gives you some imaginary moral highground is insanity. A photo is not very different than a drawing, they're both representations. Do those people think lolicon artists don't use references?

>> No.21168125

No, a photo is a representation, a drawing is an idealization.

>> No.21168132


Which would be an argument against people being pedos, since that's too old for pedophilia.

>> No.21168137

A drawing CAN be an idealization, it can be many things, one of which is trying to represent the subject as accurately as possible.

>> No.21168167
File: 518 KB, 218x888, americanmalvern.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's a blog out there that makes the case that modern thought comes from rulers with an unbroken heritage descending from the English dissenters and Cromwell. What you're saying about Silicon Valley demonstrating behavior similar to the Massachusetts Puritanism of old, that is certainly true. But like I mentioned earlier, there's a case to be made that they're the exact same people. Pic related is a description of 1942 Protestant Christianity's aspirations that many today would view as completely secular, it's totally bizarre. Also, Puritan legacy institutions (the Ivy League) are among the most prominent in the world today.

>> No.21168218

Like actual cheese pizza or just the Jr gravure?

>> No.21168296


isn't only pizza banned in Japan? Production in 1998 and Possession in 2014 IIRC

>> No.21168315
File: 17 KB, 360x224, pomf=3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's why I'm asking.

>> No.21168331

I think I understand what he meant.
Imagination and thoughts does not violate human rights and law (not important if 2D or 3DPD).
There also no unbias (signficant n, cover all cuntry/culture-ideologies etc) scientific reasearch about imagination/thoughts encourage behaviour so it is completely BS and subjective to assume and believe so.

>> No.21168345

What, there was a time when both of those were allowed?

>> No.21168349

Yes, CP is banned.
Gravure shits maybe not because I still see active production until at least 2017 (not really interests in 3DPD)

>> No.21168353

Were they actually making production value pizza? I'm having a hard time imagining it.

>> No.21168378

Still, though, suppose in Japan for every reported rape there were 19 more that happened. Suppose also that in the Western world every single rape was reported. Japan would still be ahead of the UK, the US and others.

>> No.21168379


they did in Europe in the 70s/80s


Yes. Literally until 2014 you could have as much as you wanted. It was legal in most countries until sometime between the 70s and 90s.

>> No.21168397

I want to see wet t shirt Jr gravure. Get to work, Japan.

>> No.21168400

Maybe not very high quality and also not have an official production studio.
Because fucking real children is against the law (16 is legal if married, if not married legal age is 18).
So most CP I assumed are homemade.
There were no law on banning cp back then, because people dont know/care that cp exists (Japanese are not noisy). That make it legal to posses cp.

>> No.21168406
File: 359 KB, 671x950, 60971270_p2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As species we are designed to like youth. Makeup is designed to imitate young traits, and i can assure you that the vast majority of men prefer hairless pussies.

>> No.21168410

Are you pulling this out of your ass or parroting south china morning post and western media?
Is there any actual objective research and statistics about unreported rape in Japan and Western worlds?
Depsite of culture different, there is no logical or scientific reason/evildence to believe Japan criminal rate is so low because unreported.

>> No.21168414

Is that why that one jap p2p network thing became popular a few years back then?

>> No.21168514

>I just feel bad for those 13 year old who are just discovering that their peers apparently don't like younger girls anymore and feel completely lost, with nobody to tell them the truth. Only society spreading lies and their friends talking shit about "pedos" while they smile awkwardly and pretend to agree with what they are saying. These are the guys that could end up killing themselves or doing something crazy after feeling alienated like that for several years.
When i was like 12 i used to do very ecchi stuff whit a precocious girl, she told me stories about how she touched herself listening to her parents having sex, the most we did was mutual oral sex. Later, during my late adolescence (around 18 yo) i felt like a monster when I had erections remembering that.
But now thanks to /jp/ now i embrace my lolita complex.

>> No.21168528

Denying yourself make you depressed that could leads to many actual mental health problem.
Be true to your feelings, but remember to respect children rights.

>> No.21168588
File: 703 KB, 1127x1593, 27109616_p0 yes!ロリコン! no!タッチ!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>but remember to respect children rights.
I do anon, nowadays i'm not really interested in 3D anymore.

>> No.21168646 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.34 MB, 960x942, 1555211143255.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I for one am glad pedos are demonized and hope that never changes no matter how lolis are viewed. (despite being a fan myself)

If pedophilia is normalized with the same force other degeneracy like homosexuality has been, you're gonna see some real shit.

>> No.21168654

child rape for me and not for thee, nazi

>> No.21168659

/pol/ is probably the last board that would support even lolis

>> No.21168672

Well stated brother!

>> No.21168686

Liking loli (lolita complex) is the same as pedophilia. And there is nothing wrong with pedophilia because imagine and thoughts does not violate human rights.
I think you mean predator/rapist because these people actually violate human rights (rape).

>> No.21168688
File: 704 KB, 320x253, 1547489169269.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>j/a/p -> /jp/
The a is silent

>> No.21168696

It must never become mainstream or acceptable. We have enough issues with pakis without also introducing faggots and lefties into the mix.

>> No.21168701

>If pedophilia is normalized with the same force other degeneracy like homosexuality has been
>you're gonna see some real shit.

There also no unbias (signficant n, cover all cuntry/culture-ideologies etc) scientific reasearch about imagination/thoughts encourage behaviour so it is completely BS and subjective to assume and believe so.

>> No.21168707

Yeah that's why there's next to no homosexuals or transvestites now right?

>> No.21168712

Yeah dont let them ruin anime or any culture. That is not limited to loli though.l, but also technology.

>> No.21168720

Then you understand why the bans etc are the price we pay for not having a bunch of normies screeching about lolis in public and sjws demanding child rape become normal.

>> No.21168736

Pedophilia was very common until the past century.

>> No.21168738

You're implying that right wing, jesusfreaks aren't the most vocal moral fags there is. Reminder that Qanon and other trumptards unironically believed in pizza gate.
So which is it? Does the sjw left condone or condemn lolicon? You're making no sense. The issue has always been authoritarianism versus liberalism. It's just idiots that spent too much time on /pol/ always think it's the leftest boogieman in the shadows when in reality they're in bed with some of the people who are the real problem.

>> No.21168740

fathers were also allowed to murder/imprison people who slept with their daughters without permission, and it was sanctioned by the authorities

>> No.21168745
File: 500 KB, 960x1280, 孟子.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I recognize that blog!

>> No.21168750

right now it's both and I'm merely explaining why that is a good thing

The right will never allow pedophilia to become normalized in broader society because it's degenerate. The left MAY push for it, however. But that's not exactly good.

It's fairly well known that elite classes throughout history rape children, and that it's probably more widespread today than it ever was. These people control the left, so if they decide to push it then you're not gonna get loli worship becoming mainstream, you're gonna get some absolutely disgusting degeneracy.

>> No.21168776

Ah yes the good old days, back then women were considered property and is understandable, right now if someone trespass your property, you are allowed to do the same.

>> No.21168782

Banning what you cannot control is stupid, what actually solve the problem is to deal with roots of problems.
So by what you have posted I narrowed down your core problem (none of them have anything to do with pedophilia).
1- social justice warrior, these people are always nosy, invading people private matters and demanding stupid things. They even attack pedophilia and demand to castrate them. (strongly violate human rights)
What you need to do is instead of wasting your time attacking wrong target (pedophiles), maybe thinking of a way to regulate and control these sjws.
2-normalfags screeching about their hobbies in public. There literally nothing wrong with that, unless they are being too noisy and annoying to you, in that case you can just tell them to be a more quiet so you can continue doing what your are focus on.

So generally speaking, your problem is not with pedophilia but how western society functions, especially social justice warriors.

>> No.21168784

Pedophobia is a bandaid solution to protect young girls now that we aren't allowed to protect their chastity with violence. This is fairly obvious. And that chastity IS important.

>> No.21168791

It doesn't matter. They'll ruin anything they find and keep finding new things to ruin as long as they exist. If there's no more evil left they'll create evil out of something harmless. It's been happening for centuries, they just called it a "Great Awakening" usually, but it's a crusade against life and reason in all it's forms.

>> No.21168797

>These people control the left,
Holy fuck you're deluded if you honestly believe the right's not the biggest whores when it comes to being bribed. Do I have to remind you about Trump and his connection to Jeffrey Epstein, the man who supplies young girls to rich fucks on both ends of the political spectrum? Quit making it out only the left is at fault here and take responsibility for your side as well or shut the fuck up with your political retardation.

>> No.21168808

trump isn't on the right in my opinion

In fact, at this point, if you are part of the ruling class at all, you are almost certainly not on the right. The "political spectrum" is an utter farce with both sides controlled by the same people.

>> No.21168821

Out of curiosity, how many of you pedos would fuck boys? Not trap boys either.
Gays being pedos is kind of a stereotype, but I notice it even with the real deal seeming pedo manga authors that they tend to draw lewd things about boys too. It seems like real pedos are at least bi a lot. It's like the thing that makes lolicons different, since they focus only on females.

>> No.21168822
File: 46 KB, 221x221, 1352598265760.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>trump isn't on the right in my opinion
Oh you're retarded. My bad, carry on little guy.

>> No.21168825
File: 963 KB, 1276x3412, The finders.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>other trumptards unironically believed in pizza gate.
Maybe that particular case was not true but beyond the "left and right" ideologies, the elite do is into human trafficking

>> No.21168829 [DELETED] 

>claims to be on the right
>doesn't actually do anything
>continues to allow the left to win via demographics, illegal immigration at all time highs
ok zion don

>> No.21168834


>> No.21168836

there are few if any actual 3d pedos on /jp/

it's not difficult to understand that screwing children is wrong except in the context of marriage and for procreation

>> No.21168845
File: 682 KB, 220x172, tenor (2).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.21168852
File: 291 KB, 850x1133, __clownpiece_touhou_drawn_by_reido1177__sample-3d641dd011c09ef2867e1602592e1c6e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd only go after budding JS or above, or eternal loli/lolibaba. Gay is gay and I'm not a literal faggot.

>> No.21168857

what if she/he is 9000 years old?

>> No.21168861
File: 19 KB, 809x145, Screenshot_2019-04-14 Pacific Center for Sex and Society - Sexual Behavior in Pre-contact Hawai‘i.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>And that chastity IS important.
In some places was, in others experience was more important. Back then, the different cultures were not homogenized as they are now.

>> No.21168864 [DELETED] 

I don't give a fuck what niggers who never developed a written language consider normal.

>> No.21168876

There is no advanced civilization without strong marriage.

Also, google r/k selection.

>> No.21168879
File: 103 KB, 1200x1200, carlyle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hehe, it's a real eye opener. I tried not to come off too heavy handed in a /jp/ thread but when the comparison with Puritans comes up organically I can't help myself.

>> No.21168880

>There also no unbias (signficant n, cover all cuntry/culture-ideologies etc) scientific reasearch about imagination/thoughts encourage behaviour
are you stupid? thoughts underlie almost all of our behavior. that's basic neural functioning. the only reason pedos don't act on it is because their thoughts about social consequences are stronger than the thoughts that desire sexual contact with children.

>> No.21168885 [DELETED] 

>let's model our society off 60iq jungle monkeys

>> No.21168887

This, and pakis etc aren't capable of comprehending consequences, so they rape.

and then get away with it because parliament is full of traitors

>> No.21168891

There's like a dozen in this thread alone.

>> No.21168902

that gif...
Imagine the smell

>> No.21168905
File: 748 KB, 1414x1000, 1492313719928.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

2D little girls are the most aesthetically pleasing things in the world. 3D ruins it for just being 3D.

>> No.21168917

>are you stupid? thoughts underlie almost all of our behavior. that's basic neural functioning. the only reason pedos don't act on it is because their thoughts about social consequences are stronger than the thoughts that desire sexual contact with children.

Being this subjective

"rape", "kill", "robe" violate someone right/ being a criminal is not exclusive to pedophile. Every single human can be a criminal, what stop them is their society culture enlightenment and moral level.

In addtion to thought and behaviour, you read a book about a murder characters, and imagine killing people, does not mean you will be encouraged kill people even if there is no consequences. You playing game as a thief stealing people property does not mean you will be encouraged to rob other.
You have rape fantasy does mean you will be a savage and rape people if there is no consequences.

And again since there also no unbias (signficant n, cover all country/culture-ideologies etc) scientific reasearch about imagination/thoughts encourage behaviour. It absurdly stupid to assume so.

>> No.21168924

You aren't a pedo either from the sound of it.

>> No.21168928

I think people from lower cultural and enlightenment level, will commit crime be it against children or not. Children are just more vulnurable to them that is why.
Instead of targeting wrong group of people (which solve nothing) how about take the real step and resolve your shitty immigration system first?

>> No.21168933

You are correct, but that's easier said than done without violently removing them and their enablers.

>> No.21168934

>It seems like real pedos are at least bi a lot. It's like the thing that makes lolicons different, since they focus only on females.

An untrue stereotype leftover from the days homosexuality was stigmatized by associating it with pedophilia.

Here, have some scientific studies:


>the ratio of heterosexual to homosexual pedophiles was calculated to be approximately 11:1

>> No.21168938

Homosexuals are just as degenerate as pedophiles pal.

>> No.21168946
File: 287 KB, 750x1000, __akagi_miria_idolmaster_and_idolmaster_cinderella_girls_drawn_by_chikuishi__ab352806ee65d06be58f5a60ac0ceffe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Give me a girl like Miria and I will die a happy man.

>> No.21168948

This is very logical.
Because the ratio of heterosexual people to homosexualpeople is about the same. about 12 people are born, 11 are heterosexual and 1 homosexual.

>> No.21168950
File: 2.83 MB, 377x294, loli zombie apocalypse.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


What about with this many?


You really don't know /jp/ very well do you? It has one of the highest proportions of the boards from my experience. Yes, higher than /tv.


Whether or not that is true is completely irrelevant. I posted the link to disprove with empirical evidence about most pedos being gay/bi.

>> No.21168952

There is no "gay gene". People become homosexual as a result of the sexual deviancy slippery slope, which is well documented.

>> No.21168956

>because I'm a card-carrying degenerate that makes all of /jp/ the same!

>> No.21168962
File: 398 KB, 1920x1273, warren12-1920x1273.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We (he west) modeled society off the romans and greeks, and yes they were big loli/shota fans, (i just used that example because i find it hot).

>> No.21168972

those societies collapsed when sexual deviancy became normal

>> No.21168981

My favorite fact about the Romans is that you were expected to marry a teenage girl as young as 14 when you were around 25.
Nice bait. The Greeks collapsed mainly because they became isolationist and became weak economically as a result, while the Romans had many reasons, mostly Christianity becoming the main religion as the main cause.

>> No.21168982

marrying a young girl is not degenerate

>> No.21168987

Nice bait. The greek societies were actually mostly all conquered by Athens, who then proceeded to undergo democratic decay and then get conquered in turn when it became weak and impotent. Sexual deviancy is a symptom of societal decay.

The roman empire collapsed for a huge myriad of reasons but sexual deviancy only emerged in the latter stages of the empire, even though rome had existed as a strong democracy for almost a thousand years.

>> No.21168988

>Yes, higher than /tv.
Yeah, no. If you count the idolfags who worship underage girls, maybe. Otherwise /tv/ is full of unironic pedos, who are actually probably the exact same in nature as the idolfags, since they're still obsessing over celebrities.

>> No.21168990

No one said it was, my friend with reading comprehension.

>> No.21168996

You're objectively wrong and I can see you're baiting again. Fuck off with your historical revisionism.

>> No.21168997

Actually it was beacuse (((christians))) brainwashed the women and slaves into thinking that we are all created equal.

>> No.21169001

This. Pedos just want to pump young girls and dump them when they get too old. If they wanted to marry them, there would be much less of a problem.

>> No.21169004

The biggest downfall to rome was actually the rise of islam and the loss of mediterranean trade routes. Rome quickly became surrounded by enemies and there was no way to fight back without the mediterranean. Also tons of pointless civil wars constantly eroding society.

>> No.21169005

It's usually even worse than mere promiscuity. Just look at the "young gay pride" shit.

>> No.21169007

>western roman empire

>> No.21169008 [DELETED] 
File: 254 KB, 640x368, .webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.21169009

>Just look at the "young gay pride" shit.
Tell me about it, I have no intention of looking it up.

>> No.21169012

>The biggest downfall to rome was actually the rise of islam and the loss of mediterranean trade routes. Rome quickly became surrounded by enemies and there was no way to fight back without the mediterranean.
What was this thread about again?

>> No.21169013

Please cite your sources
Greeks collapsed due to a massive civil war between the two major powers of the time and a hostile conquest by the Romans later
Romans collapsed because of the entire affair involving Theodosius, Alaric, and Honorius. Without getting into too much, it was a fanatical christian emperor who started a massive chain of events by destroying old roman culture and religious sites while inviting tons of migrants in.

>> No.21169029

Its them again
Why the west never learn

>> No.21169033

Yes, it was still spreading into north africa and there were coastal raids and piracy from the mediterranean. Islam didn't conquer rome but they weakened it substantially enough for the smelly barbarians in the north to take action. Rome needed strong trade to keep the empire afloat and they were getting strangled economically with the loss of the mediterranean.

>> No.21169040

Which is why they all belong on a dedicated celebrity board.

>> No.21169044

Not him but in the case of the Western Roman Empire the reasons you cite aren't incompatible with his description. If he said 'because' they might be but there are downward spiral tendencies not unique among declining empires.

>> No.21169058

>while inviting tons of migrants in.
Rome was always multi-ethnic, it's just immigrating/conquered people had to adopt mainly Roman culture or be forced out/killed while certain small elements of their culture was adopted by the Romans. It was like that since the start of the Romans. Do you not know of the Etruscan? The influx at the end was due to civil wars in the far east and the Christian Romans not forcing their culture down their throats like their predecessors did.

>> No.21169067
File: 105 KB, 612x612, That jp dream.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21169075

That board would 100% orchestrate an, at least attempted, kidnapping and rape and get 4chan shut down for good.

>> No.21169078

Wrong in what way? He's not a pedo if he just wanted to fuck one girl even as an adult and he got married so there wasn't a problem.

>> No.21169082

see also: super high conviction rate because they can keep people in police country for many weeks without formally filing charges, which eventually results in "confessions"

see also: murders re-classified as suicides in order to protect people or remove the need to do actual investigations or remove risk of having non-favorable crime stats to report.

Japan has the same crime problems as the rest of the developed world, they're just good at categorizing it out of the way.

>> No.21169084

That's a horrible excuse to not cite his(You) sources.

>> No.21169085

What a cute loli to be happy forever with. I wish I could have something like that ;__;

>> No.21169091

Fall of the Western Roman Empire: 4 Sep 476
Muhammad migrates to Medina: 17 June 622

>> No.21169100

The Romans didn't care about who your gods were, so long as the worship didn't threaten The State.

In the Republic, Rome also had sets of rights that varied from population to population, ethnicity to ethnicity, class to class, but everyone still had some rights (even slaves had rights). Of course, Roman citizens had the most rights, followed by Italian Rights, then Greek Rights, and so on.

>> No.21169106

You know she grew up, right?

>> No.21169107

Yeah. Fall of the Western Empire had zero to do with Islam. Less than zero, in fact.

And the Eastern Empire survived, arguably, until the 20th century.

>> No.21169111

It's not like she stopped being her, anon. If you marry a hag she'll turn into a granny too.

>> No.21169114

It's easy to make parallels but it was really a different situation. They replaced the roman legions with Germanic mercenaries. The modern west is importing them to prop up it's pyramid scheme economy, even if they say it's for virtue points.
Your time period is a bit off, Western Rome had been a patchwork of germanic kingdoms for a hundred years before Islam even existed, the last emperor was deposed in the 470s.
That's true. But sexual deviancy showed up in all sorts of places in Roman history, it's not concentrated at the end at all.

>> No.21169117


The eternal sorrow of the exclusive pedophile.

>> No.21169119
File: 19 KB, 186x294, Not gay ♡.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's some baka logic.

>> No.21169124

It's kinda weird for people nowadays to call the pre-Christian Roman method of conquest preferable. I don't give a fuck, I'll say it was the hottest shit ever. But most opinions on the fall of Rome are meant to confirm some preconception of how it might relate to modern governments.

>> No.21169125

>It's easy to make parallels but it was really a different situation. They replaced the roman legions with Germanic mercenaries. The modern west is importing them to prop up it's pyramid scheme economy, even if they say it's for virtue points.


One of the most frustrating things about the US is its historic tendency to make ill-informed comparisons between the US and Rome (be it the Republic or Imperial age). If you squint really hard, you can make some things line up, but for the most part the two situations were very different contextually and so parallels are vague, at best.

>> No.21169131
File: 81 KB, 669x1116, 40453667.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nazi scum pls stay in /pol/
I bet you're not even pedos

>> No.21169132

I apologize for using that kind of politically charged language, but I really didn't mean to make a statement about migration in general. It was the Visigoth mercenaries that the east used to fight with as well as the group that crossed the Rhine around 410 that caused a ton of trouble for the empire that it never recovered from.

>> No.21169141

You mean how they would force the sons of the conquered people to live as Romans from an early age so they can go back home and integrate them? You mean how all temples had to slaughter a goat to Zues, no matter who they worshiped?

>> No.21169144


It existed even then.

Also, "Zeus".

>> No.21169147

Also, for that matter, "Jupiter"

Time to go back and hit the books, kiddo.

>> No.21169155

I made one mistake, Good job focusing on that and not the rest of my argument. "Propaganda" is them making the sons of the conquered Romans so they can go back and spread it.

>> No.21169163

culturally programmed denial. if I knew your fetishes I could show you a series of youtube videos that would make you realize how wrong you are but I prefer to not do that to people due to the atmosphere of severe hatred surrounding the attraction. could compare it to pulling someone out of the matrix. "put me back"

>> No.21169168
File: 56 KB, 213x602, 18.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's been said multiple times here. It's a primary or exclusive attraction to children, not to a single child.

Also I counter with this.

>> No.21169180

The Romans wrote propaganda about *themselves*. In reality, by the time the Claudian dynasty ended, ain't no one got time to try and culturally integrate conquered territory.

>> No.21169201
File: 695 KB, 1120x984, druid-alt3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They did have a ton of laws and bans in place to deal with the druids, not to mention they went all the way to England to take out their stronghold at Anglesey.
Why did they fear them so much?

>> No.21169209

middle east blocking your path looking swole as fuck

>> No.21169214

You can't with out having the conquered cultures heavily influencing you in return. The Greeks/Macedonians conquered Persia, but Persian culture spread within Greece/Macedonia. Same would have happened to Rome if they tried to integrate Gaul/the Germanics/the other barbaric plebs.
I'll take no more than 3 loli wives.

>> No.21169217

zeus is jupiter

>> No.21169221
File: 1017 KB, 1125x1500, 2362c1bbb919ebcab0102db96ce2f17d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why would you even consider cheating on your loli wife...?

>> No.21169228

>conquered cultures by rome
varus, give me back my legions!

>> No.21169235
File: 27 KB, 296x277, makes u think.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Non-pedos are attracted to multiple women, even if they are married (this is the male instinct) , also if they cheat, usually is with people younger than their partner.
>Also I counter with this.
My pic explicity says penis, and penise do have a gender (even if SJW say otherwise)

Also I counter with this.

>> No.21169239
File: 270 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Cross Ange - 02 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_01.35_[2016.01.04_20.24.12].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some lolis come in pairs or packs. Marry one and you'll have to marry her friends.

>> No.21169246


not only do they have them too, they have the best ones

>> No.21169283

> thinks Druid accounts have any notable amount of true historicity

>> No.21169292

And Venus is Aphrodite, etc., yes.

But if someone is going to put themselves out as some sort of expert on Rome, they should probably start by using the Roman names of Greek gods.

>> No.21169306

They were not exactly the same. For example Jupiter was not the king of the Gods unlike Zeus, just the most important one.

>> No.21169308

So because they made one mistake and their argument is invalid? It's literally that meme about "winning" an argument because of a grammar mistake.

>> No.21169319

Go back to /pol/ already you faggots

>> No.21169322

Please let's get back on topic guys.

>> No.21169329

/jp/- Lolicon and History Revisionism.

>> No.21169332

This is the best topic this kuso thread has discussed.
Also we're past bump limit, who gives a shit.

>> No.21169350
File: 1.26 MB, 2480x3507, 1473460653121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mohammed (PBUH) was a pedophile after all
He knew the eternal truth that brown little girls are the best

>> No.21169357
File: 221 KB, 717x1200, 60920231_p3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love lolis.

>> No.21169395
File: 71 KB, 606x1063, 64374209_p0 Jesus-chan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let the little children come to me.
- Jesus "Lolilover" Christ.
What's with semitic prophets and pedophilia?

>> No.21169405
File: 777 KB, 2048x2936, 1554280995771.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because lolis are divine and should be worshiped.

>> No.21169410
File: 2.66 MB, 2248x2462, a0ac5828e1a1a0e2b4c6c7da706ed496.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sacred prostitution with ancient Mesopotamian brown lolis!

>> No.21169435
File: 1.14 MB, 777x1081, 69390982_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is why Lewis Carroll took so many lewd pictures of lolis.

>> No.21169444
File: 1.05 MB, 900x1271, 50238665_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The world is full of great pedos...

>> No.21169489

What topic? The topic was "where 2 download game?" and that was answered.

>> No.21169497 [DELETED] 

Romanticism is not otaku culture.

>> No.21169507

Roman history is not otaku culture.

>> No.21169573
File: 1.40 MB, 1075x1518, f3989e9b56241a271cf37b49421c16a9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Then why is Nero one of the biggest names in otakudom?

>> No.21169579

Slutty dress,
big titties,
cute seibah face

>> No.21169702

Undeniably, because of her idealism.
Most today don't have that romantic attitude.

>> No.21170010

Are you some sort of special snowflake?

>> No.21171387

Horee Sheet!

>> No.21172797

Thread theme

>> No.21173229


>> No.21173246


>> No.21173280
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>> No.21173284

The karma caught up to this guy, lmao.

>> No.21173290

What do you mean?

>> No.21173366
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Biggest anti-lolicons are the biggest degenerate kiddy diddlers themselves.

>> No.21173489

What did he do exactly. I don't remember his name. All I remember it started with an H.

>> No.21174082

That's not true at all.
Chris Hansen, the catch a predator guy

>> No.21174369

All I'm seeing is shit about him cheating on his wife with a old hag and bouncing checks, nothing on fucking little kids.

>> No.21174372

The bounced check thing was also dropped.

>> No.21175561
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>> No.21175609


>> No.21175869

why is dubs the hag?

>> No.21175936

3 get

>> No.21175936,1 [INTERNAL] 

epic bread

>> No.21175936,2 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.21175936,3 [INTERNAL]